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South Want more info on South in Santa Monica, CA? Check out Party Earth for reviews, photos, and more for this fun Westside bar! Los Angeles United States 34.0392956 -118.4737025
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South - Restaurant | Sports Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Popular with preppy jocks and groups of single gals, South brings a touch of Old Dixie to Santa Monica. Patrons seeking refuge from the noise on busy Wilshire Boulevard will find a wide airy space whose curved brick-backed... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M–F 11:30am–2am, Sa–Su 9am–2am

  • Recommended as:

    • Day Spot
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Party Earth South Review

The Scene

Want more info on South in Santa Monica, CA? Check out Party Earth for reviews, photos, and more for this fun Westside bar!

Popular with preppy jocks and groups of single gals, South brings a touch of Old Dixie to Santa Monica.

Patrons seeking refuge from the noise on busy Wilshire Boulevard will find a wide airy space whose curved brick-backed bar and comfy lounge area just inside offer plenty of room to kick back with margaritas and check out the crowd of white-collar twenty-somethings that flock in after work.

While the Southern cuisine brings in a steady flow of restaurant regulars during the week, the bar’s real attraction is its plethora of 3D TVs that draw hordes of energetic football fans on the weekends.

Once the game ends, the crowd swells with laid-back, fun-loving young professionals who take to the pool room for some flirtatious matches, mingle with the other attractive patrons at pub tables in the main room, or settle in with their Southern-inspired cocktails and a new friend on the large sofas in the cozy couch room.

Those in need of a quick smoke can step out to the front patio, where groups gather for more drinks and people-watching.

While a night at South doesn't often spiral out of control, the bar does strike a good balance between testosterone-soaked sports haunt and southern-fried hookup joint which, combined with its open floor plan conducive to mingling, makes for a loud and festive night out.

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Tip from Lucas:

Best way to start the weekend is Happy Hour at South. Down some $3 drafts and $5 gator wings until 7pm, and then go barhopping to Busby’s and finish off at Q’s for a sports bar trifecta.

  • Crowd

    Westside sports fans, SEC and Michigan football fans, young professionals, and ex-jocks, 21 to 40.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Thirty VIZIO 3D TVs scattered throughout. Weekly events include trivia on Wednesdays, beer pong on Thursdays, and “Dirty South” Fridays.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Full southern menu with some fusion items including crawfish popcorn, southern crunchy rolls, and French bread jambalaya pizza. Happy Hour M–F 4–7pm. Free parking available in an underground lot.

  • Prices

    Appetizers $7+, salads $8+, sandwiches $10+, entrées $10+. Beer $4+, cocktails $8–$10, specialty drinks $8+, shots $8, shared punch $40.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Jeans and button-downs or trendy t-shirts for guys, jeans and sexy tops for girls.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday and Saturday nights get crowded around 10pm, with more of a club vibe on “Dirty South” Fridays. Saturdays during college football season and Sundays during NFL season to watch the action in 3D.

  • Close By

    Q's Billiard Club (11835 Wilshire Boulevard) delivers the same ambiance without the southern-fried charm.

South User Reviews

Average rating:
Great Place to Hang Out
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
As far as being a restaurant, this place definitely exceeds my expectations. As far as being a good sports bar, however, might not be correct. The food here is delectable, especially some of the South's signature hot wings and nachos, and the service is really good too. At the bar, however, you sometimes meet the most rudest people. Luckily, you do meet some amazing people, and if you're looking to meet some hot singles, then this is the place. Even the parking is great, so I would definitely recommend this to other people, as long as they avoid some of the bartenders.
Your First Date Destination
Jasmin S. Jan 4, 2013
There aren’t many South Bay locals that boast amazing food, an enthralling sports atmosphere and a hip social scene, but South wraps up all these great elements and more in a conveniently priced package. Nestled on the Westside in Santa Monica off of Wilshire Boulevard, South delivers a laid-back vibe that attracts young and sexy professionals looking to unwind after long hours in the office. Swing by during happy hour and enjoy insanely delicious Southern cuisine and many bar food staples like South’s Famous hot wings and nachos, or fried pickles and hush puppies. For that first date introduction, South is the perfect spot to take your lady friend and impress her with your avid sports knowledge on game nights. Join in on the rambunctious celebrations and watch your team from one of South’s 3D TV’s. Enjoy pleasant conversation over cocktails and appetizers, and then cozy up on one of the plush sofas in the lounge area. The night doesn’t end there. Invite your friends down on Wednesdays for a little friendly competition with a round of Big Happy Trivia. Looking for more of a party vibe? Fridays are all about the “Dirty South,” where the bar is transformed into a swank club scene. Grab some fresh air on the patio outside if the excitement becomes too much. It’s probably a safe bet you won’t be ready to call it a night, but with drinks and food abound, hip music in the background and good company, why would you want to?
Great Place for Private Party
Billy K. Dec 18, 2012
South is the perfect place if you want a laid-back birthday party for yourself or a friend. The staff is incredibly friendly and if you call far enough ahead, they are happy to rope off part of the bar or outdoor patio for you and your friends for free. The bar is pretty big, wide open, and has the feel of a grown-up generic college bar that could have been on both urban and small campuses alike. Wood paneling and general beer signs make you feel like you're in a classic bar. The crowd feels like a college crowd as well. This place is not as trendy as a lot of L.A. bars. Instead, it's dress code is pretty loose. You can wear your flannel, a t-shirt, or dress up and throw on a blazer if you so fancy. If you're not a football fan, make sure not to go on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays or Mondays during the fall and winter. Rowdy fans come in and take the place over during football. South has great bar food. Their wings are awesome. Another great part about South is that they set up beer pong tables on Friday nights just in case you're getting nostalgic for the old days. Their music playlist is an eclectic mix of classic rock, 90s jams and current folk/rock hits. My advice is get their early on a Friday, post up, eat and drink some great happy hour deals and enjoy the whole night.
Zoë C. Dec 3, 2012
South is the ultimate sports bar with 3D T.V’s every where you look. My family was visiting and my brother was desperate to watch his favorite team play, so we stopped in South. What a pleasant surprise for my brother and my dad – they were in heaven. Being from the south, we all loved the menu and all of our food was good. Chicken and waffles are truly a southern combination, but South put a unique spin on them by making them into sliders which were delicious. My personal favorite however are the homemade beignets with powdered sugar on top. Who needs to go to New Orleans with South here!
Georgina S. Nov 30, 2012
South is a great place to watch sports. It's location is perfectly in Brentwood, right close to everything you may need (Shopping? Brentwood Gardens are right down the street!). I came into South during a Michigan football game (I didn't pay attention to who they were playing) . The place was PACKED. Like, so packed that even every seat outside was packed. The crowd is young and attractive which is kind of intimidating if you're just trying to get lunch with your mom haha. Anyways, I'd love to come here again with friends. Not so much for the bar food, but just to chill out and meet new people. It's a lot of new college grads, so the crowd is a tiny bit older than what I'm used to. I will def visit again!
Great venue, average service
Nick T. Oct 29, 2012
As far as being a place to watching sporting events, South is pretty awesome. There are TVs in all possible sight lines and separate areas like the couch area, the two group rooms, and the outdoor area on the sidewalk that allow for groups of likeminded fans to congregate. I went here for a group party on a college football saturday and it was packed with fans are all different teams. It's a fun environment filled with a mostly younger crowd who seem to really care about their sports. My one complaint with South is the service is not the best. One of my friends ordered a burger and when it came he grabbed the plate and the bun fell off the top and onto the group. He asked the server if he could get a new bun and the waiter just backed a way and kind of shrugged his shoulders while confusedly shaking his head now. Like what is that? I would still recommend South as one of the best sports bar in Santa Monica for its layout and environment in regards to watching a game.
Always Have the Best Time Here
Cassie N. Oct 5, 2012
I love South. It's super fun, the music is good, the drinks are strong, and my night always ends in dancing here. A few years ago I had a birthday party at South - one of the reasons I chose South is because I have a very diverse group of friends who were coming from all over LA. South is close enough to the 405 to appease friends coming from the valley and South Bay. It's also a great spot for those who may want to dress up a little more, and those who want to show up in a t-shirt and jeans. The staff are friendly - they treated us well for my party. I would have a party here again, if I felt like I hadn't outgrown the "party" atmosphere of South. However, I'd come back any day to watch the game, or just grab a drink on a random night with a friend.
A great spot to start or finish the night
Chris B. Sep 29, 2012
Always a friendly crowd and food to share, South is a great spot to start or finish a Saturday night. You can't go wrong with the Chicken & Waffle sliders or a burger, a beer while watching the game before heading out. If you're a college football junkie, you can easily spend a few hours here. The friendly bartenders, great drinks and the single scene does not get old.
My favorite bar in Santa Monica
Andrew K. Sep 20, 2012
Been to South quite a few times and highly recommend it for its single scene. The crowd is mainly young professionals looking for good time. They play loud music, and often have sporting events on the numerous televisions situated in various spots around the main room. The place gets pretty crowded by the end of the night, with little room to manuever especially near the bar, but in general it's a friendly crowd looking to mingle. The comfort food is also quite tasty, much like the bartenders.
Good Spot for a Birthday Party
Sara G. Aug 14, 2012
South isn't really my scene, but I've been for some birthday parties and it's a great place for them. It's a pretty big venue with decent enough music. Everyone can spread out and do their own thing. Want to dance? Awesome. Dancing not your thing? No worries. There's more than enough room here to make everyone happy. I don't remember the drinks being anything to write home about, but they are reasonably priced. Plus, while I wasn't there while games were on, it seems like it would be a good place to catch a game. Parking is a breeze - there is a ton of street parking in the area. I'm not sure if valet is offered, but it isn't necessary. There are also a bunch of similar types of spots close by, including Cabo Cantina and Q's. It's prepster haven but it is a friendly, unoffensive bunch, so even if this crowd isn't normally your thing, get ready to make new friends.
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