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Tiki-Ti Want to find more info on Tiki-Ti in Los Feliz, Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for reviews, photos, and more for this tiny cocktail bar! Los Angeles United States 34.097645 -118.285671
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Tiki-Ti - Dive Bar | Tiki Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Boasting more than ninety tropical drinks and lots of positive energy, Tiki-Ti is a Hawaiian-themed hole in the wall catering to a motley mix of grizzled regulars, LA Dodgers fans, and hipsters. Patrons stepping into this... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    W–Sa 4pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Tiki-Ti Review

The Scene

Want to find more info on Tiki-Ti in Los Feliz, Los Angeles? Check out Party Earth for reviews, photos, and more for this tiny cocktail bar!

Boasting more than ninety tropical drinks and lots of positive energy, Tiki-Ti is a Hawaiian-themed hole in the wall catering to a motley mix of grizzled regulars, LA Dodgers fans, and hipsters.

Patrons stepping into this shoe box of a dive will find only a couple of small tables and barely a dozen stools on which to perch, but what Tiki-Ti lacks in space it makes up for in charmingly tacky décor, with enough Polynesian knickknacks and tiki masks to decorate three much larger bars.

Loyal regulars straight from a baseball game or just out barhopping – and perhaps hoping to earn a coveted name card on the “Patrons of Rare Character” wall – drop in and out throughout the night, attracted by the universally strong concoctions created via secret recipe by the father and son bartenders/owners.

A sprinkling of kitsch-loving hipsters is usually on hand, drawn not only by the décor, but also for the show, when ordering drinks like the Uga Booga whips the crowd into a frenzied chant of “Uga Booga” until the drink is served.

For customers who just can’t decide on a drink, there’s a cocktail roulette wheel to help them choose their poisons.

Although the mix of Margaritaville residents and Los Feliz/Silver Lake hipsters may seem like a strange stew, Tiki Ti’s cheerfully authentic vibe pulls it all together into a delicious night out.

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Tip from Emma:

The owners of Tiki-Ti are behind the bar every night, which means that when they go on vacation, the bar is closed. Check the website before heading over to make sure they’re actually open!

  • Crowd

    Diverse range from long-time regulars to hipsters, as well as post-Dodgers game folks, 20s to 50s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Ambient music of mostly surf and yacht rock. TVs.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Video drink menu. Cocktail roulette wheel helps patrons choose drinks. Smoking allowed inside. Cash only. ATM machine on premises. No beer or wine served.

  • Prices

    Cocktails $9+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Mostly t-shirts and jeans for both guys and gals, with the occasional Hawaiian shirt.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Fridays and Saturdays for the biggest out-the-door crowd, or any late afternoon to hang with the regulars.

  • Close By

    Good Luck Bar (1514 Hillhurst Avenue) is another theme bar that attracts the same hip clientele of Tiki-Ti and also offers beer and wine.

Tiki-Ti User Reviews

Average rating:
A Night to (Mis)remember
Aurielle P. Oct 23, 2013
It's Saturday night and I'm waiting in a ling that extends down the block to enter a bar that is the size of my bedroom. I stand patiently as my friend promises that it's worth the wait. As the line edges up to the door, I sneak a peak inside this cute little hut. There are so many people crowded inside that I can barely see the bar. The entire bar is decorated with lights, flowers, tiki masks, and other kitschy reminders of Polynesian culture, and the eclectic crowd of people seem to be enjoying themselves. I become more and more excited as my turn to enter the bar approaches, so I strike up conversation with Hawaiian-shirted doorman. Since this was my first time here, he lets me in on a few tips as a Tiki-ti pro - most importantly he tells me to chant "Uga-booga" as the bartender makes the Uga-booga drink. I accept a hug from the doorman (always a good sign) and cross the threshold into this tiki haven. As an insider, I was able to experience what was buzzed about as I waited in line. My friends and I ordered a few drinks from the extensive drink menu, one of course being the Uga-booga. The drinks were fruity and delicious, which perfectly masked the abundance of alcohol in them. These umbrellaed and flowered drinks were pretty strong, and quickly made my friends and I as friendly and chatty as the rest of crowd in the bar. Overall, TIki-ti is a fun bar to let loose, and my friends and I had a great time. We made a few new friends, had some great drinks, and Uga-booga-ed.
What a Dive
Brett C. Mar 18, 2013
I went to Tiki Ti for the first time while bar-hopping in Los Feliz on Saturday night and knew that it was a winner from the instant that I walked inside. Tiki Ti is a really small rectangular bar; there are maybe 5 or 6 small tables along one wall with the bar taking up the opposite wall, and a walkway around 4 or 5 people deep in between, and that’s it. Behind the bar is an amazing assortment of Tiki dolls, masks, other assorted island relics, and even a working fountain. There’s a TV screen near the back of the bar with a video menu flashing pictures and descriptions of the bar’s various fruity cocktails and another over the door that was showing The Blues Brothers. Tiki Ti doesn’t serve beer, wine, or traditional cocktails, but you can’t go wrong with one of the near 100 tropical cocktails listed on their menu. Drinks are around $10, but they’re big with plenty of alcohol and fruit garnishes, and deceptively strong, as the taste of alcohol is deftly masked by the rest of the ingredients. The bar is cash only, but there’s an ATM in the back if you need it. With its delightfully tacky novelty décor and strong, but delicious drinks, make Tiki Ti an early stop on your night out, and you won’t have to buy many drinks for the rest of the night.
Authentic Kick Ass Tiki Bar
Brett G. Mar 11, 2013
It's been around since 1961 and has been amassing a FANTASTIC collection of tiki decor all those years. The place is small but the drinks are super strong and you can smoke. It's as old school Los Angeles as you can get, right near the heart of hipster-ville. The traditions are the most fun here, depending on the drink you order. I recommend the Ooga-Booga. As the bartender begins a long pour of rum he starts the chant, "Oooga-Booogaaaaaaaaaa" and the whole bar joins in. A walking toy bull with glowing red eyes is set loose along the bar and patrons spin it around sending it back the other way when it reaches them. I know of at least three other drinks that have other traditions attached to them but you'll have to go to discover them for yourself. There is NO other tiki bar worth going to. This one holds the crown and has for over 50 years.
Tropical drinks with a punch
Cristina M. Feb 22, 2013
If you are in the mood for a taste of the tropics or a drink that will leave you under the table, then Tiki ti is the bar for you. Located in the quiet end of Sunset Blvd., this hidden gem draws an interesting LA crowd from hipsters trickling in from Silver Lake to cigar smoking regulars. About the size of one car garage with only a few tables and 12 bar stools, the bar’s menu size of drinks, 92 to be exact, makes up for it. The small space is cluttered with funky kitchy decor you can only find in a garage sale : masks, lamps, drums, volcanoes and other tiki related items. The bartenders, or as I like to call them tiki cocktail craftsmen, certainly work for their tips, meticulously taking their time with every drink, making sure they get every ingredient right, serving you only perfection. The bar is privately owned so be prepared for some smoke to fill the air with patrons taking advantage of smoking indoors. The positive vibe can be felt everywhere, especially when someone orders an ‘Uga Booga’ or ‘Blood and Sand’ drink. The crowd begins to uncontrollably chant until the last drop of alcohol is poured in the drink. Quite a show. If you are hankering for some munchies, the bartenders got you covered offering endless bowls of crunchy cheeze-its or ruffles. The wait can be a bit both outside and at the bar, but the savory drinks are worth the wait. Bring some cash and get there early enough so you can take your time with the long menu and grab a seat. Despite its shack size, Tiki ti’s cool vibe, charming character and flavorful drink list is unbeatable, making any night out a lively and memorable experience.
Coconut Noir
Rodney W. Feb 17, 2013
Hipsters buzzed around the bar flies that hunched over the counter, quietly sipping their rum-based cocktails. Their internal narration seemed louder than the background music that played in the bar. The sight of this motley crew of customers crammed together under a Caribbean canopy should have seemed silly but it didn’t. The tiki-trinkets, strings of colored lights and indoor smoking was a breath of fresh air. It tied this unexpected dive bar together; I felt like I was in a coconut noir. It was my first time in Tiki-Ti and I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. All I knew was that I liked what I was seeing. The bars extensive menu lined the bar wall. Overwhelmed I turned to the bartender for help. I could tell he’d been asked many times “what should get to drink?” After a few quick follow-up questions he whipped me a tasty – and strong – drink served appropriately in a coconut, a hardy dish I possess to this day. While the bar is small we didn’t have to wait long for a drink. And fortunately we managed to find a table quickly for people watching. While the drinks were good and reasonably priced ($10+), the atmosphere is what would bring me back. After we left I remarked how I wish I’d visited this bar sooner—I won’t make the same mistake again.
One of the Last Real Places Left
Blake W. Jan 14, 2013
If the East Side of Los Angeles were a cellar, then Tiki Ti would be its finest vintage. Of course, there's nothing pretentious about this place, and that's why it's one of the last real places in the city. By real, I mean they are a cash only bar, it's been around for decades, and it's family owned. Because it's family owned, that makes smoking permitted, according to the law; at least Tiki Ti permitted smoking the last time I checked. Even though I am not a smoker, that permission adds to the sense you get of a bygone era in America where all you could ask or expect from your favorite local watering hole is that it be as sloppy and celebratory as you are. Don't get me wrong, Tiki Ti isn't dirty. It's a tiny, relatively clean little hole in the wall, but I've marked my years in Los Angeles by the special occasions spent there where I didn't leave unless I was sufficiently sloppy. As small as it is, and full of smoke though it may be, I wouldn't change a single shred of detail about this unsung Los Angeles institution. Know that you better have a healthy wad of cash on hand when you go Tiki Ti, but also know that it's worth it! Every single drink they make is tropical, and bottom-heavy on the booze. They rate the alcoholic intensity of each of their drinks on their menu, and for $20 you can order "The Stealth" which by the time you've finished it will have been a good value; you'll also be ready to stick a fork in yourself because more than likely you're done for the night. I can't speak to the complaints anyone might have about this place because it has the history and the character most modern, referbished and/or conceptual bars never will. You also know that the bartenders are with you when you're at Tiki Ti because depending on the drink you order they shout corresponding chants designed to congratulate you on your drink choice and get the whole crowd rooting for your drunkeness. My suggestion is to go with a big group of your closest friends and don't order the same drink twice and maybe clear your schedule for the evening and the next day. Most bars give you an excuse to go grab a couple of drinks. With this bar, drinks give you an excuse to go to Tiki Ti.
Tiki Ti- The Place To Be
Sara H. Dec 29, 2012
As the oldest Tiki Bar in Hollywood, opening its doors in 1961, this family-owned bar is known for their delicious, strong, and perfectly concocted cocktail drinks. Although the size of the bar is on a smaller scale, able to accommodate 25 people or so comfortably, don't let the size of the bar fool you. Tiki Ti is lavishly decorated with Tahitian skulls, masks, and mugs, as well as a few parrots hanging down from the ceiling, and a mini water fountain at the corner of the bar- all types of lively and eccentric decor that fits the theme of the bar completely. The names of these tasteful drinks, such as Shark Bite, Blood and Sand, Skull and Bones, and of course their most popular, Ray's Mistake (the owners' signature drink), combined with the decor, add yet another creative and interesting flair. And believe it or not, because its family owned and operated, you can still smoke inside the bar! The crowd is a mixed one, with ages ranging from 20's up to mid 60's, including hipsters, homeboys, rockers, artists, and of course the older, scruffy, ex-rebels who know a great bar when they see one. So if you’re trying to avoid the typical Hollywood scene and want a place that has good vibes, superb drinks, and great music, this is the place to be.
Small place - Big drinks
Paul F. Oct 17, 2012
This place could fit in your living room. It's so tiny that you can barely squeeze ten people inside. Situated right off Sunset as Hollywood ends and Silver Lake begins, Tiki Ti is a miniature bar with enormously strong drinks. The father and son team who always man the joint mix up some of the biggest and strongest drinks in the city. The drinks list is a mile long, so if you like your liquor tropical, you'll love it here. The crowd is a mix of ironic hipsters and 50 something yacht rockers un-ironically wearing Hawaiian shirts. Go here as a first stop on the early side of your night so you can get in, grab a drink to lubricate the night and then hit the rest of the Silver Lake strip.
I am become death...by daiquiris.
Jayson M. Aug 7, 2012
Good lord this place is dangerous. Tiny as a mid-sized van with the same tropical shirted old dude planted behind the bar serving up sugary sweet madness that inevitably leaves you waking up the next morning feeling like you just ate a shag carpet. I love it, I hate it, it's so much fun. Granted, it takes about five people to fill this place up, but if you manage to sneak in right when they open it's one of my favorite pregame spots. And frankly, after a few of these tropical cocktails, you won't even notice the crowd anymore.
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