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Toast Bakery Cafe Toast Bakery Cafe in Central LA is a casual but sceney brunch spot with great people-watching & desserts. Spend the morning in Los Angeles with Party Earth. Los Angeles United States 34.072533 -118.368775
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Toast Bakery Cafe - Café | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review A breakfast and brunch staple for Hollywood insiders and insider wannabes, Toast Bakery Cafe is where LA scenesters go to unapologetically stuff themselves with French toast followed by a red velvet cupcake. Or maybe... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 7:30am–10pm

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    • Day Spot

Party Earth Toast Bakery Cafe Review

The Scene

Toast Bakery Cafe in Central LA is a casual but sceney brunch spot with great people-watching & desserts. Spend the morning in Los Angeles with Party Earth.

A breakfast and brunch staple for Hollywood insiders and insider wannabes, Toast Bakery Cafe is where LA scenesters go to unapologetically stuff themselves with French toast followed by a red velvet cupcake.

Or maybe bread pudding. Ooh, or maybe some cheesecake.

Lines form down the busy sidewalk by mid-morning, as pretty people with their carefully accessorized dogs in tow duck beneath earth-toned umbrellas with plates of hearty American staples and chase hangovers away with potent cups of coffee.

If the number of folks hiding behind giant sunglasses is any indication, the people-watching can be stellar, but the venue’s celebrity appeal belies a quaint interior more reminiscent of a country diner than a Hollywood hotspot – patrons are as likely to see older area couples as they are “that guy!”

Most of the seating surrounds basic tables draped in faded blue tablecloths, with a few comfy couches tucked in against the farmhouse windows, while the old display cases at the takeout counter would barely warrant a glance if not for the artfully crafted goodies tempting from behind the glass.

The thick whistle of steaming milk is constant throughout the day – the cappuccino machines pull some serious overtime – as eggs and pancakes give way to lunchtime burgers or wraps, and then pizza and pasta for dinner.

No matter the time, however, few patrons can resist the allure of a cupcake to cap their visit to Toast Bakery Cafe. Not even that guy.

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Tip from Adriana:

Want to enjoy a scrumptious breakfast or an early dessert but don’t want to fight the crowds? You can order all your goodies online and then either pick them up at the counter or – if you live within five miles – have them delivered.

  • Crowd

    Hollywood insiders, up-and-coming actors, other Hollywood types, laid-back stargazers, and tourists, 20s to 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music


  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Extensive menu of mostly American and Mexican staples, including omelets, French toast, pancakes, burgers, pizzas, wraps, and sandwiches, as well as several popular desserts like bread pudding, apple pie, and a large selection of cupcakes.

    Party platters available. Limited street parking. Valet available daily until 5pm.

  • Prices

    Breakfast items $8.50–$14, sides $1.50–$6, starters $8–$9, soups and salads $5.50–$14, burgers and wraps $8–$13.50, sandwiches $8–$14, entrées $11–$16, desserts $2–$7. Valet $5.50.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Trendy casual: button-downs without ties, sports jackets, nice sweaters, designer workout attire, dresses, fancy jeans.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Early in the morning to beat the crowd, or after 10am most days – especially sunny weekends – for the best people-watching.

  • Close By

    Doughboys Cafe & Bakery (8136 West 3rd Street) offers California twists on American favorites, a similar selection of scrumptious desserts, and often a similar crowd.

Toast Bakery Cafe User Reviews

Average rating:
Must try before you Die
Kristina W. Jul 22, 2013
Are you looking for one of the best restaurants in LA? If so, then you need to come here. I came here with my two brothers for lunch after an all night study session and I have to say I was pleased. The ambiance here at the Toast Bakery Cafe was family friendly and the staff was very welcoming. The first thing I tried was the stuffed french toast which is four golden delicious pieces of french toast slapped together with banana pudding, caramel walnuts and bananas. Normally I don't care for bananas but sweet Banana Gods this was awesome. Also while we were there we tried the best red velvet cupcakes I've ever had. Between the three of us we ordered four; we each ate one and played an intense game of rock, paper, scissor for the final moist piece of red velvet goodness. Even though we felt like we needed a wheelbarrow to get out the door and fell into food comas afterwards I wouldn't have missed out on the baked and stuffed goodness that we destroyed at the table. I recommend this place to anybody and everybody. You haven't lived if you don't eat here before you die.
Jimi J. Jun 5, 2013
Went here for the first time last Thursday with a couple of buddies for breakfast and it didn't disappoint. Everything in here is very fresh and organic and you can tell because it takes some time before your order gets to you. The price is a bit more expensive than your average diner, but hey you get what you pay for. What made this place for us though was seeing James Harden (Houston Rockets) walk in with his entourage and sit a couple tables away from us. If an NBA superstar goes out of his way to eat breakfast here then they're definitely doing something right!
Gor G. Jun 3, 2013
This is a very upscale high end place. I like going here for brunch because they have the best menu. It is kind of like Gridler Cafe but on the higher end. It's a great place to go and unwind at the end of the week and enjoy the breeze and the sun, as well as the good food. Despite the fact that they have an extensive menu, you will always find what you want. If you do not know what to get, get some breakfast items, because you can never go wrong with that. The prices are pretty fair. If I had to choose to go to Deny's or here, I would definitely go here because the bill comes out to be the same, but you get better quality food
breakfast or lunch
Jessica L. Feb 19, 2013
I prefer Toast for breakfast, but there are plenty of great options for lunch as well. This used to be a trendy place for spotting celebrities; not sure if it still is or it already passed its peak. It's usually pretty crowded, but also usually worth it.
Have A LA Moment At Toast
Sabrina C. Jan 10, 2013
This Mid-City eatery abandons the feel good diner feeling opting instead for a clean, upscale breakfast eatery that's sure to sweep even the most judgmental foodie off their feet. Toast serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, toting an array of baked goods that would make the gods at the Food Network jealous. It's unlikely that you won't find what you're looking for, no matter what your particular food quandary is, making it a great spot to meet friends with a variety of lifestyles. However, weekends here are no joke, prepare to wait for up to an hour if you want a table at peak brunch hours. Just make sure to wear a pair of shades, so you can spy the famous patrons while waiting to be seated.
Great Brunch/Lunch With Friends
Melody A. Dec 8, 2012
Toast is my go-to spot to catch up with friends. The food is really delicious; not to mention their delectable array of dessert and baked goodies that they have behind the register! The atmosphere is the perfect amount of sparkly LA, while still clinging to a laid-back vibe. On any given day you can run into a celebrity walking out with food-to go, while you enjoy your relaxed omelette outside in perfect sunny Los Angeles weather. I definitely recommend setting aside a good amount of time to eat and enjoy the ambiance at Toast. My only qualm is the lack of convenient parking, but, really, as is the plight of most great LA hotspots. I give this cafe two thumbs up!
All good things come to those who wait!
Julieta N. Dec 5, 2012
Went to Toast for Sunday brunch and it was PACKED but worth the wait. Ordered a fresh spinach egg white omelet and fell in love at first bite. The menu will suffice all cravings: sweet, decadent healthy or just plain adventurous! Sat outside and enjoyed the perfect California sun while scoping out the crowed. I left with a smile and a belly filled with pure joy! Toast is a must and it wont empty your wallet! Try it, life is too short not to!
so cute... great place to go for brunch
Hayden F. Dec 4, 2012
i went here for my friend's bday brunch and it was great. we had to make a reservation ahead of time (by a couple of days) because it gets really crowded but it amazing. so yummy and the service was great too - they didnt rush you to pay and leave when you were done. parking can be hard but if you cant find anything on the street then drive down a bit and park in one of the neighborhoods or up the street in the mall parking lot (it isnt very expensive at all and you can park there longer than the street)!
Need to go!!!
Erica D. Dec 3, 2012
This is my favorite breakfast spot in LA! I love the set up of the place and the food is amazing! The omelets and home-fries are delicious as well as the iced cappuccinos which I always get. I recently went there for lunch and it was just as amazing as breakfast. I had the BEST artichoke dip, a soup, and a wrap (a lot of food...but so so good). The service was good and fast and have never had a problem. There is a cute boutique attached to the restaurant which is always fun to look around after eating. I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a cozy and delicious breakfast/lunch spot!
try it out!
Kaile K. Nov 30, 2012
I've been here once because a friend recommended it me and it was pretty good! It was nice sitting at one of the outside tables and watching people go by. Their food was pretty yummy, I got French toast and was not disappointed. Toast definitely has a great LA vibe and is has a great casual atmosphere. It wasn't crowded when I was there but I heard it can get pretty bad sometimes. Definitely try it out if you're looking for a great breakfast place in LA!
LA must-try!
Calli C. Nov 30, 2012
Toast is one of my favorite go-to breakfast and lunch spots in LA. Although it gets very crowded on the weekends, I'm never disappointed by the food and the service is always great. The atmosphere is cozy and comfortable, and the service is always friendly. Sometimes the menu can be overwhelming because there are so many options, but everything I've tried has been delicious. I would definitely recommend going there!
Go, But its Nothing Special.. anymore
Sarah P. Nov 29, 2012
Toast was such a great place for breakfast especially, and then it sort of turned into just another trendy 3rd street spot. I'd go to Joans on 3rd over Toast anyday. After it was featured on TV shows and in movies (like no strings attached) it sort of became faux trendy and isnt really THAT good. Menu is great, coffee bar is great, good breakfast. its good. it is. its just nothing you can't miss out on. Everyone should go once though.
So good!
Rachel S. Nov 29, 2012
Toast is also a very popular place to go when you live in Los Angeles. My brother lives very close to 3rd street and it is one of the best spots to go to eat or hang out. Their food is great and so is the scene. I will go to Toast any time of the day or the week. It is fun to go eat lunch and go shopping because the area has good shopping as well. It is also fun to go after a night out with your friends and grab some mimosas or bellinis. I like to meet my friends that live in that area to hang out. Definite must to go!!
Amazing Bakery
Becca M. Nov 29, 2012
The food is phenomenal and the atmosphere welcoming. Toast is so good that everyone and their brother flocks to it. On any given morning the line is out the door and on weekends they're slammed. One Friday morning around 10 a.m. I was quoted a 2 hour wait. That being said, if you have time to spare, Toast is definitely worth the wait. Their baked goods are out of this world. The french toast is heavenly and their muffin assortment is impressive. The restaurant has a bed and breakfast feel--cozy and whimsical. It's a haven for Hollywood hipsters and the occasional celeb, though I've never seen anyone I recognize. Toast is awesome and definitely worth checking out.
Worth the Hype
Maddy L. Nov 28, 2012
The line is ridiculously long and parking is difficult. That being said, the food is delicious, the service is great, and there's a chance you might be seated next to a celebrity. If you get too hungry to endure the wait then you can pop over to one of the other delicious restaurants right around the corner.
Lexi H. Nov 28, 2012
Although it's often a crowded spot, Toast is another fabulous restaurant, if you can manage to get to the front of the line!! The food is always worth the wait though. The scrambles will not disappoint you, nor will any of the salads on the menu (or anything else on the menu)! The staff is also super friendly! Check Toast out, and try to stay on line unless your too hungry to wait-- there are tons of restaurants nearby, such as one of my other favorites, Joan's on Third!
Keeley H. Nov 22, 2012
Toast is a huge hit in Los Angeles. It is always so so crowded, and many times I have gone there and had to leave because the line was all the way down the sidewalk. If you can manage to get in, the food is delicious. I would recommend going on the weekdays if possible because it is usually less crowded. It is in a great area, and while waiting it is nice to walk around and look at all the shops in the area. If it is too crowded, it also across the street from Joan's on Third, which is another one of my favorite places to eat in LA. Definitely recommend trying Toast, such a fun experience.
Worth the wait
Jenna H. Nov 20, 2012
My favorite thing about this quintessential breakfast spot is the customizable egg scramble- so many fresh ingredients to choose from and you can customize it however you like it! They also have an option where you can have tofu instead of eggs. And it doesn't end up an awkward, sloppy plate of food - it's delicious! It's always pretty crowded, so I prefer to go on a weekday where i can get a table with no wait. I've never been for dinner..but I would definitely go back for the brunch!! Definitely recommend.
Bomb Breakfast
Remi L. Nov 19, 2012
It lives up to the hype. Toast is as legit as everyone says it is. Stop by for brunch (prepared to wait) and you won't be disappointed. There is something for everyone on the menu; the only issue is deciding what to order! Scrambles and omelettes are great and so are the smoothies. Don't blame them for the wait; they can't help it they are so popular.
Love Toast!
Katie S. Nov 15, 2012
I don't know if the food is worthy of the long line that's there every morning, but I love Toast! The salads are really good, but I can never resist breakfast. It is fun to people watch in the morning, but when I lived by Toast I used to go all the time and have breakfast for dinner. Another plus is the staff. They are always so nice and if you go around 4 or 5 it really feels like you are just hanging out in an apartment, not at a restaurant. Definitely get anything breakfast (breakfast burrito, scrambles, huevos rancheros), and make sure to try the sweet potato fries too!
Long wait but really good food
Dylan S. Nov 14, 2012
Toast is really good but the lines is what makes me not want to go. By brunch-time, the line is all the way down the sidewalk and can take an hour. The place is so crowded that there is valet parking at least. If you go during normal eating hours you will wait in a line. But then food is so good and the employees are all very nice and friendly. Toast Cafe has a really nice vibe to it, it feels casual and home-y and it smells delicious. They have great coffee and brunch, and of course, excellent toast. The lunch is pretty good too if you like hamburgers and typical american dishes. I would recommend going at some point in your life even though the wait is pretty bad. At least pretty interesting people go there so it's kind of fun to people watch when youre waiting in line.
Allie H. Nov 14, 2012
Toast is amazing!! They have the best burgers/fries! The service is great! Also, the food is on the healthier side so you will not forget it. Only problem with this place, is the line around lunch time is rediculous! So if you expect to go at peek eating hours just be prepared to wait in line! Again, parking is tricky but they do have valet which cost around 5 bucks. Honestly, i look past these bad things just because the food is so yummy! If your someone who cannot stand crowds I would go during not popular eating times. This is a restaurant that should go on your must try list!
Good food, long lines
Eden M. Nov 14, 2012
This is a really yummy restaurant, however the lines can get super long. The food is good, but nothing too special so I think that there are some other more unique restaurants out there where you will get better service and don't have to wait in line. But, I do have to say that if you go there, definitely try the burgers and sweet potato fries because they are to die for!! I suggest going to Toast around a time where it isn't so busy. Overall, I recommend going here if you don't mind waiting for a seat!
So Good
Sammi T. Nov 13, 2012
This place is so good! I loved going their for brunch- the portions are a good size and the coffee drinks are amazing too. The desserts looked really yummy too. Def recommend!
Ross S. Oct 15, 2012
Be prepare on the weekend to wait 45 minutes during the morning-afternoon, but the food is well worth it. Big and diverse menu, great-tasting ice tea & fun people watching!
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