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Lounges in Beverly Hills Overview

South Beverly Grill - New American Restaurant in Beverly Hills, LA

In a place that has evolved past the typical L.A. watering-hole scene, lounges in Beverly Hills are where hobnobbing residents and international business travelers flock to show off their latest Prada purchases while having a drink or puffing on a cigar.

Like most swanky Beverly Hills hangouts, popular lounges that are frequented by in-the-know locals are found in the neighborhood’s hotels. The Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel is often the location of gossip column fodder, but it’s where residents migrate to relax with live entertainment from pianists, violinists, and acoustic guitar strummers (there’s also a Sunday jazz performance for Champagne-loving brunchers). Another hot hotel lounge option is Trader Vic’s Lounge within the Beverly Hilton, a Polynesian-themed indoor/outdoor venue where the Mai Tais flow.

For a lounge experience based around tobacco rather than alcohol, the high-end stogie aficionados hole up at the Buena Vista Cigar Club. With a full bar, comfortably-cushy seating area, and the ability to smoke indoors, the haunt is sure to leave smoky scents on the Armani-suit-wearing patrons.

For a more low-key lounge experience, The Vampire Lounge & Tasting Room is rarely crowded and offers a refreshing, wine-filled break from the overly-ostentatious scene at the more trendy Beverly Hills lounges.

Like everything else in Beverly Hills, a night at the lounge can get pricey. Make that credit card swipe worth the cost by choosing a lounge with a relaxing atmosphere that is short on the snobbery.

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