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Figaro Bistrot - Bakery | Café | French Restaurant in LA

There are many, many cafés in Los Angeles. Swanky ones, casual ones, artsy ones, and corporate ones. One thing is for sure, Angelinos love to while away one of those 330-odd days of sunshine at a café that’s probably near you right now.

Whether you want hipster cafés in Silverlake, beach cafés in Santa Monica, or to rub elbows with actors at chic cafés in Beverly Hills, this city has you covered.

It used to be that you just needed one hand to count all the truly outstanding Los Angeles cafés. Now, thanks to a recent surge of brave coffee geeks-turned-entrepreneurs, you need both hands, both feet, and a giant abacus to tick off all the stellar spots in the city, and maybe even that isn't quite enough.

Of course LA cafés sell a lot more than coffee, and everyone has intensely personal definitions of what makes a great café. Luckily, there’s room in Los Angeles for every type of café you can imagine. Unless you imagine one with unicorns, they don’t exist.

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