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The Otheroom Housed in a beautiful industrial space that was once home to a bank, The Otheroom is possibly the most popular bar on Venice's trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Los Angeles United States 33.9915615 -118.4694802
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A packed house at The Otheroom in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Housed in a beautiful industrial space that was once home to a bank, The Otheroom is possibly the most popular bar on Venice’s trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Originally established in New York City, this sophisticated... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 5pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth The Otheroom Review

The Scene

Housed in a beautiful industrial space that was once home to a bank, The Otheroom is possibly the most popular bar on Venice's trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Housed in a beautiful industrial space that was once home to a bank, The Otheroom is possibly the most popular bar on Venice’s trendy Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

Originally established in New York City, this sophisticated, low-key beer and wine joint prominently displays its roots, from the high pressed-tin ceiling imported from NYC to the east coast transplants that make up most of the staff.

The bar’s cavernous main room features exposed brick walls, billowing white drapes, and a concrete bar backed by an immense chalkboard listing a vast assortment of rare, carefully-selected beers and wines from twenty-three countries.

Alcoves and lounge areas – one of which is built into the former bank vault – provide plenty of velvet seating for the refreshingly eclectic mix of young professionals, local surfers, skaters, beachgoers, and tattooed alternative types, while low window seats in the front room offer a great view of the passersby.

Natural light and a cool sea breeze make for a mellow early evening vibe, but once the sun goes down, The Otheroom becomes one of the darkest bars in town, with only flickering votive candles to light the way for the hip and flirty singles.

Although there is a bouncer and often a line, and though the place is more upscale than most Venice venues, The Otheroom is anything but snooty – so whether patrons are looking to chill out with old friends during the week or mingle with new ones on the weekends, this bar is always a solid option.

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Tip from Lucas:

Flash an ID with a Venice address and the bouncers will let you skip the line and walk right in.

  • Crowd

    A diverse mix of young professionals, alternative types, and neighborhood locals, 20s and 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Indie rock from an iPod playlist. Exhibits of works by local artists.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    No food, but patrons may order takeout for delivery to the bar. No hard liquor served.

  • Prices

    Beer $6+, wine $8+, sake $9.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes, including shorts, sandals, and beachwear. The crowd tends to dress better on the weekends when button-downs, jeans, and dresses prevail.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Great choice any night, though really crowded on Fridays and Saturdays. Good year round, but more popular in summer. The bar is especially packed during Abbot Kinney Boulevard’s First Friday events when retailers and art galleries stay open late.

  • Close By

    If the line is too long at The Otheroom, patrons can try nearby bar The Brig (1515 Abbot Kinney Boulevard), where there’s rarely a wait to get in.

The Otheroom User Reviews

Average rating:
The Trendiest in Trendy Venice
Blake F. Aug 11, 2013
Abbott Kinney is, quite possibly, the trendiest street in Los Angeles. Small and one-off boutiques, flannel shirts and combed hair galore, and hole-in-the-wall chic bars all make this area of Venice the epitome of trend. The Otheroom is the IT place to be on Abbott Kinney. The 'cool-factor' is pretty off the scale. The place is dimly lit, and gives off an industrial, brick and mortar vibe. There are plenty of nooks to sit at, and a large free space in front of the bar so no one is squished. Drinks here run a bit expensive, but nothing too obscene. $6-9 for a beer and $7-12 for mixed drinks is just about right for where the bar is: in the heart of Venice Beach. The beer selection is spot on. With roughly 16 taps that constantly change, they really did well at balancing beer types to please every beer drinker. Pilsners, Hefeweizens, Amber Ales, IPAs, and a few Porters were on tap last time I was there. They cater to the selective beer drinker The dress was pretty relaxed. A button down flannel and jeans, or a blouse and skirt are usually what I see there. I never feel like I'm underdressed there. Music usually includes indie standards, nothing too out there. It usually hangs in the background. I would recommend The Otheroom for all sorts of occasions. Wether you are grabbing a drink with a friend/significant other, or looking to hang with all your buddies, or to pick up someone single, this is a great bar for all of those things. If you're looking for a cool new place to drink, go check out The Otheroom!
Class, dark but exciting atmosphere
Shannon D. May 30, 2013
We love Otheroom. It's a great, hip place. Yes it is dark, but aren't all bars? What do you expect? daylight? There's not hard alcohol, just wine and beer, but it's all delicious and reasonably priced. I had my birthday party here and it was amazing. They were very accommodating and extremely nice. Great service. People come for the atmosphere and the vibe. It does get very packed and there's sometimes a line, especially on First Fridays. I've met the owner- he's a great guy. I would recommend Otheroom to anyone coming in to the area from out of town for something fun to do at night!
You won't be disappointed
Megan K. Apr 3, 2013
Next time you get tired of Santa Monica but still want to enjoy a trendy bar not too far away, go to The Otheroom. Located off of Abbot Kinney in Venice, the place is in a trendy part of Venice, but is a great little gem away from the Ocean Avenue and 3rd Street Santa Monica. It has the same vibe: sophistication. Dimly lit with little rooms off the of the main bar area with plush couches, it is a great place to start the night, perhaps on a First Friday after you've had some food truck goodies. The drinks are priced well and you're likely to see your average early-30s working person out for a few drinks with his or her friends on a weekend.
Sleek, sophisticated spot on Abbot Kinney
Michael G. Feb 15, 2013
Visited The Otheroom on a recent Friday night with a few co-workers. The place was pretty packed - it's one of the trendier bars on Abbot Kinney and the unseasonably warm weather had everybody feeling festive. The bartenders were attentive and the drinks were reasonably priced; while the bar was crowded, we were able to carry out on a conversation without having to scream and shout. One of my friends mentioned that the bar reminded him of similar places in Chicago and Brooklyn. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this bar to anybody looking for a cool spot in Venice - however, I'd definitely have a backup bar in mind in case it gets too crowded.
Julie T. Dec 6, 2012
This is currently one of my favorite places to be...Especially to go at the beginning of the night although I've gone at all points and have never been disappointed before. I love everything from every decor and interior design choice that perfects the ambiance, to all the patrons that are always there to have a good relaxed time and a good conversation. Most of all I love the giant beer selection. The bartenders are always willing to help recommend a beer according to your taste which is totally awesome! It's a bit pricier for those on a budget, but it's not expensive enough for me to want to avoid it...
Best Low Key Bar on the Westside
Kat M. Sep 10, 2012
Oh, the Otheroom. I love you. You were the first bar I went to on the Westside after moving to Los Angeles and you really set the standards high. The ambience and atmosphere is wonderful. New York Darkly lit, smaller bar area, but plenty of tables. Walking by, you can see everyone inside because of the tall glass windows. Sit in the back area of the Otheroom and you'll find it more quiet and intimate. The menu is written on a large chalkboard above the bar Beautiful people come here. You will definitely see a few TV actors. And don't forget the models and musicians. Eye candy, yes please. I have actually met one of my best friends here too, the Otheroom is an excellent place to start conversation. It seems to be the hot spot for young working professionals, 21-40. With style. Especially on weekends, expect to wait in line for a bit, unless you arrive early. Later in the night it can get loud, but that's to be expected considering it's the most popular spot on Abbot Kinney Blvd. It mostly serves beer and wine, which I love because I sometimes like to avoid crazy party animals who can pound shot after shot and make me look like a lightweight. I really enjoy the Australian Syrah, and the champagne is pretty delicious too. If you come with friends, be sure to order bottles instead of individual glasses because it will save you money. Expect to pay a dollar or two more for drinks than the average LA bar, but it's worth it. The bartenders and cocktail waitresses are very nice and helpful. Another great fact about the Otheroom is although they do not serve food, they understand you may have the munchies and allow you to bring your purchased food in with you. Very cool! Whether you're in the mood to grab a beer or glass of wine with your friends, or begin your crazy night out, this is the spot. Look nice, but not overdressed. Casual but classy. You never know who you're going to meet...
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