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Improv (Los Angeles, CA) Those who love a good, politically incorrect laugh will want to make a beeline for the Improv, one of the best comedy clubs in the country featuring an eclectic group of comics telling very edgy jokes with very little filter. Los Angeles United States 34.0836302 -118.3674063
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Improv (Los Angeles, CA) - Bar | Comedy Club in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Those who love a good, politically incorrect laugh will want to make a beeline for the Improv, one of the best comedy clubs in the country featuring an eclectic group of comics telling very edgy jokes with very little... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Performances: daily 7:30pm–midnight, though may vary by event
    Bar: M 7pm–2am, Tu 4:30pm–2am, W–F 6:30pm–2am, Sa–Su 6pm–2am
    Restaurant: M 7–10:30pm, Tu–F 6:30–10pm, Sa–Su 6–10pm

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Improv (Los Angeles, CA) Review

The Scene

Those who love a good, politically incorrect laugh will want to make a beeline for the Improv, one of the best comedy clubs in the country featuring an eclectic group of comics telling very edgy jokes with very little filter.

Those who love a good, politically incorrect laugh will want to make a beeline for the Improv, one of the best comedy clubs in the country featuring an eclectic group of comics telling very edgy jokes with very little filter.

Once the stomping grounds for legendary performers like Bill Cosby and Steve Martin, the venue now hosts some of the best contemporary comedians in the world, including Chris Rock, Demetri Martin, and Sarah Silverman.

An outside wall adorned with larger-than-life caricatures of greats like Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, and Jay Leno greets patrons before they enter into a bi-level dining area and bar, both of which draw mixed crowds of college kids, young professionals, urbanites, and twenty-something entourages who pack in for pre-show drinks and appetizers before making their way to the stage in the back room.

Besides the trademark brick wall, the performance space features rows of tightly-packed cocktail tables alive with tipsy chatter until show time, when the place explodes into laughter and even a bit of heckling.

For patrons who don’t mind being the brunt of some mild but amusing harassment, the Improv provides a hilarious and lighthearted night of drinks, jokes, and endless entertainment.

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Tip from Emma:

Continue boozing with the comics at the bar after the show. If they get really wasted, you just might hear some of the jokes that didn’t make it into the set.

  • Crowd

    Depends on the show, but generally an ethnic mix of groups, students, dates, frat guys, tourists, birthday groups, young professionals, and bachelorette parties, 20s to 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Black Entertainment Television (BET) comedians on Mondays, open mic on Tuesdays, Comedy Juice featuring big names like Dave Chappelle on Wednesdays, local talent and special events on Thursdays, Refried Fridays Latino night with surprise guests, and special guests on Saturdays and Sundays. TVs tuned to sports in the dining and bar areas.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    American fare including onion rings, wings, nachos, mozzarella sticks, and burgers.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $14–$20 with a two-drink minimum. Appetizers $5.75–$9.50, soups and salads $4.95–$11.95, sandwiches and burgers $9.95–$11.95, entrées $9.75–$18.95. Beer $5.75–$9, wine $4.75–$5.75, cocktails $9. Valet $5.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes: casual jeans and t-shirts to dresses and button-downs.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night there’s a show of interest, though Wednesday nights are the most popular.

Improv (Los Angeles, CA) User Reviews

Average rating:
Legendary comedy club in Los Angeles
Teresa L. Aug 8, 2013
I've been to several shows here, and I've always had a great time. This review is more about the venue than the actual performances because shows can be hit or miss depending on what you're seeing. PARKING: I've always managed to find street parking if I come early enough, but there is also valet service. VENUE: I like the atmosphere here. It's very lively, and no matter where you are seated in the theater, you can still see and hear the act just fine. The only caveat is that if you go to a busy show, you may be seated at a table with strangers. That's kind of awkward, but this can be avoided if you get there early enough. SERVICE: I've always had good service during the show. FOOD: The drinks and food are good. Nothing stands out to me, but I've never ordered anything and thought, man, I really don't want to pay for this. Just a tip for newbies, every show has a two item minimum and the two items only count once you are in the show. If you arrive early and eat and drink beforehand, they will not count your purchases towards the two item minimum. I made that mistake once, and I ended up having to order way more than I wanted to.
Paul C. Jul 25, 2013
The Hollywood Improv is a historic place in the comedy world. I went on a Sunday night with my friends, and everyone had a great time. The drinks were average priced, and I really enjoyed the comedians. Every now and then a famous comedian will surprise the audience with a set, and really make it worth the money. Make sure you take people that really love comedy and that have an appreciation for stand up. It's a great date idea, but don't sit in the front row unless you want the comedians to make you a part of the show. I will alway go back there if I have had a stressful week, and need some laughter in my life.
Take your friends!
Gor G. Jun 3, 2013
You have to go to places like these with your friends, preferably people who appreciate comedy. Make sure you go on a night you know the comedians performing so you can enjoy it more. I have gone to shows that I did not know the performers and I thought they were funnier than the ones I know. They usually have some sort of a drink special. You would have to buy two drink minimum but the entrance would be free. When you go here, do not sit in the first rows, because the comedians tend to make fun of people sitting in the front.
Historic, Fun and Evolving
Matthew R. Apr 11, 2013
As the Improv undergoes some cosmetic changes, one thing that it will always have is a great kitchen and an even better bar. Being one of the oldest comedy clubs in Los Angeles, the Improv is a great place to go on a weeknight as many big name comics will drop by for a 10 or 15-minute set. In addition, many of the performers and friends will grab a drink or five at the bar outside the showroom, making it an excellent place to hear some great jokes and rub shoulders with the best comics in town. As for the bar and kitchen, the menus offer everything from the lowly PBR to high-end British porters and stouts and a delicious wedge salad or chipotle chicken meal to get you settled and ready for a great night of comedy.
Depends on the comedian
Kenzie G. Nov 28, 2012
Improv Comedy clubs are always fun, given that you get a great comedian. However...I was not impressed with this particular location as it was EXTREMELY cramped. The way that the seating is set up is terrible and your knees are literally touching the chairs in front of you. I could hardly get comfortable but as the night went on, I obviously got distracted by the comedian. The food is not great, but that's expected in a comedy club that requires you to buy their food and drinks. I would definitely reccommend the Laugh Factory over this location of Improv.
Fun place to go on a night out!
Lexie S. Nov 13, 2012
This comedy club is one of the best in LA! The comedians there are always hilarious and will definitely keep you entertained! The food is great and the drink are reasonably priced- although most people usually go out to dinner before coming to these things and drink there so they don't end up paying as much at the actual venue! Most people stand but if you go on the earlier side you can get seats! the bar is always easy access and the atmosphere is high energy and fun. the place gives off a cool vibe and you will leave laughing due to their hilarious hand-picked lineup of comedians they have for their customers!
Enjoy visiting this place!
Myra L. Oct 1, 2012
I like visiting this comedy club, at first I didn’t know what to expect since the two other ones I've been too were in Orange County, I thought this one might be a bit too crowded or unorganized but it was pretty cool. We did notice that it gets a bit crowded once the show is about to start so it’s best to arrive early. The venue is small; you can sit anywhere and have a good seat. Food service is not that bad, the food is not great but not awful ,I don’t think it’s worth the price the best think to get are The nachos. There is a 2-item limit, which can be any 2 items. Apparently, if you order the bottomless soda for like $9, it counts as 2 items AND you get a souvenir cup to take home. I own like 5 cups, I rather skip the food.
Always a great show!
Ross S. Sep 17, 2012
My favorite comedy club in LA. Drinks are reasonably priced & the comedians are always funny. Big names stop by unannounced all the time. I have seen many comedians here since moving to Los Angeles including: David Spade, Sarah Silverman & Tony Rock. The ambiance inside the place is great to look at and the shows are pretty affordable too. Go here and laugh all night long!
Always a good show
Paul F. Sep 7, 2012
Some of the funniest shows I've ever seen have been at the intimate stage of the Improv. What I love about this place is that you really feel connected to the performer - and there's nowhere to hide if they feel connected to you. There's a bar in front if you want to get lathered before the show and of course they have their requisite two drink min to keep things going once you're inside. Two best shows I've seen there are a 15 minute set from Sarah Silverman and a very young Dane Cook before anyone knew who he was and he simply lit the place on fire. Yes, he is who he is now, but back then, it's what I imagine seeing Robin Williams for the first time in the late 70s when he was blasted on cocaine. The prices aren't terrible here, the crowds are usually fun and lacking hecklers, and the comedians are typically really well-known or A-listers coming in to try out new material. Cool place, great laughs, always fun.
Had my share of laughs
Sandy S. Aug 23, 2012
The Improv is located very conveniently to where I live so this is my go to place if I have had a tough week. I have mostly attended the "Refried Friday" shows which are pretty entertaining and fun. The place has a nice feel to it and they have tried to create the atmosphere which will make you feel that you are in the midst of comic legends and there have been high profile names in the past who have performed at this venue. If you are choosy about where you want to sit then you might have to come in early and stand in line so that you can make the first call with the seats. I have had a pretty decent time at the Improv and one of the reasons I really like this place is because it adds another dimension of fun things to do in West Hollywood. The only thing that really irritates me is the $20 minimum that you are forced to endure once you enter and the show starts. Overall the experience I have had so far has been great but I would just put that down to my comic timing :)
Steer clear of the late night shows
Paula P. Aug 6, 2012
I've had pretty good luck so far with comedy clubs - I've seen great shows at UCB and Groundlings for really cheap but they've always delivered and I've left happy. This did NOT happen at the Improv. Maybe it's because we decided to go last minute and bought tickets for the last show of the night, I'm not sure, but I'm really hoping not all shows are that bad. The show started super late, there were only a handful of people in the theater, and it started with a video of three guys in a slurpee chugging competition. It was kinda gross and not even slightly funny. Then those same three guys came on stage, and continued giving each other shit. They brought on two more comedians who sucked pretty bad. The only time I laughed was out of awkwardness and because I felt so incredibly bad for them and how much they sucked. I mean I know this is the improv theater but these guys were so incredibly unprofessional - it was terrible! I'm pretty sure I could have put on a better show in my basement at the age of 5. They brought up another comedian who was decent but sounded like Jim Gaffigan or Russel Peters compared to all of the other guys. There was supposed to be a limbo competition at the end of the show with the guys who were in the slurpee video but my boyfriend and I couldn't stomach anymore of the awful show and ducked out early. Definitely not worth 5 dollars. I would either go earlier or go to a different club.
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