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Cooks County -  in Beverly Grove, LA

In a city that’s as spread out as Los Angeles, it can often be difficult to find that perfect place for that perfect date. But for those looking for a great mix of dining and drinking options without having to drive, there is an abundance of good date ideas in Beverly Grove.

Smack dab in the middle of the city, Beverly Grove is an L.A. oasis that’s chock-full of singles on the prowl and dating options galore. For daytime daters, nothing impresses quite like the famous The Ivy Restaurant on Robertson Boulevard. There, Hollywood dealmakers and not-so-undercover celebs dine outdoors as paparazzi stake the place out from across the street. Further afield on Third Street, Little Next Door is a quaint French café where sipping cabernets on the patio makes for easy dating banter.

At night, Beverly Grove dating ideas come out in full force with a bevy of restaurants, bars, and lounges. On the high-end side, fancy restaurants like Son of a Gun, The Izaka-ya by Katsu-ya, and The Little Door (Next Door’s big sis) appeal to trendy entertainment types. Less expensive dating ideas abound as well, with Mexican food and tequila shots at El Carmen or ramen bowls and sake at Robata JINYA.

For those looking for something sweet after a romantic meal, Magnolia Bakery provides daters with cupcakes and other treats to help coat the stomach before boozing the rest of the night away. And with that, bars and lounges in Beverly Grove give daters every opportunity to fill up with liquid courage to help make that first move. The Roger Room, The Churchill, and even dive bar St. Nick’s Pub can help ease any after-dinner dating jitters.

Beyond the boozing, one of the best date ideas in Beverly Grove is hitting up a show at Largo at the Coronet. Here, indie musicians and uncensored comedians entertain young professional couples looking to mix up the night a bit more.

With so many options along Third Street, it’s not hard to find good dating ideas in Beverly Grove. All it takes is a reservation, a little bit of dough, and someone to share it with.

Popular Beverly Grove Date Ideas

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