White Horse Inn Cocktail Lounge

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White Horse Inn Cocktail Lounge Nothing says dive quite like free cheese puffs and a location on the first floor of a Super 8 Motel, and White Horse Inn Cocktail Lounge embraces its status wholeheartedly. Los Angeles United States 34.0990714 -118.309219
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White Horse Inn Cocktail Lounge - Dive Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Nothing says dive quite like free cheese puffs and a location on the first floor of a Super 8 Motel, and White Horse Inn Cocktail Lounge embraces its status wholeheartedly. Looking like a 1970s party den, the space features... ... read full review

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    Red Line: Hollywood/Western

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    Daily 6pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth White Horse Inn Cocktail Lounge Review

The Scene

Nothing says dive quite like free cheese puffs and a location on the first floor of a Super 8 Motel, and White Horse Inn Cocktail Lounge embraces its status wholeheartedly.

Nothing says dive quite like free cheese puffs and a location on the first floor of a Super 8 Motel, and White Horse Inn Cocktail Lounge embraces its status wholeheartedly.

Looking like a 1970s party den, the space features red lighting, photos – elegantly stapled to the wall of course – of wasted hipster patrons, a jukebox spinning Oasis and The Cranberries, and the requisite salty manager slinging drinks and preparing bowls of pretzels, popcorn, and potato chips to keep the tipsy artsy crowd from falling over completely.

Old TVs above the bar keep the locals updated on the latest scores, while a single central pool table provides out-of-work actors with a place to channel their inner Paul Newman – at least until the top goes on and the table turns into a buffet of microwaved hot dogs and fixings.

Friday and Saturday nights see the place packed to the rafters with Eastsiders in vintage garb looking for free grub, cheapish beer, and a few hours to chat and get boozy on the thrift store couches.

Dive-hunters on the prowl for a night off from the Hollywood scene will find it at White Horse, a no-frills playground of grunge rock and Bud Light.

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Tip from Emma:

The hot dogs usually make their way out around 11pm, so head over to the pool table/makeshift snack spread a few minutes earlier to grab one with relish before they’re gone!

  • Crowd

    Eastside hipsters, Hollywood artsy types, struggling actors, dive lovers, derby dolls, and salty locals, 21 to 35+.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Jukebox stocked with classic rock, 90s grunge, and soul favorites from The Clash, Nirvana, and Def Leppard. Pool table. TVs tuned to local sports.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Popcorn, cookies, and hot dogs provided free. Credit card minimum $15. ATM on site.

  • Prices

    Beer $6–$7, cocktails $7+. Pool $1/game.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes: t-shirts and jeans.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Around 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights for the best scene.

  • Close By

    Jumbo's Clown Room (5153 Hollywood Boulevard) provides the same dive vibe with the addition of bikini-clad go-go dancers.

White Horse Inn Cocktail Lounge User Reviews

Average rating:
Awesome dive bar with a fun laid back basement vibe. Funny old Russian lady as the bartender. Free hot dogs and cheap candy, what's not to love?
Aimee C. Jan 19, 2013
Eclectic dive bar with people from all walks of life. You'll fall in love with the Charming Old Russian Lady and her Sweet Squat Middle Aged employee who run a wonderful but tight ship. Make sure you're spending money or you can't sit at the tables and gorge on the free popcorn, cheese and hotdogs. Fair enough!! Great jukebox, comfy couches and a friendly unpretentious vibe. Drinks are a little pricey, but delicious and the free goodies makes it worth it! Not too crowded towards the weekend and pretty dead during the week. Definitely a good place to kick it if you wanna stay out of the douchey Hollywood scene and maybe see George Clooney who's been said to pop in every once in awhile!!!!
Take The Plunge
Darby K. Nov 29, 2012
As dives go, the White Horse is a triple-back-flip with a big splash of Vodka -- something even the Russian judge can appreciate. Located in the lobby of a (not so) Super 8 in east Hollywood, this dimly lit, brightly upholstered watering hole is perfect for anyone tired of maintaining that impossibly high social standard known as the bare minimum; leather pants, sweatpants, or no pants -- you'll fit in just fine. The interior looks like Prince's rumpus room on steroids, circa "Purple Rain": Sequin-drenched, featuring antediluvian TV sets flickering bizarre, Eastern Bloc programming, leopard-print couches, and garish clientele photos pinned to the walls -- with just enough self-awareness to be plausibly kitsch. As the evening wears on, the stereotypically surly bartender converts the pool table into a serving table, with dubious offerings of nuked hotdogs, American cheese and crackers -- gratis, if you don't consider the health costs. But by then, you'll be so bamboozled by cheap drinks and loud hipster anthems to care. So go ahead, chug that PBR, choke down that dog -- take the plunge at the White Horse.
Enjoy the dive
Chris K. Nov 19, 2012
My favorite bars are the ones I feel like I could enjoy for most of my adult life, and the White Horse Inn is one of those. On the one hand, its seedy somewhat sequined insides suggest the kind of place where my grandfather used to go in his leisure suits to pick up young(er) widows on a Friday night. On the other, the overstuffed furniture, pool table, and other modern bar fixtures breed a sense of youth that would be tacky if it weren't so fun. In general, the White Horse Inn isn't a place to, say, take an Adriana, but definitely an Emma (and let's be honest, Jonahs, who wants to go home with an Adriana?). Definitely worth the seediness.
Gem of a Dive
Chris M. Sep 13, 2012
I discovered this place randomly walking with a friend around the neighborhood when she moved to Los Feliz for an internship. We entered on a lark, expecting to grab a drink to cool down after a hot day of walking around and then move on to somewhere trendier. We ended up staying all night because this place is fantastic. A true dive bar in the sense that there literally (and yes I know how to use the word 'literally') no pretension about this place. They serve drinks, it's dark, they give you free food, and everyone is having a good time. The crowd id mized, I don't who they are are where they are from, likely locals, but truly all friendly. Not one to strike up conversations with strangers, I found myself having many throughout the night. My friend is back in Los Feliz for a full-time gig and I am very excited to return to the White Horse!
A Super Dive...or a Super 8 Dive, to be exact!
Jayson M. Sep 12, 2012
White Horse is basically the lobby of a Super 8 Motel. Sold. I love this crap-hole. It’s run by this feisty Hungarian lady who will tell you all about the old country, her thoughts on the president, the best way to buy cheese, and why actors are uniformly awful people. She also swears like a sailor. And she doles out free hot dogs, popcorn, and other assorted goodies to go with the cheap (but not as cheap as you might think) booze. Drinks probably average around $7, but hey, the food is free. Ask her about “mixology” and she’ll probably punch you in the nuts. There are Polaroid pics tacked up pretty much everywhere. Lots of big booths and comfy couches. Place probably looks really bad in bright lighting, of which thankfully there is none. Join the common folks. Tell Vicky the Hungarian I said Hello!
Freaking Awesome
Sara G. Aug 17, 2012
I love this place. It's intimate, dark, and SO divey that it's super fun. The bartender is a trip - truly loves her job, and is one that has seen it all. The free food not only sets an awesome tone, but as you continue to drink, it comes in quite handy. Drink long enough and you'll stop questioning how clean it is/isn't, and just dig right in. There is a shady parking lot next door that is free, and the bouncer is really cool. You'll love it here.
Great place for a birthday party
Lauren A. Aug 15, 2012
The sister team who runs the place will make you feel just as you did/do in your great aunt's basement - comfortable, eccentric, laid back - love the Keebler elf cookies!
Free Hot Dogs!
Paul F. Aug 3, 2012
If you love dives - and I mean really love dives - then you will love the White Horse Inn. In the bottom of a Super 8 Motel, this place is dark and incredibly dingy. Best parts: the old lady who owns and runs the place brings out free snacks on top of the pool table - including fairly crappy microwave hot dogs. However, once you're drunk on their cheap booze - those dogs are delicious. There's not a lot else to say - crowd is filled with old-time regulars and hipsters going dive hunting. It's really just one room, not too big or small and rarely gets overly crowded. Again - if you like dives - you'll love the White Horse Inn.
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