Greystone Manor

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Greystone Manor Greystone Manor in West Hollywood, Los Angeles is a glitzy restaurant/club with A-list guests & great DJs. Come dine & dance in LA with Party Earth. Los Angeles United States 34.0832457057442 -118.376505374908
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Greystone Manor - Club | Lounge | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review True supper clubs must present a high-class image, and even the most diehard club hater would have to admit that Greystone Manor is the picture of opulence. The Hollywood glitterati are known to flock here, enduring a... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Th, Sa–Su 6pm–2am
    Schedule varies due to frequent private and special one-off events

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Greystone Manor Review

The Scene

Greystone Manor in West Hollywood, Los Angeles is a glitzy restaurant/club with A-list guests & great DJs. Come dine & dance in LA with Party Earth.

True supper clubs must present a high-class image, and even the most diehard club hater would have to admit that Greystone Manor is the picture of opulence.

The Hollywood glitterati are known to flock here, enduring a barrage of red carpet flashbulbs before joining the rest of the A-listers, hobnobbers, and lucky optimists dressed the part as they descend a grand staircase into the belly of this ornate beast.

Hungry revelers can start the night early with platters of short ribs, pork sliders, and Monster Manor fries, or snack on seasonal shareable plates before the headlining DJ starts whipping it up from his lofty seat.

A steampunk-kissed, neo-Renaissance décor is prevalent throughout, from the brass grommets on the walls and brilliant LED chandeliers to the portholes on the doors and the industrial-meets-fantastical costumes of the dancers and aerialists who move effortlessly through the night’s bedlam.

The VIP booths surrounding the DJ probably offer the best view of the action, although table service booths abound in virtually every nook. Two large bars flanking the center of the room serve traditional libations and handcrafted cocktails, delicately sipped by the expertly airbrushed women listening to their chiseled fellas elaborate on the bulge of their bank accounts.

Global economies may be faltering outside, but within the thick baroque walls of Greystone Manor, it’s always the Golden Age.

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Tip from Adriana:

Greystone Manor’s guest list is run by their promotional team and normally reaches capacity nightly, but the venue’s Facebook friends are also allowed to request a guestlist spot, so ‘Like’ away!

  • Crowd

    Celebrity guests, industry hotshots, trendy club kids, name-droppers, models, scenesters, dapper Hollywood professionals, 20s to mid-30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Marquis DJs spin ethereal and powerhouse dance tunes that flow from the state-of-the art Funktion-One sound system.

    Choreographed house dancers and aerialists.

    Tickets for certain performance nights can be found at SBE TICKETS or at the door if not sold out.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Menu of seasonal shareable plates and larger entrées like short rib platters, calamari, pork sliders, mac and cheese, and pear salad.

  • Prices

    Tickets $60–$150 (special performance nights only, check venue calendar). Smaller plates $9–$15+, entrées and shareable plates $15–$35, dessert $7.

    Beer $7+, wine 12+, cocktails $11+, bottle service $450–$15,500. Valet $20.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    To the nines: tailored shirts, suits, couture dresses, jeweled wrists and necklines, designer cologne.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night the venue is open for big-name DJs and a sexy crowd.

  • Close By

    Comme Ça (8479 Melrose Avenue) is a French-inspired bistro that serves elegant meals, a good option if Manor’s meal service is full for the night.

Greystone Manor User Reviews

Average rating:
A night at Greystone Manor
Kelly M. Nov 27, 2013
Greystone Manor is all about upscale fun, beautiful people and great music. The last time I went to Greystone was the most fun time I'd ever had there. I've been to Greystone many times for bottle service events & birthdays. But since my last experience there, I believe this high class club just keeps getting better and better. Each time it's like visual stimuli overload, more interesting dancers, acrobats, well known DJ's, high ceilings, chandeliers, and bursting glitter confetti! The place is extravagant & beautiful and so are the people inside. There's a big beautiful staircase that leads you down to the dance floor inside with a big beautiful bar on the left, and a rather big area for bottle service booths and tables on the right. Definitely one of LA's best hot spots.
Exactly What You'd Think of A "Hollywood" Club...But At Least Everything Was Pretty.
Yvonne B. Oct 29, 2013
This review is based solely on me attending the Otto Knows show, which I was covering in a journalistic capacity. Now, with that being said I went into this event with my guard way up after reading all the scathing reviews of Greystone Manor before attending (like any good Yelper should do). I have to admit, they got me pretty defensive. I was prepared for rude door people, the run-around, waiting aimlessly in non-line, and then Hades once I entered. I don't know if all of this stuff would happen if I had not been on the performer's guest-list, but myself and my +1 experienced no trouble getting in - just a slightly unfriendly guy at the rope asked "Yeah? Who are you?" instead of something more polite. Whatever. Once we were inside, I have to say the place is beautiful. Big, open, high ceilings, nice lighting, and the reviews were right in stating that everyone inside is extremely good looking. However, it was like 100 degrees - why so freaking hot? There were a good number of people inside, but the size and expansiveness should have made the ventilation quite pleasant. The set up is not really conducive to seeing live performances, comfortably. While the stage is elevated so the person can be seen easily and the sound is good, the set up of the actual venue is REALLY annoying - to me. It's very obvious that they cater to the VIPs and people who buy tables, as the only places to stand for everyone else was just randomly around the booths and was very awkward and off-putting to feel like I was just standing in everyone's way all night. Thank goodness for the neat little smoking area outside; it was a nice retreat from the heat. I saw a couple of almost cat fights from someone pumping into someone and not saying "sorry" or "excuse me" - I hate bad manners more than almost anything. We had one drink each: a vodka/cranberry (their "well" vodka was Kettle, much to my +1's delight) and a cherry vodka/sprite. The drinks were well proportioned, strong yet easy to drink, but were a bit on the pricey side - the total coming to $28 for both. The bartender was super busy, but she was very nice, so I tipped her well and she responded with a free shot; that was a bit of surprise. Besides myself, my companion, and a handful of others, everyone other person looked like they had somewhere better to be, but chose to grace this place with it's presence; I cannot stand that! It's got dolled up, you came here, you paid to get in...why is it so hard/bad to enjoy yourself? I will never understand that level of "cool". They blasted us with a cold smoke machine, which was kind of an awesome thing because it was sweltering inside, but it made it literally impossible to see - which some people probably used as a chance to cope a feel or make out and I say good for them! All-in-all it wasn't AS bad as I expected, but I can definitely say that I wouldn't return unless I was covering an artist that was performing there - it's just not my scene. Oh, and I accidentally scratched Kyle Howard. Oh, you don't know who he is? It's okay, the only reason I do is because he dated Lauren Conrad.
greystone, 20 bottles on me
shirley j. Oct 5, 2013
I've been going to Greystone frequently now. 1) because my friend promotes there so it's convenient, and 2) because it's down the street! No more long treks to Hollywood. Greystone is on La Cienega in more of the West Hollywood side. 3) Greystone always has my favorite DJs playing. Thursday nights are usually pretty good, I've never been on a Sunday which is unfortunate because hip hop is actually all me and my friends want when we go out. I hear Greystone Sunday nights are prime for hip hop- not to mention the fact that Drake was there less than a month ago. I was pretty pissed when I found out that Monday! Parking is most likely valet for 10 dollars, it's almost impossible to find a street spot. I would arrive earlier if you don't know anybody, but if you do, you're pretty much solid. The venue inside is really extravagant with a long staircase leading you inside, and then a chandelier overlooking the medium sized dance floor. It is set up with tables all around circling the dance floor, and a sort of VIP section that is raised, with the DJ booth in the middle. There's typically one bar on the side that you enter, with another back bar that opens when it's really crowded. Greystone attracts a variety of people, but you will most likely have your attractive young hip mid-20 year olds to look at. It's a great time- if you love music and "turning up," you're pretty much set. The only thing that gets me is the smoke they frequently blow onto the crowd throughout the night. My friends love it but I swear it makes me so disoriented and... cold. All in all, Greystone is one of my favorite clubs in Hollywood. You're guaranteed a great time!
Hollywood Treat
bud r. Aug 2, 2013
Late-night L.A. craving for some upscale fun along with beautiful people and great music? Greystone Manor, one of L.A.'s premier supper-clubs, is the perfect place to fill your appetite. The A-List menu is anything but cheesy with appearances from hip-hop's most coveted stars to movie stars, athletes, and celebrities alike. All of them tastefully dressed as the camera lined, red carpet prepares them for a night that's everything but plain. Unseasoned in this kind of fun? No worries, the [Greystone] Manor offers delicious platters to ago along with it. Short-ribs, Monster Manor fries, or seasonal shareable plates will definitely keep you going all as the DJ spins the hottest tunes to date. A lush mix of neo-classical and neo-renaissance inspired decor create a sense of old Hollywood nostalgia. LED ignited chandeliers light the way as gold-leafed gates lead you to a double-stair cased ballroom where aerial dancers add an impeccable twist as they perform what could be considered "sky-high ballet' throughout the night. Sights this amazing can be hard to digest for newcomers. Though there are well-cushioned seats in almost every corner, the VIP section, with its velvety lounge area, gives you the ultimate action-packed view with the DJ centered in between. Model behaved women in designer duds as well as their male suitors surround two large bars as they carefully drink a mixture of cocktails and wines. If you've been starving for a great time in the midst of L.A.'s best? Greystone Manor is the perfect Hollywood treat.
Um Hello Fancy-Shmancy
Madinah N. Apr 17, 2013
Been here once, will def go again. Greystone Manor is bougie-ass-ville, but I loved it. The decor is beautiful, there's a badass staircase leading into the dancefloor which is surrounded by elevated tables. Can't say I remembered much of my night (hehe?) but I do remember the bartender girls being super snobby & drink prices were a little outrageous. Nonetheless, Rihanna & Drake come here, so my little groupie self will be back. Oh and if you're a cute girl, you're in for free, ayyeeeeee!
Best Club in LA
Kim D. Apr 1, 2013
So that's a bold statement, but I stand by my word! If you're a clubber, Greystone is the place to be. It's probably one of the more exclusive spots in Los Angeles, but for a good reason: the patrons of Greystone are always 9's and 10's. If you're making a big night of it, get a table near the dance floor and bring all your friends. When I went often, Thursday's were it, but I hear Sunday's feature big celebrities like Drake and Rihanna. Great DJ's and fun special effects. Don't miss this club.
Good Stuff
Isaiah V. Mar 27, 2013
Great article. Thanks for the post!
The Place to Be on Sunday Nights
Ashunda N. Jan 6, 2013
Celebrity sightings, fly girls, eager bachelors and a great DJ make Greystone to club to be in on the weekends, especially Sundays. The elite of Hollywood are known to make their way down to La Cienega for a great time at one of L.A.'s most popular supperclubs. This place is not for those with light pockets. A single glass of wine starts at $12 and bottle service can get pretty pricey. Tickets must be purchased to get into the spot and start at $50 for general admission and creeps up to $3,000 for a main room table depending on what night you decide to frequent. I'm told the nights get insanely fun on Sunday. The lines are long, and you may have hard time getting in if you're not cushy with the bouncer. But once inside, the real party begins. The DJ cranks out the latest hip hop beats, and scores of people can be found crowding the dance floor or sipping drinks in the VIP lounge. If you're looking for a down to earth lounge, Greystone isn't the place for it, but if jumping beats, a huge crowd and an immaculate dance floor is up your alley, head on down to this place. Who knows? You may even get a poor sap to buy you a drink.
So fun!
Eva L. Dec 5, 2012
Such a fun club that always guarantees a good time. Like everyone else has said, it is pretty hard to get it without a table so I would definitely recommend getting one as it will guarantee a good supply for the rest of the night. A lot of the rich and famous of Los Angeles come here and one of the best nights I have had was David Hasselhoff’s birthday here. They always make sure to bring out all the stops with the lights, lasers, and fog. I would definitely recommend coming to this club if you are looking for a good time in Los Angeles.
You'll Need Your Manors
Olivia C. Dec 3, 2012
Put on your nicest pair of heels if you are headed to the Greystone Manor. This luxurious and opulent bar is not for any frugal fiend. Be ready to spend a pretty penny once you walk in the doors. Lucky for us girls it is quite simple to catch the eye of a bachelor here and intrigue him enough to get a drink. If you are a die hard for celebrity sightings than this is the place you should go. The rich and regal tend to flock here on a weekly bases. If you can book a VIP lounge. They give you a bird’s eye few of the club and are great for some dirty dancing and people watching. This place is beyond great.
Always a Great Time
Steph H. Dec 3, 2012
Love this club. Every time I have been there were celebs galore. The DJs have been amazing and play music from all decades. It is definitely more enjoyable when you have a try to get in contact with a promoter if you don't buy one yourself. Saturdays are the best nights to go to Greystone.
Hot Club
Kirsten H. Nov 30, 2012
Great place for people watching, there are always a ton of celebrities. Always a ton of paparazzi outside waiting for celebrities. I would recommend getting a table because it is hard to get in unless you know someone and gets pretty crowded. Big name DJs like Afrojack and Sebastian Ingrosso have performed here. There are cool effects like fog and confetti that go off throughout the night. Great lighting, lots of strobe. Kind of reminds me of Vegas. Bars on both sides, and an outdoor area for smoking. Thursdays and Saturdays are the best nights to go.
Fun Fun Fun
Lindsey S. Nov 20, 2012
I came here a couple months ago for the first time- It was a great time. I went with my girlfriends and pretty much danced the night away. I love the music that they play here, as well as the venue. For a lot of college people, this is the go-to club in Los Angeles. I love that you can come to the club at any time and it is always popping. The light system in amazing and the light sticks are given for a fun time. Definitely check this place out, especially if you are looking for a club that is busy on Sunday and Monday nights !
Always a good time
Amanda N. Oct 2, 2012
If you wanna do the LA club scene, skip Hollywood and go to Greystone. The venue itself is quite large with a cool interior that isn't too over the top (just some cool chandeliers). However, add amazing dancers, fog machines, confetti, world class DJs, and you've got one of the best places to party in LA. The sound system is fabulous and can be likened to top Vegas clubs. One time I came here and saw Bingo Players and ended up in the DJ booth. Epic. Always a dance party with lots of electronic music which the club is well suited for with the excellent light system. Also have those light sticks which are super fun for some reason...
One of Hollywood's Best Clubs
Trevor B. Aug 19, 2012
One of Hollywood's hottest clubs, yet a strict door policy makes entry tough without having a table or a strong girl-guy ratio. The club has a "Vegas-esque" feel to it and has been bringing in big DJs as of late, including Sebastian Ingrosso, Dirty South, and Alesso. The venue is high in decor, but small in size with little space for dancing. This adds to why it is so important to have a table here or you take the chance of being crammed on the dance floor. In addition to the weekend, Thursday nights are big here. Be prepared to break out your checkbook if you head here, whether you're purchasing a table or just a couple of drinks. Drinks run in the area of $12-14.
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