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The Abbey Food & Bar - Bar | Gay Bar | Gay Club | Lounge | Restaurant in Los Angeles.

May 5 The Abbey Food & Bar

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Industry Cafe & Jazz - Ethiopian Restaurant | Jazz Club in LA

Los Angeles is famous for its exclusive clubs and opulent nightlife, and people either love the glitz or hate it – and the ones who hate it probably couldn’t get past the velvet ropes anyway.

Hollywood on the weekends seems to be one swath of velvet all to itself, with ever-present lines of stunning celebrities and often equally stunning wannabe stars waiting outside the swanky nightclubs and hotspots. Hot one minute and extinct before sunrise, Los Angeles clubs can fade into the mist as fast as an actor’s career, no matter if it’s a famous West Hollywood dance club or a sultry blues club Downtown.

It definitely doesn’t hurt to be famous, wealthy, and beautiful in LA – hey, when DOES it hurt??? – but all of the clubs in Los Angeles aren’t necessarily exclusive. Multi-floored megaclubs in Hollywood have room for just about everyone, and eclectic cool music clubs that dot the city couldn’t care less about what kind of shoes you’re wearing or who you’re totally writing a spec pilot for next week.

And for folks who just want to get their dance on, the options range from budget-friendly college haunts with Top 40 DJs and cheap rails in plastic cups to opulent dance floors with mortgage-level cover charges playing host to some of the top DJs in the world.

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