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Beacher's Madhouse Beacher's Madhouse is an insane Hollywood club/theater where LA scenesters go mad. Check out Party Earth for more on this little-people-powered Los Angeles scene. Los Angeles United States 34.101322 -118.341486
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Beacher's Madhouse - Club | Members Club in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review An ultra-exclusive, celeb-packed club that’s gone purposefully insane, Beacher’s Madhouse is a vaudeville-inspired performance space where beautiful women don little more than tassels, exotic animals traipse across the... ... read full review

  • Neighborhood:

  • Address:

    Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
    7000 Hollywood Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    (entrance on Orange Street
    south of Hollywood Boulevard)

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    Red Line: Hollywood/Highland Station

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    W, Sa 10pm–2am
    Show dates may vary
    Special private shows available to members

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    • Night Spot

Beacher's Madhouse Videos

Beacher's Madhouse VH1
Beacher's Madhouse VH1
Beacher's Madhouse- Chris Brown
David Arquette - Beacher's Madhouse, Roosevelt Hotel - Hollywood
David Arquette's Beacher's Madhouse Grand Opening Party Hollywood

Party Earth Beacher's Madhouse Review

The Scene

Beacher's Madhouse is an insane Hollywood club/theater where LA scenesters go mad. Check out Party Earth for more on this little-people-powered Los Angeles scene.

An ultra-exclusive, celeb-packed club that’s gone purposefully insane, Beacher’s Madhouse is a vaudeville-inspired performance space where beautiful women don little more than tassels, exotic animals traipse across the stage, and a little person or two flies through the air.

Located in the basement of nightlife mecca The Roosevelt Hotel, the only indication that Beacher’s even exists is the long line leading up to an entrance disguised as a bookcase – and manned by one helluva sexy librarian. Reservations are vital for the common man, but once through the dark hallway, patrons stumble into a stunning 1920s-styled adult playground. Stadium seating, a large bird cage booth, and round tables with plush banquettes all face a stage where more than a dozen variety acts perform throughout the night, including burlesque, stand-up, fire-breathing, and a host of other usually sexually charged acts.

Between shows, DJs spin Top 40 as bachelorettes, birthday groups, scenesters, actors, and other members of the in-the-know elite order top-shelf booze hand-delivered by Oompa Loompas ( in Willy Wonka) soaring across the room on stunt lines. Bottle service is the norm for this crowd, although there are also two small bars, one of which is helmed by another little person serving up teeny weeny drinks.

Perfect for adventurous types who aren’t opposed to spending some hefty coin on a wild night, Beacher’s Madhouse is where lunacy, lust, and a lot of lingerie make for a fabulous late night.

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Tip from Adriana:

If you become a member, keep in mind that membership can be revoked for such offenses as ‘feeding alcohol or other substances to the [little people] and removing any live animals or [little people] from the Madhouse.' Trust me, it's happened before.

  • Crowd

    Affluent professionals, models, celebrities, scenesters, hip insiders, bachelorette parties, birthday groups, and adventurous couples looking to splurge, 20s to 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Nightly acts include burlesque, live music, acrobatics, stand-up comedy, animal shows, contortionists, DJs, audience participation contests like Karaoke Rockstar and Dance Idol, and more.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    No food, but venue will make arrangements at nearby fine dining establishments for guests. Membership packages available.

  • Prices

    All prices subject to change: Beer $9–$12, wine $10–$15, cocktails $12–$20, bottle service $450+. Valet $20–$30 ($15 if guests inform valet they are going to Beacher’s), entrance on Orange Street.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Dressy to playing dress-up: collared shirts, suits, slacks, designer jeans, skin-tight skirts, six-inch heels, fun costumes of all sorts.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any performance night to catch the crazy.

  • Close By

    The Spare Room, located on the mezzanine of The Roosevelt, is a bit more relaxing with board games and a bowling alley, but no shortage of Hollywood stars.

Beacher's Madhouse User Reviews

Average rating:
Spotted: 21st Century Circus Freak Show
Clancee W. Oct 1, 2013
Beacher's Madhouse is exactly what one would expect to find underneath a 21st century circus tent. Before the clock struck midnight I had danced with a miniature version of Miley Cyrus, made friends with a 70 year-old man dressed in a leather bondage outfit and learned the art of twerking from a large amazon woman. Extremely exclusive, Beacher's is made up of almost entirely VIP tables supplemented by girls promoters bring in. If you are a girl who is not on a promotor's list, arrive at 11 pm sharp and dress in your best club wear. If you are a guy looking to go to Beacher's, reserve a table. Upon arrival, venture down the stairs and seek out a secretive-looking bookcase. Once you're on the other side of that bookcase, let your freak flag fly. Footnote-- We decided to valet at the Roosevelt since it is the most convenient place to leave the car while you're inside and I had some money stolen out of the center consul of the car. I should never have left anything in the car in the first place, but this made me extremely angry once I realized what had happened. Just a heads up, be smart and don't leave anything of value in your car.
Secret bookcase passage leads to drunken circus
Eva S. Mar 26, 2013
Just to give you an idea last time I was here I had a heart to heart with Paris Hilton, danced on tables with a gang of midgets and my buddies car was sideswiped but a belligerent brazilian butt model in a DeLorean... Pros 1) Tiny humans dressed like Umpa-Lumpas strapped to a zip line on the ceiling delivering bottle service. 2) HUGE woman (at least 7') wearing the pasties the size of a grapefruit and shoes the size of a toddler 3) Great music 4) Fun performances 5) Awesome people watching Cons 1) Drinks are not cheap 2) Not much space outside of the tables so Id recommend reserving a table if you are going with a party larger than 4 3) It's hollywood so it helps to be a cute girl or know a lot of them 4) If the usual Hollywood clubs make you want to move to Wyoming and herd cattle then this place will probably still make you long for those furry friends but only like half as much.
Not for the faint of heart or those timid with their credit cards, Beacher's Madhouse is a zany, unique Hollywood club experience for those seeking a debaucherous night.
Annie J. Dec 11, 2012
Located in the Roosevelt Hotel, directly underneath the ballroom where the first Academy Awards took place, Beacher’s Madhouse seems about as far away from the glamour of Old Hollywood as you could get. But Beacher’s has chosen instead to embrace a different side of its Hollywood ancestry: the freaks, geeks, and beautiful assortment of weirdos that populate the Mecca across the street, the Hollywood Walk of Fame. As you enter through a library façade, and navigate a mirrored hallway, I guarantee you will gasp (or shriek) when you enter the main room and take in the Alice in Wonderland-like array of characters: giants chat with little people, and furries dance with 60-year old men swathed in S & M gear. Little people costumed as Oompa-Loompas soar overhead on zip lines delivering VIP bottle service. This is a kooky Pandora’s box of debauchery, where anything goes, and you never know quite what you will encounter throughout the night. The clientele of Beacher’s Madhouse, on the other hand, do epitomize Hollywood glamour. On any given evening you are almost guaranteed a plethora of recognizable faces – the small space is always packed with celebrities, along with just plain good-looking people. If it is eye candy you are seeking, Beacher’s does not disappoint. Go to Beacher’s for the spectacle, but don’t expect the most organized of ventures. Often the show doesn’t start until well after midnight, and the acts themselves tend to be slightly underwhelming. Perhaps it is because your expectations soar when you enter the Neverland Ranch-like venue, or maybe because you get the sense that Jeff Beacher himself (who acts as the MC) doesn’t know who (or what) will be on stage when the curtain parts. Beacher’s is not for you if you are afraid of maxing out your credit card or preoccupied with political correctness. But if you are looking for a unique and zany Hollywood club experience, I would highly recommend it. Make sure you have table reservations – you don’t just walk into Beacher’s Madhouse. But if you do enter, most likely you will stumble out wondering, like Dorothy, if it was all a dream.
An Exclusive Circus Freak Show Party
Noelle T. Dec 4, 2012
I went to Beacher's Madhouse last weekend for a Bachelorette party and let me tell you - it is one mad house! We laughed hysterically at a few of the performers especially Vicky - not sure if she was a shim or other human life form but it was wild. There are lots of little people hanging on wires and rotating through the air as well as performing 80's rock hits and some favorites from today (lip synching). Walking through the madhouse we saw Sesame Street characters, an 8 foot tall woman wearing nothing but spandex and pasties on her nipples and toward the end of the night lost one and didn't seem to notice or care...we kind of thought it was hilarious. There is an element to the freak show where you stop and feel kind of bad that it's all gone so mad but someone somewhere will likely remind you that you they signed up for it and maybe wouldn't get hired elsewhere - maybe? There are tables with bottle service surrounding the main stage and a bar for patrons who managed to get in without booking a table in the back. We booked a table through a promotor who gave us a price quote lower than when anyone else calls in however - it just got us in the door because when we sat down the prices were much higher, promotor was M.I.A. and the staff was not too flexible and we almost left but they said we could go to the bar. At the end of the night - the whole place loosened up and it was a total party. People were all very approachable and we did see a few celebrities we won't mention from actors to basketball players (who said no to a pic with the bachelorette - we guessed because the wife was probably at home and the last thing he needs is that circling the internet). The fun thing is the characters walk around and interact with you - the tall ones that is. The little people are wise to fly above because the place is so dark and loud - you cannot see or hear much at all - so plan on losing your voice Hollywood style from screaming small talk into others ears. If you get there before 11pm and you are on the list there is still a wait in a line behind velvet ropes. When given the ok - the door people go through the list and let you behind in small groups to the "secret bookshelf" door like in all the haunted mansion movies. The location of the entire venue is perfect because The Roosevelt Hotel is so popular right now and there are other places along Hollywood Blvd. that you can walk to if you want to grab a bite to eat or they have a restaurant there. A short cab faire will also not be much to many other restaurants and watering holes all within reasonable distance. It is obviously for audiences over 21 with some wild humor and raunchy acts with all the wonder of a circus and not knowing what will happen next.
Wacky Fun
Olivia C. Dec 3, 2012
This place is wacky and not definitely not made for the timid. If you are looking to get crazy with some clowns on the dance floor than this is place for you. The music blasts, reverberating off every wall back into your ringing ears. This place is extremely welcoming to all types of people. No stuck ups snobs glaring in judgment will be found here. Everybody is looking to have a good time and that is almost guaranteed. For New Years this place was absolutely crazy, one of the best nights of my life. I have always wanted to go back for round two and I am sure you will too.
Midgets For Days
Steph H. Dec 3, 2012
If you thoroughly enjoy being drunk and midgets go here. You also may be lucky enough to get whipped by a creepy old man...literally whipped. The perks to this place is the amazing entertainment and the fact that it is located in the Roosevelt. So if you have a little too much fun why not get a hotel room! am i right or am i right?!
Brianna B. Dec 3, 2012
Beacher's madhouse is the perfect place to go if youre ready for a weird and wacky night. There are midgets hanging from the cieling and anytime anyone orders bottle service a oompa loompa will hand deliver it from the sky. Beacher is really good friends with a lot of celebrities so it is a great spot to go if you are visiting LA and wanna see a star. There is also little mini bazaar shows going on the whole night with naked old men and women doing absurd things you would see on a tv show like Whos Got Talent?
Totally crazy- An unforgettable experience
Nisha S. Dec 3, 2012
Beacher’s Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel is exactly that, a madhouse! This club is a total riot. You enter Beacher’s through a façade of book stacks and walk through a hallway of mirrors that takes you down into the main room of the venue. The room is set up with a stage with a red curtain that stays closed until the show begins around 11:30. Burlesque dancers line the stage. Once the show starts, you’ll see burlesque, live music, midgets, and all kinds of eclectic characters eager to entertain. The club consists mostly of tables, making it a good place to go for a birthday. The tables are large and have lots of plush velvet seating and more space to sit than your typical Hollywood nightclub. There’s a bottom level of the club as well as an elevated area with a full bar. The best features of Beacher’s Madhouse were the midgets dressed as oompa loompas. They fly around on zip line-like contraptions delivering bottles to tables. Possibly the scariest character in the club is an old man decked out in leather who walks around with a faded look on his face just touching the other entertainers. These are just a few examples of all of the oddball performers you’ll see at Beacher’s. At Beacher’s you can expect to be in the company of late 20 and 30 somethings and the occasional celebrity. When I was there, DJ Afrojack was raging with his friends and looked like he was having a blast. Beacher’s is a one-time only club experience in my opinion. You have to go to this wild venue to really be able to understand what it’s all about. But after that one time, there’s really no need to go back.
Very Different Yet a Blast!
caroline h. Nov 30, 2012
This is a great bar with so many fun things to do! I went on New Year’s Eve with my friends and we had so much fun dancing with midgets and clowns. There are so many funny characters in this bar and I promise you will have a great time. And a plus, the food is amazing because they cook such interesting and fun meals. I loved dancing and watching the show as I drank with my girlfriends. This place is a great place that is very welcoming to drag queen shows and gays. You will love this interesting bar!
Complete Chaos
Sawyer H. Nov 26, 2012
Beacher's Madhouse is guaranteed to make you leave wondering what you just witnessed. Its circus themed complete with midgets. When we ordered a bottle of champagne, a midget dressed as an oompa loopma flew over everyone to deliver it to us. It's best to get a table so you are in a good spot to see the shows that happen every 15 min. There is a giant woman who is almost naked, guys dressed like girls, multiple characters from Sesame Street and much more. It is only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You will most likely see famous people when you go there. Last time I went I saw Leonardo Decaprio, Kim Kardashian, and football players from the Chargers. It is a good time. GOOO!!
Paul F. Aug 27, 2012
There's really no other club like it in Hollywood. From the moment you step into this (literal) madhouse, you're bombarded by an energy that doesn't die until they kick you out the door. There are Oompah Loompahs flying through the air with bottle service, there is a life-sized Big Bird, Elmo, Gumby, and other furry creatures dancing on tables the entire night. There's a fat king, a skinny old bondage/leather guy, a 6'7" woman dressed as Wonder Woman, and the list goes on. Definitely get bottle service if you're coming here. You want to have a table to witness all the madness from. The layout is like an amphitheater. There's a stage and stadium rows rising up to the back. There are two bars, one in the back left and a "midget bar" (yes it's what you think it is). The shows on stage range from a 10 year old spinning rap to burlesque to everything in between. The crowd is filled with groups of early 20s girls. I think this has become a big go-to spot for birthdays. Come prepared for crazy. Bring a lot of money. But it will be worth it.
Complete madness!
Sam A. Aug 2, 2012
Beacher's is no ordinary experience. It is a Hollywood club inside a circus or vice versa. There are oompa loompas, Big Bird, burlesque dancing and a ton of other chaos. It is hard to describe. Be careful for the flying oompa loompas delivering bottle service. One of the girls we were with got hit in the head by one of them and it led to complete mayhem. The club is generally pretty small. It is set up in a movie theater fashion with a small area in front of the stage and then bottle service going up the rows. We had a table in front of Scotty Storch and his posse which was entertaining to say the least. The scene to get in is standard Hollywood stuff so be sure to get a table.
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