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Avalon From theatrical performances to famous headliners like the Beatles and Soundgarden, Avalon has been entertaining the masses since the 1920s, but it wasn't until 2003 that a major makeover turned the space into a DJ-driven dance... Los Angeles United States 34.1027739 -118.3266959
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The crowd enjoys a DJ set at the Avalon in Hollywood.
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Party Earth Review From theatrical performances to famous headliners like the Beatles and Soundgarden, Avalon has been entertaining the masses since the 1920s, but it wasn’t until 2003 that a major makeover turned the space into a DJ-driven... ... read full review

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    Red Line: Hollywood and Vine

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  • Hours:

    Th–Sa 9:30pm–6am, though hours and days can vary by event

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    • Night Spot

Avalon Videos

Bingo Players @ Avalon, Hollywood LA [MARCH 2012]
Bingo Players @ Avalon, Hollywood LA [MARCH 2012]
Avalon Live: Skrillex
Tokyo Collaboration at Avalon
Avalon Live: Dada Life
Avalon Live: Sebastian Ingrosso
Dubstep at Avalon

Party Earth Avalon Review

The Scene

From theatrical performances to famous headliners like the Beatles and Soundgarden, Avalon has been entertaining the masses since the 1920s, but it wasn't until 2003 that a major makeover turned the space into a DJ-driven dance...

From theatrical performances to famous headliners like the Beatles and Soundgarden, Avalon has been entertaining the masses since the 1920s, but it wasn’t until 2003 that a major makeover turned the space into a DJ-driven dance club hotspot.

Although big-name bands still play the cavernous hall, the emphasis is clearly on electronic compositions, which might explain why Sasha made the venue his first West Coast residency and Paul Oakenfold continues to blow the glow stick-lit roof off.

Regardless of the evening’s agenda, lines form deep in front of the Spanish Colonial façade, with patrons running the gamut from mini-dress beauties to shaggy rave kids itching to sweat their sneakers off.

Once the doors open, more than a thousand revelers squeeze through the foyer and into the main room, as light shows explode off the high ceiling, shirts get peeled off, and diehard dance fiends groove till their fillings pop out.

A pair of long bars flank the room, as well as small cylindrical tables and white couches for the bottle service crowd, while those looking to escape the revelry can head to the expansive mezzanine, home to VIP lounges, a third bar, and bird’s-eye views of the broiling masses below.

Funky hipsters and the celebrity set often venture to Bardot, the club’s sister lounge upstairs, but nothing beats Avalon for some of the best nu-electro, techno, and house music in LA.

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Tip from Jonah:

The club nights here are always packed, so buy your tickets in advance on the venue’s website. It will save you as many as two hours waiting in line.

  • Crowd

    Club-oriented partiers, current and former ravers, and Euro-clubbers, 18 to 40s+.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live shows and DJ sets throughout the week, featuring everything from house to hip-hop. Events include the gay-themed Tigerheat night on Thursdays, Control night on Fridays featuring nu-electro, techno, and house music, and Avaland dance music night on Saturdays. Check the website for days, hours, and events.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    No food. Two smoking patios. Some events 18+.

  • Prices

    Cover charge varies, usually $10–$40. Beer $6–$10+, wine $7–$12+, cocktails $10–$15 +, bottle service $1,000–$5,000+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Mostly club attire, though no set dress code: tight dresses, raver gear, t-shirts, comfortable jeans.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for the theme nights, and any time there’s an event of interest on the schedule.

  • Close By

    The Hollywood Palladium (6215 West Sunset Boulevard) is a 1940s-era concert venue and a Hollywood institution, hosting live bands and big name DJs.

Avalon User Reviews

Average rating:
#1 Stop for Your EDM fix
Amber I. Aug 21, 2013
My experiences at Avalon have been nothing short of extraordinary. From my very first time, when me and my friends acquired a table on the balcony as well as a few new friends. That was eventful, because even though I don't remember the name of the DJ, I do remember the helpful box office attendants and the security guard who allowed us to stay at that table without wristbands. As you looked down you could see everyone on the dance floor swaying from side to side. Being able to stay on the balcony was amazing, because if you have been to Avalon, you know it can get shoulder to shoulder packed. It being one of the first times on the Hollywood scene for me, it was nice to be able to dance all night without the constant recurrence of bumping into other people. If that wasn't enough to make our night, our new friends, which more than kind enough to share their table, were even willing to share their bottle as well. Avalon has seemed to me like a drama free environment, where the Los Angeles EDM freaks may go and enjoy their favorite artists, which usually have to be seen at a massive rave. But instead of paying for a massive rave, you can pay less than half of that and still get the same great vibes from the same great people. My recent trip to Avalon wasn't as amazing because it seemed a bit more bougie to me, but most clubs in the area are attempting to create a more high class feel, which is good if you are paying for the special treatment. But still, the crowd was as great as ever, and I was able to meet some great people in the smoking patio. And I was there to show support to my friend, PeaceTreaty!
Avalon Acquired
Khanh D. Jul 8, 2013
Eighteen is the magic number. After, twenty-one that is. On my friend’s 18th birthday, a number of my friends decided to pop our clubbing cherries together---perhaps, we considered it as our own rites of passage. As we were all young and inexperienced, Yelp was our go-to friend and after reading several reviews, we unanimously decided that Avalon was the one. Upon arriving at the venue, we felt like a small fish in a big pond (presumably, a much older pond). Needless to say, we were impressed with the architectural design of the building as well as the flashing lights. At 10 PM, the crowd was just about to settle in with their groupies. At 11:30 PM, the DJ began to play EDM music and everyone seemed to be having the time of his or her lives. Everyone, but my group that is. At the time, EDM was still new to us and although we credited the music to be an acquired taste, we couldn’t help but feel out of place. With four open bars, two dance floors, and an outstanding sound system, we awkwardly forced ourselves to be comfortable with the scene before bouncing to a nearby Taco restaurant thereafter. Now, it has been a couple of years since we’ve last return to the place. And with my growing love for the Electronic Dance Music, I’m sure this place would make a better lasting impression on me. After all, I do believe in second chances.
Massimo D. Jun 19, 2013
Going to the Avalon is probably the closest " European- mentality" club experience you will get in California, especially if you live in Hollywood. If you like to party until breakfast, during the weekend, it's almost the only place in Los Angeles that will allow you that and on top of that you'll most likely get a chance to listen to some decent or more-decent music while partying or dancing there before you grab a great Sunday Brunch near by. If you're European you'll get it right away what I mean if you're American, I strongly suggest you to try to party at least once in your life the European way. You have dinner at 10 pm until midnight, you go to the Avalon at 1am until 7am and then breakfast, still there would be something missing which is the after-party that in Europe you get in almost every city, that will be the one that is open until noon, lunch time but maybe I will open that type of club in Hollywood, soon. I love the Avalon especially because very often you get the chance to listen to top-quality dj-s, most of them are Europeans and has great acustic. The part of it is upstairs cause it feels private and cozy, if you don't get there too late you might even be able to get the very first row in the gallery where you have a spectacualr view of the artist and of the dance floor downstairs while you're dancing crazily upstairs, you might feel really like you're in heaven or at least on top of the world. The fabulous VIP-bottle-services areas are very well located, cause you might end up getting a whole balcony for yourself and your group, which is pretty special if you are in love with the artist of the night. The only minor problem is that some nights they close the big dance floor at 2 am and they push everybody in the small lounge, which becomes impossible to handle or to do anything, not even thinking of dancing. Another problem is that on some other nights they close early the upstairs, " the gallery" sending everybody downstairs. I found these policies ridiculous, if you have a club of that size and an important artists is playing you cannot in a middle of a concert of this artist start pushing everybody downstairs, it is very disrespectful for everybody, since you're not there for free, either. Other than that at least you can enjoy most of the time decent music until 7 am. Have fun and try to experience it the European Way, at least once.
LA's EDM Headquarters!
Eric S. Jun 16, 2013
I can say without a doubt that Avalon is one of Los Angele’s hottest clubs. Every week world class EDM DJ’s like, Avicii, Deadmau5, Swedish House Mafia and more flock this Hollywood club. I once saw Skrillex make a surprise guest appearance on a Tuesday! But what separates Avalon from all the other clubs in the area is the pricing, you rarely pay more than $30 to see the best electric music in the city. Couple an amazing sound system with an intense laser light show and your left wondering how it’s already gotten to be 2 am. Not to worry, Avalon is open far later than 2 and on Saturdays they don’t close at all. A younger crowd makes up the bulk of the audience, +18 is allowed inside, wristbands are given to +21 to drink at the bar. Once you walk inside, the building opens up into a cavernous main stage, surrounded by a series of smaller more intimate rooms and bars. This venue is the pinnacle of EDM music. You can feel the energy coming from the dance floor from blocks away, all true EDM fans should make it a priority to come to Avalon at least once in their lives. Club days Thursday; Tiger Heat, a night for gay individuals (I hear it gets really wild) Friday; Control, my favorite night, there are always awesome headliners Saturday; Avaland, North American electric, one of the longest running club nights in the country
Avalon is one of the best clubs in LA
Jose A. Jun 12, 2013
The "I don't want my night to end" Spot
Monica S. Jun 10, 2013
The Gist Here's the deal. Avalon is for late nights, and by late nights, I mean the place you go when you never want the night to end. You spend you're early hours throwing back martinis at the Redbury or bonding with your friends over brewskies at Dillons. But at some point, once enough alcohol has entered your blood stream, you make the decision: It's time to dance. So you and your friends make that magical walk to Avalon. If you go late enough, the line is thin but the beats don't fade. Inside, it's a sea of sweaty bodies. Be prepared, it's crowded but at this point in the night, your adrenaline is pumping, you're presumably buzzed (or should be) and you just want to groove with your friends. The Music Avalon's booking department takes the cake. They deliver top notch EDM artists every week. If you don't know the DJ's name, it doesn't matter, you will when you leave. I've seen Zedd, Porter Robinson, Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, Rusko, Dillon Francis... to name a few. Pre sale tickets are available. I've never done this but I hear it makes the door process easier. Unless you're seeing a specific artist, I don't recommend spending your entire night there. The crowd can be young and the men can be creepy. But if you know this going in, you'll have a blast. The Venue I know you're probably inebriated and the lighting is terrible but definitely try to take a second to appreciate the architecture. A lot of clubs spot cheap, themed decor but not Avalon. The structure was built in 1927 and exemplifies Spanish Colonial architecture. Lastly, since there's such a focus on the music, be prepared to hear nothing but bass. The downstairs is not a good place for chatting with friends. They do have a nice patio upstairs but even that is a bit noisy. Overall If you want to dance, you should go. Specifics: Cover: Yes, 10-20$ Drinks: 10-15$ Parking: 20$ next door, 10$ down the block, I don't recommend street parking in this area. Best Nights: Depends on DJ/Artist, Thursday Night Tiger Beat (18+) Dress Code: Girls - Look like you tried (i.e. no gym clothes, but you can wear flats with a dress), Guys - Don't wear shorts or sleeveless shirts. Make an effort.
Great vibe!
Chris S. Jun 5, 2013
Avalon is one of those nightclubs down club row that's great to pop into if you're looking for somewhere to start your night. I wouldn't suggest staying here because the drinks can get pricey and security is pretty strict about sloppy people. There are great performances here every month such as Choreographer's Carnival, which is a great event that brings in a lot of people. Definitely need to go at least once though.
Great club!
Lilit A. May 28, 2013
I used to always go to this club. Thursday nights are usually a lot of fun-less creepers for sure! The best part is the patio--so when you feel like you need fresh air..there ya go! Security IS tight though, so don't think you're going to get away with a fake ID. If you're drinking, try to handle the alcohol cause you will get kicked out. Drinks are expensive, I suggest pre gaming. This place usually has a good crowd in comparison to a lot of the other clubs I've been to. Some nights the music is better than others! Be sure to check to see who is performing. it's a fun experience! You need to try it at least once!
Thursday night!
Gor G. May 22, 2013
I love going to this club on Thursday nights for Tigerheat night. Although there is usually a $10-$12 cover, it's well worth it. The club features 3 bars and two floors. It also has a VIP for bottle service, a patio where you can get some fresh air after dancing or smoke a cigarette. It also offers a 21+ area where the 4th bar is located. This club attracts hot young people, gay straight or bisexual. I love going on Thursday night because they play the best music! If you feel tired from dancing, you can chill out on the second floor overlooking the dance floor. Sometimes they have a great light show to accompany the music, and it is best if you watch it from the second floor.
Okay Club
Maggie H. May 16, 2013
Meh, it's a decent club. It's like any other club, but if I had to choose to go clubbing at a place in LA, it definitely wouldn’t be at Avalon. The place is pretty spacious, and it attracts a good crowd. If you’re 21, I would definitely avoid this club. If you’re 18 and over and you have nothing to do on a Thursday or Friday night, this might be the place for you. Drinks are expensive just like any other club. Security is extremely strict and uptight. Don’t get caught drinking underage inside or you WILL get kicked out.
gay night
Nancy D. May 15, 2013
the nights ive gone to this club is on thursdays since its tiger heat i love gays! theyre so much fun and the environment is so much better. everytime i go i always have alot of fun. i love the fact that the place is really big unless it gets packed then it seems to be small but the fact that it has two floors and in the 2nd floor there are seats to overlock the 1st floor is amazing!!!
Not the best
Kathy D. May 12, 2013
There are plenty of night clubs in LA worth mentioning, but Avalon isn't the top of the list. It was great when it was in its prime years ago, but since then, I have been disappointed about the crowd. Usually an older crowd, so not the best for those in their 20s-30s. The venue itself is really big and spacious and usually the private events feature great talent, especially if you like EDM. However, this is definitely not a an 18+ club worth going to in my opinion. Thursday nights are Tiger Heat (gay night), which is A LOT of fun if that's your thing or you're going with a bunch of girls. Everyone is really friendly and there are less creepers.
Jorge M. Apr 8, 2013
I love the talent club Avalon books to play at their events. Always good crowd, great vibes, and awesome service.
Love it, Hate it, Or Too Drunk To Remember
Deena D. Mar 26, 2013
The only thing Avalon has going for itself is its booking agents. They bring in some of the best names in EDM such as Bob Sinclair, Paul Oakenfold, Fred Falke, among many many others. The crowd is very Hollywood and it can get EXTREMELY crowded inside. The club is however pretty big so if you aren't a DJ groupie, feel free to go to their upstairs balcony area for more dancing room. You can definitely get in with a pair of cute TOMS while many of the girls will be wearing 5" heels. Bottle service is a bit interesting: they definitely take care of you but make things a bit confusing if you're trying to bring in a big group with wristbands etc. The speakers are perfect and have never failed to produce loud ass sounds and big bass. It is definitely not the best EDM club in Los Angeles but more so the most typical/highly publicized. You don't need to park in the $20 lot right next to it (total rip off); theres plenty of $10 lots right around the corner. If you're drunk enough nothing will bother you but try and not pay too much attention to the 18+ers that manage to get in with fakes or on their frequent 18+ nights.
Hit or Miss
Tira W. Mar 14, 2013
Ahhh, the Avalon. The club that doesn’t sleep! Yes, most places to close ridiculously early in LA. The Avalon is the one place where the party can just keep going! It has a massive dance floor and great DJ’s who make the hours of dancing pass seamlessly. There are so many parts to the Avalon, the balcony terrace (with…wait for it…seating), the main floor, the back room with promotional alcohol. Basically, it is hard to get bored. However, the crowd at times covers a wide range of party goers. As much as I hate being grinded on, the fact that men that could be my grandfather are doing it is definitely a con.
See where EDM first took hold in Los Angeles
Matthew P. Mar 1, 2013
While house music and techno, otherwise collectively known as EDM (Electronic Dance Music), have always found receptive ears in Los Angeles, Avalon Hollywood maintains the unique distinction of being the birthplace of raver parties in a night club. Control on Friday nights (19+) features the heaviest hitting up-and-comers in Electro, Dubstep, Trap, and Progressive House including a pre-Grammy Skrillex, the Bingo Players, and Wolfgang Gartner. Avaland on Saturday (21+) hosts the biggest stars in dance music from around the world, such as the legendary Paul Oakenfold, Infected Mushroom, and Erick Morillo. What sets Avalon apart more than its incredible roster of talent and Lyon's laser lighting is the vibe of its patrons. Often comprised of partyers young and seasoned, Avalon goers are a family united by the love of the music that has helped earn Avalon Hollywood a spot on DJMag's Top 100 clubs for half a decade running. The perfect place to dance to your favorite DJ without having to dodge fist-pumping all night long.
Christina 'Popo' P. Feb 27, 2013
I've come here a few times because of clubbing events for Asian Greek/Culture Clubs in SoCal, so my opinion may be influenced by that. At each of those events it wasn't too crowded, there are a lot of different areas you can hang out at. The music's great, and if you get tired just go to one of the booths to relax, they're right off the dance floor so as soon as you're refreshed you can just jump right back in. I want to try going back there once I'm over 21, and not just for organized clubbing events, but for a fun time with my friends.
Possibly the best EDM club on the West Coast
Michael G. Feb 15, 2013
Anybody who's looking for a big room EDM experience in L.A. should look no further than Avalon in Hollywood. Entry and drinks can get pricey but you get what you pay for - end of story. While the main room is perfect for larger acts, check out some of the smaller rooms for a more intimate experience. My friends and I stumbled upon a DJ playing an incredible deep house set in one of the smaller spaces and stayed there for hours. Overall, it was an epic night of EDM. I'd say that the only venue on the West Coast comparable to this place is Ruby Skye in San Francisco. Don't forget to check out Bardot, the smaller club upstairs that is perhaps a little less mainstream (definitely a Burning Man sort of vibe) but still a blast.
The Best House/Electro Club in town!
S G. Feb 7, 2013
This is one of my favorite club in Los Angeles! I HIGHLY recommend it for the ones who love House/Electronic Music! :)
Club Tigerheat Got Me Through High School
Tatiana S. Feb 2, 2013
For the under-21s out there in desperate need of a dance-off: there aren’t many options that can beat Club Tigerheat on a Thursday night. There’s a $10 cover and a guaranteed dance party. Tigerheat is the largest weekly gay event in LA, but everyone is invited, and it’s a great spot for a girls’ night if you want to dance and not have to worry too much about deflecting men! Bring all of your friends and shake your booty to your heart’s content. The club is huge, so even though the line outside can seem long, everyone eventually gets in and gets down with their crazy self. The club often features live dancers and DJs. I used to see kids from my high school here all the time, because there just aren't that many options as fun as Tigerheat for high-energy Beyonce-loving eighteen-year-olds. 21+ : if you have lost the desire to dance wildly with sexualized teenagers (which I would hope you have) then Tigerheat may not be the party for you. Drinks are on the pricey side and unless you’re crazy about the DJ you might be trampled by caffeinated young’uns.
Fun, But With Some Hassles
Liana M. Jan 16, 2013
Avalon is one of those clubs that out-of-towners will most likely enjoy more than LA residents. It's definitely a big part of the Hollywood club scene and for good reason. They boast huge name DJs and electronic acts for a reasonable price, but have the unfortunate snobbery associated with most higher end nightclubs. My boyfriend and I were supposed to be comped for Infected Mushroom, but the door-girl "accidentally" made him pay for a full-price ticket. Guys generally have to pay more than girls at these kinds of clubs, if girls have to pay anything at all. My annoyance with this place is that they refused to correct the mistake with a refund and instead gave him a few drink tickets. The experience once inside is not much better. When there is a big act playing, the security makes you go into the main room and all the way around just to get to the bathroom. It also fills to capacity pretty quickly, so if you want to get a spot on the dance floor, get there early. You will also be less likely to wait in line if you're early enough. We ended up in the balcony section, which I actually preferred since it was more private and had an unrestricted view of the stage. The drinks are expensive as you might imagine, but one great thing about Avalon is the food. They have a small area for food service and the menu boasts both comfort food and vegetarian options around $10 a plate. If you have money to blow and consider yourself a club kid, it will definitely be worth it. I've come to the realization that I'm more of a divey bar person, and Avalon's red tape just isn't for me.
Avalon: LA's Hot After Hours Club
Electra K. Jan 16, 2013
If you're looking for a high class nightclub complete with world renowned DJ's performing on a weekly basis, where you can party well into the early hours of the morning for a decent price, look no further than The Avalon. If that isn't all, the perfect location puts it at a perfect ten. Every time I have the pleasure of seeing one of my favorite DJ's perform at The Avalon I am never disappointed. The only problem with the venue is that you want to get to that dance floor quick. It fills up to capacity fast and that is where the real party is at. For those looking for a more relaxed environment, there are plenty of plushy seats on the balcony and has a great view of the stage. I recommend this nightclub to EDM fans, club goers, and party lovers alike.
Avalon is the place to go if you visit LA.
Richard B. Jan 9, 2013
I went to The Avalon in Hollywood this past summe and even though it's the only time I've gone, it was by far the best club experience I've ever had. My best friend was in LA visiting and my roommate suggested we go to Avalon. We ended up going and even though there was a line, it moved really fast. The atmosphere inside was unlike anything I've ever experienced before. It was straight out of a movie. There was plenty of room to dance, couches to sit on, lights, beautiful stage set up/design, great-looking crowd, and clear-sounding music. There are also plenty of rooms you can go into and it's like being somewhere else. I ended up spending $80 on liquor but I wasn't too upset. Prices seemed average to me. I wasn't complaining though, I had a great time and I can't wait to go back again. If you're in LA for a weekend and you can only go to one club, you HAVE to go to The Avalon. It is the must-see club in Hollywood. Best part of all? You don't need to bring 20 girls with you or be on some stupid VIP list. Ages 18 years old and up and they're pretty relaxed on dress code. Definitely my favorite club in LA.
Avalon is the Greatest
Francesco J. Jan 2, 2013
I love Avalon La. I have been to the one in Singapore, but nothing beats the original. So many great artist have played in this fine venue. I consider myself lucky to cherish the memories I had here.
Awesome mix of music and people!
Nikole G. Dec 25, 2012
The Avalon is one of Hollywood's most popular music venues and features a variety of notable artists, especially those that are up and coming. It also serves as a club venue and hosts three extremely popular club nights: Tigerheat on Thursdays, Control on Fridays, and Avaland on Saturdays. Past performances include top electronica/trance/dubstep/hip hop artists and world class DJs such as Skrillex, Nero, Shiny Toy Guns, Zedd, Steve Aoki, and many more. The venue itself consists of 2 floors with the main dancefloor on the first and an inside balcony situated on the second. There is also an outside patio where one can enjoy some fresh air. Although the line can be intimidating if you did not purchase your tickets beforehand, rest assured that it moves extremely quickly. It even gives you a chance to chat up some of your fellow club dwellers! The Avalon is filled with a variety of people so you will never get bored of the partyers. Every time I go I always have a blast and I meet so many Angelenos! If you enjoy dancing and meeting new people then the Avalon is definitely a place worth experiencing!
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