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Flappers Comedy Club (Burbank, CA) Searching for stand-up comedy at Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank, CA? Check out Party Earth for schedules, photos, videos, & more for this top rate comedy club! Los Angeles United States 34.181737 -118.313112
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Flappers Comedy Club (Burbank, CA) - Comedy Club in Los Angeles.
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INFO Flappers Comedy Club, located in Burbank, is a live comedy venue producing shows that leave their audience chuckling all the way home. Past performers at Flappers Comedy Club include Margaret Cho, Sarah Silverman, Joey... ... read more

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    Burbank, CA
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    102 E Magnolia Boulevard
    Burbank, CA 91502

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Flappers Comedy Club (Burbank, CA) Information

Flappers Comedy Club (Burbank, CA) - Comedy Club in Los Angeles.

Flappers Comedy Club, located in Burbank, is a live comedy venue producing shows that leave their audience chuckling all the way home.

Past performers at Flappers Comedy Club include Margaret Cho, Sarah Silverman, Joey Medina, and Rob Little.

Regular events at Flappers Comedy Club include live shows in the Yoo Hoo Room featuring comedic regulars who perform all week long. Open-Mic Fridays, 2 buck Tuesdays, and stand up comedy tapings every Tuesday are among the many events held at the venue. The charitable club also hosts a Fundraising Night benefitting non-profit organizations the second Tuesday of every month.

In addition to nights filled with riotous laughter, Flappers Comedy Club offers Flappers University workshops for striving comedians and a full service restaurant for audience members to enjoy dinner before or during a show.

Owners Barbara Holliday and David Reinitz also produce a number of comedic events in venues throughout Los Angeles with their booking and talent management department, H2F Comedy Prods.

Flappers Comedy Club (Burbank, CA) User Reviews

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Roaring 20s Hopes For Roaring Laughs
Eli Z. Aug 5, 2013
The outside of the venue's sleek stone paneling and arched entrance gives guest the impression of elegance that quickly turns upon itself once you enter the waiting room for the smaller shows. However, there's something comforting about the dim, almost dingy waiting room that makes your remember; you're here to see raw, gritty comedy. Not some over priced comic-of-the-moment in a packed theatre. In the smaller lounge, you sit up close barely an arms length away from the stage, with table and booth seating so near the performers that they could swipe a swig of your beer with ease if they wanted to. This makes for an incredibly intimate environment that might put off the more bashful person, but really livens up the experience for those not afraid to become part of the act. The food itself is actually quite good, with an array of well prepared dishes at the ready during the performance. Simply turn on the small light rests on the table and a server with approach quietly, ready to take your order, be it food or beverages. The drinks are nothing special and somewhat over priced, which is to be expected at such a venue. However the unobtrusive, on demand manner in which the drinks are served is quite convenient and even necessary if the performer of the moment is terrible. The actual comics are not only funny, but even at the small lounge showing there were quite a few reputable comics mixed in with the no-name, but still hilarious, acts. The club does an excellent job at finding talent and is sure to give you a long enough show that you get your moneys worth. After nearly two and half hours of laughing and drinking, your jaw and bicep get a sturdy workout and you come away feeling satisfied and probably planning your next visit. And if you're lucky enough, that next visit can be free, with the raffle the club provides at the end of each show. In conclusion, Flappers is a comedy club that tries to lure you in with it's 1920s style and gets you to stay with quality service, top notch venues and solid performers. It's a great way to spend an evening if you're looking to eat well, drink hard and laugh often.
A Night of Laughs
Sarah N. Jun 27, 2013
This is a great place to take your friends and enjoy a few drinks and laughs. The food Is Great! Comedians are awesome! and its a classy joint! most comedy clubs require a two drink minimum, but Flappers lets you count food items toward the minimum. I would high recommend trying their jolly rancher and buffalo fries they are AMAZING!!!!! They are also very reasonably priced, and top notch comedians. highly recommended.
Worth Checking Out
Denisa D. Apr 26, 2013
My first time at Flappers was for a friend's birthday which was great for me because I didn't have to buy a ticket to get in. I ended up having such a good time that I have gone back a few times since. I was lucky enough to see Eddie Pepitone live, who is not as well known but still hysterically funny. I highly recommend going to one of their "Set List" nights, where comedians get random topics to talk about which they have no idea about beforehand, I find this makes for lots of laughs from the audience and Improv from the comedians. They get pretty good headliners on the weekends, so keep a look out for big names like Doug Benson, Jeff Garlin, and Maria Bamford on their calendar. Their food is pretty good. I think their plates are big enough to be shared by 2 people. Even their sweet potato fries will fill you up. Their drinks all have cute names which center around their 1920s flapper theme. Be aware that they do have a 2 drink minimum per person, but you'll be having so much fun that the drinks only adds to the experience. There's lots of other fun things to do in downtown Burbank: there's a couple hookah bars, a pool hall, and of course the mall. Whenever I go to Flappers I park in the Ashley's Furniture lot, as that is what I was told from someone at the comedy club, so that saves some time. Also, if you sign up for their newsletter they email you with info on upcoming comedians and chances to win free tickets.
It's a Funny Business
Brett G. Mar 11, 2013
A brand new comedy club and the venue is gorgeous. Three tiers of table seating so everyone can see the stage. The backdrop a fake wall with a couch for some reason. It has a great sound system and friendly wait staff. The food is a little better than typical bar fried food but not much. It has two rooms, the main room and the smaller side room called the Yoo Hoo. For your money the best shows are in the main room friday and saturday nights. That's when professional big name comics are brought in. The rest of the week, in either room, they run what is known in the comedy scene as "Bringer Shows" which mean each comedian on the line up has to bring at least 5-10 people in order to perform. So, it's kind of a crap shoot if you get a good show or not. I've seen some great and some not so great. After the shows, at midnight, there's an open mic at the bar if you want to try your luck out to talking crowds on their way out. People seem to be complaining about parking on here. I'll tell you a secret... don't park in the building attached to the club. Park one block away on 1st in the mall garage between Cypress Ave. and Magnolia. At night it's almost empty and never closes.
3 Stars
Andrew C. Jan 23, 2013
Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank is a great place to unwind and enjoy some quality stand-up. It’s the perfect setting for a fun date or if you just need a few laughs to fight off the weekday blues. The Roaring Twenties theme comes off a bit gimmicky at first. As the host with the bowler hat shows you to your table an old black-and-white film is projected onto a screen center stage. How quaint. But sometime between the waitress in a frilly flapper skirt handing you your “bees knees” martini and the third gag of whatever pre-talkie protagonist you’re watching (either Chaplin or Buster Keaton in their muted hilarity) you realize that the charm of the theme actually saves the venue from being just another drab dark room. Flappers is located in Burbank’s downtown district. Free parking is easy to find in any one of the many garages adjacent to the club. As with most comedy clubs there is a minimum two-item purchase in addition to a mild entry fee. Flappers offers a full bar and a menu that is honestly a bit lackluster. Luckily, no one really goes to a comedy club for the food. You’re fooling yourself if you expect to find transcendent entertainers the likes of Louis C.K. or Chris Rock at Flappers. Most of the club’s performers come from the fringes of fame, either on their way up to or down from comedy’s “b” list. If you were wondering what ever happened to Christopher Titus or that guy with the glasses from Whose Line is it Anyway (no not Drew Carey, the other guy) then wonder no longer. Seriously though, Flappers draws tremendously funny comics from seasoned professionals to talented burgeoning amateurs. So if you’re looking for a roaring good time dust off your straw boater, grab the nearest bobbed beauty, and hurry down to Flappers in Burbank.
Always a good laugh
Sarah B. Nov 29, 2012
We did not eat here, we just came for the show. Parking was difficult so plan on leaving extra time. The show was great and I would recommend checking out the line-up.
pretty good
Callie S. Nov 19, 2012
Sometimes this place has really funny shows. I do enjoy my nights at this comedy club. There are lots of good food options in Downtown Burbank also if you decide just to see the comedy portion of the night at Flappers. There are better comedy clubs though. My least favorite part of this venue is the parking. There is never any parking, which makes the night more stressful than it needs to be. The other negative was that the venue took the place of a really good restaurant that many people loved, but couldnt eat at because of the parking.
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