Joan's on Third

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Joan's on Third Joan's on Third in Beverly Grove is a Los Angeles staple for great food and celebrity-sightings. Catch an LA star with their latte in hand at Party Earth. Los Angeles United States 34.072771 -118.371937
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Joan's on Third - Café | Market | Restaurant in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review A boutique market, deli, catering company, and café, Joan’s on Third is an always-bustling LA staple where the only things prettier than the desserts are the regular celebrity patrons. Since Angelinos often consider... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Café and Market: M–Sa 8am–8pm, Su 8am–6pm
    Deli: M–Sa 10am–8pm, Su 10am–6pm

  • Recommended as:

    • Day Spot

Party Earth Joan's on Third Review

The Scene

Joan's on Third in Beverly Grove is a Los Angeles staple for great food and celebrity-sightings. Catch an LA star with their latte in hand at Party Earth.

A boutique market, deli, catering company, and café, Joan’s on Third is an always-bustling LA staple where the only things prettier than the desserts are the regular celebrity patrons.

Since Angelinos often consider 10am as “getting up early,” business starts slowly, but by late morning – especially on weekends – the sidewalk patio is brimming with trendy brunchers working their way through smoked salmon, French toast, and imported Italian lattes.

Inside the open and sunny room, gourmet foodies and foodie wannabes wander past the gleaming shelves of the small market, ogling the hundred-plus cheeses, specialty pastas, and other artisan goodies as the line of patrons quickly forms behind the expansive deli counter.

Once they’ve ordered, well-known actors and doe-eyed college kids alike face the task of hunting down a table, though many simply depart with their to-go orders or popular prepared picnic and gift baskets in hand.

The Korean short ribs and glazed ham and brie are big favorites, but the varied menu of mostly American and Mediterranean-inspired sandwiches, soups, and ever-changing specials make it easy to satisfy even the most demanding palate, while the assortment of behemoth cupcakes and other desserts no doubt tempts even the most self-controlled citizen.

Reminiscent of the finer café markets of Paris, but with a distinct Hollywood edge, Joan’s on Third is where baguettes, beautiful people, and brie collide.

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Tip from Adriana:

There’s a separate line at the deli counter just for dessert orders, so if you’re there to satisfy a sweet tooth, don’t get lost in the crowd of hungry diners. And remember that seating is limited, so the pre-packed picnic baskets are an absolutely divine excuse to grab something to go.

  • Crowd

    Euro foodies, affluent party girls, celebrities, up-and-coming actors and other Hollywood types, laid-back stargazers, and tourists, 20s to 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music


  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Deli and market packed with artisan goodies, sandwiches, soups, pastas, specialty cheeses, meats, and a large assortment of fresh desserts. To-go orders, custom gift baskets, and pre-packed picnic baskets available. Catering services available.

  • Prices

    Breakfast items $4–$12, soups/salads $6–$16, sandwiches $6.50–$12.50, larger entrées $10–$25+, desserts $2.50–$5.50, gift baskets $125–$300.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Trendy casual: button-downs without ties, sports jackets, nice sweaters, designer workout attire, dresses, fancy jeans.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any day for brunch to spy a celeb and eat too many cupcakes.

  • Close By

    The Grove (189 The Grove Drive) is a popular outdoor retail and entertainment complex located next to the historical Farmers Market, both of which draw a diverse and upbeat crowd of local shoppers and tourists.

Joan's on Third User Reviews

Average rating:
Urban vibe and good atmosphere!
Ondina F. Feb 21, 2013
Joan's on Third is a great place to meet up your friends for a snack. It has a very urban vibe and I find it perfect for brunch. I always see actors and directors there so it's a good place to network if you're new to this town and pursuing an acting career. Definitely one of my favorite places in LA!
Julie T. Dec 8, 2012
Why is everything so wonderful here and yet so expensive? I've so far only gone to Joan's on 3rd once but I have been recommended again and again by friends that I know have great taste in food. I enter the place and immediately fall in love. There is a lot of natural light that shines through the windows, lighting the market/cafe with a welcoming ambiance, a lot of cute and more unique food products on sale, and the food! I spend twenty minutes just looking at everything trying to decide what I wanted to eat. In the end I still changed my mind last minute and regretted not trying this or that and that. I need to go back and I recommend anyone else to go too!!
nom-nom but $$$
Hayden F. Dec 4, 2012
this place is great... it is like a more expensive lemonade (USC students know what im talking about). i wouldnt drive all the way there to eat it but i normally would get it after bar method class. the panini is especially good and same with the salad trio - there are lots of fun options. i always get some of the spreads and pita chips to go too... also you can pay and order at ANY CASH REGISTER... this is something i didnt know for a long time and always waited at the one main one. regarding eating in - this can be hard of weekends because it is so popular.
Allison S. Dec 3, 2012
Joan's on Third is a cute smaller type of restaurant for breakfast and lunch. It's a very clean open environment with tables all around to sit out inside and outside. You can either stay and eat or grab small things like baguettes or cookies to take home with you. I particularly LOVE their breakfast. They have basic things like eggs, waffles, and breakfast sandwiches. They also have a fresh salads and great paninis and other sandwiches for lunch. Parking can be difficult on third street but if you can find a spot it is a quick stop that is definitely worth it!
cute & delicious!
Jasmine U. Dec 3, 2012
I love this place. Its a great little place to go for lunch near the beverly center. They have all sorts of pre-made cold appetizers and things to buy you could easily take home and serve for dinner such as meat loaf, broccoli salad, beat salads, etc. Very similar to the concept of a Lemonade if you have ever been there. They also have hot sandwiches and plates. When ever I go I get the brie cheese, chicken and bacon sandwich on french baguette and it is sooo delicious. They also have a fresh bakery with some of the best cupcakes Ive ever had. Also, last time I was here I saw Nicki Hilton, if you care about celebrities. Unfortunately if you want to sit down and eat it can be a bit crowded and there are usually very few tables. It is also a bit expensive so not the best place to go on a tight budget. Personally though I love it! One of my favorite lunch spots.
Good But Expensive
Emily R. Dec 3, 2012
My friends have always told me to try Joan's on Third, and we finally made the trip there one day for lunch. I ordered their most popular sandwich and to be honest wasn't that impressed. While it was fairly good, I have been to many other sandwich shops that have better food and for lower prices. The atmosphere was really great, however, and sitting outside eating lunch with my friends was lovely. Their take home items looked really fresh and delicious, so if I lived closer to Joan’s I would probably be more likely to go there more often. But the long trip for me really wasn’t that worth it.
Lindsay M. Dec 3, 2012
Joan's on Third is a little overpriced but totally worth it! Parking on 3rd street is always a mess and they spots in the back are usually full but once you get in, order and sit down the food is totally worth it. I recommend the chicken, bacon, brie panini or the vegetable sandwich with hummus and sprouts. Casual setting with people coming. Common table seating inside and a few tables outside.
Kirsten H. Dec 2, 2012
Oh my god, this place is amazing. If you haven't been there yet, stop what you're doing and please check it out. I drive multiple times a week from downtown LA just to get Joan's on Third. My favorite thing to get here is the Chinese Chicken Salad, seriously the best salad I've ever had. The Short Rib panini is amazing as well. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. They also have an amazing marketplace where you can get side dishes and frozen foods that they all make themselves. Definitely a celebrity hot spot; last time I was there, I saw Will Farrell and Diana Agron. I recommend this place to anyone who loves food, so basically everyone.
Absolute must-try!
Calli C. Nov 30, 2012
Joan's is one of my favorite lunch spots in LA. It is absolutely delicious, and everything I've ever tried there has been excellent! The chinese chicken salad is my favorite, but you really can't go wrong with anything. There is also a bakery section and market area in the restaurant, with ready-made food, snacks, condiments, etc. The atmosphere is trendy and usually pretty crowded, but totally worth it. Absolutely must-try!!
Sarah P. Nov 29, 2012
Such a staple. So cute, so yummy, cute little market. Go for lunch. Its popular and you can run into celebrities but because its popular its a little overpriced. However, its always a nice experience. They have pre wrapped treats that are great to give as gifts.
So cute
Nikki L. Nov 29, 2012
Joan's on Third is incredibly cute, if not just a little bit overpriced. I went here with my mom for Mother's Day last year, which is a pretty perfect context for the casual lunch spot. It's pretty popular, and has a lot of great people-watching potential. I'm personally not a big fan of deli or market type restaurants (cold food is kind of a pet peeve of mine), but the offerings here are definitely acceptable and everything seems extremely fresh. It's the atmosphere that's really tops, though. It's comfortable, but not too cozy, and the staff is incredibly well-mannered and helpful. It's not exactly the kind of place for sitting and chatting for too long, but they would certainly never rush you.
Great place!
Rachel S. Nov 29, 2012
Joans on third is a very popular place to go when you live in Los Angeles. My brother lives very close to 3rd street and it is one of the best spots to go to eat or hang out. Their food is great and so is the scene. I will go to Joans any time of the day or the week. It is fun to go eat lunch and go shopping because the area has good shopping as well. It is also fun to go after a night out with your friends and grab some mimosas or bellinis. Definite must to go!!
Charming Market Restaurant
Becca M. Nov 28, 2012
For those who love fresh market produce, artisan cheeses and charming cafe ambience, Joan's On Third is a favorite. Prepare to be overwhelmed by their lunch menu and their behind the counter dishes because there are SO many options. The lemon and garlic brussel sprouts are a must try. And for breakfast, get the pancakes--the most fluffy, tantalizing pancakes I have ever had. Needless to say, I am a big fan of this place, and so is the neighborhood. It's always crowded and inside seating is limited. There are benches and a small bar seating area. Most of their seating is out front of the restaurant. Service is usually very slow so don't go if you're in a hurry, but if you have time to spare, it's a wonderful dining experience!
Love Joan's!
Samantha L. Nov 28, 2012
Joan's on Third is a great little place to go for lunch! It has a great vibe about it and I love how open and casual it feels. It serves great little market-style items and it both a restaurant and a market. It's hard for me not to overspend here because everything is SO GOOD and I just want to buy everything. I have to limit myself! This is a great place to go to grab a quick lunch with friends. My favorite thing on the menu is probably the Chinese Chicken Salad. It is TO DIE FOR. Although it is pretty pricey, I think it is totally worth it! I recommend Joan's to anyone visiting the LA area!
Casual Lunch Spot
Kylee L. Nov 28, 2012
Joans is a great representative of 3rd Street, in that it is quaint, unique and fresh. They serve food market style, and you can tell everything is made in house that day. I ordered the prime rib sandwich and was extremely impressed. My friends, on the other hand, ordered the mac and cheese and the rosemary chicken sandwich and were underwhelmed. They have a good selection of hot options, as well as cold options that you can take to go. The restaurant is very open, light and casual, with the option of outdoor seating. This is a perfect lunch or coffee spot!
A definite go to!
Lexi H. Nov 26, 2012
Joan's on Third is one of my favorite little market/ restaurants in LA. The food is so delicious and fresh. My favorite is the chinese chicken salad, which is to die for! It's great for lunch and even to take out for dinner! (The roasted cauliflower is another of my favorites!) The restaurant itself is adorable. You can either sit indoors or enjoy people watching outside. And when you're finished, definitely walk over to Magnolia!!! Overall, I highly reccomend Joans-- you won't be disappointed!!!
Keeley H. Nov 19, 2012
I started going to Joan's only about a month ago and I absolutely love it. It is super unique and has the most delicious foods. The environment is awesome as it is both a restaurant and market. Not only are the food that you order amazing, but they also have amazing food to take home in their market. It is always very crowded and I have often seen celebrities in there. The foods are very fresh and unlike anywhere else. I have tried many things on the menu but some of my favorites are the chinese chicken salad and the brie and ham sandwich. I love this place, and would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone.
Anna V. Nov 19, 2012
Love! It is so cute and they have the best snacks and food! There are always cool people around there and it's a fun place to go to to get some great snacks. They have the best salads there, and coffee and some treats too! It's pretty expensive, but worth it. It's at a great location too, right next to the Beverly Center and Magnolia Bakery (mmm dessert).
the best restaurant
Callie S. Nov 19, 2012
This restaurant is so good. Not only does it have the cutest location, it has great food. I love the way it is set up and the the interesting and cool people that eat there. It has a great location as it is next to the Beverly Center and it is across the street from Magnolia Bakery, which has my favorite dessert, banana pudding. Make sure you make it to this restaurant, but only go on a day when you have received your paycheck, as it is quite pricey.
In love with the cutest little market in LA
Nicole J. Nov 17, 2012
It was love at first sight when I first walked in. It’s so cute, classic, and delicious! The bakery items looked delicious, and they have the yummiest snack and specialty foods! It’s fairly small and quant, but the perfect place to fine premium snacks and a great spot for coffee with friends. It’s a great place to stop in after a break of window-shopping. I highly recommend their lattés and parfait. If you ever need to bring something to a dinner party or need some dishes for your own! I’ve been dying to go back and I highly recommend this place.
go to Joan's
Katie S. Nov 15, 2012
The chinese chicken salad is the best! That, and the dessert is always too good to resist. It's definitely an "LA experience" and it's perfect for people watching.Everyone should go to Joan's at least once!
Amy D. Nov 15, 2012
Joan's is one of my favorite places in LA. I can eat their specialty salads like the curried chick peas, cous cous, and broccolini all the time. Favorite salad is the arugula and spinach salad, but i can also live off their amazing Chinese chicken. Amazing treats too!! Joan’s is also a great place to stop in for coffee if you’re walking around Third. That make amazing cappuccinos and you can hardly resist picking up a cookie, brownie, or piece of cake while you’re waiting in. Outside seating gets crowded, but indoors there’s communal and individual tables. Overall, great vibe!
Allie H. Nov 14, 2012
I love Joan's on Third. The location is pretty prime however parking gets tricky. There is street parking all on 3rd street but its metered and usually all full. The area is really cute, there are a lot of little stores around it. Joan's is like a little market place. You can get little yummy treats and pastries. My favorite thing to get their is the chinese chicken salad. The set up is similar to something you would see at any local grocery store where you can choose pre-made sides like couscous or some sort of quinoa dish. So grab your friends and head down there you will not forget it!
Dylan S. Nov 14, 2012
Joan's on Third is a little ways away from USC but it is definitely worth trying. It can be kind of a long wait if you go during the weekends but you will not regret waiting. They have really good healthy foods and drinks which is a nice change from all of the crappy food near USC. It's a favorite in LA and I've heard of a lot of people seeing celebrities there. The food is amazing, but it is a little pricey if you're on a student budget. They have such a huge range of foods that it's easy to find something you will like. They also have a lot of really good desserts, like ice cream and cookies, etc... It's just generally a nice atmosphere and I would definitely recommend it!
Christen L. Nov 14, 2012
I love Joan's! The food is definitely delicious and I really love the atmosphere. It does get kind of crowded, especially on the weekends around lunch but it is so good! I got the chinese chicken salad once which was super good but a little fishy which isn't quite up my alley. Another time I got a chicken ceasar wrap which was soooo delicious and their mashed potatoes are super good too. Definitely recommend those!! Parking can be kind of annoying during the busy times but there are often stations where you can valet super close to the restaurant. The first time I went there I saw John Krasinski which was cool too! Definitely a very L.A. spot and it's good because you can grab things to go and be in and out real quick or sit and enjoy everything. Definitely recommend!
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