Jumbo's Clown Room

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Jumbo's Clown Room Jumbo's Clown Room in Hollywood, Los Angeles is a burlesque joint that's been around forever. Join the sexy fun in LA with Party Earth. Los Angeles United States 34.10201 -118.302345
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Jumbo's Clown Room - Bar | Strip Club in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Hollywood Boulevard isn’t short on spots where folks can clown around, but stalwart burlesque joint Jumbo’s Clown Room has the market cornered on serious playtime hi-jinks. Open every day to satiate sinful urges whenever... ... read full review

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    Red Line: Hollywood / Western‎

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    Daily 4pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Jumbo's Clown Room Review

The Scene

Jumbo's Clown Room in Hollywood, Los Angeles is a burlesque joint that's been around forever. Join the sexy fun in LA with Party Earth.

Hollywood Boulevard isn’t short on spots where folks can clown around, but stalwart burlesque joint Jumbo’s Clown Room has the market cornered on serious playtime hi-jinks.

Open every day to satiate sinful urges whenever they may arise, the venue skirts the boundaries of being an actual strip club by employing lots of anatomically ample entertainers who don’t (quite) showcase any actual nudity.

While midweek sees an influx of average Joes who ask for dancers by name and order their usual bottle of Coors Light, Friday and Saturday nights are the hottest and usually involve a line out the door full of hipsters, bachelorette partiers, and couples looking to spice things up.

Members of the Hollywood A list – and B, C, and D lists – are often spotted lurking in the corners, perched around one of the high-top tables, or squeezed elbow-to-elbow in puny red chairs around the stage.

The bar takes up the majority of the opposing wall and is usually tended by a clever matriarch who looks like she’s been slinging swill there since the Nixon administration.

Classically trained dancers make their entrance in everything from leather to lace and capes, and perform inspired renditions of Broadway classics from Chicago or rock out to Black Sabbath.

Jumbo’s Clown Room maintains its iconic Hollywood status simply by doing what it does best: giving guests a little bit of red light district mixed with Ringling Brothers and spiked with 151, and leaving folks panting and begging for more.

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Tip from Emma:

Lap dances are available – you just have to ask the girls, because they won’t come up and ask you. There’s a small booth in the hallway where they offer private dances for $20 a pop.

  • Crowd

    Hollywood hipsters and business types, bachelorette parties, seasoned strip-clubbers, rockers, and Midwestern tourists who caught that one Anthony Bourdain episode, early 20s to mid-40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Eight to ten exotic dancers perform nightly to mostly classic rock & roll and 80s hits on the jukebox.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Snack machine stocked with prepackaged salts and sweets. Two-drink minimum. Happy Hour daily 4–7pm.

  • Prices

    Snacks $1+. Beer $4–$5, wine $5, cocktails $7. Private dances $20. Valet $5.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Rocker casual: trucker hats, ripped jeans, leather jackets, black eyeliner, spiked heels, festive dresses, whatever was in the top drawer of the dresser that day.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday and Saturday nights for the biggest crowds dropping in from all over town for the most popular dancers, or earlier in the week to avoid the B&T.

  • Close By

    Harvard & Stone (5221 Hollywood Boulevard) is an industrial-themed saloon with a much larger drinks list and its own group of burlesque dancers on the weekends.

Jumbo's Clown Room User Reviews

Average rating:
If Twin Peaks had a strip club...
Juliet R. May 13, 2013
Just when you think you're tired of Hollywood, go to Jumbo's Clown Room. Jumbo's was once owned by a proud clown of the same name. In modern times, it's been renovated to hold that black/red Black Lodge punk rock feel that the dive connoisseur has come to know. There are a still a myriad of clown knick-knacks and a good sampling of regulars who can tell you stories about all eras of Jumbo's. Some call it a strip club, but it lacks the cheesy aesthetic and atmosphere of a proper strip club. Rather, the girls are tattooed and talented, sharp-tongued and interesting. There's no vapid sashaying here, but instead the kind of provocative core-strength moves an off-the-clock ballerina might provide. Plus, the girls choose their own tracks off a jukebox. This means a lot of classic rock and '90s tracks. There's no cover, but you do have to buy a drink. They're strong and reasonably priced for the neighborhood. There's always a good mix of men and women, and your usual strip joint creeper will feel unwelcome and out of place in no time. Tip the girls if you sit near the stage, or enjoy the conversation of a new friend or a wry bartender if you choose the bar.
Gymnasts Gone Wild
J C. Mar 31, 2013
The dancers are talented. We're talking feet-on-the-ceiling grace. So step on in for some lusty acrobatics and calculated rock 'n' roll recklessness over Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, and Radiohead. Plus you won't get hit up every five minutes to buy a lap-dance. Not every ten minutes. Not every hour. No guilt trips here. Just a drink minimum. Before you enter, the doorman will remind you to tip the dancers, bu he's mostly just welcoming you to the jungle. It feels like the kinda place Motley Crue and Guns N Roses would've hung at back in the day, and it never sold out. No cover charge. Decent drink prices. A true specimen that lives on.
The Kind Of Near-Nude Strip Club You Could Take Your Mother To
David M. Dec 3, 2012
There's something delightfully wholesome about this dive bar meets burlesque club, even if some of the strippers sport gunshot scars and the drinks are made with dangerously cheap liquor. Jumbos has one main stage where girls come out and do pole contortions without taking all of their clothes off and patrons throw crumpled dollar bills at them. So it's your basic strip club with a few exceptions. Because the clientele is so varied and the acts are so tame, it's a great place to bring out of town visitors. The performers only perform one song, and there's no down time between songs, so you're treated to a diversity of entertainers. One minute you could be rocking out to a biker chick in leather sliding down a pole to Joan Jett, and the next minute you could be treated to a goth girl doing near-nude headstands to Radiohead. This is quality entertainment! The drinks are not too expensive, but they're not too good either, so I would stick to beer. There's no cover, so one drawback is that there's sometimes a wait on weekends, and the parking lot of Jumbo's Clown Room may be one of the last places you want to be on a Saturday night. Still, it's no reason to miss one of LA's historic hot spots, so go on a Thursday, or early on a Friday… although it's not a bad way to cap off an unsuccessful night out in Hollywood.
PG strip club
Jackie D. Nov 18, 2012
Technically, Jumbo's is a strip club...but really, it's just a divey joint where you can go grab a couple of cheap drinks and cheer on dancing girls who aren't baring it all for tips. Since I'm not the kind of person who frequents other strip clubs, this was the perfect middle ground for me. It's small interior means it can get a bit rowdy, but that's all part of the fun. You also have to buy at least one drink since there is no cover. I'd recommend grabbing a group of friends and hitting up Jumbo's for a classic Hollywood experience.
Where scruples go to get curb-stomped
Chris K. Nov 16, 2012
Within seconds of the first dancer taking the stage at Jumbo's Clown Room, my guide--an adorable twenty-something indie rock chick--crumpled a dollar bill into a ball and pitched it into our entertainer's bared cleavage. This is what's known as "foreshadowing." Every night in Jumbo's Clown Room is the grodiest night of your life, which is why its so wonderful. This intimate old-timey strip joint has cheap drinks, crazy crowds, and dancers so aerodynamic you spend hours wondering what dance style they majored in. For the perfect experience, get up to the rail, put your head in your hands and smile boozily as a gorgeous brunette erases all other thoughts but her legs. Please go here. Please.
Debauched 'clowns' - What's not to like?
Anna-Vera D. Nov 8, 2012
Avoid the mess farther West on Hollywood and have a seat at Jumbo’s. It’s dark enough to flatter all types, and avoids the awkward emptiness of a quiet night with a snug little bar. The girls choose the music, so it’s a bit hit and miss, but most successfully distract from it, leaning into your girlfriend’s ear with a line to score a dance. Unashamed but shy couples crowd in amongst the lone men, vying for the best view. The self-professed ‘whip-smart and silver-tongued beauties’ provide lap dances. No over-tanned and hyper-toned hustlers here; the dancers are trained in burlesque. And with no cover charge, strong drinks, and a small stage with a girl in a garter, the bar hints at what other ‘Gentleman’s Clubs’ parade in ostentation. You can bring your girlfriend, and her girl friends, or just regale them with tantalizing tales in the morning. Either way, there will be stories to tell.
A Muff Dive if ever there was one.
KissFrenchy N. Nov 3, 2012
Dank and dark and sure to make you spark. Jumbo packs more into this joint than Cheech into a Zig-Zag! This No-Nude Pole Patrol pour a stiff drink and leave some left for the garter of your favorite gal. Alright no more clowning around ... Since 1982 this Clown Lounge has been providing the scantily clad stage and screen hopeful's a place to perform before schlepping to the valley for smaller screen work. Eh-Hem I mean, well you know what I mean. I love this club. It's the kind of tongue in cheek's place you and your GF or BFF can get a drink listen to the grind and still tell your co-workers about the fun you had last night. Just far enough away from the mess further West, you can usually find street parking on Hollywood and when last I was there, no cover meant more for the pour! Clowns used to freak me out a little before I found this Three-Ringer!
There is no place like it...
Michelle H. Oct 4, 2012
I don't know how to describe Jumbo's. I love this place and hate it all at the same time. It has a very cool 70s vibe, small and quaint. You walk into the front entrance and you will see the bar area on your left and a stage on your right with mirrors all around it. It's a bar, no scratch that. It's a strip bar and these aren't your every day strippers. They don't look like porn stars, have fake boobs or fake tans..they look like real girls who like to go crazy on stage. These girls are quite talented and I mean that literally. The bar itself has a good mix of boys and girls...no sleazeballs surprisingly. They keep it clean, if you will. cheap beers, cheap drinks, seasoned bartenders who look like they've been working there for the last 30 years, and good music too. It definitely has a personality and I am pretty sure you will not find another place like it! just go already and see for yourself! you will be hooked!
Fond Memories
Nick G. Oct 1, 2012
I have been a resident of Los Angeles for 12 years and two of my best memories involve a stop at Jumbo's Clown Room. Pretty tame when considering what one thinks when they hear the words "strip" and "club." Good looking women, good music and well priced drinks (for Hollywood at least) make for a worthwhile stop for both longtime residents and newbies to the city of LA. And don't be afraid to roll into the joint with a couple of females. Not the sleaze factor associated with your garden variety strip club. As I am writing this, I am wondering why it has been a year since my last visit.
Ree T. Sep 12, 2012
Dollar bills raining upon beautiful girls, dancing to every classic Rock song you've half forgotten!
End of Night Debauchery
Paul F. Aug 10, 2012
Jumbo's. What can you say about Jumbo's? It's a strip club - but it's not. The women here don't get naked, though they leave little to the imagination. Jumbo's is a small bar with a big stage for tasseled ladies and 20 something hipsters drinking cheap booze. Don't come here sober. After a night of barhopping Hollywood, stroll into this divey strip joint and give the ladies some moneyed love. The crowd is always playful and unlike many strip joints, not at all depressing. Everyone is here because they want to be, from the staff to the customers. Rowdy, funny, goofy, sexy, all wrapped into one, Jumbo's is a great late night joint that's perfect for boozing with a little bit of boobs.
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