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Party Earth Review Boasting more than ninety tropical drinks and lots of positive energy, Tiki-Ti is a Hawaiian-themed hole in the wall catering to a motley mix of grizzled regulars, LA Dodgers fans, and hipsters. Patrons stepping into this shoe box of a dive will find only a couple of small tables and barely a dozen stools on which to perch, but what Tiki-Ti lacks in space it makes up for in charmingly tacky décor, with enough Polynesian knickknacks and tiki masks to decorate three much larger bars. Loyal regulars straight from a baseball game or just out barhopping – and perhaps hoping to earn a coveted name card on the “Patrons of Rare Character” wall – drop ... more


4427 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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LA Tiki Bars Overview

Tiki-Ti - Dive Bar | Tiki Bar in LA

Although tiki bars exist all over the world, the best place to discover true tiki bar culture is Los Angeles. All over the city, tiki bars serve fancy rum cocktails in the midst of Polynesian décor, creating the perfect atmosphere to unwind after a long week.

The first ever tiki bar was opened in Los Angeles in 1933. Don the Beachbomber served a variety of colorful rum cocktails, and the décor consisted of exotic artifacts that owner Ernest Gantt had collected during his trips to the tropics. And so tiki bars were born.

Today, there are plenty of legendary tiki bars in Los Angeles to choose from. Trader Vic’s was originally opened in 1936 and was the location of the world’s first Mai Tai, now a tiki bar staple. The canonical bar is now a chain with locations all over the world. And a particular favorite among young Los Angeles hipsters and Dodgers fans is Tiki Ti. Opened in 1961, this tacky dive offers dozens of eclectic rum drinks that are strong, fruity, and incredibly potent.

Although tiki culture is often marked by kitschy décor and a rugged Polynesian feel, newer bars have begun to spring up that aim to rejuvenate tiki culture for the 21st century. Cana, while devoid of the classic Polynesian kitsch on the walls, offers updated versions of classic tiki cocktails with a west coast mixology twist.

For a taste of Los Angeles, and world, history, check out a local tiki bar or one of L.A.’s mainstays. With fancy rum drinks, unique décor, and often exotic cuisine, it’s hard to go wrong at a Los Angeles tiki bar.

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