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Agency Agency in Hollywood, Los Angeles is a small club that books big name DJs. Join the glitterati in LA at a club where DJ is king, all thanks to Party Earth! Los Angeles United States 34.101794 -118.320954
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Agency - Club | Lounge in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Despite efforts to stay off the radar, Agency’s reputation for unannounced DJ sets that rival the lineups of much bigger Hollywood clubs has made it a sought-after destination for music-loving socialites who want an intimate... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Tu–W, Sa 10pm–late

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Agency Review

The Scene

Agency in Hollywood, Los Angeles is a small club that books big name DJs. Join the glitterati in LA at a club where DJ is king, all thanks to Party Earth!

Despite efforts to stay off the radar, Agency’s reputation for unannounced DJ sets that rival the lineups of much bigger Hollywood clubs has made it a sought-after destination for music-loving socialites who want an intimate club experience that still packs a serious punch.

Uninformed clubbers curiously eye the ultra-exclusive line as they step toward the looser doors of the Vanguard nightclub on the building’s first floor, while tuxedoed bouncers wave the in-the-know industry players and trendsetters through Agency’s nondescript façade.

Once inside, patrons ascend a red-hued staircase into a boutique space pounding with house music, while vogue bodies pile into suede booths for bottle service or congregate around the mirror-backed golden bar towards the rear.

Subdued chandeliers, rich velvet drapes, and cocktail waitresses in risqué corsets create a decadent cabaret show atmosphere, but the biggest eye candy is the colossal DJ podium and wall-sized LED screen that stands as the altar in this ornate chapel to progressive music. A regular draw of A-list DJs and surprise performances transforms any space between booths into a hedonistic dance floor, while packs of fashionistas gyrate on ledges along the walls.

As the staff carries out more flaming bottles of Dom, hip youngsters can retreat to the back patio for a smoke and conversation amid the abstract art and wood-framed sofas.

In the age where DJ is king, Agency has found itself sitting on the iron throne by combining upscale glamour with an underground haven for the town’s hottest artists.

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Tip from Adriana:

One Tuesday each month is Agency's blowout industry night, but it's strictly invitation only. Talk to one of Agency's ambassadors to get on the guest list, or better yet, call ahead and order bottle service.

  • Crowd

    Ultra trendy and attractive young professionals, stunning models, hipster musicians, up-and-coming Hollywood players, and trust-funders, early 20s to late 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Hard-hitting house music from the EAW sound system and wall-sized LED screen behind the DJ podium, and hip-hop all night on the monthly Wednesday events.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Full kitchen available for private events, private lounge available for bottle service requests. Valet parking. Bottle service.

  • Prices

    Bottled beer $9, cocktails $11–$20. Bottle service $350–$7,000. Valet $20 next door.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Trendy club wear: collars, hipster t-shirts, tailored suits without ties, designer dresses, short skirts, colorful heels, bedazzled accessories, and Top Shop brands.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Select Tuesdays for industry nights with unannounced house music sets from A-list DJs, select Wednesday nights for hip-hop, and every Friday and Saturday for a more diverse crowd of clubbers and a slightly looser door.

  • Close By

    Hemingway’s (6356 Hollywood Boulevard) is an ultrachic lounge that serves perfect pre-club cocktails to a similarly hip and upscale clientele.

Agency User Reviews

Average rating:
Great Food!
caroline h. Nov 30, 2012
This bar is a great place to go to kick back and have fun with your family. I went with my friends one time and I got yelled at because we were too loud. If you want to go have fun with your friends here, you can! But, you just need to not get too crazy or you will get in trouble. It is a family atmosphere mostly, but the food is very good! I had a burger here and I loved it because they got my order right! I love place that know how to cook a great meal that you can’t make yourself. I greatly recommend this bar!
Skipped the line
Kira A. Nov 24, 2012
Myself and a couple of friends scoped out Agency over the summer and had a pretty good time! It's a small club which gives it an intimate feel and it books good DJ's a couple nights out of the week. It was mostly early-mid 20's crowd and alot of tables were filled with promoters and their possies. There's also a chill smoking area with seating so you can take a break from the loud music to converse if you want to! The drinks were really overpriced, though, and there was an entire room roped off for "VIP" although noone went in it the whole night. They could have just opened that room up and the main room wouldn't have been so busy! We got to skip the line into the club which was really convenient, if I had to wait in the normal line I probably wouldn't have deemed it worthit. To each his own!
Night out at Agency
Beach L. Nov 1, 2012
Thursday Night adventures began at Sayers Club meeting up with friends club promoter Chris Paul and My friend Dougie Mindagi(Lead singer of The Temper Trap). As usual laughs and drinks at Sayers quickly turned into boys night out. As Chris quickly whisked us away to Agency, I had no idea what I was in for. from the walk up the stairs I was immediately and unexpectedly greeted by Deadmau5 playing one of my favorite songs "Remember". I immediately felt at home as I was greeted by familiar faces of party goers and house heads through out my ears as a serious house head. The atmosphere that is created by the elite party goers, and young celebs seems as if you have been invited to a secret society of who's who, that recaptures the essence of studio 54 and Limelight without the awkward burning man costumes. I loved the smoke lounge as the red dimmed light creates a movie like experience as the music is muted and unmuted by people coming and go from the area. As we ascended back to our table, greeted by bottles of champagne and Vodka I knew I had found my new home. Agency is a great venue for the seasoned party goer who wants to escape the common traffic of weekend warriors and "Bros" to mingle with the elite members of L.A.'s top industrries of music, film, and fashion. Drinks and bottle service are typical L.A. prices. The venue is pretty dark only lit by the massive LED behind the Dj Booth. You never who you are going to see spin, which is also a treat because it make the night that much more of an experience then just a night out on the town. And as a true lover of the night life. This is what we all look for!
Timmetrius H. Oct 2, 2012
Club Agency is and will always be a very interesting endeavor to those who decide to party there. I say interesting because of how the constant herding of people by security and the police stood out to me. For example, upon first getting in line for admission to the club, partygoers will notice two motorcycle police sitting in front of the club making rude remarks in an effort to keep people from "blocking the sidewalk". This was an instant turn down for me, I mean I realize that it is a priority for the police to keep the sidewalk clear, but sheesh they were so rude about it and their attitude served as a buzzkill for my friends and I. After being patted down--although I cannot remember any women being patted down--I paid my fee for admission and entered the red hallway that lead to some type of butcher shop/meat freezer type of plastic curtain hanging from the ceiling that ultimately led to the stairs that go up to the club. After making the climb up the stairs, the club area seemed small to me because it looked like a restaurant really instead of a club. The booth/bottle service areas were organized like that of a regular restaurant and the party-goers were left to dance in what would normally be the walkway in between the booths. The majority of dancing room seemed to be left in the rear of the club closer to the bathroom. In other words, the VIP area was much better suited for partying. Now back to the human herding, because the club is literally shaped like a karaoke restaurant with a bar, the security is consistently making sure people do not stand in certain parts of the club. For those who do not know, no one can stand in the part of the club that leads from the bar into the vip/bathroom area. This was also another turn down for me because this area is right in front of the bar and is a great place to socialize. Overall I felt that I was always in the way of the security because of their incessant nitpicking of where I should and should not be. On top of me feeling like I overstayed my welcome, the shots were $15 each so needless to say as a recent college graduate, I could not partake as I would have liked to. At the end of the day, I'd say if worrying about staying out of the security's way is your thing, then I'd say go ahead and attend Club Agency.
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