LA Tequila Bars Overview

Te'Kila - Mexican Restaurant | Tequila Bar in LA

Tequila bars in Los Angeles provide that wonderful mix of entertainment that can only be achieved by mezcal liquor: laid-back and carefree paired with a complete lack of restraint and long wild nights. From that easygoing hole-in-the-wall to the upbeat cantina, there’s plenty of tequila in L.A.

Those looking for a mellow spot to sip margaritas or pre-game with friends should head to Las Perlas downtown. This speakeasy-style bar offers a unique array of tequilas, from mainstream brands to rare highland and lowland tequilas not often found in American tequila bars. An eclectic menu of specialty margaritas, featuring ingredients like bacon bitters and ginger syrup, invite adventurous drinkers to sip something new.

For a more upbeat vibe (and food to match!), El Carmen is a must-visit. Home to an impressive selection of tequilas, including fruit-infused mezcal mixtures sure to entice tequila lovers, El Carmen is one of L.A.’s not-so-hidden gems. The tiny bar is often packed to the brim with an ever-festive Cinco de Mayo atmosphere, but there is always plenty of agave to satisfy the hordes.

Those who find themselves on Hollywood Boulevard should check out Te’Kila, a well-stocked tequila bar with a lively, Cantina-style vibe. Whether beginning a night on the town with a few margaritas, or spending a long evening drinking the night away and snacking on tapas, Te’Kila is an excellent spot to while away the hours.

A party city at heart, it’s no surprise that Los Angeles offers an array of tequila bars to suit laid-back drinkers and wild partiers alike. With many bars offering hundreds of varieties, even fearful tequila-phobes can find something new they will like.

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