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Bardot Situated just above the immense Avalon club, the versatile Bardot is a seductive Hollywood mainstay that attracts a blend of funky artists, hipsters, and club kids. Los Angeles United States 34.1027739 -118.3266959
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Bardot - Club | Live Music Venue | Lounge in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Situated just above the immense Avalon club, the versatile Bardot is a seductive Hollywood mainstay that attracts a blend of funky artists, hipsters, and club kids. Comprised of three separate areas decked out in... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M 9pm–2am, Tu 9:30pm–2am, W 10pm–2am, F–Sa 10pm–4am; Th for special events

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Bardot Review

The Scene

Situated just above the immense Avalon club, the versatile Bardot is a seductive Hollywood mainstay that attracts a blend of funky artists, hipsters, and club kids.

Situated just above the immense Avalon club, the versatile Bardot is a seductive Hollywood mainstay that attracts a blend of funky artists, hipsters, and club kids.

Comprised of three separate areas decked out in 1920s splendor, the space features an intimate outdoor terrace where guests lounge on banquettes among the ficus trees and oil paintings, as well as a small bar room with gold-framed mirrors and a billowy striped curtain tumbling down tent-like from the chandelier.

A set of stairs leads to another comfy lounge where patrons relax on yellow Chesterfield couches before hitting the lively dance floor.

A diverse roster of live music, burlesque, magic, and sporadic acts means the place packs in a different crowd every night, from the baggy jeans and hoodie set to upbeat gay clubbers.

Although entertainment on the intimate stage can alternate between burlesque shows, DJs spinning European techno, 80s cover bands, and bigger-name acts like Prince or, the jam sessions on Saturdays are the biggest draw for in-crowd hipsters and their entourages

Regardless of the night, the party continues once the show ends, as the electrified audience lingers over drinks at the bar and dance fiends make their way to the upstairs lounge, where pounding beats from the DJ keep them rocking till closing time.

The hip clientele, live music, and sometimes unusual acts and theme nights make Bardot a diverse and stimulating alternative to the typical club experience.

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Tip from Jonah:

At 2am on Friday and Saturday nights, the doors between Bardot and Avalon open up and the two clubs merge into one colossal glow-stick-and-electronic-music rave scene that lasts until 4am. Cover charge at Avalon is $15–$25 more, so crossing over from Bardot will save you some cash.

  • Crowd

    Varies depending on theme, though generally a funky, hip clientele, 20s and 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs nightly. Theme nights include School Night for progressive new danceable music on Mondays; Mr. Black gay night on Tuesdays; La Boum for occasional live performances on Wednesdays; Club Night burlesque shows on Fridays; and Bardot Sessions for impromptu jam sessions and cover songs on Saturdays.

  • Food / Miscellaneous


  • Prices

    Cover charge $10. Beer $7+, wine $12, mixed drinks $11+, bottle service $300+. Valet $10+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual to trendy: jeans, button-downs, fashionable t-shirts, suspenders, vests, hats, slacks, vintage dresses. Club gear on Fridays: baggy jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps, hoodies.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night there’s an act or theme of interest, though particularly hot on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Close By

    Avalon (1735 North Vine Street) is a live music venue during the week and a disco on weekends.

Bardot User Reviews

Average rating:
bardot. "i got 2 turntables and a microphone"
Alejandro G. Apr 18, 2013
bardot is where it's at. this place is intimate and seductive. school night every monday night brought to you by chris douridas from radio station KCRW. great bands, smooth Dj's and perfect lighting. although table service and drinks can be pretty expensive. great place to bring a date, friends, etc... the sound system is amazing here. they have very comfortable seating in the first two rooms of the club. a few couches and seats. this is definitely one of my favorite places to go to in the hollywood/vine area. it's neighbors with the avalon.
The search for best lounge in city ends here!
Sameera S. Apr 12, 2013
Located in the heart of Hollywood, BARDOT is the ideal place to dine. Its look and feel, and the entire ambience has a bohemian touch, which definitely is a plus point. Be it the jumpy kids, the music lovers or the foodies, this place has a complete arrangement to woo each one of them out. There’s an outdoor terrace, a small bar room, a comfortable lounge, as well as a lively dance floor. All in all, you name it and they have it. There website – it’s a huge add on. Being an eager customer, I had a look on their website and I must say the way they have categorized their menu details, the contact us option, I was already impressed. Getting a table reserved or some special event organized is just a phone call away. The website complements BARDOT. The way they have put efforts to create a sophisticated yet warm atmosphere for their customers is highly commendable. Saturday nights are especially for the music lovers. DJ keeps on pumping up the jam till the night ends. BARDOT definitely makes you feel exclusive. Unlike the typical club experience, BARDOT gives you a blend of delicious food, huge variety of drinks, along with a stupendous music. What else could one ask for!
Avalon who?
Deena D. Mar 26, 2013
There's a cute semi-hidden venue located right behind the insanity of Avalon. Bardot offers an amazing event list week after week. Their event School Night allows subscribers to sometimes get into shows for free. The reason I love Bardot is because it gave me a chance to be about 4 feet away from Moby for his acoustic set. Since he played on the outside patio under the canopies the sound quality was perfect. Although people were leaning over railings and sitting on the steps, the crowd wasn't restless and was very much there for the music. Their drinks come pretty strong so I didn't mind paying the normal L.A. price of $12+. The only annoying thing was that since the area we were in was technically outside, a lot of people we're smoking and that got annoying after a while. The inside area is really cool. Classixx was playing that night as well; The lighting is very red and black and speakers inside are up to par as well. Definitely an awesome venue that brings in a bunch of good artists so I would recommend checking their calendar once in a while.
School Night! at Bardot
Daniel B. Mar 18, 2013
My Take: Bardot is a well-designed live music venue next to the Avalon that features everything from DJ nights to special live concerts. I’ve only been on School Night! so this review is specific to Mondays. School Night! is a Monday night showcase featuring a packed lineup of some of the best emerging local talent. The Scene: Indie audiophiles, club kids, and scenesters with nothing to do on a Monday night come to Bardot to start the week off strong with live music, dancing, and great cocktails. Past performers at Bardot’s School Night! include Robert DeLong, Mitzi, and Sun Rai. Cocktails & Cuisine: Bardot offers up a great selection of scotch and whisky along with classic cocktails like side cars and mai tais. Prices: School Night! shows are free with an online RSVP. Cocktails range from about $8 to around $10. What to Wear: Do your own thing but be sure to make it the nicest representation of your own thing. The crowd comes out in everything from blazers and miniskirts to t-shirts and shorts. Insider Info/When to Go: On Monday nights in LA there are few good options for live music and dancing, School Night! fills that void for weekday warriors.
The Good and The Bad
Tira W. Mar 15, 2013
Bardot, where do I start…I came here for my friend’s birthday celebration. He spent a lot of money reserving two tables for everyone. When we got there the line was ridiculously long. We told the bouncer that we were part of the birthday group, but they were so frazzled that they did not even check. They asked us to wait, which we did. And then we waited some more! Eventually we decided to call one of our friends inside to talk to the bouncers. After getting in, we realized that the line was attributed to the band that was performing there that night. It was a lot of fun! The band was good; people were dancing the night away. As the night was coming to an end, we were told that there was a door that let everyone into The Avalon and that the party could just keep going on! How could we refuse! Oh yeah, apparently the waitress got orders (from people that were not at our table) for bottle service…which we all ended up paying for. That definitely killed the mood to keep the party going! Still on the fence on whether I’m willing to give Bardot a second chance!
Exotic Style in the Heart of Hollywood
Marc C. Feb 18, 2013
Located above the historic Avalon building, Bardot is a hidden gem that pulsates with joyful energy even at the latest hours (or after-hours) of the night. The part-European, part-old Hollywood, and part-bedouin interior transports club goers to a mystical world as they dance to an eclectic mix of electro, indie, Top 40 and urban beats provided by topnotch DJs and musical performers. The ceiling opens up during the summer months, giving a peek of the iconic Capitol Building across the street. The upstairs dance floor gets packed, but the downstairs lounge area offers a cooler and more relaxed space to sip a cocktail or catch up with fellow revelers. Like its French bombshell namesake, Bardot is sultry, elegant, and truly unforgettable.
That Feel Good Place
Laurel D. Jan 7, 2013
I'm noticing that many LA clubs fall into one of two categories: they make you feel exclusive (sometimes by being exclusive) or they make you feel part of, well, LA. Bardot fits into the latter. The scene is hip and edgy, but not full of itself, and the crowd that gathers there is open, friendly, and psyched for a night out. I'm just as likely to swap off-kilter dance moves with a laid-back surfer type as I am to share bathroom-line conversation with a hipster fox. And the music... When it comes to music, Bardot merges indie and dance with whiplash turns of funk. It's sexy, feel good music that fits the sexy, feel good vibe that keeps this club alive and well. Each time I visit Bardot I can expect to leave with my jacket off, the sweat from dancing evaporating into the LA night that welcomes with open arms... I'll stop before this becomes a love poem.
Go on Monday's
Lindsay M. Dec 3, 2012
Bardot is a cool lounge but it has a weird setup. When they have artists there they have to put the stage in the lower room and there isn't much room for an audience. This place is popular on Monday's when they do "School Night" and book up and coming artists. Drinks are a pretty good price. The crowd is very hipster. Dress is upscale casual.
Lilly I. Nov 28, 2012
Bardot is the perfect place for a special event! The overall atmosphere of this lounge is ideal for a night spent dancing under the stars with your best friends. I highly recommend this venue for anyone interested in an amazing location and excellent service.
Dripping with glamour.
Sara H. Oct 29, 2012
The fact that Bardot is hidden away from the street (above the Avalon) only adds to the intrigue of the place. As you climb the stairs to reach the lounge, you can feel the suspense climbing too, until you finally step into a lavishly decorated room that immediately transports you back to the classiness of the speakeasies from the Roaring 20s, with its opulent chandeliers, plush velvet cushions, and ornately framed paintings. Their cocktail selection features some inventive and exotic drinks you won't find anywhere else. In addition to its act as a bar/lounge, Bardot also doubles as a marvelous venue for special events, including the increasingly-popular (and FREE for 21+) weekly "School Night!", which is hosted by Matt Goldman and Chris Douridas (of KCRW fame) and features dj sets and live sets from new and unheard-of bands from around the world. The genres are diverse too, from acoustic indie pop to electroclash to alt dance. Don't be surprised if you discover your new favorite band here, as I did!
Fierce Fierce Fierce is what describes everything about this place!
latanya d. Oct 17, 2012
When I first went a couple years ago, my friend told me that it was over the top and to be prepared to be surrounded by "awesomeness." i figure this would be like any other "alternative" club where people tried to hard and they played horrible remixes of Lady Gaga songs. Boy was I wrong! The people are original and just looking for a way to express themselves through creative outfits and dancing. It's a beautiful place that is open too genders and sexualities. You do have to be open-minded to come here! I'm not saying naked people are running around, but some people like a jean and t shirt kind of place while others prefer it to be a little bit more vibrant! Every time I go here I am amazed by the disco-house music. I thought clubs were done with that type of music well not at Bardot! I've had great conversations with people and dance all night long to music that reminds me of the 70's. This place is fierce and the diverse crowd brings it to life.
Nikki L. Aug 28, 2012
Bardot is kind of like the One-Eyed Gypsy in style; there's a huge back patio with a canopy roof covered in strings of lights that is just gorgeous. It's a relaxed kind of hip. There are lots of great-looking couches and standing room on the floor, balcony, or inside. There are two bars -- one outside, in a romantic little nook -- both with all the spirits, but a little short on beer selection. I don't think they have food there, but I've stumbled upon the occasional promotional special (for coconut water, of course). The only thing to remember is that there are MASSIVE amounts stairs going in and out and around everything. They also have a close-toed shoes policy, though they claim they don't have an actual dress code. There's a Monday night residency at Bardot called It's A School Night put on by Chris Douridas of KCRW, and it is definitely worth checking out. They've booked a ton of great up-and-coming bands, there are DJs before and after, and it's completely free. The best show I've been to so far was the Submarines about a year ago. But they have booked plenty of other styles, too. So I would definitely look up the RSVP info and try to make it out to one of those!
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