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The Griffin A neighborhood hideaway with a slightly medieval castle décor, The Griffin is a popular haunt for local regulars and hipsters looking for an upbeat night in a carefree atmosphere. Los Angeles United States 34.125196 -118.264666
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The Griffin - Bar | Lounge in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review A neighborhood hideaway with a slightly medieval castle décor, The Griffin is a popular haunt for local regulars and hipsters looking for an upbeat night in a carefree atmosphere. Awash in the amber glow... ... read full review

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    M–F 5pm–2am, Sa–Su 8pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth The Griffin Review

The Scene

A neighborhood hideaway with a slightly medieval castle décor, The Griffin is a popular haunt for local regulars and hipsters looking for an upbeat night in a carefree atmosphere.

A neighborhood hideaway with a slightly medieval castle décor, The Griffin is a popular haunt for local regulars and hipsters looking for an upbeat night in a carefree atmosphere.

Awash in the amber glow of lanterns, the venue’s cavernous main room with its arched brick ceilings, walls of dark wood and stone, and collection of gold-framed paintings and coats-of-arms tapestries creates an intimate vibe, while nooks with red vinyl booths bring the place into the present and provide space for smaller groups to gather for cocktails.

A long bar offers room for average Joes to hang out and chat, though the venue’s centerpiece is a stone platform with two freestanding fireplaces, where groups of unkempt, flannel-clad guests gather on red banquettes to intermix in front of the dancing flames.

If the front bar gets too packed with regulars or birthday groups, patrons in need of breathing room can check out the smaller adjacent space with its quieter bar and low ottomans, or chill out in the enclosed street-side patio.

Relaxed and homey during the week when the after-work crowd shows up for a few drafts of Chimay and Allagash, The Griffin turns into a lively and flirty good time on the weekends.

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Tip from Emma:

Besides the Happy Hour, there are some great menu specials, too. Try the buffalo burger/fries/Schlitz combo on Wednesdays for $10 or the fish and chips/London Pride deal on Sundays for $11.

  • Crowd

    Neighborhood locals and low-key east side hipsters, 20s and 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Jukebox selections ranging from The Zombies to Goldfrapp.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Bar menu including burgers, fries, and sandwiches. Happy Hour M–F 5–8pm. $20 minimum on credit cards.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $8–$10, sandwiches $9–$12. Beer $4+, mixed drinks $7+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: jeans, T-shirts, flannel.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any night for after-work drinks or Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for bigger and livelier crowds.

  • Close By

    The Bigfoot Lodge (3172 Los Feliz Boulevard) is another hip and fun theme bar within walking distance.

The Griffin User Reviews

Average rating:
Laidback bar in the heart of Atwater/Los Feliz
Nick M. Apr 8, 2013
Follow the neon sign of the griffin drinking a martini to be transported into a the gothic watering hole that is The Griffin. Full of exposed brick and an open fireplace, you might think you’ve entered the beer hall at Hogwarts. Check your stuffy Hollywood bar at the door, this place is chill. With an extensive beer list of both taps and bottles as well as an extensive collection of liquor, you’re bound to find your drink. They also have great daily happy hour food and drink specials that are light on the wallet. The regular menu is an interesting mixture of classic bar food with a southern twist that puts many more upscale gastropubs to shame. Plus, they have a jukebox!
Glendale Getaway
Deena D. Mar 26, 2013
The bar has nothing beyond comparison but offers a few cool things. The lighting is perfect and it never gets too loud. There's plenty of space if you're a big group or a small group. The area has a lot of parking so if you're not in the mood to trek to the Westside for an Irish pub, The Griffin will do. The crowd can get on the older side, 40+ even on Fridays and Saturdays. The brick walls add a cool ambiance. Bartenders are usually pretty nice. The biggest issue for me was the $20 minimum on credit cards so if I ever end up here I make sure to have cash on me, but never need too much as you can get a pint for $6.
Donna J. Feb 14, 2013
Love this place
Jonna D. Feb 14, 2013
Love this place. The decor is interesting and the food is great and the drinks are not overly priced.
Julian B. Jan 8, 2013
No kidding; they have the best tater tots ever. "Weird" I said to myself as I ate one. Who would even think they'd have they fried little cylindrical morsels? Well they do, and for some reason I never placed my finger on; they were really friggin' awesome. If that's not your sort of thing, they also have two fire pits to keep you cozy while I eat my tots dude.
Go Griffin!
Lauren S. Nov 29, 2012
Whether it's a bearded, beanie'd hipster, a wet-behind-the-ears corporate climber, or a "seen it all" aging biker, the Griffin draws a pretty eclectic crowd. I think that's a good thing - it proves they're doing something right. The bar has a great selection of some very rare liquors. The bartenders are easy-going, know their drinks and aren't afraid to pour heavy for those deserving. The food menu recently got a re-vamp and the results are incredible: Pan seared pork chop with both churassco and sweet pea/basil purées that create a beautiful match of spicy and cooling over what can typically be a blander meat. Bread pudding that's perfectly soft, sweet and topped with a bourbon cream that could warm you more than the actual shot. I really tip my hat (or beanie) to the new chef. Like most bars, it can get crowded on weekends, but that doesn't deter me one bit from frequenting what I think is a perfect neighborhood haunt.
Huge, well-decorated
Chris K. Nov 16, 2012
I was taken to The Griffin by a friend and immediately fell in love with it. Where to begin? The massive bar is full of gaslight-ish lanterns, exposed brick, indoor fireplaces, all kinds of strange and cozy areas that seem to betray how sprawling of a place it is. The drinks were reasonably priced, and the crowd seemed friendly and chill. On top of that, any place with a neon sign of a griffin holding a martini glass ranks high in my book. The Los Feliz bars were big favorites of mine during my LA journeys, and this is certainly the one I imagine myself spending the most time at . A big win for the City of Angels, this bar.
A Classy But Casual Addition to Your Night Out
Angelica A. Nov 9, 2012
The only time I visited the Griffin I was stood up by a friend. However, despite what could have been an isolating and dull bar experience was molded into something quite special and entertaining. I took a seat at the bar and stuck to sipping whiskey but was engaged in bar chat with the bartenders and ironically enough the bar manager who was seated besides me. I was educated on drinks and cocktails and the business of running a bar, and was overall just incredibly impressed with the staff and their efforts to really engage with their guests. Though I was flying solo, the bar around me was pretty decently packed for a weekday night. The booths and table lining the walls were all filled, and the tables on the smoking patio were also all occupied. The young and old crowd seemed so comfortable in the easy going ambiance of what I'd call a somewhat aristocratic decor. It was apparent that people here don't necessarily just keep to themselves but can also mingle in a casual non-predatory way, and the place has more of a pub-feel. There also serve food which I'm told is unexpectedly above par for bar food. Overall, this is a great place to start of end your night, and to pick up some stragglers on the way.
Effortlessly cool.
Sara H. Oct 29, 2012
The Griffin is a great place to go, even for those who ARE super-close to the crazy nightlife spots in central LA. They have an amazing selection of (strong!) drinks, and you can always find something new and not-too-expensive on the specials board by the main bar. The vibe is pretty laid-back and casual, and you can probably thank the abundance of bearded and bespectacled hipsters crowded by the jukebox for the awesome music that's always playing here. With plenty of seating, going in groups is really fun... but don't be scared, singles, the crowd is always friendly! And couples can also find a bit of privacy in the tables along the walls, with the dim lights setting the mood for a date that won't disappoint. No worries, it's not so dark that you have to worry about stumbling onto anyone... unless of course they're cute! Make sure you go early enough to order a bite to eat before the kitchen closes... once you walk in and smell the deliciousness coming from the kitchen, you'll thank me.
Drink up and catch a cab!
Jenny J. Oct 4, 2012
I heart the Griffin. The Griffin is a must drink bar on the East side where hip alcoholics hang out and get shit face. You don’t intentionally get s**t face but my gosh, the drinks are super strong here. I would order a vodka cola and it is basically vodka with a splash of cola. They have a pretty extensive selection of beers; I just don’t drink beer. The vibe is super chill. They have a small “outdoor” dungeon for smokers to drink and puff away. If you are tired of the pretentious “Hollywood” bars, come over to the Griffin.
So Comfortable
Victor H. Sep 18, 2012
Come inside through velvet curtain, grab a drink by the bar, toss a coin into the jukebox, pick some good music, and grab a seat by the fireplace. With chandeliers above you, large fireplace in the center, exposed brick walls, framed fine art, plenty of couches to sit and a jukebox wit the best music of today, The Griffin is a very homy and comfortable place to have a couple of drinks with friends. This place statys chill most of the night and would even make for a great place for a date. Parking is easy and the bartenders are great. There's also plenty of parking in the adjacent streets to the bar.
An East Coast Vibe in East LA
Collin K. Sep 14, 2012
Sip on a solid selection of craft beer, munch on tater tots, and enjoy good company... You’re at a Los Feliz watering hole far away from bottle service, but still sceney enough for the young and hip. The Griffin may be carefully nestled in east LA, but it feels more like an east coast hangout. Dim lit with a controlled but gaudy medieval vibe the hipster clientele might call “Harry Potter Chic,” or “David Bowie’s Parlor Room.” There’s also plenty of group seating and two fireplaces to up the sexy quotient for date night. The drink selection caters to both the under control and the hot mess crowd. Nurse a Union Jack IPA, or go hard with a #7 (Heaping shot of Evan Williams bourbon and an Olympia can for 7 bucks). Either way, you’re having a good time. The jukebox is chock full of indie jams, hold the Top 40 – so you’re more likely to hear Surferblood and Friendly Fires than Pitbull or Beyonce. And while that kind of bold Beyonce-less-ness may compliment the chill ambience, let’s be honest – sometimes you just wanna put your “Love on Top.” The Griffin ain’t that kinda place. But if you’re after good times with good buds (and you still want to be surrounded by that pack of LA ladies you could chat up if you wanted but you’re just not “feeling it” tonight), the Griffin is the place for you. And, seriously, try the tater tots.
Your New Local.
Kwanza J. Sep 5, 2012
One of the first bars I was invited to after moving from New York, I long to return to The Griffin’s nostalgic Williamsburg, Brooklyn vibe. It exudes a casual and cozy feeling, that television does not portray as Los Angeles nightlife. The bar is like the hipster crowd that is serves; thematic, while avoiding kitschy, but purposefully put together. The Griffin is the epitome of a good local hang out; not a dive, but a laid-back atmosphere to unwind with friends and have well-mixed cocktails and craft beers, or a jack and Coke with some cheap suds. Even when it is packed, changing locations from the bar, to the lounge, or escaping to the patio is easy. If you’re looking for a regular watering hole or just in the neighborhood for a place to kick back, with the option of a good crowd, stop by The Griffin.
Another Bar Crawl Spot
Paul F. Aug 16, 2012
One of four great bars on Los Feliz Boulevard, the Griffin stands out for its Medieval-themed decor, gigantic indoor, space, perfectly poured craft beers, and a second bar that always has less of a line (the one to the left when you first walk in). The Griffin is a great spot in the summer because of their street side patio, though the place tends to get PACKED on Friday and Saturday nights. People here are generally in their 20s and you see a lot of flannel on the guys and your mix of Bettie Page lookalikes and hipster chic girls. Always friendly and never pretentious, the Griffin is a very cool spot as long as it doesn't get overly-packed which forces you to wait a very long time for a drink.
Worth the Drive (or the Walk)
CJ C. Aug 15, 2012
This place is one of my favorite “intimate” bars to go to. Yes, it’s a neighborhood bar, but it almost feels “loungy” – not just some rustic place to kick back and have a brew after work. I don’t even live in the ‘hood – I live in Noho, which is loaded with bars – but I prefer driving the fifteen minutes to the Griffin because I really like the atmosphere. It’s got an interesting vibe to it – sometimes it feels a bit upscale, sometimes it feels kinda homey, and sometimes it just feels like a good hangout. I’ve been there when there’s only a handful of people (my favorite time, personally) and when it’s absolutely packed, and the best thing about it is you can actually have a conversation without having to shout over people and finding out you’ve lost your voice in the morning. It’s also a good place to chill and meet people without feeling like you’re in the bar scene. Prices aren’t bad, and there’s street parking around the neighborhood and on Loz Feliz. Depending on the night and the time, it’s sometime hard to find a good space, but it’s still worth it – and it’ll be good to walk off that buzz after you leave.
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