Largo at the Coronet

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Largo at the Coronet Since the 1990s, Largo has been a premier hotspot for everything from Fiona Apple's angst-ridden ballads to Larry David's non-sequitur humor, and little has changed since relocating to the Coronet Theater in 2008. Los Angeles United States 34.077949 -118.376198
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Largo at the Coronet - Comedy Club | Concert Venue | Live Music Venue in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Since the 1990s, Largo has been a premier hotspot for everything from Fiona Apple’s angst-ridden ballads to Larry David’s non-sequitur humor, and little has changed since relocating to the Coronet Theater... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Days and hours vary; will call usually opens two hours before show time

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Largo at the Coronet Review

The Scene

Since the 1990s, Largo has been a premier hotspot for everything from Fiona Apple's angst-ridden ballads to Larry David's non-sequitur humor, and little has changed since relocating to the Coronet Theater in 2008.

Since the 1990s, Largo has been a premier hotspot for everything from Fiona Apple’s angst-ridden ballads to Larry David’s non-sequitur humor, and little has changed since relocating to the Coronet Theater in 2008.

As always, the intimate venue remains first-come, first-served, although with a capacity of less than three hundred, there’s unlikely to be a bad seat.

Before shows, hip music lovers, retired comedians, and teenagers singing Tenacious D power ballads dawdle in the small open courtyard, where a DJ spins alt mixes on most concert nights.

Beer and wine await at the bar in the adjacent Little Room, which usually fills up with early arrivals an hour before the show and features a second smaller performance area.

Once past the glitter-clad mannequins in the lobby, patrons enter a simple space with high ceilings, soft lime-green chairs, and a stage draped in velvety red curtains.

Guests who don’t arrive at least fifteen minutes before show time are not allowed to enter, and more than a few chatterboxes have been kicked out of the theater for cell phone use – proof that while the venue hosts funnymen, it takes its rules very seriously.

From campy musical comedies and script readings by indie luminaries to big-name singers and small up-and-comers, Largo at the Coronet offers just about everything – except maybe a decent cell signal.

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Tip from Emma:

The Largo isn’t the biggest venue in Los Angeles, but it has a major following. It’s always a good idea to show up at least forty-five minutes prior to show time to grab a great seat and a parking space on the street.

  • Crowd

    Folk music lovers, indie kids, artists, casual after-work crowd, comedy fans, and Hollywood insiders. All ages unless otherwise noted.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live instrumental and acoustic music, stand-up and musical comedy, staged performances, and DJs in the courtyard.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    The Little Room offers a selection of pre-show beer and wine. No food or drink allowed in the theater itself. Cash only. ATM on site.

  • Prices

    Tickets 25+. Beer $6+, wine $8+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, trendy sport coats, and comfortable dresses.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Hot night is invariably tied to who is performing, though select Fridays are always a good bet to see Jon Brion perform his regular monthly set.

  • Close By

    Intricate cocktails make for a perfect pre- and post-theater experience, and The Roger Room (370 North La Cienega Boulevard) has a lot of them.

Largo at the Coronet User Reviews

Average rating:
Probably my favorite venue in Los Angeles.
Leland F. Aug 26, 2013
When you ask somebody what their favorite theater in LA is, the answer you'll receive is probably along the lines of "For what?" For music? Or for comedy? If the answer you give is "All of the above," then the place you need to check out is Largo at the Coronet. Even before the house lights go dim, it's obvious that there is something different about the Largo. Something special. The scarlet curtain and old-timey light fixtures scream "classic theater." But these traditional elements are both undercut and emphasized by a variety of quirky, modern accentuations: a spray of Christmas lights, headless mannequins, and band posters. The theater space itself is that perfect size where the performance feels intimate without being claustrophobic, and every seat still gets a great view. The quality of talent that the Largo attracts is remarkable. I have seen the greatest comedians of our time perform on that stage: Louis C.K., Patton Oswalt, Tig Notaro, Russell Brand, Sarah Silverman, and more. Additionally, I have viewed a wide variety of musical talent, ranging from Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie) to Fiona Apple. The shows are all uniquely low-key, lacking the bombastic production values of an arena performance but more than making up for it with intimacy and general humanism. To make it all sweeter, the tickets are very reasonably priced. Even for acts that can draw thousands of fans to an ordinary show, I have never payed more than 25 bucks for a seat. Throw in the attached bar, good location, and plethora of celebrity sightings, and there is no better place to spend a Saturday night in LA.
Best place for comedy
Paul G. Apr 11, 2013
When the original Largo closed down, I was heartbroken to think that the place that spawned such great comedy was gone forever. Largo at the Coronet keeps that tradition alive with amazing performances fro, Paul F. Tompkins, Garfunkel & Oats, Beth Lapides and the best comedians in LA. Pick any show at Largo at the Coronet and you will not be disappointed.
Draws big names - not the nicest theater
Nick T. Nov 9, 2012
Just down the street from the Beverly Center, you'd expect Largo to be a nice, updated theater - especially with the kind of acts they consistently attract. However, when I walked in I would pretty unimpressed with the venue itself and I could feel the springs in the seat I was sitting in. I feel like I was in the bucket seat of 1980's station wagon. However, the atmosphere of seeing such big names as Louis CK, Zach Galifianakis and Russell Brand in such a small, modest theater was cool enough to overcome any of my initial disappointment. The theater is just a small room with three sections of seats, so you feel as if you're really just hanging out with these big-time comedians. The experience of the Largo is very cool and one I would suggest to any comedy fans.
Must Go For Laughs
Nick G. Oct 5, 2012
Of all the reviews I have written on Party Earth this is the one that I most vehemently recommend. Go to their website, check out their calendar, find an act and go. NOW! I have had the great opportunity to see Aziz Ansari and Louis CK at the venue and these are just a couple of the big time names they get at the venue. Parking near the venue is easy and there is a bar to hang out at before the show to get lubed up before a good show. If you are a native Angeleno, new to the city or just a visitor put this on your list. Unless you don't like comedy. Then perhaps you won't like it. But try it anyway.
decent comedy spot
Sam A. Oct 4, 2012
Largo is a fun spot to see a comedy show. There is a little bit of a scene before the show as the venue has a decent sized outdoor area and bar area where patrons gather to have a few drinks before the acts begin. Largo is a pretty sizable venue seating at least a few hundred people. The Largo gets some pretty big named comics to perform including Sarah Silverman, Ed Helms, Ken Jeong among others. Tickets at the Largo are usually reasonably priced as well (roughly $25) and I don't believe they have a drink minimum like many other comedy clubs.
Beth M. Oct 3, 2012
Largo is one of the greatest places to see your favorite comedians for cheap (roughly $25 a ticket!)! See them before the go on tour and trying out material. Who wouldn't want to be a test subject for Louis CK, Patton Oswalt, Aziz Ansari, Sarah Silverman, and Eddie Izzard?? Not only was I laughing my butt off, but I respected seeing them unpolished and just going for it. It's definitely a thing to do and see if you come to Hollywood.
A Place In History…
Toby W. Oct 1, 2012
Largo is my favorite venue in LA. It's an hour drive from where I live if there's ZERO traffic (so basically never). But if you want to see a show, something special, you can't lose. Some of the greatest comedians of the time are doing smaller, highly accessible shows here. Paul F. Tompkins, for one puts on a fantastic variety show monthly. Parking can be a bit of a challenge, but well-worth the effort. I'm sure that one day people will look back at the shows they've seen at the Largo and realize that it was a special time and place in history. Ticket prices are usually on the lower side of reasonable, and a bargain compared to what you'd pay to see a similar show in another city like Chicago or San Francisco. This is a popular venue for local comedians and podcasters and I'm looking forward to attending my next show there.
Cool Spot for Comedy Shows
Danny M. Aug 30, 2012
Largo is cool setting to see a comedy show or "variety show". The small theater provides an intimate space where there’s really no bad seat. If you get there early, the bar and courtyard out front help start off the night with a chill setting where people are drinking, chatting, and milling about. When showtime rolls around, the ushers will start calling people into the theater, everyone takes their seats, and the show begins. I’ve only seen comedy here but would definitely go back for a music show some time. Parking can be tough...there’s a small garage right next door that fills up pretty quickly…plus you need to move your car out before midnight…or maybe within 20-30 minutes after the show ends. There’s street parking nearby as well but that can be a crap shoot. All in all, this place is definitely worth checking out...check the schedule and find a good reason to go.
A special LA music venue
Sara G. Aug 8, 2012
Sadly, I haven't been able to get to Largo since it moved from Fairfax, but I used to really love this place. It's intimate, and attracts truly talented live acts. If you go see Jon Brion, there's a good chance Fiona Apple will make an appearance if she's in town. The audience is serious about its music so don't plan on going if you're going to text, talk, or generally be annoying. It's a great spot to meet like-minded music lovers. After a night of awesome music in such a special venue, you can't help leaving feeling that your soul is just a little richer after the experience. Grab sushi across the street before the show, and check out the Roger Room after.
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