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The Roger Room - Bar | Speakeasy in LA

LA isn’t short on see-and-be-seen hotspots, but for those of us who want something a little more hidden and a little more refined, it’s time to hunt down a Los Angeles speakeasy.

Marked only by a small drawing of a cocktail, the discreet entrance to The Varnish at the back of Cole’s restaurant lends an air of secrecy and forbidden frolicking to this updated speakeasy in downtown LA, though its lack of signage doesn’t prevent the venue from quickly reaching its paltry fifty-person capacity practically every night.

The bright neon sign that marks the entrance to The Roger Room in Beverly Grove is certainly easier to see, except the sign is from an old psychic parlor, not a bar, and inside lies a modern speakeasy where a cool and artsy clientele gathers for delicious artisanal cocktails.

Townhouse and its basement counterpart The Del Monte Speakeasy, meanwhile, have withstood the test of time – in operation since 1915 to be exact – and together remain a lively and whiskey-charged Venice destination.

It seems that most neighborhoods in Los Angeles offer a speakeasy or two for you to find. Even tucked away in ritzy Santa Monica, buried beneath a beautiful mansion, Basement Tavern is a casual speakeasy that’s so hidden visitors would have to be profoundly lost to stumble upon it. There probably isn’t a better excuse to get lost than hunting for speakeasies in Los Angeles!

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