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Wine Bars in Beverly Hills Overview

Honor Bar - Bar | Restaurant in Beverly Hills, LA

Beverly Hills definitely bills itself as a classy enclave within the sometimes gritty, oftentimes crowded metropolis of Los Angeles. And with such a high self-image, one would think the area would cater to the stereotypical desires of elitist folks who turn their noses up at beer in favor of wine. But surprisingly, Beverly Hills wine bars are few and far between.

Perhaps the most authentic wine bar in Beverly Hills is the Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room on Little Santa Monica Boulevard. Vino lovers have ample bottles to choose from, a generous pour to look forward to, and a cozy space to sip in. The place attracts a low-key, after-work crowd and doesn’t get too packed…yet.

For reasonably-priced Vin de Carafe wines, Bar Bouchon on Canon Drive has an outdoor patio that overlooks an intimate park, allowing patrons to breathe in the fresh air while their bodies absorb a smooth vintage selection.

When all else fails, Beverly Hills’ trendy hotels are sure to have ample wine options. The Club Bar at The Peninsula is a safe bet for those looking to imbibe on the bacchanal nectar.

Any place in Beverly Hills that sells booze likely has wine. But for a truly unique wine bar experience, this may not be the neighborhood to indulge in one’s wine fantasies.

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