LA Whiskey Bars Overview

The Daily Pint - Dive Bar | Whiskey Bar in LA

A hip and young clientele means plenty of whiskey abounds in Los Angeles. L.A. whiskey bars offer incredible whiskey selections, served up for the straight shooters, or mixed into unique West Coast-style whiskey cocktails for adventurous drinkers.

A true whiskey lover’s first stop should be Seven Grand. Home to nearly three hundred top-shelf whiskeys, any hip drinker with a whiskey affinity is sure to have their minds (and taste buds) blown. The hunting lodge-style bar is reminiscent of the décor of Masterpiece Theatre, and encourages banter, cigar smoking, and a true appreciation of the amber liquid.

While Seven Grand might be a bit much for some, Thirsty Crow is one of Los Angeles’ more laid-back whiskey bars, such as might be found in a favorite film noir, but without all the smoke. Offering a classy, vintage atmosphere, Thirsty Crow is a hipster hotspot, offering an extensive collection of bourbon and unique cocktails.

For a no-frills whiskey experience, visit The Daily Pint, which offers over 300 kinds of Scotch whiskeys, along with a nice list of craft brews. And for a unique whiskey experience, discover Neat, the bar where all cocktails are served separately from their whiskies. Pretty neat!

While Los Angeles may not have the same reputation as NYC when it comes to whiskey, there is definitely plenty of whiskey to savor in this hip and energetic city.

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