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Restaurants in Beverly Hills Overview

Honor Bar - Bar | Restaurant in Beverly Hills, LA

Beverly Hills restaurants pretty much stick to three areas within this ritzy Los Angles enclave: Restaurant Row, The Golden Triangle, and South Beverly.

On the eastern border of Beverly Hills is Restaurant Row, which spans a few blocks of La Cienega Boulevard. The eateries here are expensive, and tend to pull in a more mainstream crowd looking for a Beverly Hills dining experience without the traffic hassle that befalls drivers heading into the neighborhood’s center.

For even more expensive food, but this time from renowned chefs whose cuisine is dominated by Italian or Pan-Asian flavors, the restaurants of the Golden Triangle in the heart of Beverly Hills are the obvious choice for a wallet-wilting meal. But this time the overexposed Rodeo Drive has to step aside for its siblings since food spots here stick to Canon Drive, Little Santa Monica Boulevard, North Beverly Drive, Brighton Way, and Camden Drive.

Savvy diners who want to skip the hubbub of older folks and tourists who crowd up The Golden Triangle eateries simply head to South Beverly, located below Wilshire Boulevard. It’s amazing that crossing the street can result in an instant 25-percent reduction in food costs, but that’s certainly the case. South Beverly restaurants are where locals get their food, hoping that out-of-towners remain oblivious to the strip’s delicious, hidden gems.

Unless going all out for dinner is on the agenda, South Beverly in Beverly Hills is filled with plenty of reasonably-priced food and drink options, and has a small-town vibe that only comes from a place which residents frequent.

Popular Beverly Hills Restaurants

  • * E. Baldi Affluent / Blazers / Business Types
  • * Gyu-Kaku 20s / 30s / Asian / Asian Food
  • * Honor Bar After Work / Bar / Bloody Marys
  • * Matsuhisa 20s / 30s / 40s / Asian Restaurant

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