El Cid

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El Cid Visitors to El Cid may feel like they've time-traveled into a 16th-century Spanish tavern, but this multilevel club actually offers a very modern spot to drink and dance. Los Angeles United States 34.0943637283733 -118.281992969312
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El Cid - Club | Historic Bar | Lounge | Spanish Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Visitors to El Cid may feel like they’ve time-traveled into a 16th-century Spanish tavern, but this multilevel club actually offers a very modern spot to drink and dance. Built in 1900 by pioneering American... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    W–Sa 6pm–2am, Su 11am–3pm and 6pm–2am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth El Cid Review

The Scene

Visitors to El Cid may feel like they've time-traveled into a 16th-century Spanish tavern, but this multilevel club actually offers a very modern spot to drink and dance.

Visitors to El Cid may feel like they’ve time-traveled into a 16th-century Spanish tavern, but this multilevel club actually offers a very modern spot to drink and dance.

Built in 1900 by pioneering American film director D.W. Griffith, the space now invites partygoers three flights of stairs below ground level to a two-tiered brick ballroom decked out in red, where spirited couples and groups enjoy live flamenco or acoustic acts, a Spanish feast, and a charming décor that includes miniature balcony façades, a bull’s head, and a display of colorful fans.

Later on in the evening, twenty-something hipsters, creative types, and young professionals crowd around the two bars to knock back pitchers of sangria and then dance the night away to DJ-spun disco tunes.

Couples looking for a romantic date spot or patrons who prefer outdoor partying instead will want to check out the spacious two-level patio, where fountains, ivy, scattered candlelit tables, and comfy semi-circle booths combine to create an upbeat yet cozy atmosphere.

Though the action varies from night to night, El Cid can always be counted on for a dynamic crowd and an energetic vibe.

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Tip from Emma:

Friday’s dinner shows can fill up quickly, so be sure to make reservations a couple of weeks in advance to guarantee a lively night of Flamenco dancing and delicious Spanish cuisine.

  • Crowd

    Depending on the night, a mix of sociable young professionals, hipsters, creative types, singles, couples, and salsa aficionados, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Check the website for schedule of varying events including Flamenco, burlesque, comedy, and more.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Menu includes Spanish tapas and dinner and dessert selections.

    Sunday brunch 11am–3pm.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $15 for dinner show. Late night shows $5–$10. 

    Brunch menu $4–$12. Salad/Soup $6–$12, tapas $6–$15, entrées $16–$21. Late night taco bar F–Sa $2.50/taco.

    Beer $4–$9, sangria $8/glass or $25/bottle, wine $7–$10/glass or $20–$34/bottle, cocktails $10–$15. Corkage fee $15.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Varies by night, but generally trendy, nice tops, dresses, button-downs.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night, but especially Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Close By

    4100 Bar (4100 Sunset Boulevard) offers less dancing and more drinking without the show.

El Cid User Reviews

Average rating:
Eclectic bar with tons of charm!
Mary B. Aug 21, 2013
El Cid is home to a variety of performers in Los Angeles and showcases how eclectic our town truly is. From sketch shows to open mic nights to its famous flamenco dance nights, El Cid boasts a collection of shows throughout the week but the vibe always remains relaxed, somewhat classy and uniquely LA. With both indoor and outdoor bars, guests can wander around while listening to great music or ordering somewhat overpriced entrees (Taco Tuesday nights are a must-try with $2 tacos). Street parking makes this venue one of the more accessible in Los Angeles as well. El Cid isn't your weekend bar but more the location to check out a weekday show, grab a drink and get over your hump day with friends!
The best reason to venture east of the 405!
Alexis R. Apr 2, 2013
If you grew up in Southern California, then you are familiar with the concept of a "multi-purpose room" at your school. It was where you has assemblies, talent shows, where you ate lunch when it was raining outside and where you graduated (amongst many other things). Consider El Cid the multi-purpose room of the east side. Depending on the day, you can catch a flamenco show, you can go watch some up and coming indie bands or see an improv troupe preform a zombie musical. You can eat, drink and hang out on the patio and just enjoy the atmosphere and architecture of this gem of an establishment. El Cid is half indoors and half outdoors. When you enter and descend a staircase you will find yourself in the main dining room with its romantic low lighting, chandeliers, red velvet curtains and chunky wood furniture. On nights that bands play it can sometimes be a tight squeeze so you may want to get there early and take up residence in one of the three candle lit booths in the small balcony. Make sure you take a moment to wander out into the patio area when you get a chance and take a moment to enjoy a drink beneath the stars. Out on the patio there is plenty of space to sit down and relax. The atmosphere is perfect whether you are on a date or with a bigger group. The patrons of El Cid come dressed casually but still with an eagerness to show off their personal style. The neighborhood is hip and artsy and there are other bars in walking distance. The food and drinks are affordable but not cheap, but the ambience is well worth the cost. I would recommend stopping by El Cid at least once just to see it for yourself, you most certainly won't be disappointed!
Flamenco & Folk Rock
Daniel B. Mar 27, 2013
My Take: I haven’t yet been to the much buzzed about flamenco show, but El Cid is a great music venue for smaller bands. With plenty of places to sneak away to along with a great heated patio and balcony, El Cid makes for a great date spot or quieter night out with friends. The Scene: Varies depending on the lineup. The crowd came for whatever band they happened to know and mostly left right after. Performers at El Cid include mainly folk artists and bands like The Far Country and Jake Salley and the Prospectors. Cocktails & Cuisine: El Cid’s two bars are well stocked and feature a wide range of beers along with a good wine list and sangria. Cocktails tend to enjoy a heavy pour and I could barely make out anything other than cognac in my Hennessey Ginger. Prices: Shows typically cost about $10 a night but each band has a pretty extensive discount list and can usually get you $5 tickets if you RSVP early enough. What to Wear: Be comfortable but the crowd tends to be a little dressier. I spotted everything from hipster bears in flannel and boots to celebrity siblings in miniskirts and stilettos. Insider Info/When to Go: If you’re looking for a little privacy, head for the tiny staircase right behind the soundbooth. Go up it and you’ll find a balcony with three tables and plush booths. Also, this place has got to hold a record for the tiniest men’s room in Silver Lake. Seriously, it’s designed for three people and has a square footage of about 5 feet, makes you feel like you’re in an interactive art installation. But that’s probably just the cognac talking.
Lil' Bit of Spain
Noor Ǝ. Feb 24, 2013
I had just gotten back from my own vacay in Spain this past winter, when my friends decided to go to El Cid on a Friday night. It was such an amazing time, partially because of El Cid's qualities, and partially because any kind of "experience" type bar/restaurant is usually a good time. The interior is meant to invoke an old Spanish feel, which it definitely does, and in a way that made me feel like I was back in Spain for a little bit, especially with the crowd of people inside ready to enjoy their Friday night. Crowd-wise, it had a pretty LA feel, a mix of hipsters and trend-seekers, as well as foodies in search of tapas and sangria. The menu was extensive enough to satisfy my cravings for paella as well as other typical tapas, in a pretty authentic manner. El Cid just had such an infectious atmosphere, one in which it was impossible to not have fun; delicious food, lively crowd, interesting decor, and of course a flamenco show! I hadn't gotten the chance to see flamenco in Spain, so it was truly a new experience to experience it in El Cid and I loved it! Overall, one of those Friday nights that were truly well-enjoyed (and not at a bad price either! their menu prices were a usual LA offering, but not too expensive).
Fun and Unique Experience in LA
Jackie D. Jan 28, 2013
My Take: A friend and I recently went to El Cid for Friday night's dinner and a show and had a fantastic time. As soon as you arrive, you begin your descent down to El Cid and seemingly another time (ladies be warned of the dimly lit and uneven brick staircases!). We were warmly greeted by the hostess and quickly seated at a lush red booth with a perfect view of the stage. Our service was attentive the entire night and very friendly. El Cid recently switched management and hired a new kitchen and all I can say is that they did a great job! The show was also really fun, especially because there was a lively crowd and everyone was cheering on the Flamenco dancers. Food/Drinks: I was very impressed with the menu at El Cid! Despite its old appearance, El Cid's menu is refreshing and provides some new takes on classic Spanish dishes. We tried their boursin and artichoke beignets, gambas and lobster ceviche to start - all of which were delicious! Then my friend had the fish of the day, tilapia, and I had their paella, which came out in its own personal paella pan, so cute! When it came time for dessert, we made special room for the luscious tres leches cake and extra light caramel flan. I still can't get over how amazing that flan was...Our tab with the show (15/person) and two glasses of sangria was around $110. Granted, we were ravenous gourmands, and not everyone will have as large a tab as we did...! The Scene: The dinner crowd was an interesting mix of birthday parties, families and groups of friends in their 20's and counting. Everyone was really into the whole experience and made everything all the more fun! What to Wear: I would recommend wearing nice jeans/jeggings and a cute top for girls and a button down for guys. Best nights: I've only been once and they were fully booked that Friday, so that seems like a good night to visit! Insider Info: Parking can be tricky, so either arrive early or just pay $10 for a speedy valet.
Beach L. Nov 1, 2012
Soon as you enter this venue. You know you are going to have a different Night. As you enter You seem to be taken back to a 16th century spanish style compound. Built with exposed brick and distressed wood. You enter through a funky ramp that leads you to the outdoor smoking patio. Which is more like a open air bazaar then a smoking patio. Inside the venue there are a few bars to order drinks which is always nice as there is never really a major line to order your drinks. What makes El Cid so different is the diverse line up of music from Dubstep, House, Rock and reggae. packed with only one main room dance floor. You are bound to get hot and sweaty. Which seems to be what this crowd loves. The crowd is not your typical Hollywood scene but still cool and eclectic group of youngsters and "interesting" people. Not my go to place but I always enjoy a night out there as I know my experience will be very different!
Medieval Chic
Gary T. Oct 21, 2012
I was invited to a film screening at El Cid and had no real expectations in regards to the venue. As I walked down the old brick stairs, I felt as if I was entering some kind of dragon lair or a German goth club where techno music was reverberated across the room. The 100 year-old El Cid is a cool spot with multi-levels that attempts to capture the ambiance of a medieval tavern. With Latin roots, the food is catered to feed an army of Spanish knights, while the flamenco dancers entertain. The outside Patio is spacious; that's where they had the screenings of the film. If you're looking to hang somewhere different than your usual bar or pub, El Cid will peak your interest and it's worth while.
Romantic and Entertaining!
Ross S. Sep 28, 2012
I came here twice. Once for the Flamenco show & the other for a murder mystery show. Both were highly enjoyable. As were the meatballs. Delicious! The prefix menu has a variety of items to offer and the ambience is romantic to the max.
Weird...but Cool?
Paul F. Aug 8, 2012
What's unique about El Cid is the architecture. This old school Spanish style spot boasts multiple levels that you'd never realize from it's facade on Sunset Boulevard. Once inside, you're hit by one of LA's only Flamenco spots where the sangria flows freely! Theme nights are what El Cid is all about and the vibe changes with each night of the week. A Club Called Rhonda may be their wildest party where they blast house and disco to costumed and otherwise 20-somethings looking to dance. Fun place, not my favorite, but worth going at least once.
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