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Drai's Hollywood Perched atop the new W Hotel, Drai's is a sprawling multilevel club with a thousand-person capacity that brings full-on Vegas-style debauchery to the heart of Hollywood. Los Angeles United States 34.101527 -118.3254276
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Drai's Hollywood - Club | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Perched atop the W Hotel, Drai’s is a sprawling multilevel club with a thousand-person capacity that brings full-on Vegas-style debauchery to the heart of Hollywood. An opulent interior sets the stage at this posh venue... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Club: W–Su 10pm–3am
    Restaurant: W–Su 6–10pm
    Pool: W–Su 11am–3pm

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth Drai's Hollywood Review

The Scene

Perched atop the new W Hotel, Drai's is a sprawling multilevel club with a thousand-person capacity that brings full-on Vegas-style debauchery to the heart of Hollywood.

Perched atop the W Hotel, Drai’s is a sprawling multilevel club with a thousand-person capacity that brings full-on Vegas-style debauchery to the heart of Hollywood.

An opulent interior sets the stage at this posh venue where hard-partying people from the worlds of fashion, movies, and music, as well as a fair share of club-goers, bachelorettes, and birthday girls, show up to indulge in a swanky night out.

Guests stepping out of the private elevator will find themselves in a one-room nightclub featuring mirrored floor-to-ceiling columns, half-circle snakeskin booths, and tall red lamps that double as stripper poles for those feeling feisty.

A center island contains booths facing either the bar and dance floor or a panoramic window display, while a huge smoking patio with cushy white benches offers a spectacular view of the Capitol Records building and the Hollywood sign.

Summer weekends see an influx of bikini-clad jet-setters, beautiful people, and the occasional celeb as Drai’s ramps up for its raging pool parties, whose luxurious setting includes a pristine pool flanked by glass walls, palm trees, white cabanas, and red lounge chairs perfect for sunning, drinking, and flirting the day away.

By night, the pool area transforms into an open-air dance floor and party space where guests soak up the cityscape over cocktails or get into mischief behind drawn cabana drapes.

Possibly one of the most over-the-top party palaces in town, Drai’s is a hotspot for Hollywood sceney-boppers willing to dole out the cash to spend a day or night in the lap of luxury.

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Tip from Adriana:

The best way to arrange table or cabana reservations is to send an e-mail to [email protected]

  • Crowd

    Club chicks, bachelorette and birthday parties, occasional celebrities, jet-setters, and people from the worlds of fashion, movies, and music, 20s to early 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Nightly DJs spin mash-ups of danceable classics and latest hits, more indie on Sundays, and electric 80s on Wednesdays and Cannonball Sundays. Occasional live performances, both scheduled and spontaneous. Poolside cabanas with flat-screen TVs.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Restaurant serves high-end Euro-American fare of mostly seafood and steaks. Hotel guests are not guaranteed entrance to Drai’s.

  • Prices

    Cover charge $20. Cabanas $2,000–$5,000. Appetizers $11–$22, entrées $32–$75. Beer $10+, wine $12+, cocktails $12+, bottle service $500+. Valet $7 for 2½ hours with validation only available until 7pm, $20 without validation.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Clubby chic: dresses, fashionable jeans, collared button-downs. Swimwear for afternoon pool parties.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Wednesdays for the most exclusive night, Friday and Saturday evenings for a lively crowd, and summer weekend afternoons for the pool party.

  • Close By

    Downstairs at the W Hotel is Delphine’s, a posh Mediterranean restaurant perfect for a pre-club dinner.

Drai's Hollywood User Reviews

Average rating:
Classy Hollywood...does exist.
Emma H. Sep 6, 2013
Since moving to the Los Angeles area, as well as being obsessed with the show "The Mindy Project", it has been my mission to find a club in L.A. in which I can feel as if I am in the opening credits of the "Mindy Project" theme song. Drai's is by far the closest thing I have found to this classy, colorful, super fun, club experience. If I didn't know any better, this scene was probably shot here at Drai's. The rooftop view of Los Angeles is divine, the music surpasses most clubs I have been to in the area. It is much more "clubby" and modern rather than many clubs where I find myself trying to dance, but feeling like I am stuck at a trashy rave that you did not agree to go to. There is plenty of space to either dance, mingle, or walk freely, but it is also always full of people, and never a boring place to be. The price of the drinks is naturally expensive—Think of where you are. Although, drinks are literally flying around, so catch one and you will be fine. Great place to go for a fun night out in Hollywood, forget about everything, and just dance! (Or...go outside where it is a little more quiet, and talk with friends while enjoying a great view of Los Angeles.)
Everything you want in Hollywood without venturing into Hollyweird.
Brit V. Sep 6, 2013
The W hotel in itself if a fantastic place to drink, dine and stay. Put Drai's on top of this hotel and you will have very few reasons to ever leave. During the day the pool area hosts energetic pool parties with fab views of sprawling Los Angeles. I have worked several pool parties as a guest vendor and nothing about my days seemed like work. Beautiful women offering drinks, food and smiles are always in abundance. House music is the favorite generally hosting local So Cal DJs to keep everyone dancing in their swimsuits. The night scene at Drai's is somewhat different offering a bit more upscale atmosphere. This is not an easy club to get into so make sure you look your best, have hot girls with you at all times and be prepared to pay a cover fee. Once you enter the night club, you have the option of: heading to the expansive bar where you can order an array of scrumptious cocktails that will cost you a pretty penny but well worth it; head to the dance floor with the sounds of their resident DJ; and my personal fave, walk to the pool area where you can view the twinkling lights of Los Angeles nightlife. Outside, you can have a seat at their tables, lounges or chairs and have an intimate conversation without the music being too loud.
Rooftop Fun
Arianna G. Jul 25, 2013
If you're into great music without the overcrowded club feeling then Drai's at The W is for you. The venue is perfect, at nights you have the option of a more laid back vibe outside which is also a great place to meet people, or you can stay inside and get down on the dance floor. My favorite nights are Sundays at Drai’s, which were known as Dim Mak Sundays but I Heart Comix runs it now. Nothing has changed, music is amazing, crowd is live and it’s always a bunch of fun. If you’re planning on attending the IHC nights, RSVP ahead of time. Trust me, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Drinks at Drai’s can be a bit pricey but remember you’re also at The W in Hollywood so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you’re a cigarette smoker life myself then it’s good to know you don’t have to exit the venue to smoke. Just take your pack of cigs, lighter and head to the pool area. Did I mention that this is the rooftop of The W? Amazing views! What's not to love?
Sunday Fun-day
Katherine L. Jul 5, 2013
This place was poppin for a Sunday, I couldn't believe it! I love the fact that the club is upstairs and you take an elevator to get there. If you have never been to Drais Hollywood before you are most defiantly missing out! I loved the indoor outdoor experience. The music was completely on point, they had amazing Dj's performing as well. I've only been to drais once but i would totally go again. I loved everything about that place!
Hollywood club scene at its finest
Shannon D. May 30, 2013
LA Drais shits on Vegas Drais Which is probably why Vegas Drais shut down. moment of silence... RIP. Anyway, simply put... I like Drais. The ambiance and decor of the club reflects the W. Gorg. Small dance floor, a few tables indoors... beautiful pool and outdoor lounge area. My favorite part is that they mix up the music throughout the night! I usually go to Drais on Fridays so I can't really tell you about how it is on Saturdays... the few times I've gone, it's been a mixed crowd... I like it! Typical Hollywood scene with roped lines and strict-scary-looking-BUT-nice-like-teddy-bears bouncers. Tip to get in quick: be a girl! hehe.
Dr. Drai's - A Let Loose Cure All
Teddi C. Apr 18, 2013
A visiting friend recently provided our group with one of those line cutting, cover free, hook ups that is so indicative of a fantastic night but the atmosphere at Drai’s truly made for a night to remember. There was a sizable line outside by the time we arrived around 11pm and upon stepping out of the elevator on the W’s top floor, it was easy to see why. The DJ was incredible, a mix of popular house and dance remixes that kept the energy at an unfaltering 10 with no Top 40 in sight (ear shot?). Our party headed out to the poolside bar where the line moved more or less quickly and allowed us to get back on the dance floor. Drai’s rooftop pool isn’t the worst place to wait for a tasty cocktail by a long shot. The DJ was energized and interactive, calling for our attention just often enough to get everyone hyped without becoming performative. We moved easily from space to space, sliding into a booth for a cozy break from our heels, jumping around the speakers near the DJ, and eventually carving out some space on the dance floor to spend most of our evening in a comfortable huddle, bouncing around with elbow room to spare despite the packed atmosphere. Drai’s is a beautiful spot and certainly had music to match the night that I was there. If you want to get wild, stay classy, and find a place that will take you through the night - I would recommend Drai's as one of my top picks in the city.
Like Vegas--Without the Weeklong Hangover
Genesse C. Mar 29, 2013
If you’re craving a Vegas-caliber night out but don’t feel like braving the four-hour drive, the hotel, or the hangover, look no further. Drai’s Hollywood is the ultimate substitute located on Hollywood and Vine, in the heart of Los Angeles. When my cousin from San Diego called and said she wanted to go dancing, I was apprehensive. I’ve been to several clubs in Downtown and Hollywood and have been scarred by the drunken “woo!” girls in the bathroom wearing tiaras and the sleazy guys groping girls on the dance floor. But I wanted to show my cousin a good time in LA, so I took her to Drai’s. Drai’s has three things that set it apart from other clubs: location, location, location. Like the Standard Hotel, the nightclub towers above Los Angeles from its home at the W Hotel. The club is easily accessible by Metro as well, solving the pesky problems with LA traffic and parking. Upon arrival, an elevator takes you up to the top floor. As soon as the doors open, you feel like you’re in a miniature version of XS or Tryst. Drai’s has go-go dancers on raised platforms and elaborate mod décor that restored my previously ruined perceptions of dance clubs. One thing that Drai’s lacks is space. The club itself is very narrow, which limits the designated dance floor to a dangerously puny dangerously 10 by 10 square in front of the DJ platform. So if you’re looking to display your Dougie comfortably, try getting there early or finding a friend with table service. One way of making sure you get into Drai’s early is to get on a promoter’s guest list. I’ve been on a guest list every time I’ve gone, and I’ve never had to pay a cover. Being on a guest list and arriving early also saves you from the risk of being enticed by the bacon-wrapped hot dog vendors outside. Luckily, promoters are as easy to find on social media as, well, as a bacon-wrapped hot dog on Hollywood Boulevard. Simply look up #Drais and text one of them; they usually do their best to help you out. True to the Vegas vibes, the cocktails were also very expensive—a premium liquor drink costs about $20. I made a special request for a Lemon Drop on the Rocks and got my money’s worth; to my joy, the bartender used real lemons, delicious garnishes, and Ketel One to personalize my drink. The delicious concoction almost helped me forget how much I had paid…almost. Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest nights, while Sundays are the more laid-back evenings. On weekends, the club draws the attention of local DJ’s as well as popular performers such as Steve Aoki and Shiny Toy Guns. These are the nights you want to be on the lookout for—who would say no to a free rooftop concert? During the summer, Drai’s also hosts rooftop pool parties. Since I don’t have a pool, I take full advantage of these. Free pool use, a tan, and drinking at 2PM—very Vegas. At Drai’s, you’ll find yourself screaming about how much you love LA simply because the experience can feel so surreal. It’s a great time, but make sure to plan ahead, leave the Snuggie and sandals at home because the crowd can be very particular, and enjoy what happens in Vegas when it comes to LA.
Choose your night wisely!
Deena D. Mar 26, 2013
I've only gone to Drai's for their Sunday night collab events with Dim Mak. They've brought Oliver, Treasure Fingers, and Penguin Prison. Although the dance floor area upstairs is pretty small, the outside pool area can't get anymore LaLaLand. And no need to hate! While maybe during the week or Friday nights Drai's can be typical Hollywood, there's not denying how awesome of a venue it is with the huge pool and the cabanas surrounding it. The crowd is pretty varied from the people that usually go to Dim Mak events (more hipster-y) to those who frequent to Drai's. The music can't really be heard outside which may or may not be a good thing depending on what you're looking for.
Just about what you'd expect from Hollywood and Vine
Nikki L. Jan 28, 2013
Most of the photos for this venue are poolside party pics, but really, there's plenty of stuff going on at Drai's at night. It's a club, after all. I haven't been to too active in stereotypical Hollywood nightlife, so I can only assume my experience here is about average. For a first-timer, I really enjoyed myself. Nothing too crazy, but solid, super loud house music, and plenty of wasted people dancing on tables and making out in the middle of the room. Just what I expected, and quite frankly, exactly what I was looking for. Here, I came for a free Dim Mak event featuring Shiny Toy Guns, so that could probably have affected the crowd demographic. I'll say this: If you're feeling nostalgic for the drink-driven debauchery of a frat party, Drai's can give you just that.
Best of both worlds
Teemon A. Dec 17, 2012
For all of you who are familiar with the nightlife scene, you may recognize Drais and think of the Las Vegas after-hours club. Although they have the same name and owner, they are quite different. The Hollywood Drais will give you the best of both worlds when it comes to nightlife. Whether you are out to dance the night away, or just out to hang out and lounge, Drais will suit you. The Venue: Drais is located at the top of the W Hotel. It is large and overlooks beautiful views of Los Angeles. I like to separate Drais into two areas, the dance floor and the outdoor lounge. The dance floor is located indoors and has a very large bar as well as many tables for bottle service. The inside area is great for people who want to dance and enjoy the great music Drais always provides. For those who like a more chill atmosphere, there is the outside lounge where the pool is. This is very spacious and also includes a bar. There are also beds and sofas outside for bottle service, but are usually vacant for people to sit down and relax. Outside is much quieter and is a great place to mingle and chat with friends and socialize. Comfort Level: I like to categorize clubs into comfort level because there are many Hollywood venues where you will enter and literally be bumping shoulders with someone else. I give Drais' comfort level the best grade because there is always space, even when crowded. They can be at capacity and you will still be comfortable moving around the venue, especially due to the outdoor lounge. The dance floor will be packed at times, but once you pass it you will be able to move free. Price: Drais can get pricey. There is usually a 20 dollar cover and drinks are on the higher end of pricing. Beers are at least 10 dollars and cocktails will range in the 18 dollar range. Ease of getting in: Drais will get packed at times, but if you prepare yourself you can get in quite easily. For guys, you better go early at around 10:30 right when they open. Do not be in groups more than 2 guys or you will have to tip the bouncer. Be friendly with the bouncer and if you can, come with girls. If you go early enough, getting in should not be a problem. The venue is open until 3 AM, so when you get in at around 10:30-11, expect a less lively crowd until about midnight when everyone pops in. And of course, bottle service would be the easiest way to get in if you had the funds. Crowd Quality: Drais aways attracts a great crowd. Some nights are better than others, but you will always be around beautiful people, and a times some celebrities. It definitely attracts an appealing audience. Final: I definitely recommend Drais for everyone. It is one of the few clubs in Hollywood that satisfy most people's needs. If you want to dance, dance the night away. If you want to relax, have a drink outside where it is a bit more quiet and easy going. The establishment is filled with good-looking people and nice staff members. The only negative about Drais is the price, but that is just how Hollywood is. You will get what you pay for and it will be worth it!
Different from most places
Jasmine U. Dec 3, 2012
Drai's is probably the most unique club I've been to in Hollywood. Its pearched utop the beautiful W hotel with stunning views of hollywood and greater los angeles. I went here for dinner one Thursday for my friends birthday and dinner was lovely. Got the scallops while my friend got the steak... some of the best food ever. Actually & the wine was incredible. But it was a bit pricey. After that there was a casual party with some funky tunes. On nights like this only the outdoors patio and pool area is open, not the inside dance floor. It was a really nice vibe with couches fires and lights setting the scene. Although it never broke into an open dance party some people jumped in the pool and it was a great place to mingle and get to know some really cool people. I havent been on the bigger friday nights where they open the dance floor but I have heard its really fun from all my friends and plan on going soon!
Rachel S. Nov 29, 2012
I have been to drais a few times and it has been different every time. I think like every other club in Hollywood, each night is a hit or miss. You definitely need to check it out if you havent been before. It also has a vibe similar to what you will find in Vegas. The indoor outdoor scene reminds me of the Marquee in Vegas. I have never been during the day but I have heard that it is fun. Their drinks are nothing special but they are good enough. I think it is cool that it is on top of the W because it has a great view. Overall, if you have never been you should try it out.
worth the hassle
Maddy L. Nov 28, 2012
The drinks here are extremely expensive and the lay-out is a little funky, but it's a great time. The DJs are awesome and the crowd is a great mix of Hollywood and hipster. The outside patio pool area is AMAZING especially if you have the chance to go during the summertime. Prepare to be jostled around a bit in the crowd, but you'll enjoy yourself.
No Thanks
brianna b. Nov 16, 2012
Drais is extremely overrated. The Dj on any night plays the worst of House music. The crowd attacts the worst of the worst in Hollywood. I went for my 21st Birthday, I quickly scarfed down my $20 cocktail and made a beeline to the nearest dive bar in Silverlake. The only positive things i can say about Drais is that The W Hotels rooftop is stunning! Even the bathrooms are pretty! The pool and the amazing poolside cabanas are just amazing! Besides the perfectly manicured Hotel, that the bouncers are jerks and the club attracts a lot of old Persian men. I Have not been back, nor do I think I will ever.
You're already at Hollywood and Vine, go somewhere better than this
Daniel H. Nov 7, 2012
Drai's is one of the more overrated nightclubs I've been to in Hollywood, partly from the fact that they are very well-known yet not very exclusive. That being said, the actual layout and setup of the place is beautiful. I've never been to one of their summer pool parties, but I imagine that it would be an amazing place to party during the day. I came here for one of their Dim Mak Sunday events to see Jaime XX for a friends birthday, which sounds amazing until you realize that this is not a club set up for DJs. The actual dance area is very minimal, and quickly overflows into the walkways, causing a massive traffic jam all the way from the interior bar to where the outdoor patio begins. The outdoor rooftop lounge area is a gem to the eyes though, and I had a great time hanging out along the poolside cabanas catching up with friends...too bad the drinks were about $15 a pop. Drai's would be a real fun club to party at if you had bottle service (a running theme in Hollywood), but honestly, if you are spending that kind of money, just do a little research, there are a dozen clubs within walking distance that blow Drai's away.
Come down with friends and a roll of bills
Gary T. Oct 21, 2012
Went here for a red carpet event and was pleasantly surprised. I don't really like huge, overcrowded Los Angeles night spots, but Drai's was more than I'd hoped for. The spacious interior of Drai's belies one's expectations based on outside appearances. Inside, the space was packed with club-goers but not to the point that moving from one corner to the other was impossible. My favorite element about this place is the poolside area where you can chill in one of the many cabanas. The crowd is mostly younger wannabes (as most night clubs in Hollywood tend to attract the type) but the restaurant section catered to a more mature crowd. The music is a D.J. created mixture of house and hip hop. As with all hip-at-the-moment night clubs, the drinks amount to highway robbery and bottle service at one of the many "reserved" tables will cost you a week's pay if you're blue-collar or a day's pay if you're white collar. Come with a group of friends and a roll of bills because some ladies at Drai's can drink you under the "reserved" table you're paying for.
Drai's is overrated
Sam A. Sep 5, 2012
This is certainly not the Drai's in Vegas. Los Angeles Drai's is overrated and has a D-list crowd. Drai's has a great setting on the rooftop at the W but it is a far cry from being the top nightclub in Los Angeles. The crowd (unless you happen to catch an amazing night) is largely Jersey Shore and not Hollywood celeb. It is packed with fist pumpers. However, if you come to one of Drai's pool parties during the summer, then you can expect some real quality. Tons of hot girls running around. My advice - don't come to Drai's at night, come during the day --- unless you're looking to run into Pauly D.
Pick the right night
Jessica B. Sep 1, 2012
I've been to Drai's Hollywood a couple of times now. As a lady, I'd warn other girls to be prepared for various Hollywood stereotypes and crude pick-up lines. Everyone should be mentally and financially ready for $15 drinks. That said, I ended up having a great time on both occasions. There's an upper level if you need a break or want prime people-watching real estate. A really diverse mix of people turn up each night from around the world, generally hipster with the occasional celebrity. The hosts are great - extra shout-out to Travis Bass for being attentive and making it a great evening. If you can get a group together for bottle service, it's definitely the way to go. If you don't, you'll wait in line for a while. Also, they have really interesting events and DJs. In the summer they do day-club pool parties which are incredible, if not ideal for the germaphobe. I went to see Mayer Hawthorne DJ a couple of weeks ago and he was amazing. Take advantage of the events because there are plenty of cool options each week.
All the pretty people...shoot me.
Jayson M. Aug 29, 2012
Look, it is what it is. Which is to say, it’s Vegas in LA, complete with all the debauchery one would expect. I would have lived here at 22, fallen in love 4800 times, and probably gotten skin cancer from being in the sun so much, to say nothing of what I might have picked up from the over-chlorinated pool that has GOD KNOWS WHAT running through its overworked filtration system. You will see lots of women with amazing bods, buff dudes comparing bench press numbers, and no shortage of folks from both genders wearing attire they probably should have RE-tired 10 years ago. Such is life. The views over Hollywood are pretty awesome at night and you’ll no doubt witness some Girls Gone Bad-esque antics while DJs spin the kind of music you have to be really wasted to enjoy. It’s okay, you probably already are. Go for the LA experience. You’re only young once.
Vegas is Better
Paul F. Aug 27, 2012
Drai's is fine for what it is. It's a massive, beautiful club at the top of the new-ish W Hotel in Hollywood. There's an indoor and outdoor section. Outdoors has a big pool, fire pit, views of the entire city, etc. Inside has lots of dance space (though narrow) and plenty of reserved tables for those willing to drop a few grand. The exclusivity factor isn't the highest here - simply because they need to let in a thousand people just to fill the place. So you get a big mix of people. Everyone is dressed up, but it's a very wide range in regards to demo. One of the best times to come to Drai's is during their summer weekend pool parties. The pool scene is always filled with the tanned and beautiful and there's a non-stop energy while you're there. Overall, not the best, not the worst, just be prepared for long lines, high prices, a very mixed crowd, and lots of drinking and dancing.
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