31Ten Lounge

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31Ten Lounge 31Ten Lounge in Santa Monica, CA is a swanky lounge & bumping little club in one. Grab the best of both worlds in LA with Party Earth. Los Angeles United States 33.9976427 -118.4794775
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31Ten Lounge - Bar | Club | Lounge | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Melding a little of the LA club scene with a laid-back Westside vibe, 31Ten Lounge attracts trendy professionals looking to wind down from work and club-goers in the mood for something different from the typical Hollywood... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Th–Sa 6pm–2am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth 31Ten Lounge Review

The Scene

31Ten Lounge in Santa Monica, CA is a swanky lounge & bumping little club in one. Grab the best of both worlds in LA with Party Earth.

Melding a little of the LA club scene with a laid-back Westside vibe, 31Ten Lounge attracts trendy professionals looking to wind down from work and club-goers in the mood for something different from the typical Hollywood hysteria.

Those ready to hit the town early drop by for upscale bites of wood-oven pizza and tacos or the solid Happy Hour deals like $4 beers, settling in on soft, cream-colored chairs surrounded by the warmth of exposed brick and sleek hardwood.

The quiet lounge shifts gears by 11pm, however, when it transforms into more of a nightclub atmosphere as lines form outside and resident DJ Sir Marcus turns up the toe-tapping tracks.

Private parties can splurge on bottle service at long couches that surround the crackling fire pit just past the entrance, while a narrow corridor funnels fashionistas and frat guys into the bar area, where sparkling champagne and muddled cocktails await.

The small rear area gets thumping fast as preppy guys and ladies dressed to the nines start to let loose, but low candlelit tables and cabana-style seating on the patio provide an almost tropical escape from the beats – though not from the crowds.

Attracting a wide range of fun lovers, 31Ten Lounge is by no means the glitziest experience in town, but it offers a welcome dollop of swank for anyone willing to don some nice threads – be they a perfect 10 or otherwise.

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Tip from Adriana:

31Ten routinely sets up smaller, portable bars near the back so you don’t have to go far to refresh your drink. Just remember, the shot bar is cash only.

  • Crowd

    Trendy after-work professionals, upscale colleagues, fashionable groups of girls, Euro tourists looking to party, and anyone in need of a little club scene on the Westside, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    House DJ Sir Marcus spins a mix of popular beats on Fridays and Saturdays from around 10pm, with guest DJs taking on similar styles Thursday nights.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Menu of upscale bites includes tacos, wood-fired pizzas, fresh seafood, and steak dishes. ATM.

    Reservations/early arrival on Friday and Saturday nights suggested.

    Happy Hour Th–Sa 6–8pm.

  • Prices

    No cover charge. Appetizers $6–$25, tacos $6, entrées $18–$35, pizzas $10–$14. Beer $7–$9, wine $10–$18/glass or $36–$116/bottle, cocktails $10–$14, table service $300–$750.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Trendy, upscale: designer jeans, collared shirts, sexy tight dresses, name tops, heels.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    The limited hours ensure a packed house of party types any night after 11pm, though showing up early for dinner allows patrons to avoid a wait.

  • Close By

    Main on Main (2941 Main Street) attracts a young crowd of club kids with its slightly more industrial vibe and a big dance floor.

31Ten Lounge User Reviews

Average rating:
Party Lounge
Ashley W. May 28, 2013
Review: If you’re looking for a place to dance and drink without the major “club feel” of over crowded people, this is the place to be. 31Ten Lounge is the perfect place to visit in Santa Monica. I reserved a table for my 24th birthday celebration and had a great time. The area was sectioned off so that my guest’s had room to dance or sit down. In addition, the drinks were good. I high recommend that you go to 31Ten Lounge if you’re in the mood for dancing and lounging. Crowd: Trendy Food: Pizza is good Music: The music was great. If you enjoy Pop, Hip-Hop, and Electro, then you won’t be disappointed. Hot Nights: Saturday
Nice Change From Finn's, But Nothing Too Special
Billy K. May 9, 2013
My Take: Though I’m not particularly proud to admit it, I frequent Finn McCool’s and The Victorian a little too often. Thus, it was refreshing to find 31Ten Lounge a little further south on Main Street. Overall, I thought 31Ten Lounge was cool in the sense that you felt like you were outside though you clearly were inside. After a couple drinks, all bets are off. The Scene: 31Ten Lounge feels like it used to want to be chic, but gave up the club idea and settled somewhere between an upscale bar and a post grad haven. The service isn’t very good, but it’s more of a layout problem than a problem with the actual servers. It just seems impossible to get to the bar consistently. Cocktails & Cuisine: I have only visited 31Ten Lounge after dinner, so I can’t speak to the food. I also really only stuck to beer, but I heard some of the mixed drinks were subpar – not so much in taste as a lack of alcohol. Prices: 31Ten Lounge beers are a little bit more expensive than other places in Santa Monica, say a dollar or two here and there. But that adds up. I wouldn’t suggest bringing a date here, either. Though it’s a fun place, there’s something to be desired in the romantic ambiance department. What to Wear: 31Ten Lounge has a smart-casual dress code. You can probably get away with one of those really expensive, trendy LA t-shirts, but do you want to be that guy? You can also get away with a button down shirt and not have to think twice. Insider Info/When to go: I would suggest going to 31Ten Lounge for dinner, even though I haven’t done that yet. If you wanted to stay put for the night, you’d already have a nice table to sit at and people watch. However, if you found you didn’t like the vibe, you can just walk to another one of the many bars on Main Street before it’s too late.
Happy Hour!
Tira W. Mar 14, 2013
Located on Main Street, this place is the perfect place to grab a happy hour special after work on Friday. However, you will find yourself staying past happy hour and then all the sudden it’s last call. A great way to kick off the weekend! Their fresh cut truffle fries are to die for, practically lick worthy. Another must is their Pink Taco- which is a potato taco packed with goat cheese. In the drink section, let loose with the El Diablo, which if the name didn’t give it way, is a great way to spice up your night. The venue is beautifully decorated and always has a good crowd of young professionals. I only wish they were open more days of the week. Margarita Monday Maybe?
fun place
Brittney B. Dec 3, 2012
Perfect place to come if your wanting to get a little dressed up to meet some friends for drinks, but not quite in the mood to go clubbing. This place is hidden! You really have to know where to go in order to find it so good luck :) Half of the lounge is outside and the other half is indoors. The outside boasts a lounge area with a heater in the middle of it all as well as two bars. The inside holds couches and tables for bottle service and a small dance floor with a dj. Despite that every table inside as well as outside is reserved for bottle service, they do let you sit there until 10:30, which most places do not let you do.
Allie H. Nov 14, 2012
I went here for my cousin's 21st birthday and my first impression was pretty good. There was a long line, that moved relatively fast, which generally meant it was a fun place. I walked in and the bar was extremely crowded and almost impossible to buy drinks. The atmosphere was still pretty relaxed and chill. They had a cool outside part. Once I finally got my drink, i had a good time. The following weekend I went back and did not have the best time. It took 45 minutes to get in and I couldn't even get a drink at all once I was in. Its either a hit or a miss. I say get a group of friends and go so your guaranteed a good time. This bar brings in some weirdos..
Fun little lounge that can be a hit or miss
Moe G. Oct 4, 2012
I've only been here during the past summer, which gets really crowded with all the college and recent grads back in town so its definitely a fun place to go if you are looking for a younger scene. Sometimes there is a cover, which doesn't make sense, but I think they got rid of it altogether. The layout is pretty cool because you can go inside where to DJ plays if you want to dance, although it's not that big of a dance floor, or if you want to talk you can stay outside and try to snag a spot on the couches. The dress code is pretty relaxed, I've seen people wearing anything from shorts to suits. You'll see all sorts of people here but no doubt its a fun little spot.
A Little Bit of Hollywood in LA's Westside
Shannon T. Sep 5, 2012
31Ten is best for those who “just need to dance.” Although the Westside is populated with bars and social pubs, there aren’t many places for one to let loose on a dance floor. 31Ten isn’t a Westsider’s first option but it is, pretty much, their only option which explains its long line. The management took advantage of this fact by instating a unprecedented $10 cover which it recently stopped doing—much to the relief of the small budgets that is typical to the young crowd that flocks there. The bar/club does not fit the décor of the Westide. It is decked in the “cool” modern swank that is typical to the Hollywood area which contradicts the eclectic and diverse lifestyle of the venue’s inhabitants who mostly live west of the 405 Freeway. The DJ consistently hydrates himself with RedBull which promises high energy and therefore fun music. He’s also one of the rare DJs who accept requests as long as people do not abuse that luxury. His enthusiastic dance floor dominates the interior of the club making it wonderful for party goers but uninhabitable for those seeking to chill and relax. The patio area is modern and truly beautiful but can only be fully appreciated by those who can snag a couch. Those who can will enjoy a nice beach night with good music and good drinks. It’s not a place to lounge—the music is too loud, the interior too sweaty for people who are looking for a place to just mingle, but those who want to shake away the stress of their work week will find a great time.
Jayson M. Aug 28, 2012
You don’t have a ton of club options in this part of town, so for that kind of vibe this isn’t a bad place to go. Cocktails are potent and they usually set up little temporary shot bars throughout (they are cash only, though, so bring some bills). It’s Santa Monica so you get a nice showing of dolled-up beach bunnies and sandy-haired Adonises, both of which I tend to want to sucker punch until I have had a few drinks in me. It’s fine, stylish, trendy, but the line on weekends is INSAAAAAAAAAAANE. You’ll be dropping $12+ on drinks and I recommend you get them from the main bar because they seem to pour a bit bigger there. If you can get a group to the couches it’s a nice place to chill, but guard that space with your life once it picks up. Go early to avoid the line. Or don’t go at all.
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