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Exchange LA Exchange LA downtown is a multi-leveled club in the former Pacific Stock Exchange building. Dance with a young Asian crowd in Los Angeles with Party Earth. Los Angeles United States 34.045271 -118.251138
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Exchange LA - Club in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Housed inside the former Los Angeles Stock Exchange building, Exchange LA serves as a clear indication of Downtown’s nightlife resurgence. Actually, 1,700 indications, seeing as that’s how many dance-happy... ... read full review

  • Metro:

    Purple, Red Lines: Pershing Square

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  • Hours:

    Th–Su 10pm–3am
    May be open earlier in the week for special events and private parties

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    • Night Spot

Exchange LA Videos

Armin van Buuren vs Markus Schulz @ Exchange LA :: 10.28.2012
Armin van Buuren vs Markus Schulz @ Exchange LA :: 10.28.2012
Gareth Emery - Live at Inception @ Exchange LA 05-25-2013
Dubfire & Green Velvet - Live At Inception @ Exchange LA (11-23-2013)
Insomniac presents Sander Van Doorn @ Exchange LA (12-30-2013)
Myon & Shane 54 with Aruna - Live at Awakening @ Exchange LA (7-13-12)
Tommy Trash - Exchange LA - 01/17/2014

Party Earth Exchange LA Review

The Scene

Exchange LA downtown is a multi-leveled club in the former Pacific Stock Exchange building. Dance with a young Asian crowd in Los Angeles with Party Earth.

Housed inside the former Los Angeles Stock Exchange building, Exchange LA serves as a clear indication of Downtown’s nightlife resurgence. Actually, 1,700 indications, seeing as that’s how many dance-happy revelers regularly fill this multi-level club.

The décor is a mix of restored Art Deco styles and distinctly modern touches, from the massive bronze doors out front to the intricately painted forty-foot ceilings and the eye-popping LED screen composed of more than one million bulbs.

There’s a sofa-lined hallway and adjoining lounge at street level, but most of the trendy guests head straight up to the Trading Floor – so named because that’s what it used to be – where they let loose to trance, house, or whatever other dance-friendly beats the DJ’s spinning that night.

Laser lights, wafer-thin house dancers, and pulsing fog machines are definitely not in short supply, but VIPs looking for a more intimate environment have several options, from the booths in the mezzanine to the chilled-out Rockefeller Room or the private dance floor in the top-level Sky Loft.

Six bars spread over four levels means grabbing a drink is less of a hassle than at other packed venues, and with reportedly more bathrooms than any other club in LA, getting rid of that drink is easier, too.

Add all that to a past lineup that includes Tritonal, Nicki Minaj, and Carl Cox, and it’s clear why Exchange LA has few substitutions.

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Tip from Adriana:

Parking Downtown can be tricky, especially on big club nights, but you can pull up right in front of Exchange and valet it for only $10.

  • Crowd

    Varies based on the night’s DJ, but usually a predominantly Asian mix of veteran clubbers, trance lovers, trendy Valley kids, sexy yuppies, stylish groups of girls, and the tacitly accepted creeper or two, early 20s to early 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    A-list roster of DJs on the main stage. Music trends toward trance, house, and techno.

    Massive floor-to-ceiling LED screen display on main floor.

  • Food / Miscellaneous


  • Prices

    Cover $20+. Beer $8, cocktails $10–$14+, bottle service $350–$1000. Valet $10.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Cool clubby to dressy: slacks, collared shirts, designer jeans, flashy button-downs, sequined dresses, ruffled halters, short skirts, shorter skirts, heels.

    No sandals, flip-flops, tennis shoes, ratty or baggy jeans, baseball hats or beanies, T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, jerseys, or clothing with sports logos.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    When the DJ is right and the night is young.

  • Close By

    Syrup Desserts (611 South Spring Street) gets packed on weekends when pre-clubbers stop in to fill up on blueberry jasmine ice cream and sweet grilled cheese before heading across the street to Exchange LA.

Exchange LA User Reviews

Average rating:
EDM Madness
J W. Nov 8, 2013
I had the wonderful opportunity to check out Audien here this past summer along with some other pretty good openers. The venue itself was pretty good, although I feel like I've been to better. I enjoyed the two level aspect, but once I got upstairs where the main stage was, it felt too much like a club atmosphere where most people were there to look good rather than engage in the music and dance. No one was necessarily not enjoying it, but for someone who loves to go around and meet new people who share a love of the music, I didn't quite get that like I do in other places where I'm attending EDM shows. But that's just one aspect, aside from the people that happened to be there on that particular night, I must say that the light show that was going on was awesome. The sound system was ridiculous and I was able to just lose myself in the music. There is something for everybody, too, in that people who feel more reserved can watch from above on the balcony that lines the walls of the second floor main stage. If you plan on drinking, I suggest doing so beforehand as you might find that your pockets will end up taking a pretty big hit if you wait to buy multiple drinks at the venue. Regardless, the people over at Exchange constantly book great acts so I can't wait to give it another go once I'm back in Los Angeles.
Destination EDM: Set
Isabella C. Sep 27, 2013
Upon its opening, Exchange LA has proven to be a club worthy of appraise. Fully equipped with multiple bars and a lounge area upon entering, Exchange LA is the spacious venue that Los Angeles needed to provide its EDM lovers. To allow for even more room, the club has an upstairs area which gives full view of the DJ and the crowd below. The aura of Exchange LA is different than any other club that I personally have been to, primarily due to its massive dance floor. It offers encouragement to its visitors' dancing, allowing for the largest amount of personal space I have ever had at a full nightclub. The attire varies, but all in all those who go dress to impress. My personal account of Exchange LA was when I went to see Morgan Page perform. While the clubs of Vegas are incomparable to those of Los Angeles, I thought that Exchange LA brought a little piece of Vegas home to us. With confetti raining down on me, an amazing light show, and mind-blowing music provided by Mr. Page, I was blown away. In one night, Exchange LA became my favorite club in Los Angeles.
EDM Club with great dance floor
Jason C. Aug 16, 2013
Second floor: This is where the headliner dj plays. The dance floor, sound system, and light visuals here are superb. The dance floor is big enough where it actually feels like a stage in a EDM concert or rave. The light visuals is the cherry on top that seals the deal to give it the authentic EDM experience. There is also a balcony above the dance floor for people to go to but it is sectioned off, so I assume you have to buy a table up there. First floor: This is where the resident/local dj plays. The roof is low and the dance floor looks a lot more like club dance floor. People mainly go here to relax and mellow out from the dancing upstairs, as the only other place to chill is the smoking area in the back. There is a small bar here as well as a few padded benches to sit. Crowd: The crowed is a mixed bag of people. Occasionally it is crowded with Asians when Rush is promoting at the venue.
Premiere EDM club in LA
Skylar H. Jul 24, 2013
Exchange reigns as one of very few premiere EDM clubs in Los Angeles. Insomniac has consistently brought A-list artists to the club, and the atmosphere, visuals, and setup of the club are excellent to maximize your clubbing experience. Due to the historic architecture of the building, the whole place has an aura of classiness even though the dress code isn't uptight, although the crowds definitely dress to impress anyway! Several different bars to choose from, outdoor smoking area, seats spaced around the first and second floor, and of course an amazing lights, lasers & visuals setup, not to mention the incredible sound system. Saturday nights often continue until 6 in the morning! Entry lines usually move quickly, and parking is cheap at the independent lots in DTLA, generally $5-10. As with any club, there are a couple flaws -- for Exchange, the bathroom area can get congested since both guys and girls have to lineup in one doorway, and it's adjacent to the small outdoor smoking area. The VIP second floor balcony overlooking the dancefloor feels a little distanced from the action (although it has its own bar and lots of seating)... this might be a plus for some, but every time I've been up there, I just wanted to leave and hit the main dancefloor with the rest of the crowd. But besides those very minor issues, Exchange has remained one of my favorite venues with a nonstop lineup of the best DJs in the industry. Had many crazy nights here in the past, and will keep heading back for more in the future!
Exchange LA
Jose A. Jun 12, 2013
This is one of the top venues out there, i really love this spot, it is really cultural, very diverse and just so many people. a very friendly zone
Awesome atmosphere and staff
Vinay C. Jun 3, 2013
Went to a private event at Exchange LA. The space was nice and the atmosphere over there awesome. There was plenty of space to dance right in front of the DJ booth. The staff were very friendly. The drinks were on the pricey side with $12 for a rum and coke. But to make up for the price, the drinks were pretty strong. I would definitely recommend this venue for events.
One of LA's Top EDM Clubs
Nick W. May 31, 2013
Consistently hosting many of the biggest names in house, trance, and progressive, Exchange LA is always a safe bet for a good time. From DJs like Armin van Buuren to Jerome Isma-Ae, Exchange provides a uniquely intimate setting without compromising its incredible audio-visual experience. Though all the logistics are well executed, it's the vibe and atmosphere that I really love about this place. While the music and the lights may dazzle you, it's the energy of all the people around you that really makes every night you spend here so enjoyable. If you're a true enthusiast of EDM, you can see some of your favorite, lesser-known DJs here for low prices while avoiding those shoulder-to-shoulder crowds. There are two floors. The headliner plays upstairs, while a local resident will play downstairs in a smaller room. There are plenty of places to sit should you get tired from jumping all night, and the bars are usually well staffed. Regarding Exchange, however, I would suggest two things. One is to get there early to avoid the sometimes incredibly long lines to get in. The second is to sign up for their VIP list, which is free to join and includes many benefits like free entry. Overall, Exchange LA is a venue that really has every element of an electronic music experience down. When a club can pull off the sound, the lights, and the vibe, you know you're going to have a really great night.
A True L.A. EDM Experience
Jason J. May 3, 2013
Exchange LA, home to Insomniac's finest Trance and House DJ's, is a must go for the EDM enthusiast. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, I find myself frequenting the nightclub more than others because the high-energy and amazing stage set-up (lights, visuals) allows for a fun, dance-filled night. The club attracts an energetic crowd that is ready to party and dance. The sound quality is amazing: if you like your music loud, this is your place. The bartenders and staff are extremely friendly and are always looking to add to your experience. There are accessible bars located all around the club and a rather social smoking area downstairs. You'll often see long lines as you pass it along Spring, so it's recommended you purchase tickets prior to the event. If you're looking to dance to EDM's finest DJ's, check out Exchange LA and you'll want to go back again.
Blinded By the Lights
Amelia D. Apr 22, 2013
With its extreme dazzling light show filling almost every inch of the club, you can be sure to be moving at a constant, energetic pace. The music is fast, fun, and fully electronic -- a sure win for any EDM lover. The DJ's are not only some of the best in Los Angeles but possibly some of the best for EDM around the country. The promotions team does its job ensuring that you are fully aware of the events each spectacular night has to offer. The VIP management is more than happy to accommodate to all of your needs; might even be a willing dance partner. The drinks are great, music is excellent, and the people are exciting as ever. You will be sure to dance the night away in this extremely inviting nightclub atmosphere!
For True EDM Fans
Emily M. Apr 7, 2013
Exchange LA is not your typical nightclub, but that's what makes it so great. The crowd is primarily composed of true, die-hard electronic music fans. Both the visual and audio production - combined with the incredible talent lineup every weekend, makes this club one of the best in LA for electronic music. The venue itself is nice, with the main room and bar upstairs. There's also a smaller room downstairs that acts more as a lounge and bar, with an outdoor smoking patio. The building itself is beautiful, and appears very historic, with dim lighting, a grand staircase, and tall columns. Drinks are fairly priced. It is recommended to buy tickets beforehand, especially when big DJs are playing, as the line outside tends to get very long. The crowd could be interesting to some, but overall, everyone is there for a good time, dancing and enjoying music. The good vibes are contagious. A guaranteed good time!
Great Club for EDM Fanatics
David W. Mar 28, 2013
Exchange LA is one of the most satisfying clubs for big EDM fans. The lighting and production was one of the best out of any clubs in the downtown area. Also, the speakers were booming loud and kept the crowd constantly going crazy at each drop. There is usually a well known DJ (if you follow electronic music) so you may see some serious fans there each weekend. The crowd is rather young and can have an odd vibe on a certain night depending which DJ is performing. Overall, this is a fun venue that I would recommend going to especially if one of your favorite DJs is playing.
Best EDM Venue in L.A.
Deena D. Mar 26, 2013
What a gem. Walking into the venue as a first timer, you may be confused where to go. Theres a small room downstairs with a bar. The lighting is super cool as well as all their decorations. Then you walk upstairs. I saw Maceoplex there aka the sound system was in heavy use. The most important thing for most of the crowd are the speakers and don't fret Exchange has their ish covered. The main stage is pretty big so whether you're in the front or the far back you can see whoever is performing. There we''re some drinks for $10 so no need to worry about spending $30 for 2 drinks. The crowd was hilarious; not sure if it was because of the artist but it was mixture of USC students, 40 year old plastic ladies from the OC and their gay best friends. Interesting crowd but everyone was dancing and enjoying the music.
EDM Lover's Paradise
Brenda T. Mar 4, 2013
Exchange LA is an excellent venue housing some of the world's greatest DJ's and EDM lovers all around. Paired with the Insomniac Events team, Exchange LA brings in fans of electronic dance music on a weekly basis. Whether you're into house, trance, dubstep, or even simply top 40, this is a place you would enjoy. Finding out about events ere aren't hard either. They have a great promotions team that will often give out great VIP packages if you know who to go to. They also do a lot of text blasts so getting a great deal on bottle service or getting your name on the list can be just a quick text away. Another great thing about Exchange LA is the size, there's always room for everyone and different spaces with the perfect vibe for every kind of party goer out there. Parking isn't awful especially since they offer valet for only 10$ right at the front and the lines are never too hectic because the entire Exchange LA team is always on top of things and know what they are doing.
Excellent Soundwaves
Jason D. Feb 22, 2013
Exchange LA is a great venue for electronic music lovers. They have a great rotating line-up of many of the best DJs in the world. Inside, the atmosphere is very much like a European nightclub, with amazing architecture and people ready to dance and have a great time. Parking is easy and cheap just a few blocks from the venue - keep driving until you see the signs for $5, not far away at all. The line to get in is usually really long, but moves very quickly; I've never waited longer than 10 minutes to get inside. Another thing I love about this place is how polite everyone seems to be - no one pushing or shoving their way to the front. The bathrooms are very clean and it's easy to get a drink from the bar. I just saw Madeon here last month - blew my mind! Exchange LA is definitely a venue I keep on my watch list, as there are always good shows coming up.
Multi-Level Music Experience
Marc C. Feb 20, 2013
I have been fortunate enough to attend shows at Exchange LA without any major hassles or problems. Parking can be difficult, but that is expected on any weekend spent downtown. Having pre-purchased tickets also helps with getting inside much faster. There is a line, so be prepared. My first impression upon walking in is the gorgeous renovation that was done to this historic building. From the sky-high ceiling, to the marble floors, and a grand staircase, I felt transported to a different time - but quickly brought back to the present because of the thumping bass coming from above. The first floor housed a smaller bar, lounge, and outdoor (smoking) patio. After making my way up the red carpeted staircase to the second floor consisting of the main stage and dance area, which were sandwiched between two bars. Mixed drinks averaged to about $14 each. There is still an old-world charm to the space, from the woodwork, to the lighting details. A short walk up to the third floor offers VIP tables, more bars, and a bird's eye view of the dancing and mingling crowd below. There is an overall sense that Exchange LA caters to music lovers and that celebratory vibe is felt throughout this sprawling and sexy venue.
Awesome vibe
Vcphoto G. Feb 15, 2013
The club provides a great environment for the Electronic dance music fans. I was there during an event Fri Night, and was really amazed. Overhead lasers, fog machines, confetti, bottle service tables. The sound system was fantastic and the dance floor right in the middle of the whole place was awesome. It was big enough to make it feel not too crowded. This is the place you would want to take a few glow sticks to and wave them around dancing. There are so many bar counters. That makes it ordering your drinks quick and easy. However the drinks were a bit weak and a little pricey for what you get. Even water was about $7. Being on the list made it easy for me to get in which was awesome! There was open area access for smoking, different rooms playing different music and an area to sit down and chill for the ladies when their feet get sore. Last but not least, parking was not too far away - just a couple of blocks down. It was about $15 parking.
Cool vibe
Rachel S. Nov 29, 2012
I haven't been to this venue on a typical night but I think a lot of locals in the area do. I would only go on a night with all my friends and I know I will see people I know there. THe vibe is cool because it has different floors. The second floor is cool because it has an outside and inside area. If you get too crowded you can always go outside. Or it is awesome to go upstairs on the roof to see all of downtown LA. You are positioned directly at the Staples center. Its also perfect to go to after you go out to dinner at LA live because it is a few minute walk and directly across the street. You could also go there after a concert at Nokia or Staples.
Fun club, cool venue
Maddy L. Nov 28, 2012
There's a ton of different bars spread throughout the two-story club which makes it easy to get a drink. The prices are what you'd expect for downtown LA, but the venue itself is cool and spacious. There are DJs on the first and second floor.
Basic Club
Rachel G. Nov 16, 2012
I do love this place, but it is too much of a "club" for my liking. For those of you who are just stepping into Los Angeles for the night I highly suggest checking this place out because it really is a good club. I have just been to Los Angeles so many times that it is bit touristy for me. I like smaller and more underground venues. The visual aspects of this venue are really worth coming in and checking out. The stages are huge and you can get close to the stage to see a more intimate version of whoever is performing. The bar selection is definitely not worth it. Over priced and over watered drinks for sure.
Typical LA club scene
Kira A. Nov 15, 2012
Exchange is definitely a fun club but after that it's really just another typical LA venue: multi-level with the balcony reserved for VIP and tables. I went there a few months ago and saw Bingo Players and we had a really great time! As usual the water and drinks were way overpriced but then again so is every club in the LA! The stages in both rooms are big and they put on a great light display but at times the area felt a bit cramped. I think exchange tends to oversell (unlike the Palladium which is never too crowded at least whenever I've been there). I'm actually heading there again tonight and I'm excited to see what's up this time!
Bigger and Better
Colin H. Oct 13, 2012
There's a scene in "The Social Network" where Justin Timberlake's character brings Mark Zuckerberg to a nightclub in order to hammer home the point of just how big and extravagant their future together will be. That nightclub was, not coincidentally, Exchange LA. It's big and extravagant. That's the first, and probably the most succinct, way to describe the multi-level club. But Exchange straddles the line between vintage class and modern decadence, and the dance floor with the thumping bass is only part of the draw. The club controls the mood so efficiently that you can go from ecstatic movement to an old-timey, well lit bar just by walking through a door, and the biggest miracle is how the energy doesn't necessarily drop between these two aesthetics. It just shifts from kinetic to potential. Sweaty, skimpily-dressed college students catching their breath, well-dressed yuppies enjoying the view. It's never hard to find service at any of Exchange's bars, and with a drink in hand, it's back into the chaos that is the Trading Floor. The Trading Floor is the center of the complex, and the building's layout revolves around funneling people into this center chamber like a ant farm hosting a rave. The beauty comes in the options it provides in getting there. That old timey, well lit area has a separate (absolutely lavish) marble staircase leading to it. Is your night just starting, and you need to build into the peak? Take those stairs, get a drink, people watch. Have you been pregaming for hours and are ready to dance? There's a darkened hallway in the opposite direction that leads straight into the madness. Enter Exchange and make your pick. It's that forked road from Beauty and the Beast, with alcohol and beautiful people flowing from either end. There are drawbacks to this. The smoking area is little more than a roped off section of the parking lot that requires maneuvering past the bathroom lines to reach. If you're making your way there, make sure you have a solid plan to find your friends, because cell reception within the club - be it because of the number of patrons, the noise, or the building's solid construction - is virtually non-existant. This past summer, Exchange partnered with Insomniac Events to bring some of the biggest DJs in the game to their venue every Friday night. Ticket prices add to the cost (Kaskade's Freaks of Nature Tour after party was hosted here for an entrance fee of $50), but these are by far the best nights to go. For a club that's already this big and extravagant, what's a few dollars more?
Huge venue, sick sound system
Jason W. Oct 5, 2012
Exchange LA is one of my favorite clubs in Los Angeles, especially in the downtown area. I saw Arty play here over the summer and the place was electric. It is one of the bigger venues that I have been to, and people everywhere from the front row to the VIP area were loving it. There is so much space in this venue that you cane easily go from partying hard to taking a break at their many bar locations located throughout the venue. Not to mention it is right across the street from LA café!
Historic Venue!
Fernando A. Oct 4, 2012
I dont have any friends that dont have an awesome memories from this place. i used to party here about 10 years ago and untill this day it is still going strong... ive seen performance, spent new years eve multiple times. and some of the best DJ ive ever heard. this place is truly iconic for me. The place is big, drinks are reasonable, and the music is great!. Love the atmosphere here!!!
Great DJS!!
Femi O. Sep 26, 2012
Ever since their partnership with Insomniac for Inception Saturdays, Exchange LA has been awesome! I've seen a lot of great house music DJs here the past 2 months and can't wait to see who else they'll be bringing. The only knock here is lots of ugly people. But if you're VIP and can make your way to the upper mezzanine it doesn't matter.
Get ready to go big
Hayley E. Sep 24, 2012
Ever get that feeling, when the night opens her doors and the club beckons you in, that this one is going to be big? Maybe it’s the mansion-like 25,000 square foot venue of the former LA Stock Exchange. Maybe it’s the international lineup of record breaking DJs. Maybe it’s the almost 2000 other clubbers eagerly soaking in the scene and pulsing to the music. Maybe it’s you, ready to stir it up with a hot Hollywood set. Whatever it is, Exchange isn’t going to let you go home without seeing just how far the night will take you. It begins at the doors, of course. Two huge, elaborate, art deco bronze doors tower beneath bas-relief panels of “Finance,” “Production” and “Research and Discovery,” a fitting ode to club life. As you enter, modern retrofitting complements the 1920s sensibilities of the original builders. An eerily lit hallway of tree branches on pedestals leads to the main dance floor, where a 200 square foot LED screen frames the DJ with entrancingly clear visuals. Inside there are essentially two clubs, an upstairs split level (accessed via a grandiose staircase) and a downstairs. For the sound enthusiast there’s absolutely no bleed between the floors thanks to a top end sound system and reinforced concrete walls (1920s architecture is nothing if not solidly built). With ample satellite bars upstairs and a huge one downstairs, drinks aren’t long in coming. Sexy light kits on the ceiling are polarized by judicious use of fog machines, part of the package that drives the crowd’s intense shaking and twisting on the dance floor. Of course the musical talent may have a thing or two to do with that—the Get Lost party recently featured Art Department opening for Damian Lazarus and Hot Creations label head Jamie Jones. All the electronic music classics spun by big name DJs get play here: electro, tech house, disco house, trance, progressive and booty-shaking music. You can play with history here while you’re making your own. Imagine, while you and hundreds of swanky 20- and 30- somethings are tearing it up on the second level Trading Floor, how much more fun you’re having than the stock brokers who foamed at the mouth working their trades. If you need a break from dancing, chill out in a mezzanine booth (which you might recognize from the scene in Social Network where Justin Timberlake’s character Sean Parker charms Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg) with paranoid theories and rounds of drinks for him and a couple of lovely ladies.) Or take your own drink and cruise VIP to see the stylish art deco ceiling of the Rockefeller Room, the rotating art displayed in the Gallery Room, or the Sky Loft room with the bird’s eye view of the main dance floor. Not that you can escape the party—with a couple of thousand delicious clubbers in the building, Exchange always lets you know you where you are. When you finally exit through those imposing bronze doors in the wee hours, the night’s adventures tucked safely into your belt, you can pat yourself on the back like a hot trader in a bull market—you just had a massive occasion.
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