The Bigfoot Lodge

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The Bigfoot Lodge Decked out like a 1950s hunting cabin, the kitschy and welcoming Bigfoot Lodge attracts an upbeat clientele of curious locals and earthy hipsters in the mood to curl up by the fake fire with a cocktail. Los Angeles United States 34.1235864 -118.2680326
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The Bigfoot Lodge - Bar | Lounge in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Decked out like a 1950s hunting cabin, the kitschy and welcoming Bigfoot Lodge attracts an upbeat clientele of curious locals and earthy hipsters in the mood to curl up by the fake fire with a cocktail. Log cabin walls... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 5pm–2am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth The Bigfoot Lodge Review

The Scene

Decked out like a 1950s hunting cabin, the kitschy and welcoming Bigfoot Lodge attracts an upbeat clientele of curious locals and earthy hipsters in the mood to curl up by the fake fire with a cocktail.

Decked out like a 1950s hunting cabin, the kitschy and welcoming Bigfoot Lodge attracts an upbeat clientele of curious locals and earthy hipsters in the mood to curl up by the fake fire with a cocktail.

Log cabin walls, hunting trophies, antlers, pelts, wilderness safety signs, and a life-size forest diorama featuring Smokey the Bear create a warm and amusing atmosphere for the fun-loving slackers who crowd into the brown vinyl booths early in the week to chat and play trivia games, or gather at the long wooden bar to order cheeky specialty cocktails like the Girl Scout Cookie – a “thin mint martini made from real Girl Scouts.”

Early birds laze around by the mock fireplace in the Sasquatch National Forest den, while latecomers perch on barstools at high tables or hike back to the booths in the rear.

Once the weekends roll around, the place becomes standing room only as boozy and boisterous twenty-somethings flock in to mingle and flirt.

Between the creative drinks, the summer-camp décor, and the lively theme nights, Bigfoot Lodge is a badge-worthy choice for party animals who want to get back to nature and have a cheery, upbeat adventure.

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Tip from Emma:

Look for a specialty cocktail called the Sasquatch – Wild Turkey, ginger brandy, ginger ale, and a dash of bitters. As the menu says, ‘It’s big, it’s hairy, and it will stomp your ass.’

  • Crowd

    Locals and earthy hipsters, 20s and 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    iPod playlist of hipster hits. Occasional live music. Rock and Roll Karaoke on Mondays, Trivia Night on Wednesdays, Big Foot Bingo on Sundays. Some Nerve punk rock party on first and third Tuesday of every month; Steady Up ska, reggae, and soul party on second Tuesday; and Knotty Pine Derby pinewood derby car races on last Tuesday.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Happy Hour daily 5–8pm. Drink specials Tu–Th. Street parking.

  • Prices

    Beer $4–$10, wine $7+, cocktails $7–$12.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: jeans, t-shirts. Shorts common on weeknights, less so on weekends.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays for the theme parties, and Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for the best crowds.

  • Close By

    The Roost (3100 Los Feliz Boulevard) is a cozy dive just up the street with cheap drinks and free popcorn.

The Bigfoot Lodge User Reviews

Average rating:
If You're Looking For Lodging, Look No Further.
Jonathan J. Jun 11, 2013
Big Foot Lodge is a great place to hang with friends if you're looking for a low key night any day of the week. One of the best things about this place are the drinks. Though averagely priced for LA, the bartenders know what they're doing. Not to mention their house cocktails are delicious, and to be downed with caution. There have been more than a few of my friends who've gotten drunk off the delightfully deadly Sasquatch, and if you're a fan of sweet drinks look no further than the Girl Scout Cookie Martini. This remains one of my favorite bars in LA. With a friendly atmosphere and a tasty drink menu, you can't go wrong.
Heavy Thunder
Coach R. May 18, 2013
If raw, powerful energy is not in your league, steer clear of this pub. But, if blaring rock 'n' roll and biker types are what you so desire, this is definitely the spot for you. Whether the speakers feature AC/DC or Black Sabbath, tattooed hooligans and women in long boots are the main attraction at this joint. With the theme of the immense outdoors, and a menacing bear as the mascot, just outside of the Los Feliz area is where you will find this loud locale. Never one to question authority, don't mind befriending the doormen here--they are almost carbon copies of the patrons. Remember, fast music and cheap drinks are what are hidden in this cool jewel, so bring some cash, and heck, maybe even a leather jacket--at least with the intention to fit in.
Mónica L. Apr 17, 2013
As soon as you step inside, you feel the atmospheric theme of a log cabin in the woods. It’s cozy without being too jam packed, so it’s a good place to talk about your day after work or to get the weekend started with your friends. The first thing you see is the bar to the left. It welcomes you in as if by saying, “you deserve a treat. Have a drink!” There is variety, which I quite like, and an ample selection of mixed drinks and beer for those who like to try something different. The main attraction is karaoke night, at least the point of this visit. You get the whole spectrum: expert entertainers who really interact with the public, groups of friends hurdled together, dancing couples, and that really, really drunk guy with a quirky outfit. There are bench areas and standing tables; pick your spot and delight the rest, or be delighted by the person on stage. I really enjoy the laid back atmosphere. The Bigfoot Lodge is excellent if you’re looking for a rustic place to take some photos, have some drinks and make new memories.
Ignore the Animals, but please tip the bartenders.
Anthony G. Mar 31, 2013
Walk through the massive oak doors, pass the giant stuffed moose, and mosey on into the softly illuminated lodge where you’ll find the perfect combination of woodsy kitsch and twenty-something hip. Set down your hunting rifle…wait a minute, we’re not in the middle of the woods in Wisconsin. This is the Big Foot Lodge, one of Los Angeles’ most relaxed and trendy haunts in unpretentious Atwater Village. There are plenty of bars in Los Angeles that have impressive beer and cocktail menus, but the Big Foot Lodge is the only one where you feel like you’ve been transported out of the city and into a, as many of the people who come here might say, “chiller” spot. Fair enough. Maybe this isn’t the bar where everyone knows your name, but we’re in LA after all. You’ll at least feel a little less anonymous hanging out in one of the lodge’s cozy booths while sipping on one of the many delicious cocktails being whipped up at the rustic bar nearby. If no one knows your name here then at least they won’t care what you’re wearing. In the great outdoors it doesn’t really matter, which is what makes the Big Foot Lodge feel a little like…home.
A modern place to hang your racoon cap to enjoy the comfort of dry bourbon and a mellow atmosphere
Patrick B. Feb 11, 2013
Not the type of place to walk in with four-inch heels and order a cosmo, BigFoot Lodge is the brick and mortar bar you’d likely pass driving down Los Feliz Blvd if it weren’t for the large incandescent sign of a Sasquatch standing between the log font of the bar’s name. Upon passing the solid oak doors of the entrance, you find yourself in the whiskey-lit room that reminds you of a scene from John Candy’s ‘The Great Outdoors.’ The walls lined with trophy deer, license plates, rustic awards and just plain ol’ good looking timber. The bar offers an atmosphere of fuzzy feelings and velvet vibes. Standing at the entrance, you half expect Big Foot to come and offer you a seat on a tree stump in the ‘man-cave ‘that he’s turned into a neighborhood hangout for those who can adjust to the mellow lighting. The shelves of the bar offer a variety of beer that can be found in most places around Los Angeles; but it’s the selection of spirits and cocktails that can be whipped up by the knowledgeable staff that sets this log cabin of the asphalt jungle apart. Our friends, Mr. Daniels, Beam and Williams are favorites to socialize with around the twenty foot strip of bar. But for those who want to go outside of the group and wet their pallets with some medicine that will make all the stress of the week wash away in the first sip and slap you with the blanket warm feeling of sitting around a campfire, I highly suggest the ‘toasted marshmallow’ cocktail. If you find yourself contemplating the purpose of life after a bad day at work, perhaps a lingering urge to leave to the woods and be John Muir for a month, I suggest you stop by BigFoot’s Lodge for a drink before you go. You can contemplate all you want in the secluded booths across from the bar, or socialize with the friendly crowd that this wooden tavern attracts. Either way, BigFoot’s Lodge is a great place to hang your coat and allow the whispering pine floorboards and walls to whisk you away to your happy place.
Try The Old Fashioned
Brett C. Feb 4, 2013
Bigfoot Lodge is one of my favorite bars in Los Feliz. No matter how busy the bar is, it’s reliably a good time. The bartenders here know their way around a drink, and their Old Fashioned is perhaps the best I’ve ever had. I also see them making Toasted Marshmallows (Frangelico, Bailey's, vanilla vodka, and butterscotch liqueur topped with a melted marshmallow) a lot, but have yet to try one myself. You’ll spend a bit on drinks (it’s definitely not a dive bar), especially if you stick to specialty cocktails, but they’re worth the price. They have good happy hour specials, even on weekends; I went early on a Saturday night and they had Jameson girls giving out free shots and specials on Jameson (including specialty cocktails) until 9 or 10. They play great music; last time I was there I heard the likes of The Walkmen, The Kinks, and Kaiser Chiefs to name a few. The crowd was pretty mixed, but on the younger side, and expect a lot of birthday parties later on weekends. Bigfoot Lodge is a great bar for any occasion, an after-work drink, a lively weekend spot, or even karaoke and trivia nights. Do yourself a favor and check it out!
Bigfoot is in city and he's never looked better!
Jayme S. Nov 29, 2012
Take some time away from the hustle and bustle of life and come to Bigfoot's Lounge to go on a little adventure. Bigfoot's Lounge is an excellent choice for a unique night out in Los Angeles. The perfect choice for something fun yet atypical. With the naturesque appeal you might forget you are in Los Angeles for the night and be swept away mentally to your favorite camping sport or outdoor memory!
Like its namesake, sought-after and blurry
Chris K. Nov 19, 2012
Bigfoot Lodge suits its title, in that it is a weird place you're not sure truly exists, even after having spent many hours there steeped in the rustic styling of this cabin-like bar and lounge. It's not just the bizarre paintings, taxidermy, and general atmosphere of totally insanity that pervades this place, or the drinks that flow throughout the hunting-lodge-chic of the bar. It's the whole thing planted on Los Feliz, this giant bar done up like the Appalachian playboy mansion in the midst of Los Feliz, a drive that seems to most prominently feature either scummy dives or cool theme bars. There's a second Bigfoot in Culver City that you should also look into. This, what a weird night.
Just What I Was Looking For
Nathan S. Nov 5, 2012
I stumbled into The Bigfoot Lodge with nothing to do on a Saturday night, and was immediately taken aback by the dull roar and mildly edgy ambiance. Paying less than $7 for a beer in Los Feliz is hard to come by, and this place offers not only plausibly cheap drink prices but also a smile and friendly conversation. I truly felt at home - jeans and a v-neck were pretty much the norm across the board. I'd recommend the joint to anyone looking to show a lady a good time in a trendy part of town, as it maintains the perfect blend of grit and class.
Cabin in the Woods
Charlie V. Oct 4, 2012
Came here to celebrate my friends birthday celebration. Did not know what to expect when we arrived, but i was surprised at it's ambiance. I liked the theme and decor of the place. It felt very outdoorsy. The drinks themselves were STRONG, and fairly priced. Didn't really get to try a lot of their menu as i was DD. The only negative aspect of this place was the non-existent dance floor. Music was blasted throughout the night, but the place does not have a designated place to dance. I remember seeing people just sort of swaying around their booths or where they were hanging out. It can get fairly crowded, but its never packed to the point where it's an issue. The Bigfoot Lodge is a chill place with a cool vibe and it's something different compared to the normal places you see around this area. It certainly is a place you should check out if you are around the neighborhood.
A Comfy, Cozy, and Cool Cabin to Drink At
Rania R. Aug 17, 2012
Bigfoot Lodge is without a doubt a true gem among the bars that line Los Feliz Boulevard in Atwater Village. Their kitschy cabin theme and in your face taxidermy provides a little shock to newcomers but a lot of laughs and hometown warmth to its loyal locals. My favorite thing about Bigfoot is the relaxed vibe and comfy booths. Drinks are fairly priced and finding nearby side street parking is never an issue. They also have fun events like trivia, karaoke, dance parties, and movie screenings. The downside, is that they don't have a kitchen. However, they do sell an array of popular junk food items at the bar and host food trucks outside of their establishment. My favorite day to come to Bigfoot Lodge though is on Christmas night. After the gifts have been opened, plates of homecooked food has been devoured, and sufficient quality time has been spent with family, grab a few good friends and head on over for a late night drink. It gets very crowded, so if you want to find a seat, I'd suggest trying to get there before 11pm. Jam-packed or not, Bigfoot Lodge provides the perfect ending to everyone's favorite winter holiday, especially since they have a faux fireplace to cozy up next to. And if that's not enough to bring you in, maybe the fact that you are a huge Jim Carey fan and much of his hilarious movie, Yes Man, was filmed at Bigfoot Lodge, will get you in the door!
Stop 1 on Atwater Village Bar Crawl
Paul F. Aug 11, 2012
This stretch of Los Feliz Boulevard makes for a great crawl because you have Bigfoot, The Roost, The Griffin, and that Irish place I can never remember the name of. Bigfoot comes first or last depending on which side of the street you start on. Once inside, you're hit with Chuckie Cheese style taxidermy, a log cabin-feeling interior and cheap drinks amidst the Atwater Village punk and hipster crowds. Downside of Bigfoot - if it's hot outside, it's going to be hot inside. The ventilation isn't so magical, so be prepared to shed some layers. Good news, this is the most unpretentious stretch of bars in the city, so there isn't exactly a dress code.
Always a Good Time
Sara G. Aug 10, 2012
Even if it's a chill night at Bigfoot, this place is always great. The bartenders are cool, the drinks are fun, and the clientele are generally friendly. Unless you live on the east side, it's a little bit of a schlep - but there are a few other bars up there. I think the drink being discussed in the other review is the S'More - and yes, it's really good. :) It can get pretty crowded - but never jam packed. It's a great place to meet hipster-esque and for the most part, non douche-y folks. I have yet to be at their new Culver City spot, but my hope is it's the same crowd. If you want to indulge in some late night dining afterwards, I'd recommend House of Pies or Fred62.
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