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Laugh Factory (West Hollywood) The Laugh Factory in West Hollywood, CA is a famous comedy club guaranteed to provide a few good laughs. Get your funny boned in LA with Party Earth. Los Angeles United States 34.098159 -118.364515
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Laugh Factory (West Hollywood) - Comedy Club in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Nightly lines down the sidewalk are the norm at Laugh Factory, a veritable mecca for up-and-coming funnymen and a perennial Sunset Strip favorite known for regularly hosting top comedians. Ever since Richard Pryor... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M, W, Th, Su 8–11:30pm, Tu 6:30–11:30pm, F–Sa 8pm–1am

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    • Night Spot

Laugh Factory (West Hollywood) Videos

Dave Chappelle - Man Rape
Dave Chappelle - Man Rape
Maz Jobrani - Laugh Factory Backstage
Louie Anderson - Laugh Factory Backstage
Richie Fernandez - Laugh Factory Hollywood Debut
Laugh Factory Hollywood - JC Coccoli

Party Earth Laugh Factory (West Hollywood) Review

The Scene

The Laugh Factory in West Hollywood, CA is a famous comedy club guaranteed to provide a few good laughs. Get your funny boned in LA with Party Earth.

Nightly lines down the sidewalk are the norm at Laugh Factory, a veritable mecca for up-and-coming funnymen and a perennial Sunset Strip favorite known for regularly hosting top comedians.

Ever since Richard Pryor christened the stage at the club when it opened back in 1979, the simple orange and yellow sign stamped across the venue’s tall stone façade has been a shining beacon for those in need of a good laugh – and occasionally a few cringe-worthy bombs.

Guests who can spare the change pony up an extra $10 for VIP tickets, which allow them to avoid the line and enjoy a reserved lounge area near the stage, while everybody else scrambles in later for first-come seating on the scattered black chairs that line the room.

On the biggest nights, the house quickly becomes standing room only with wide-eyed tourists packed in along the back wall and college kids who thought they could arrive just before a show forced upstairs, where the best view is usually the back of somebody’s head.

A two-drink minimum is stridently enforced and the pizza on the bare-bones menu isn’t going to win any awards, but once the lights dim and the performers step out beneath the arched backdrop of Laugh Factory’s famous emblem, at least a hunger for laughter and a thirst for jokes is guaranteed to be satisfied.

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Tip from Emma:

Want to give comedy a shot? Laugh Factory holds an open mic night on Tuesdays at 6:30pm. Sign-up is available at the front door at 5pm day of, and if you’re one of the first ten or fifteen people to get on the list, you’re allowed three minutes on stage the following Tuesday. Hey, you gotta start somewhere!

  • Crowd

    Tourists of every ilk, comedians, actors, fans of the performer, couples on dates, groups of festive friends, and anyone looking for a signature Sunset Strip experience. 18+, some shows 21+.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live comedy nightly, with the first show usually at 8pm and the second at 10pm.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Bare-bones menu with a few thin crust pizzas, chicken wings, chips and salsa, and a brownie for dessert.

    Parking is notoriously difficult along The Strip, but venue does offer valet.

    Showing up at least thirty minutes before a show is recommended, hour-plus on big performance nights.

    Discount tickets for college students with valid ID.

    Venue available for private event rental.

    VIP tickets available, which allow guests to bypass the line and be guaranteed seating.

    Each summer, The Laugh Factory holds a free ten-week Comedy Camp for underprivileged children, at the end of which each child gets to perform a six-minute routine. Interested parties can contact the venue 323-656-1336 ext. 1 for more information.

  • Prices

    Tickets $20 (college w/ID)–$35. Higher range accounts for VIP prices. Ticket can be purchased on website, usually $5 more at door. $10 student tickets on College Night (Th from 10pm).

    Appetizers $5–$9, pizza $9–$10, dessert $5.50. Beer $5–$8, wine $5, cocktails $7–$15.

    Valet $7.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: basic T-shirts and jeans, though this being the Sunset Strip, some folks come gussied up to party after the show.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Whenever a performer of interest is on the calendar. Bigger names tend to perform Thursdays through Saturdays, though unannounced special guests are known to appear on random nights.

  • Close By

    The Comedy Store (8433 Sunset Boulevard) is another famous comedy club about a half mile west on Sunset.

Laugh Factory (West Hollywood) User Reviews

Average rating:
Automatic Laugh Button
Paul C. Jul 25, 2013
I went to the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood for my birthday! I have to say that it was the best decision that I could have made. The comedians there were top notch, and they always interact with the crowd. It's the first comedy club that I have been to that promises a great time. I went to the first show at eight, and had such a great time that I stayed for the show at ten. The drinks were great and the food was awesome. The price for admission was low, and I expected it to be higher due to the caliber of performers. I even got a birthday shout out at the end. If you love comedy, and you need a place to even take a date, the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood is the place to go!
Date Night!
Katherine L. Jul 5, 2013
Comedy has always been a second love of mine! When I found out that L.A. had a comedy club called the Laugh Factory I had to go! Nothing brings people closer than having a couple laughs together. Another thing that is cool about this particular spot is that sometimes you can spot celebrities there catching a laugh or two. The tickets are very reasonable as well, I was surprised I expected much higher prices. I cant wait to go again to see some of my favorite comedians there! It defiantly is a place that I would take my friends from out of town for some entertainment.
Get What You Came For
Karen Q. Jun 21, 2013
If you want to laugh, The Laugh Factory does the job. Right in the heart of Hollywood, this venue boasts many well known comedians as well as determined newbies. Its intimate space allows good exchange between the comedian and audience members, so be prepared to get made fun of, especially if you're sitting in the front section. With shows running at 8:00, 10:00, and sometimes 12:00, the Laugh Factory makes for a good late night and flexible activity if your plans change through out the night. It can get a bit expensive since there is a two drink minimum and the small sizes of the drinks will keep you wanting more, but the cost is worth it for the overall experience. If you want to go out before/after the show, your in walking distance to many bars, lounges, and restaurants and you can easily walk from place to place.
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
I still watch Seinfeld, performances by Aziz Ansari, and the various comedies on Comedy Central, so when I entered the Comedy Club, I definitely had high expectations; based on my experiences here, I would say that all these expectations have been met. They involve you in the comedy sketches, especially if you're up front, which adds on to the overall positive experience. There's famous comedians like Dave Chappelle and Dane Cook, and even the obscure ones give you a laugh. Furthermore, they have these delicious chocolate ice-cream sundaes they serve every day which adds on to the experience. And for those of you who like a little bit of alcohol, then there's a bar nearby, so if you want to catch up with some friends and have a good time, then this is your place.
A Fun Night For All
Courtney B. May 16, 2013
If you’re looking for a fun night out, the Laugh Factory is a great place to go with friends or for date night. With shows seven nights a week (including classics like Chocolate Sundaes), there never seems to be a dull evening. You don’t have to be familiar with the comedians, they are all sure to make you laugh! Shows typically start at 8pm, 10pm, and 12pm and tickets are reasonably priced. It’s definitely best to arrive early; great seating is limited. For those who are wary of being the subjects of comedic criticism, I recommend sitting somewhere other than the front row. Parking is available via valet, and there is free street parking around, although it usually fills up fast. Dinner is available as well, with a limited and pricey menu. There is a two drink minimum, so added to the talent you’re sure to have a great time!
Some Funny for Some Money
Sarah B. Apr 22, 2013
The Laugh Factory has always been a favorite comedy spot of mine in LA- especially because I tend to prefer stand-up to improv based shows. After enjoying a few shows here, I've grown to love several of the regulars and even began following them on their own tours like Iliza Schlesinger and Chris D'Elia from NBC's Whitney. Most nights you can enter at 8pm and stay as long as you want, or just come to a show at 10pm (AND if you get stuck in traffic, there are still shows starting at midnight on the weekends). The weekend shows continue all night with new rounds of stand-up comedians. If that's too much to handle, try out a themed night like "Keepin' it Kosher" or "Chocolate Sundaes" during the week. On Thursday nights there's a great deal for college students with an ID (tickets are $10 instead of $17) if you just need to take a step away from that biology book. Regardless of the night, there's a two drink minimum- 18+ to get in so you can order non-alcoholic drinks of course- which definitely brings up the cost for the night on the downside. Parking can be a little difficult, but let's be honest, where isn't parking difficult in Hollywood?! So turn that frown upside down, and park your bottom at the Laugh Factory for few bucks and many more laughs.
Mass Production of Laughter
Nicole T. Apr 13, 2013
If you are looking for a place to laugh the night away, Laugh Factory is the ideal place to go. The small, but cozy venue, allows the audience to be a part of the intimate setting from any seat. The performers include popular stand-up comedians such as Dane Cook, Maz Jobrani, and Dave Chappelle. The comedians that perform here are friendly, as many of them come outside after the show to mingle and converse with the audience members. Check their online calendar for themed nights, such as the traditional, “Chocolate Sundaes.” You can also check for the lineup of comedians, but keep in mind that they usually treat the audience with a surprise guest for the last act! Now, lets get down to the fine print. You must be 18+ to be admitted; the humor includes risqué jokes, but don’t let that discourage you – they are always done in a tasteful manner. Arrive early to valet your car or, if you are feeling lucky, to go fishing for parking spots. Finally, there is a two-drink minimum, however, you will find yourself appreciating these drink after much laughter.
Enjoy Great Laughs On A Great Night
Iniso A. Feb 26, 2013
The Laugh Factory located in Hollywood is the original Laugh Factory and just based off of nostalgia alone, is the best one! This world famous venue has displayed world class talent from Dave Letterman and Rodney Dangerfield to Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld. Celebrities can often be seen in the building and are very forthcoming and friendly if you approach them. You can host your own events at the factory, whether it be for work functions or a private party. No night is a boring one as they usually have themes to keep each a night entertaining. Any time you visit the Laugh Factory will definitely be a night to remember.
Comedy Camp Boosts Kid Comedians’ Self-Esteem
Mark M. Feb 6, 2013
Ever seen a nine year old underprivileged kid perform stand-up comedy before a live, nightclub audience? No, that’s not some out-take scene from a David Lynch movie. Jamie Masada saw it first in his mind and then proceeded to make it happen. Masada, a long-time humanitarian and owner of the Laugh Factory comedy clubs in Hollywood and Long Beach, California, works extensively with underprivileged children and the homeless, feeding and entertaining those in need, and is a staunch supporter of struggling artists. Every year since 1979, Masada has opened his Hollywood club for Thanksgiving and Christmas, dishing up free dinners to the homeless and up-and-coming artists, as well as providing some much-needed comic relief. Additionally, Masada sponsors free services during Judaism's High Holy Days. More recent comedy fundraiser events have included Cops for Causes, Comics Without Borders, Wounded Warriors, Middle Eastern Comedy Fest, Stand Up for Pakistan, and a 80-hour stand-up comedy show called Toy to the World. For his humanitarian efforts, Masada has been recognized with numerous awards, including the NAACP Freedom Award, The Ellis Island Medal of Honor, and the ACLU Freedom of Speech Award, to name a few. Most recently, in Spring 2011, Masada was presented with an award for being a Comedy Innovator and Humanitarian by Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services. Masada has also established an annual Comedy Camp for disadvantaged children, ages 9-16, from single-parent families, social services, and/or lower-income neighborhoods. He refers to the children participating as "my kids," has maintained a relationship with many of them throughout the years and is a "Hebrew Kris Kringle" during the holidays. “Laughter heals and gives my kids the self-esteem to overcome obstacles that many of us don’t have to face, and to accomplish whatever they set their hearts and minds to,” says Masada. Says Catherine Clinch, whose son, Matthew, attended: “Like most deaf people, Matthew was very literal in his expressive and receptive language. Since comedy requires a tangential thought process, he was able to significantly expand his communication skills. The following June, he gave a commencement speech at his middle school graduation. He received a standing ovation from more than 2000 people! I don’t think he could have accomplished that if he hadn’t had such an excellent experience at Comedy Camp.” For the past 26 years, the Laugh Factory Comedy Camp has helped over a thousand children in need build self-confidence by developing their humor and creativity through the healing power of laughter. The camp provides a safe haven for these children, inspiring them to transform negative energy into something positive. One just doesn’t step onto a stage and turn into Robin Williams, however. Even Robin Williams had years of training and practice before he became Robin Williams. So, how to transform these kids, many of whom are already lacking confidence, into relaxed, confident joke-tellers? During the ten week program, the campers are coached by professional comedians. In previous years, instructors have included comics Richard Pryor, Jim Carrey, Chris Rock, Bob Saget, Paul Rodriguez, Dave Chappelle, Jon Lovitz, Damon Wayans, Adam Sandler, George Lopez, Chris Tucker, and Dane Cook, to name a few. At the camp, the kids are trained to take their frustrations, anger, and hurt to the stage and use stand up comedy as a way to inspire confidence and hope, proving that laughter truly is the best medicine. All the aspiring young comedians are interviewed and evaluated based on their desire to perform stand up comedy. The program is free of charge for those chosen, and a graduation ceremony is held at the end of the 10 week camp where each child performs a 6 minute comedy set on stage in front of friends and family. A Comedy Camp is being planned for Chicago for this summer, in conjunction with the opening of a Laugh Factory Chicago comedy club there in the former home of the Lakeshore Theater. The Laugh Factory Comedy Camp was featured in a PBS documentary, "Standup: A Summer at Comedy Camp," which aired nationally. For more details and videos of Comedy Camp, and to watch it being streamed live for the first time, visit: Laugh Factory – Hollywood 8001 Sunset Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90046 (323) 656-1336 ext. 1 RSVP: [email protected]
Great Time
Ryan M. Dec 12, 2012
Expect to Laugh. Such a small, homey venue that will always provide a good time. For the price, there is almost no better place to spend a weeknight. Saw Dane Cook here on a Tuesday Night for only $15 (though the required two drinks tacked on another 20). One of my favorite spots in LA.
Unique Fun
Olivia C. Dec 3, 2012
This place is pretty unique and inviting for a passing eye. It showed my friends and me a good time but I don’t know if I would go back. I’m not a huge fan of stand up comedy. The Laugh Factory attracts many tourists so the crowd is not as fun as the 901 Bar and Grill per say where you will most likely know three fourths of the people there. I really loved the two-drink minimum however, it insured everyone was in a laughable mood. Maybe I was not sold because the comedic acts did not cater to my humor.
caroline h. Nov 30, 2012
Very hip and fun place to go to and laugh your head off! I had such a great time at this place because the comedians were so hilarious and had such a great sense of humor. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I want to go here at least once a month because I was so happy after I left. The spirit of the room and everyone was such a happy atmosphere. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. The food is also pretty great as well. I enjoyed the bar tenders too. They were very helpful and knowing of all the great drinks. The beer is perfect to enjoy while watching such a funny show.
A Fun Outing
Kylee L. Nov 28, 2012
I went to a show with my dad, and the the humor was a perfect balance between appropriate and risque. I would say that the humor is pretty relevant to most people. If anything, it's more adult humor. I didn't think it was the funniest show I had ever been to, but it was sufficiently humorous. My one piece of advice is avoid the front few rows, unless you have some thick skin! The comedians always choose someone sitting in those rows to pick on, and they can be pretty vicious. The venue is a small, old-hollywood style hole in the wall. It's a cozy and intimate atmosphere, because you're literally feet away from the comedians, some of who are worldwide names.
Ultimate Comedy Spot
Rocio R. Nov 5, 2012
The Laugh Factory is an LA staple and showcases world-wide talent! A visit here is a guaranteed "my cheeks hurt" kind of night. Have seen several well-known comedians here and left feeling a bit happier about life each time. The two drink minimum kind of sucks, but well worth it if alcohol loosens you up and makes you more receptive to jokes if a comedian picks on you. If laughter is the best medicine, i'll take a dose of the Laugh Factory once a week!
A must see for live comedy fans
Tony L. Nov 4, 2012
Daniel Tosh, Dave Chapelle, Whitney Cummings, Harland Williams, Dane Cook, Carlos Mencia, Tim Allen, Robin Williams... and the list goes on. The who's who of comedians appear regularly at The Laugh Factory on Sunset, often when they aren't even scheduled. On one of the nights I was performing I was unceremoniously bumped from the stage for a Nick Swardson surprise appearance (Hey, I can't complain... the small audience that came out for me GOT TO SEE NICK SWARDSON) Owner Jamie Masada runs a tight ship and attracts premiere talent, as the Laugh Factory is an ideal place for fans of "smart" comedy. (If you're looking for the "bluest" of material, try the nearby Comedy Store.) The stage is small for a premiere club, and gives fans an up close and personal experience with the comedians. A full bar is available, and on many nights the club has a 2 drink minimum policy. The food menu is very small (6 or so items) but what they have is decent. The thin crust Goat Cheese and Spinach pizza was my favorite. Crispy crust and distinctly flavorful goat cheese is a filling offering. Make sure to arrive early as parking is notoriously bad and the opening acts are often very funny. You're better off paying for a parking lot a few blocks away and hoofing it the quarter mile to the club rather than searching endlessly for free parking in the surrounding neighborhoods. Signs can be confusing and you're likely to get towed, a horrible ending to a hilarious night. For comedians there's no better place to get your start. Their open mic nights on Tuesday offer 3 minutes of stage time, and an opportunity to speak with famous club owner Jamie Masada after everyones sets. Jamie is always fair in his critiques and helps you grow as a comedian. For a fun night out to break up the humdrum habit of Saturday night movies and the same dull restaurants, be sure to make a night of The Laugh Factory. Even if the comedian's are not up to your standards, you're already on Sunset Strip and just a few blocks away from the hub of the Hollywood night life.
LA Hot Spot
Christina C. Oct 6, 2012
If you, or someone visiting you, are only in Los Angeles for a short amount of time, the Laugh Factory is a must see destination. This comedy club is a popular place to go and see some of the best stand-up comedy in the city, with the club bringing in comedians like Dane Cook, Tim Allen, and Chris D'Elia. Tickets range from $15-$30 per person (with discounted prices for college students for selected shows.) In addition to buying your ticket there is an added two drink minimum, but this is a small price to pay for the caliber of shows these comedians put on. The Laugh Factory typically puts on 2-3 shows per night, including shows like: All Star Comedy, Open Mic Night, Dot Comedy, Midnight Madness, and Chocolate Sundaes. This is a great place to go on a fun date, to celebrate a birthday with friends, or to just see a great night of comedy!
Fun Date Spot
TeamRickiMariam M. Oct 3, 2012
Pick a night with a comedian you love and you got yourself the perfect little date! Grab dinner on the strip and make your way to the Laugh Factory. Parking is cheap, the drinks are good and it's better than the usual dinner and a movie.
Chocolate Sundaes are the Best
Jonathan K. Sep 23, 2012
When I say Chocolate Sundaes, I am not referring to the delicious ice cream treat. Chocolate Sundaes at the Laugh Factory run every Sunday and showcase some of the finest black comedians. Tony Rock, Dave Chappelle, Katt Williams & Kevin Hart are some of the of the big name comedians that visit the Laugh Factory. I will never forget my first Chocolate Sundae - I left the place in tears. Be sure to purchase your tickets ahead of time to save a few bucks. There is a two drink minimum, but it still ends up being a fair price for a great night of comedy. I recommend coming with a group of friends and getting a table. If you are a shy person and weary of being called on by the comedians, stick to the back of the club.
Commercialized Comedy
Paul F. Sep 11, 2012
The Laugh Factory is fine. I would say it benefits more from being in the capital of comedy than actually being a spot known for great comics. Of course all the big names come here for both surprise sets and full shows - but because it's on the strip, the place is often packed with tourists and hecklers who think that kind of thing is appropriate. It also tends to get weaker shows during the week with more has-beens of the Jon Lovitz variety. There are two levels, but it's definitely better to sit on the lower level near the stage than up on the balcony where you don't really feel a part of the show. The food is mediocre at best - so make sure you have dinner plans before or after the show. Still a decent date place and it's proximity is of course nice for area bars and clubs. But if you want great comedy in LA, go the UCB, or the Improv or the Groundlings.
You will genuinely laugh...
Chad F. Aug 23, 2012
I went to a Bachelor Party that ended up here and either the drinks were really strong or most of the comedians were pretty funny...I remember Chris D'Elia was there and we laughed our asses off. Even though they have a two drink minimum it still ends up being a relatively cheap night if you get your tickets beforehand and save a few bucks. There are no bad seats in the place, but, of course, we ended up sitting near the front and, of course, we were picked on the whole night. But if that's your thing and you like the heat, then you know where to sit. What makes this place different than other comedy clubs, is there's no gambling involved and you can pretty much count on the fact that you're going to laugh. They have top notch talent here and you won't have to sit through painfully unfunny people trying to be comedians and fake giggle when they look at you (unless you're like my friend Blaine who enjoys giving comedians the stone face when they don't make him laugh).
Hollywood's Premiere Comedy Club
Rania R. Aug 17, 2012
If you're in the mood to burn a lot of extra calories just by laughing and have a few bucks to spare, The Laugh Factory, is always a great solution. It is smart to buy your tickets ahead of time and to come a little early because it's no secret that parking anywhere in Hollywood is a hassle. Parking is nearly impossible to find because the surrounding streets are permit only and lots and valets always want to charge a ridiculous amount. If you don't mind walking two pretty long blocks, I suggest driving north on N. Laurel Avenue from Sunset (the same corner that the Laugh Factory is located on) to Hollywood Boulevard. If you are arriving after 7pm, you will usually be able to find plenty of free and safe street parking, especially on weekdays. Once you are in the doors, expect casual seating and hilarious performers providing barrels of side splitting chuckles and great jokes you can go home and tell your friends. Sure there is the rare chance you'll have to endure a few minutes of far from funny humor from a less seasoned comic and/or the heckling of a hammered, bigoted audience member, but all's well that ends well. On a positive note, nothing is more entertaining than a comedian reprimanding and talking smack to a drunk douche bag and then watching him get kicked out after his refusal to shut up. Here's a helpful hint: Do not be that guy! Simply put, the Laugh Factory is always a good time. Sure, after ticket costs, the strictly enforced two drink minimum, and possible parking fees, it can be a bit expensive. But the opportunity to see some of the funniest up and coming comics, a lot of your favorite comedians, and a guaranteed star or two LIVE - makes the money spent well worth it. And if you're a fan of the more, tragedy sensitive, Dane Cook, he always seems to be a surprise Laugh Factory guest.
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