AV Nightclub

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AV Nightclub AV Nightclub is a swanky Hollywood, Los Angeles club with ballerina go go dancers & an A-list crowd. Don your finest & cross the LA velvet ropes with Party Earth. Los Angeles United States 34.0998956 -118.3296567
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AV Nightclub - Club | Lounge in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Of all the good things to come out of two letters – TV, E.T., R&B –there’s one more to add to the list: AV, an ultra-swanky Hollywood nightclub that began life as a Monday-only hotspot but has since opened for dolled-up... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M, F–Sa 10:30pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth AV Nightclub Review

The Scene

AV Nightclub is a swanky Hollywood, Los Angeles club with ballerina go go dancers & an A-list crowd. Don your finest & cross the LA velvet ropes with Party Earth.

Of all the good things to come out of two letters – TV, E.T., R&B –there’s one more to add to the list: AV, an ultra-swanky Hollywood nightclub that began life as a Monday-only hotspot but has since opened for dolled-up weekend warriors as well.

Potential guests need only follow the valet line trekking down Selma to discover the club’s entrance, marked by obligatory no-nonsense bouncers and large doors covered in golden knockers.

Inside, go-go dancers and waitresses with equally impressive knockers – and all dressed in ballerina tutus – mill about the plush, two-story Victorian space, as a DJ perched beneath a dazzling chandelier spins everything from sultry house to a hyperbolic rendition of George Michael’s Faith.

Julliard training is doubtful, but the posing ballerinas employ impressive flexibility as they entertain from nooks in the blue-stain walls, while über-VIPs watch from one of ten built-in banquette booths complete with customizable LED screens.

Ever-chic patrons loiter around their $875 magnums of Goose or duck out back to the secluded brick-bordered smoking patio, while local service industry hotshots and beautiful Hollywood barflies fine-tune their acerbic across-the-bar wit as they sample one of the handcrafted specialty cocktails that change nightly.

With its trendy corner locale, discerning gatekeepers, and intimate atmosphere filled with every kind of desirable beauty gods can bestow and money can buy, AV will no doubt fare better than OK as a chic Hollywood hangout.

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Tip from Adriana:

There’s a dedicated ledge for dancing behind each bottle service table, so you can dance just with your close group of friends…or easily catch the eye of someone at a nearby table.

  • Crowd

    Trendsetters, fashion hounds, moneyed finance types, celebs, and industry kids with no real work schedule, early 20s to mid-30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Varying nightly DJs spin dance-friendly beats.

  • Food / Miscellaneous


  • Prices

    Beer $8–$10, wine $12+, cocktails $12+, bottle service $400+. Valet $10.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Top club gear: suits without ties, popped collars, LBDs, kitten heels, smoky eyes, service industry business cards at the ready.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Being the start of the “weekend” for the heroes of the Hollywood service industry, Monday nights are often busiest and always the most restricted for entry.

  • Close By

    The Sayers Club (1645 Wilcox Avenue) is another ultra-swanky Hollywood club, hidden behind the admittedly less-swanky but very hard to resist – especially at 2am – hot dog purveyor Papaya King.

AV Nightclub User Reviews

Average rating:
jignesh j. Nov 22, 2013
its really awesome AV.AV can turn one's mood on.
Lets Get Intimate
Clancee W. Oct 1, 2013
Immediately spellbound by the smoky vixens dancing on small platforms above the VIP tables, I didn't notice how small the club was at first. Once I took my eyes off the dancers who occasionally swing from the ceiling in a Cirque Du Soleil fashion, I thought AV would be too small and crowded for my taste. I was wrong. I've been here three Fridays in a row now and have yet to get bored between the DJ, dance floor and promiscuous visuals playing on the flat screens all night. If the club gets tightly packed around 12:30 am (it will) and you don't have a table to sit at, go find a ledge to chill on. The best place to do this is around the two VIP tables surrounded by low ledges in the center of the club. Generally, these two tables are for promoters and they don't mind a few extra bodies populating their tables. Beware of the bouncers because they have a less than friendly reputation at AV. I recommend getting on the guest list via a promoter. Since AV is a small club, be prepared for everything to take a while. (I.E.-bathroom lines, drink lines and just generally trying to move around the club.) Unless you are paying for bottle service and a spacious table, leave the horde of friends at home and travel in a smaller group for nights out at AV.
If you want to have an average night, look no further!
Lisa D. Jul 19, 2013
The AV should be renamed the Zoo. It resembles an animal enclosure filled to capacity with sweaty drunks and tables occupying much of its one room. With little space to move around, where you enter is most likely where you will end up standing for the rest of the night as it quickly becomes impossible to maneuver between the bottle service tables and dance floor crowd. This one room nightclub best serves the interests of the wealthy who can easily attract any number of the dozens of tipsy girls trapped on their side of the dance floor. Tabs here easily run over $30,000 per table. If you're a girl looking for free alcohol and a place to get up-close and personal with strangers, the AV is your place. If you want room to dance or breathe, however, go someplace else.
Absolutely Victorious
Tatiana F. Jul 11, 2013
AV nightclub is absolutely gorgeous! The color scheme (purple/gray/black) to the fluer de lis wallpaper to the chandeliers to the people inside to the beautiful glass bar. The only complaint I have is how absolutely tiny the venue is and because of that, the entire place is extremely cramped, especially the dance floor. You will for a fact leave here with either: someone's drink spilled on you or some kind of small injury because you were stepped on or caught in the crowd, but if you can deal with a little bit of clausterphobia, it's definitely worth a little wear and tear. They have go-go dancers performing on strip poles in sexy lingerie sets, while waitresses roam around in sexy maid costumes. The party goers are definately young Hollywood, if that's what you're looking for you've come to the right place. Depending on what night you go the music varies as with every club in LA, you can find top 40s to house. AV is definitely one of my favorite clubs in LA!
Sydney F. Jun 23, 2013
I love that you walk passed this place and it is just completely intriguing. The lions on the doors and their bouncers in black suits make it a place that you want to be. When you walk in you come down a small flight of stairs like you're making a Marilyn Monroe grand enterance. You can see the huge and stunning chandelier hanging gracefully above the middle of the club. The lights and colors grab your attention immediately. The bar and the bathrooms are to the right of the door. I love that the dancefloor and tables are separated from the bar, it promotes a great flow. The ambiance of AV Nightclub makes you feel like a star. AV is one of my favorite nightclubs in Hollywood. Two thumbs way up!
Great Club, Good Crowd
Max B. Feb 22, 2013
When it comes to nightclubs, I am the type of guy that prefers smaller venues with a DJ booth close to the crowd, so AV definitely fit the profile. They opened last summer, so it’s a nice club that still looks pretty cool. Plus, their outdoor area is great, especially when it gets packed inside and you need to get some fresh air. The last time I went to AV was for NYE. We were looking for a good place to celebrate the new year without breaking the bank, and AV had the best deal with tickets for $100 with open bar until 2am. Of course we had a promo code, so we only paid 80 bucks ;) I had a couple of doubts about the event just because it was such a good deal. Would the line to get inside be ridiculous? Would I have to wait 2 hours to get a drink from the open bar? But it was NYE, and when surrounded by good friends, those details don’t really matter. We arrived in front of the club around 11:00pm, and to my surprise the line was pretty small. We waited about 10-15min to get in and saw the club was already packed. I went straight to bar to get a few drinks before the open bar got too crowded, but to my surprise it never was, and we were able to get drinks all night without having to wait. So AV was absolutely the best choice to celebrate NYE. Only negative aspect of AV for me is the music. AV is like most clubs in LA with DJs playing primarily top 40 songs, but being in the heart of Hollywood what did you expect?
Great venue + Friends = GNO
Raymond P. Jan 30, 2013
I recently got back to LA from being abroad in Hong Kong and my friends wanted to help me cope with jet lag by going out. It's been a while since I've been out for a night in Hollywood, but AV definitely did not disappoint. We arrived around 11pm and thankfully were able to get in quickly thanks to a mutual acquaintance. Lines can get a bit lengthy, so it would be helpful to either come a bit earlier or know one of the promoters. The atmosphere at AV is very intimate as the club is a bit small, similar to what I've experienced in Hong Kong. The interior of the club simply beautiful decorated with a grand, shining chandelier and upscale, decorative wallpaper. However, if you feel the need to recollect yourself as the inside of the club can get a bit crowded, there's an outdoor patio area you can escape to for a while. With that being said, the club itself has a posh and refined vibe so be sure to dress to impress, especially since the crowd AV attracts is young and trendy.
Small fun club
Jasmine U. Dec 3, 2012
This club is smaller than the larger Supperclub and Lure, but that doesn't mean its not still a really good time. The club is decorated dark but also very suave and sexy. I saw Too Short here last week and it was really awesome. Before he started playing the dj was pretty good but as soon as too short came on it got crazy. Instead of a performance where you cant even get close to the artist I could have reached out and touched him! It felt more personal, like a private party for all his friends. It can get a little crowded due to its smaller size and somewhat lack of a dance floor but if you have a table, its not really a problem. More of a place where celebrities go on week nights. I know my friends saw Calvin Harris here a few weeks ago on a monday which personally I think is pretty awesome! I recommend going if your looking for a cure from the mondays!
not impressed
Kira A. Nov 15, 2012
I frequented AV a few nights this past summer and was not impressed at all. I'm typically a fan of bigger clubs that feature live DJ shows rather than clubs where people stand around with drinks listening to some random guy playing Rihanna. AV is just that- it's a small club where people dress up and promoters invite 10000 girls and try to squish them into one small table and then serve some orange juice and grey goose and call it a day. I'll credit AV for having a nice outdoor area in the back with comfortable couches and heaters and such, but other than that I really wasn't feeling it. Of course I'm bias and for those who like clubs like that and love Rihanna, go for it.
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