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Bar Bouchon - Wine Bar | Bistro in Beverly Hills, LA

Beverly Hills bars are of the swankier variety, filled with refined, educated, well-groomed folks in their late-20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond.

Bars in Beverly Hills are usually restaurant hybrids, offering fine foods to accompany one’s drink of choice. South Beverly has a few places to pull up a stool, but Honor Bar is the strip’s best bet with its live music and casual vibe that attracts youthful industry professionals.

In the Golden Triangle, the cost of drinking will increase greatly because any restaurant with a bar is likely backed by a big-name chef whose presence alone adds to the tab. Perhaps the most cost-conscious option is Bar Bouchon, where the early-evening happy hour helps cut expenses. The establishment also has a dog-friendly patio situated next to a small park (don’t be surprised to see people pushing their pooches around in strollers).

The most authentic Beverly Hills bar experience may be at The Phoenix on Restaurant Row, a long block of eateries on La Cienega just north of Wilshire. The Phoenix is the neighborhood hotspot for young, professional singles looking to mingle. The drink prices aren’t crazy expensive, there’s an outdoor area for smokers, and a game room.

Beverly Hills is not a bar haven in the traditional L.A. sense. There are no dives and nothing sporty, but for a clean-cut crew looking for a no-frills bar experience, Beverly Hills may be the place to go.

Popular Beverly Hills Bars

  • * Honor Bar After Work / Bar / Bloody Marys
  • * Porta Via 20s and up / American Restaurant

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