LA 18 and Over Clubs Overview

Avalon - Club | Live Music Venue in LA

Los Angeles can be a party paradise, even when alcohol is not an option. Those who can’t legally buy a brew don’t have to stay home while the world is out having a blast. L.A. offers a few prime places where those under 21 can rock out like the big kids.

Sister venues The Echo and Echoplex are housed in the same building – one below the other with a separate entrance in the alley – and host a multitude of concerts in Echo Park that are either 18-and-over gigs, or open to all ages.

Fans of underground hip-hop and electronic music who can’t booze have found their perfect haunt in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood – just northeast of Downtown L.A. – at The Airliner, where the 18-and-above crowd is welcome on special weeknights.

For little ravers looking to club it up Hollywood-style, massive dance house Avalon typically has Friday night parties that are a DJ spinfest of techno and house beats open to anyone with a ticket who’s 18 and above.

When one’s DOB is sure to prompt an MIP, play it safe and party up in Los Angeles’ 18+ venues, where a baby face won’t prompt a call to security.

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