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Paradise Cove Beach Café An oasis of fun, food, and surf surrounded by green mountains and blue waters, Paradise Cove offers a taste of the Malibu lifestyle and a mellow vibe that attract suntanned locals, young surfers in off the beach, and tourists... Los Angeles United States 34.021236 -118.787785
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Paradise Cove Beach Café  - Beach Bar | Café | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review An oasis of fun, food, and surf surrounded by green mountains and blue waters, Paradise Cove offers a taste of the Malibu lifestyle and a mellow vibe that attract suntanned locals, young surfers in off the beach, and tourists... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 8am–10pm

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth Paradise Cove Beach Café Review

The Scene

An oasis of fun, food, and surf surrounded by green mountains and blue waters, Paradise Cove offers a taste of the Malibu lifestyle and a mellow vibe that attract suntanned locals, young surfers in off the beach, and tourists...

An oasis of fun, food, and surf surrounded by green mountains and blue waters, Paradise Cove offers a taste of the Malibu lifestyle and a mellow vibe that attract suntanned locals, young surfers in off the beach, and tourists alike.

A steady stream of sandy beachgoers and day drinkers in shorts and flip-flops wanders in and out all day long, relaxing over a mojito or two, checking out the scores on the flat-screen TV, perusing the gallery of Hollywood pics and historic photos of Malibu, or, on chilly days, congregating by the fireplace.

Plenty of booths accommodate the hordes of families and tourists popping in for a bite to eat amid the energetic din of laughter and conversation, while those who prefer the sound of lapping waves can dine on the beach patio just steps from the Pacific, where people-watching is the main attraction.

At sunset, a more romantic vibe starts rolling in off the moonlit breakers, drawing first-daters and couples to the tables and heat lamps of the opposite patio.

Always packed with a vibrant crowd in the summer, Paradise Cove is an unpretentious hangout perfect for anyone who can’t resist a cocktails-and-surf combination.

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Tip from Emma:

One way around the 'no alcohol permitted outside’ signs is to buy a sealed bottle of beer and open it yourself on the outdoor patio. Then just sit back and while away the afternoon people-watching under the sun.

  • Crowd

    Eclectic mix of laid-back yet lively beachgoers, sunbathers, surfers, locals, couples, families, and tourists of all ages.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Jazz on Tuesdays, live guitar on Wednesdays, blues on Thursdays. Jukebox plays oldies in the background.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus feature seafood and American fare in large portions to share.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $11.95–$19.95, soups/salads $8.95–$23.95, sandwiches $13.95–$24.95, entrées $17.95–$29.95. Beer $6.95–$8.95, wine $6.95–$10.95/glass or $22+/bottle, cocktails $8.95–$12.95, shots $9.95–$11.95. Parking $3 with a $20+ restaurant receipt.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes: board shorts, flip-flops, tank tops, jerseys, jeans, polos.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any day before sunset for people-watching, sunbathing, and evening dips in the ocean. Wednesday nights for the live guitar and more romantic vibe.

  • Close By

    The Pacific Ocean (latitude 34°02'N, longitude 118°41'W) offers cool waters, soft sands, great views, and maybe even some dolphin sightings.

Paradise Cove Beach Café User Reviews

Average rating:
Sunday Funday
Yassi S. Jul 30, 2013
Last year this time you could find me at Moonshadows on a Sunday afternoon but this year it seems like going to Moonshadows all you get is a unpleasant crowd of girls that are still in their outfits and makeup from the night before and the guys trying to show off in front of them. I decided to spend a Sunday afternoon at Paradise Cove Beach Café and my group and I had a blast. We rented a day bed for only $25 and ordered their amazing drinks from inside with a few appetizers while we got our tan on and ran around on the beach. After a few hours of fun in the sun we decided to move the party inside and requested a table for 12 and only waited 45 minutes. The food was amazing especially the fish tacos. This is a great place for a date, or to just hang out with the crew. Definitely my Sunday Funday spot!
Best place to watch the sunset
Chris S. Jun 5, 2013
Paradise Cove has been around for a while and is a local favorite to Malibu-goers. It's a very family friendly environment with serving sizes that can feed the whole family. The plates are humongous, so the prices are just as high up, but I recommend sharing a plate with someone otherwise be prepared for a week's worth of leftovers. The crowd favorite is the giant martini of calamari which will get a family of three pretty satisfied. It's a perfect place to watch the sunset because the beach outside of paradise cove is privately owned and is very quiet; there's even a little boardwalk that you can walk out to after you've eaten your weight in calamari. Very laid back environment, but it does get busy on holidays and weekends with families because it's such a great place. Definitely somewhere I love going back to.
A Little Taste of Paradise
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
This place is definitely one of those nice, relaxing places to hang out. It's not that far and is along the Malibu Coast Highway strip, serving as a nice pit-stop for any of those long trips up north or down south. Since the venue is beside the coastline, you really get to enjoy the beautiful beach and afternoon breeze, listening to the waves crashing onto the shore, while eyeing the pelicans flying nearby. It's truly a beautiful place and the dishes: the calamari, fish fillet, and shrimps, are delicious. The parking is pretty cheap (the first 4 hours is only $3), and the parking can be validated with a minimum purchase of $25. A recommended pit-stop for weary travelers who are just looking for a good place to eat and enjoy the scenery.
My Place!
Lilit A. May 29, 2013
This place is one of my most favorite places to come!The view is course amazing since it is located right on the beach. It has 2 seating locations either inside or outside with comfy seats on the sand. The food tastes sooo good! They have any kind of seafood you want and many kinds of salads and sandwiches that all taste very good. They also have this watermelon drink that is sooooo damn good which i make sure to order every time I go there. This is also a good place to go if you want to enjoy your day at the beach since it is located on a private beach. Parking is $25 but they validate it at the restaurant once you eat which bring down the price to $3.
Beautiful and relaxing
Shari S. Apr 1, 2013
Paradise cove is a great place to stuff yourself silly with all kinds of ocean creatures and when you're done, is pretty easy to waddle your way to the sand and surf. This place is always crowded on weekends so while you're waiting excruciatingly for your plastic lobster to vibrate, you might notice the bar and all of the rambunctious beach-goers surrounding it. You might also notice several people carrying a tropical beverages carved out from a watermelon and laden with all sorts of pretty flowers. While you're at it, don't forget to help yourself to a handful of peanuts in the gigantic peanut bucket. Their extensive menu features all sorts of fish and crustaceans, as well as land creatures for the squeamish. When you've finished your meal and slightly resemble a beached whale, it's easy to join the masses and spread your towel out on the beach and forget about reality for a few hours. Just watch out for the occasional rambunctious child who is determined on flinging sand in your general vicinity.
Relaxing and cozy dinner atmosphere. Must try the soups!
Teresa P. Mar 26, 2013
I ate here pretty late on a weekend night with my new roommates. Because it was a chilly night, we didn't get to enjoy the private beach mentioned by the other reviewers, but the restaurant was toasty and cozy with fireplaces and warm lighting. It wasn't crowded at all and the comfortable atmosphere and decorated walls made for a great environment for conversation and getting to know one another. It could definitely be a good place to go for a more special occasion. We ordered a big platter of different beer-battered sea food and the like, but the tortilla soup and clam chowder were what sold me on Paradise Cove Beach Cafe (I am a sucker for a good bread bowl though). It's a little hard to see the turnoff from PCH at night, but drive carefully and it is well worth the drive! Also reasonably priced for how much food you get.
The Atmosphere makes it completely worth it
Hannah R. Mar 26, 2013
One of my favorite spots during the summer. Definitely the place to bring an out-of-towner who wants the true so-cal experience. Spend the day walking up and down their gorgeous private beach, and end with happy hour with the girls. The food is a little on the pricer side for essentially beach/bar food, but the ability eat it with your feet in the sand makes, in my opinion, totally worth it. Fourth of July here is an absolute madhouse. The restaurant and outdoor seating area is mostly reserved by families, but as you walk past the restaurant, the 6-pack carrying boys and bikini clad girls resemble the atmosphere of a frat party.
Nice View with some issues
Amandeep K. Mar 25, 2013
Paradise cove cafe is a nice place to go to if you want a really nice location and beach scenery. I had gone with a group of friends for a friend’s birthday. The parking situation there is really weird and not worth the price at all. From the place we parked which was a rocky dirt place we had to walk about 10 minutes to get to the restaurant itself. We had made reservations from before but still had to wait for a table. It wasn’t that bad but kind of diminishes the point of a reservation. When we got seated at our table it was outside in the sand, which gave it a good vibe and the view of the beach made it even better. We ended up ordering big platters for everyone to share, which worked out great. I would recommend getting the fruit drinks that are served in the fruit itself. They were Amazing! We all loved them. The price of everything was pretty surprising though pretty pricing according to me. Overall we left pretty satisfied.
Beautiful view, and not much else
Noor Ǝ. Feb 24, 2013
I rate Paradise Cove 2 stars, because really you can have a decent time anywhere; saying that, you can usually do it while spending a little less especially when the main attraction is the beautiful setting. It's a really eclectic setting, which is nice for a post-Malibu beach day, but is also pretty reachable in most beach cities. It comes with the territory to have a overly priced, eclectic beach cafe, but there really wasn't too much to recommend it as a cafe. The food we ordered wasn't too delicious, but it could have just been an off day; we were there on a Thursday afternoon. Parking is a little pricey as well, so in general it was a good experience, but not a place I'd frequent again.
Great view, nice beach, expensive parking and food
William O. Feb 20, 2013
This place has a restaurant with a great view and a great beach. Portions are pretty big so it is pretty affordable to split dishes among two people. Always a nice getaway from Los Angeles to go out to Malibu. Pretty private cove so you don't have to worry about it being way too crowded. Nice beach to walk up and down, so the Cafe serves as a good center point. Parking is somewhat expensive especially for a full day, so going in the evening might be cheaper.
Paradise Cove is a gem
Erin D. Feb 19, 2013
I visited this place on accident actually after a gymnastics meet I had in Malibu. So glad we stopped at this unexpected little place on the side of the road. The service was friendly and the food was great, but the best part is the location. It's right on the beach and you can choose to sit inside or right on the sand. After eating, we explored down the beach and into the hills a bit where there are some trails. It's pretty cool and quiet. I'll be back soon
The ultimate California Spot!
Nicole J. Nov 19, 2012
Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is amazing; it's literally on the beautiful sandy beaches of Malibu. You can eat delicious food, drink cool fruity drinks out of coconuts, all while rubbing your toes in the sand. Perfect for a warm day or even a cooler day, the ocean is always beautiful. While there will usually be a long line due to it's notoriety, get there a little before/after normal meal time to avoid the waves and enjoy your experience. It'll feel like you're on a tropical vacation I guarantee it. Not to mention, it’s just a stone’s throw away from Malibu’s Getty Villa, one of the most beautiful places to visit. Paradise Cove is definitely one the best places to stop to have lunch with not only other tourists, but many locals as well.
Dylan S. Nov 14, 2012
Paradise Cove Beach Cafe is great because it makes me feel at home with the surrounding beach atmosphere. The Cafe is filled with beachy locals like surfers or people in their beach attire. It does attract a lot of tourists that want to enjoy the Malibu experience. The food is very casual and good and the drinks are better. You can pretty much lay on the beach while enjoying their food. The whole atmosphere is very California-esque and laid-back, think Hawaii. It also isn't too expensive, which is nice in Malibu. People are in and out of here all day long, going in between getting margaritas or pina coladas at the bar and tanning at the beach. The menu is really big also. This is a very good place if youre looking to experience "Southern California."
Rachel S. Nov 14, 2012
i love coming here during the summer. so much fun to come and hang out, eat and drink, lay by the beach and go in the water. def must!
Scenic beachside dining next to the world's most exclusive trailer park
Julia M. Nov 13, 2012
The Paradise Cove Beach Cafe combines a throwback beach shack experience with toes in the sand dining. Southern California may boast some of the world's best beaches, but it can be surprisingly hard to find a good dining spot by the water's edge. Paradise Cove, located near Zuma Beach on the fabled Pacific Coast Highway, is located right next to one of Malibu's hippest communities, which just happens to be a luxury trailer park. Trailers in the community regularly sell for a cool $2 million, and Minnie Driver, Pamela Anderson, and Matthew McConaughey call it home. Paradise Cove offers beach beds and deck chairs to customers, letting you drift from an afternoon of eating fish tacos in the sun, to cocktails, to dinner. The interior, which is lined with black and white photos of Hollywood stars, has great views and a fireplace which is perfect for Malibu's (elusive) winter nights. For beachside dining on a budget, head straight for the generous salad bar (only six dollars if you are seated at the bar) or stop by on a Tuesday night for all you can eat clams. The small bar, which features live music on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and free peanuts, is the perfect place to dream of one day owning your very own trailer, marble floors and Sub-Zero appliances included.
The Quintessential Malibu Experience
Dana R. Nov 12, 2012
I’ve been to Paradise Cove for everything from birthday parties to company events, and this restaurant never fails to live up to my expectations. The food is excellent, the service is excellent, and you couldn’t ask for a better beachside location. Yes, it’s pricey. Yes, the parking could be better. And yes, it’s a bit of a hike if you’re coming from Los Angeles. But it’s the perfect place to take out of town guests or spend an afternoon with your friends. It will also remind you why you moved to Southern California in the first place!
Ross S. Oct 23, 2012
The food is delicious & the alcoholic coconut drink is even better. This restaurant has a LARGE menu AND you can sit and eat on the beach during the day. Not as pricey as the rest of Malibu, but still with delicious food! Staff was super friendly too!
A touch of paradise..
Gian B. Oct 20, 2012
A wonderful location to replenish your soul. It is truly a paradise spot on earth with a great secluded beach that makes you believe it belongs to you alone. You forget the people who are there for the same reasons. Indulging in the moment is simply the priority. Personally, I don’t go there for the food; although it is always packed. The energy of the spot is what sweeps you off your feet.
It's just OK
Brent L. Oct 5, 2012
Tourists really dig this place. As someone who went to college right up the street and has been here many a time, I just don’t think it’s worth it. The view is amazing, and there is definitely a scene here, but I think it’s a bit overrated. I will say though, if I had to do any meal here, it would be breakfast. The food is nothing special, but there’s nothing like starting the day right on the beach. If you want a similar scene with more reasonable prices, check out Dukes further south on PCH. Enjoy the view.
Ideal Location
Nick G. Oct 5, 2012
It is hard to beat any restaurant whose location is right on the beach in Malibu. It is a bit of a haul from the center of Los Angeles but the environment more than makes up for the time in the car. Take away the beach and the ocean and the food is just average but putting into account the water and sand it makes the meal taste that much better. I would recommend a tequila sunrise to kick of breakfast and an order of the chilaquiles on top. After that, take a nice drive North on the Pacific Coast Highway, hang at the beach and go back for a sunset drink and dinner.
Fun in the sun!
Stacy F. Oct 5, 2012
It’s quite a hike from LA proper to get up to Paradise Cove Cafe which is basically in Zuma Beach. (Does it really qualify as Malibu?) Regardless it is a pretty great restaurant at which you can grab food once the surfing has exhausted you and you need some sustenance to keep from passing out. It’s literally RIGHT on the beach so it’s obviously a very Californian casual, vibe. They have a big patio right on the beach where shoes are not required! They also have a larger indoor dining area where shoes may be required but you can still walk around in your bathing suit and flip flops and feel okay. If you just don’t want to leave your most coveted spot on the lounge chairs provided for whoever is lucky enough to snag one, you can order from a more minimal menu at their takeout station. You can even drink alcohol purchased from the Café on the beach. To clarify, this place is all about ambience. The food is fine – nothing spectacular. It’s a fairly extensive menu but it’s just average in quality. Also during peak weekends in the summer it can get intensely busy. We’re talking 2 hr waits. That said, you’re at the beach. So just go set up camp, get a tan, and wait for your little buzzer thingy to go off. Done and done!
Love it but getting crowded
Sandy S. Oct 4, 2012
Paradise Cove is one of my favorite places to go to with Dukes Malibu following a close second at Malibu. For those of you who are in Southern California this is an absolute must visit. It is located off the PCH so don't be surprised if you don't see it while driving on the PCH as the cafe is located on the beach and you can't get much better than that! You can sit inside or be seated outside living life like a true Californian by soaking in the sun, sand with some excellent food to give you company, I have however always sat inside since I have this innate fear of sand falling into my food hehe. Coming to the food, being a vegetarian the vegetarian burgers are one of the best I have ever seen and the veggies for so fresh! Maybe it was just the beach that relaxes me and amplifies my appreciation about everything around but the food was definitely awesome and I would totally recommend getting the massive nachos with fresh guacamole as well. All in all you will have an excellent time enjoying the perfect Californian weather, and don't forget to get your parking ticket validated once you eat at the cafe as you will end up saving quite a bit of money. My only grouse is that it gets extremely crowded and with limited parking space it becomes an absolute pain to park anywhere else since parking spots are always a premium on the PCH. If you can get there early and be able to bear the massive crowd then you will a whale of a time.
Picture Perfect Experience!
Ariel C. Oct 4, 2012
I've been to Paradise Cove many times, it's one of my favorites! It's an awesome representation of Malibu, especially for tourists and out of town guests; it's exactly what everyone pictures when they think of living life on the beach! It's a very casual, laid-back environment with decent customer service. The food is a little pricey for what you get but just realize that you're mostly paying for the experience! Parking is validated inside the restaurant. They have indoor dining as well as a beautiful patio area on the beach! If seated inside, request a window seat if possible because the restaurant is right on the beach and the view is incredible. If seated outside, which I recommend especially for those who don't get to go often, you're in for a picture perfect experience; You are served directly on the beach, toes in the sand and all! You'll get to enjoy your meal and a beautiful tropical drink, hopefully in good company, all to the relaxing sound of the ocean waves just a few feet away. If you're lucky, you'll also get to see the dolphins! I also must mention that I always choose Paradise Cove when celebrating someone's birthday. Not only do you get the incredible experience, I also always have my camera in hand, but they bring out a huge slice of their amazingly delicious seven layer chocolate cake for the birthday girl/boy! It's definitely the cherry on top for a perfect beachy Malibu experience!
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