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The Happy Ending Quite possibly Hollywood's most energetic and unapologetic meat market, The Happy Ending caters to a rowdy crowd of jocks and sorority types in tight t-shirts and baseball caps. Los Angeles United States 34.0976349 -118.342781
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The Happy Ending - Bar | Sports Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Quite possibly Hollywood’s most energetic and unapologetic meat market, The Happy Ending caters to a rowdy crowd of jocks and sorority types in tight t-shirts and baseball caps. The vibe at this free-for-all drinking den... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 11am–2am, Su 9am–2am during NFL season

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    • Day Spot
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Party Earth The Happy Ending Review

The Scene

Quite possibly Hollywood's most energetic and unapologetic meat market, The Happy Ending caters to a rowdy crowd of jocks and sorority types in tight t-shirts and baseball caps.

Quite possibly Hollywood’s most energetic and unapologetic meat market, The Happy Ending caters to a rowdy crowd of jocks and sorority types in tight t-shirts and baseball caps.

The vibe at this free-for-all drinking den can be summed up by its four main attractions: the giant wheel on the wall that’s spun hourly to determine the next drink special, whether it be an Irish Car Bomb, a Jägerbomb, or a Crackhead Shot; the cocktails served in pails and fishbowls; the dedicated beer pong room; and the arcade claw game patrons use to catch the live lobster that will become their dinner.

Split down the middle, the large space offers a slightly mellower room on one side where patrons chill out in brown vinyl booths or shoot a game of pool, while those more interested in bumping and grinding on the dance floor can step over to the other side.

Exposed brick walls and wooden rafters covered with beer signs and sports pennants make up the basic décor, while dozens of flat screen TVs show pretty much every game in progress anywhere.

By day, the polished wood bar offers a laid-back spot to grab a bite and watch a game, but once the sun goes down, The Happy Ending – thanks to its lineup of karaoke, live music, and drinking games – becomes a frenetic party palace all about drinking, dancing, flirting, and, true to its name, ending the night on a happy note with a new friend.

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Tip from Lucas:

Every Thursday is Ultimate Game Night with all-night drink specials, $12 pitchers, and a full night of flip cup and beer pong – so regardless of who wins or loses, everyone stumbles home.

  • Crowd

    College students, sports fans, frat guys, sorority girls, and young professionals, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Karaoke on Mondays, live acoustic band on Tuesdays, karaoke backed by a live band on Wednesdays, game night featuring beer pong and flip cup on Thursdays. DJs spin Thursdays through Sundays.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Full menu of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, pasta, and fish and meat entrées. Happy Hour M–F 4–7pm.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $8–$14, entrées $13–$29, daily food specials $6–$10. Beer $3.50+ or $16+/pitcher, wine $7+/glass or $28+/bottle, mixed drinks $7, cocktails $9. Valet $2.75 before 7pm, $4.25 thereafter.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes, but mostly t-shirts, jeans, and baseball caps.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Thursdays through Saturdays for the most raucous crowd, or for any big game.

The Happy Ending User Reviews

Average rating:
Always a Happy Ending
Charlene Y. Jul 9, 2013
I was definitely taken by surprise the first time I walked into Happy Endings. The sports bar look, mixed with a fraternity house feel, made everyone there instantly let loose and prepare to down shots for an amazing night. I had heard a lot about this place and when I finally went I wasn’t so convinced…that was until my friend walked up to me with a Fish Bowl. For those of you who have yet to experience this masterpiece-be prepared, make sure you have a designated driver, and don’t keep the fish bowl to yourself or else…. Thursday night is the best night there- flip cup games, beer pong, and music can never go wrong. Just come prepared with your A-game, and a great group of friends to drink with.
The Happy Ending Provides Just As Its Name Says...
victoria f. Jun 17, 2013
Out of the couple times I’ve been to Happy Ending, it has yet to disappoint. The first time I went here was on my 21st birthday. We thought it was a fitting location given it’s name. This turned out to be true. When we walked in late on a Thursday night, it was packed. A large bar in the center separates the room. On one side there is music, blaring top 40 music, the other side is a bit quieter and very dive bar like. The crowd is mixed, housing everyone from students to dads and hipsters. I’ve even met a few foreigners..and celebrities here as well. At Happy Endings, everyone is welcome. The bar provides a little bit of everything. All in one night you can play pool, some darts, and dance too. And after dancing all night, it helps that it’s right across the street from In N’ Out, and IHOP is down the street too. If you don’t feel like wearing heels, or getting all dolled up, that’s perfectly ok at Happy Ending. While some may be dressed up, it’s not necessary. I’ve worn flip flops and fit in just fine. I’d go to Happy Ending if you’re looking for a super chill place where you can let your hair down and let loose.
Happy Ending... Sometimes
Gerard Nash G. May 31, 2013
So this place fluctuates between being great and being, well not so great. As said in Shannon's review, this place's level of fun is solely dependent on the amount of people there. Usually it's a thriving club the past times I went, but there have been a few occasions where the lack of people prevents everyone from having a good time. On holidays, like St. Patrick's, the place is definitely thriving and completely belies the experience you would have had there been no one there. The beer is of average value and is pretty expensive, but the bartenders are really great and add to the positive climate of the place. On another positive note, there is a a huge patio, a DJ, and a pool.
The Happy Ending? Ha!! More, like the dissapointed ending
Shannon D. May 30, 2013
No. Please don't take me there. No. You did. Not okay. First sign of distress: an empty parking lot, with a valet that cost $4.25 (he turned out to be a real douche later that evening). Second: Loud music, no one here. We were seated in the most strangely shaped table, and two of our party were sort of nebulously attached to the group. Very smooth, Happy Endings. Third: If you are looking for a beer selection that goes beyond crappy domestics, this is not your bag. Beers are expensive, too, and I had absolutely no desire to pair it with anything on their totally non-cohesive food menu. My suggestion: find literally ANYWHERE else in Hollywood, because you'd see a vast improvement over this spot.
Open To Everyone!
David A. Apr 11, 2013
If there is a watering hole, where people from all walks of life come to mingle, it is The Happy Ending. From Rockers, Indies, Professionals, Gay, Straight, and all that's in between, this place certainly sets out an invisible welcome mat for everyone. With a wide bar, plenty of seating, and a huge patio, the details are all a part of it's charm. I've never seen anyone wait longer than three minutes for a drink at the bar. The DJ booth sits above the dancing area and most of them are open to the occasional tipsy partier to give requests. No matter what your scene is, this place tries to deliver. Pool tales, booths, long tables for big parties, and always a short line for the restrooms - lets face it, nothing can ruin a good night like waiting an hour to pee. Even during the busiest nights, like St. Patricks Day, (when I went) the crowd was happy and content with the entire company. The building is separated by a couple blocks from the Hollywood scene and stands on it's own. Valet parking is great, the bouncers are friendly, and it's right across the street from In and Out and I-Hop. It's a win-win! Most people do the after party at I-Hop where they gossip about the night and the crazy antics that ensued. It's a great place, and everyone in the area should check it out - worry free of the judgment, class, and pretentiousness that most Hollywood bars love to offer.
Happiest Place on Earth *Disclaimer*
Carina C. Mar 7, 2013
If loud music, crowded bars and dancing hipsters is your thing then Happy Endings is just the place for you. I have always had a great time at Happy Endings, the key is to go there when you are in the mood for a night of dancing on people's toes and screaming to be heard (aka nights that start off blurry). If you're looking to have a conversation with your friends then go elsewhere. This place usually picks up at around 11pm and is pumping right till close. I'm a big fan of the spinning wheel which determines the drink specials and the Fish Bowl! The music is always good and after a few weekends at the Happy Ending you will be a pro at predicting the next track and of course, make that a drinking game. Happy Endings is the happiest place on earth *after the same kids outgrow Disneyland and discover alcohol* (It doesn't hurt that it is just around the corner from In n Out.)
Total Package Unappreciated!
Josh H. Feb 19, 2013
Karaoke Mondays Pizza Specials Tuesday Live Band Coreyoke (Karaoke with three guys named Corey!) Wednesday Beer Pong Thursday DANCE PARTY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ALL MAJOR SPORTING EVENTS! There is something special for you any day of the week. Memorable stories and good times always come from a trip to The Happy Ending. The bartenders are great. Chris and Vinnie and The Captain ... good people work here, I'm telling you. Friendly servers and bouncers. Always a positive experience. The venue is multi-faceted. Two main dance floors on the weekends, upstairs and downstairs. Every night provides pool and beer pong tables, tv's all around, and a drink special wheel that changes about twice an hour. And if dancing or the bar isn't your scene, the venue also happens to be an excellent restaurant. And the featured cuisine is fantastic. I think the best deal there is the Calzone (it's HUGE), but then they've also got great dishes that you'd never expect from a sports bar/night lounge. Try the "fish & chips for the aristocrat" or the truffle fries. Yes. The truffle fries. Sports fans, welcome home.
I get the appeal, but it's not for me.
Michael B. Jan 15, 2013
I wind up here every now and then for a friend's birthday or whatever, but I rarely have too good a time. It's not Happy Endings' fault, I'm just not there target demographic. I'm not terribly into sports, and I've never been one of the"frat guy" types they cater to. The place gets waaaay too loud and crowded for me, and usually pretty early (like around nine or ten). My advice, if you're anything like me: get there early and get a booth. You'll get good service and you won't have to push your way through massive crowds just to order a drink. If I have to wait upwards of fifteen minutes just to settle my tab, the place is too busy for my liking. But then, I'm the kind of guy who still wears Disney t-shirts when I go out with friends. The Happy Ending was never going to appeal much to me in the first place.
party tyme
Brittney B. Dec 3, 2012
If you're looking for a crazy night in LA - come to The Happy Ending. There will be dancing. There will be beer pong. There will be sports on the TVs. There will be a claw machine where you can win your own lobster. There will be a spinning wheel determining drink specials. And you. Will. Get. Drunk. The crowd here is mostly 20 and such a young fun crowd. No hassle, dressed down, and always fun. Don't come here if you want a chill night. Come here to have a fun time and let loose. The place is huge, the bartenders are generous, the prices are cheap. Enjoy.
rowdy times
Nisha S. Nov 28, 2012
A few weekends ago, I was dragged to The Happy Ending by a group of guys looking to meet some girls. Once I got there, I totally understood why. The Happy Ending is a typical sports bar where people go to dance, get trashed, and hook up. When I went on a Friday night, it wasn’t very crowded. Given the casual vibe at this bar, I was surprised when the bouncers asked my friends to take off their hats before entering. The interior was nothing special. There’s a large bar and space for people to dance downstairs, while the upstairs bar features a ping-pong table. The crowd at The Happy Ending is filled with mid to late 20 somethings looking to get rowdy. The bar isn’t like your typical Hollywood venue. It’s much more laidback and fratty than some of the trendier spots in the area. Drinks are strong and cheap, and they serve lunch and dinner with decent food like pizzas, burgers, and fish ‘n chips. There are nightly DJs that play anything from pop to hip-hop to reggae. Overall, Happy Ending was not my cup of tea.
A Very Reliable Sports Bar
Andrew N. Nov 5, 2012
You wake up Sunday morning with your favorite team's jersey on, dirty ball cap twisted on backward, your finest pair of khaki cargo shorts this side of the Banana republic, three beers deep and ready to talk smack, but wait, we are in Los Angeles where Sports Bar is a dirty word. Unless the Lakers or Dodgers are playing, you are more likely to find coverage of the Emmies and TMZ than your squad duking it out on the big screen. Aww don't be sad, turn that frown upside down and head to Happy Endings, one of the only legit Sports Bars in town. Along with great sports coverage, sound, an armada of easily viewable flat screens (meaning not a bad seat in the house and a lively atmosphere, this bar features a pool table, beer pong and a huge wheel that bar patrons spin to determine drink specials every hour (Pat Sejak not included). Yes, at times this place can be teeming with the frat bro type, but guess what? This isn't Lambda Lambda Pi and they don't determine if you get in to the party or not. So chill out and enjoy a Happy Ending to a good night.
Always a happy ending!
Jessica G. Oct 5, 2012
Always a happy ending at the Happy Ending. Came here for a birthday celebration with a friend and his ending was beyond happy. The only downside was the service. We got here extra early to have some food and the waiter took foooorever with out food. The food, when it finally arrived....was actually not that bad, although seeing in n out across the street from the window was very tempting. But anyways! the crowd was awesome, the DJ seemed to play a good selection and variety of music. I had a good time and would definitely come back, but next time ill go to in n out instead! =)
Young crowd bar
Sandra H. Oct 3, 2012
I was there a month ago to celebrate a friends birthday. My crowwd made the place fun. The music was focused on the 80s so if you like that sort of music you will enjoy your night. I was a bit dissapointed on the bar tender. The drinks were too strong and not well done for the price I was paying. Some of the furniture a bit old so the place will sure look better if it had newer tables but of course keeping the theme. Probably I wouldn't be as dissapointed if the securites would enforced a dress code. It should b casual since the theme is chilled and relaxed but definately no flats or sandals should be permitted!! I don't even understand how could girls think its ok to wear sandals at a night place such as a club. I was happy with the parking and the parking personnel. Good service and only $5 for valet parking. I waited less than 3 minutes for my car at the end of the night. The music was good. I enjoyed it because it kept its era and just something different from all the other bars. The bar/club also has a top floor for for room for the crowd. I loved the wheel spin which every hour its spinned and announces the special of the hour. It has specials such as shots for the price of one. Overall it was ok.
Terribly Good
Seb G. Oct 1, 2012
This is one of those places where all of the negatives turn into positives after your fourth or fifth drink. It's a casual, no-nonsense college-style bar with a fairly predictable mix of fratstar Hollywood douchebags and obnoxious hot girls who'll do bodyshots in exchange for a free drink. A few drinks will always make Happy Endings a great night out and their massive fish bowls are a recipe for superb disasters. While the party atmosphere gets most of the headlines, the thing people generally overlook is their menu - it's surprisingly good. It goes beyond typical bar food and manages to satisfy even the more demanding foodie before their tastebuds have gone numb. It's the perfect location for watching sports and is a great spot for a few casual beers if it isn't too late in the evening. All these positives aside, it's certainly not for you if you dislike spending your time around douchebags, meatheads, and aging actors who're there to hit on recently graduated college girls.
"I don't remember a thing" nights happen here. Frequently.
Dana G. Sep 28, 2012
Frat-ish? Absolutely. Meat market? You bet. Do I love it. HELL YES. This is where me and my girls go when we want cheap drinks and even cheaper pick up lines. The music is always top notch (late 90's boy bands galore) and the clientele is always good for a laugh. It's the kind of place you end up dancing all night long while continually sipping some Long Island Iced Tea concoction the bartender made up and then forget what you did with your underwear. Two dance floors mean there's always something going on, and several high def TVs mean there's always a lot of men watching football/baseball/hockey/badminton. Apparently it's a restaurant as well, but who needs food when there's a stairwell you can watch drunk people trip on?
Frat Party-ish
Charlie V. Sep 27, 2012
Came here a few weeks ago for a friends bday. We ordered food, which I have to say is decent. But lets face it... when you come to The Happy Ending, you don't come to eat, you come to drink! When the place hits its peak, it feels as if you are in a frat party. Young people drinking, chatting, lounging and dancing are scattered all over the bar. Even though it is very frat party-ish, there is an overall mixture of people that just make the experience that much more enjoyable. The booze itself is decently priced. They have a wheel that is spun near the bar that determines the drink special for that hour This is pretty cool! The drinks are strong, and they get the job done. The bartenders are very friendly and quick with drink orders. Once 10/11pm hit, chairs and tables are moved out to make a massive dance floor for people to enjoy the night away. Towards the back of the building are some stairs that lead to another dancing area. this section is dimmer, and seems a bit more clubby. We didn't stay long upstairs so i never really got a good enough feel to review it. Its a good time when you come. You will drink, dance the night away and just have an overall good time! The only reason i did not give a 4 star review was the $30 charge they placed on my card after they said they were just holding it for the large party we had when it was a restaurant and we were ordering food. But the fun i had that night more than made up for it.
Always a good time!
Anna V. Sep 24, 2012
Whenever I want to hit up a place with my girlfriends where I know we are guaranteed to have a fun night, we always end up at The Happy Ending. You don't have to get too dressed up or deal with the snobby LA crowds at this place. It has a mix of both being a laid-back bar downstairs, yet with the club-type dancing atmosphere upstairs. The age is pretty mixed, so even though I'm almost in my 30's, I don't feel too old coming here. The Happy Ending reminds me of the crazy fun bars I used to frequent on Garnet Street in Pacific Beach during my college days. I've gotten many a great drink special from spinning the wheel, and have tons of hilarious pictures from the random people I've met on the dance floor. It's a crazy, fun time where you can take body shots, play some beer pong, or just go crazy cutting a rug. And, best of all, no cover and no lists at the door - can't ask for better than that in Hollywood!
Another Birthday Spot
Victor H. Sep 18, 2012
You're bound to have a crazy night at The Happy ending, guaranteed. The place is built for fun. I recently celebrated my birthday here with a large crowd. First a smaller crowd of friends and I went early to score a table and have dinner before getting our drink on and getting crazy. When we got there around 10:30 there was plenty of street parking and the place was pretty empty. So if you don't want to deal with parking and want to score a good place for your friend to sit down then go early. The food isn't the best but there is enough variety that you'll find something to enjoy. What you wont enjoy though are the prices, $10 for nachos, yikes! They do give you a lot though so you can split those with a friend. What this place lacks in food they make up in party atmosphere. Once 11 - 12 starts to hit the place really gets crowded and the drinks start flowing. With 2 dance floors there is plenty of space to move around and plenty of faces to get your mingle on. The last time I was joking around with the bartender and he said that if I guess his age within a 5 year range my shot was free...I didn't guess his age but you can see how cool the bartenders are at this place. The drinks well I don't know how much the drinks were but they were good. If you'r really trying to get drunk they have a couple special drinks that they serve on a fish bowl and a bucket. I've yet to try them but they'll definitely do their job. The atmosphere is one of the best, the crowd is really cool and the music is great. You simply can't go wrong with The Happy Ending.
S*** Show
Paul F. Aug 8, 2012
If you're looking for a crazy night in LA - come to The Happy Ending. There will be dancing. There will be beer pong. There will be sports on the TVs. There will be a claw machine where you can win your own lobster. There will be a spinning wheel determining drink specials. And you. Will. Get. Drunk. The crowd here is mostly 20 something bros and the women who love them. No hassle, dressed down, and always fun. Don't come here if you want a chill night. Come here to get wrecked and let loose. The place is huge, the bartenders are generous, the prices are cheap. Enjoy.
One big frat party!
Sandip S. Aug 6, 2012
Happy Ending instantaneously took me back to all the great times that one would have at a college party. Even though I probably remember only the first half of the since I was sloshed by the end of it (which is always indicative of a great party), it is definitely one of the places that you and your friends have to visit if you are looking for some good ol’ unabashed fun. Any place I go to, there are 2 major things that makes a place worthy of me coming back again. One is if there are enough number of cute looking girls so that I don’t need to rack my brain over game theory and the other is music and this place provides exactly the type of music that you need after a few drinks to shake a leg. These two factors definitely pushed Happy Endings to the top of my list when I want to have some guy fun as there are enough number of cute girls and trashy music to keep you going. One of its major attraction is the giant wheel at the wall which is spun every hour to determine the next special drink. I was almost thrown out of the place for trying to spin the wheel to decide what I want to drink haha - so one word of caution to you is that it is spun only hourly before you try your hand at that wheel. The other is the free popcorn that is always available to you, it might not be much of a meal but trust me when its crowded and you are on the lookout for something to eat, this just might be your best bet! All I remember from the night was that I danced to all the top 40 hits (not really proud of it), chugged down my good friend Jack interspersed with the special drinks which has caused my memory to be hazy but has left me strangely satisfied. If you keep your expectations low and are looking for some frat fun, there is no better place for you to be on a Saturday night. Here goes 4 stars for the place that calls itself "Happy Ending".
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