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Seven Grand Dark, masculine, and sophisticated in the coolest sense of the word, Seven Grand is a whiskey-lover's paradise that attracts an upscale clientele of both young professionals and artsy types looking to sample the almost three... Los Angeles United States 34.0469236 -118.2560072
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Seven Grand - Lounge | Whiskey Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Dark, masculine, and sophisticated in the coolest sense of the word, Seven Grand is a whiskey-lover’s paradise that attracts an upscale clientele of both young professionals and artsy types looking to sample the... ... read full review

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    Red Line: 7th Street/Metro Center; Purple Line: 7th Street/Metro Center

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    M–W, Sa 5pm–2am, Th–F 4pm–2am, Su 7pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Seven Grand Review

The Scene

Dark, masculine, and sophisticated in the coolest sense of the word, Seven Grand is a whiskey-lover's paradise that attracts an upscale clientele of both young professionals and artsy types looking to sample the almost three...

Dark, masculine, and sophisticated in the coolest sense of the word, Seven Grand is a whiskey-lover’s paradise that attracts an upscale clientele of both young professionals and artsy types looking to sample the almost three hundred top-shelf whiskeys on offer.

Decked out like a high-end hunting lodge, the space features a dark-wood décor punctuated by stuffed elk and jackalope heads, which obligingly hold miniature crystal chandeliers in their mouths to cast an ambient glow on the tufted leather banquettes below.

While some patrons meet up for a friendly game of pool or kick back in the balcony booths to puff away on their Maker’s Mark cigars, most of the hip downtowners line up at the impressive carved walnut bar to get their whiskey fix taken care of by knowledgeable mixologists who are ready and willing to serve up the dark stuff neat, on the rocks, in an Old Fashioned, or as a sour.

Laid back and mellow earlier in the evening when the after-work crowd gathers around the pub tables to unwind, Seven Grand livens up considerably as the night wears on, the crowd grows to standing room only, and heads bobbing to live jazz or jukebox tunes, loosened ties, and flirty glances attest to the powers of excellent whiskey.

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Tip from Jonah:

From a wall made up of Makers Mark to an aged Laphroaig scotch at the bar, your whiskey wish is the bartender’s command.

  • Crowd

    Young professionals, artist types, affluent USC grads, whiskey lovers, and hip downtown denizens, 20s to 40s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Live jazz and blues bands on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays at 10pm. Pool tables. Jukebox selections include everything from Otis Redding to LCD Soundsystem.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Happy Hour (or Saloon Specials in Seven Grand terms) M–W 5–7pm, Th–F 4–7pm, and all night on Sundays.

  • Prices

    Beer $5–$8, cocktails $10+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Button-downs or polo shirts with nice jeans on guys, blouses and jeans or trendy dresses for women. Dress code: no shorts, flip-flops, baseball hats, athletic wear, or overly baggy clothing allowed.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday and Saturday nights after 10pm for the biggest out-the-door crowds.

  • Close By

    Bottega Louie (700 South Grand Avenue) is right across the street, perfect for a bite to eat before drinks at Seven Grand.

Seven Grand User Reviews

Average rating:
Whiskey and hipsters
Sanam S. Oct 29, 2013
Seven Grand is a pretty small bar, but is totally worth standing in line for. Though not an avid whiskey fan myself, my friends were astounded at the selection available. Sometimes it's a bit too dark inside, and you will end up bumping into the pool tables or the few chairs available, but coming here is an experience. It never gets too crowded thanks to the bouncers downstairs who know when to hold the line. They have a jukebox with an extensive collection of mostly indie and jazz songs (I don't know if they switch it out often). There's a small balcony out the side if you need to catch some fresh air. Seven Grand may give off a pretentious air (especially because of its decor), but it's anything but! It's quite casual and friendly. The bartenders are lively and engaging, but it definitely takes some time for you to order a drink because they're so busy. Come here on Halloween for the cutest Ghostbusters theme night! Come here if you want to relax and have drinks with friends without having to deal with overly loud music or obnoxious people.
Mad Men meet Millenials
Roberto M. Jun 11, 2013
Sometimes I find myself the odd ball out with my friends. For one I'm a big fan of the show Mad Men which not too many youngsters are in to and second I enjoy Whiskey, maybe the two are related? I enjoy Whiskey in every shape and form, on the rocks, in Whiskey Sours, and in Old Fashions. Imagine my glee when me and a group of friends ended up at 7Grand after a celebratory dinner for one of my buddies. I had not set foot in this place before and did not know what to expect but once we got in it was one of those places that I instantly fell in love with. The first thing I saw upon climbing the stairs was a gigantic wall of Maker's Mark bottles and I think I actually paused and stared. Going to 7Grand is like being teleported to the past in terms of design. The entire location is dark with low level lighting, pool tables and the aroma of smoke every now and then. It isn't that big but it seemed the bouncers outside regulate that the place doesn't get too packed otherwise it would be a disaster. We played a few games of pool with some people and the crowd was a very interesting mix. This place is not for everyone and neither are the Whiskey drinks. I remember my buddies making a priceless face after taking a sip of an Old Fashioned for the first time. Despite its small drawbacks places like this are rare. Most bars are modernized for younger crowds but this had the old school feel while there were still youngsters who appreciated their pool and whiskey abound. If you like whiskey and the vibe of a generation long past I say you head out to 7Grand immediately.
If you like Whiskey, this is your place
Shannon D. May 30, 2013
Like this place! Cool, mixed crowd and knowledgeable, patient (but hard to flag down) bartenders. It's a whiskey joint but they know their other drinks too. Ordered a gin martini and the bartender asked me a bunch of questions and I was like, "uh....I just...uh..." and then he said, "Don't worry about it, I got you," and was presented with what I'd like to think is a classic gin martini, with zero sweetness but for some reason was very palatable. My friends who love whiskey were astounded by the selection and were also recommended two different whiskeys according to their tastes and they came away satisfied with the bartender's recommendations. Drinks aren't cheap, but not super expensive - $12-14. As a girl though, I would not recommend getting super dressed up to come here - and, as seating is limited, don't come in heels. Would definitely come back with a co-ed crowd as it's possible to hang out and have some good light hearted conversation. Note however, 2 drink minimum for credit card purchases!
Whiskey and Manhood
Anthony E. May 3, 2013
Seven Grand is an elegant spot for people with a taste for classiness and masculinity of their grandfathers. A great place for the young with an old soul. If whiskey, jazz, and good conversation with friends and young professionals, Seven Grand is the place to be. With its masculine chic, it is a great place to meet some great people without the ear pounding music. Its enormous selection of both whiskey and fine cigars, guides its patrons to a place of friendly confinement amongst others who more than likely have the same general taste as you. If you're really going for the "Mad Men" feel, the Manhattans are some of the best around. Though it gives off a particular masculine vibe that will make you crave a nice red steak and a firm hand shake after a night out, there are plenty of classy, intelligent women to engage in good conversation. Seven Grand gives a very nonintrusive vibe, unlike its techno blaring counterparts, that is very friendly and fun.
The Gentlemen's Bar
Voltaire M. Apr 17, 2013
Seven Grand offers a sexy, dark, classy and masculine feel the moment you walk in. USC college students, young professionals and artsy people like young directors and production designers frequent this bar and it's truly a dream come true especially for whisky lovers. Any type of whiskey you want, you got it baby. The interior decor is to die for and it's unlike any other bar you will ever see. It's as if you entered a rich man's lodge in the woods. You'll notice the jackalope head right away and the crystal chandeliers that are hanging from the ceiling, giving the room an ambient glow. It features a dark-wood decor and the smell of men, leather and whiskey surrounds the room with beautiful people glaring into each other's eyes as live jazz music plays in the background... If you're looking to explore the taste of whiskey from around the world, this is the place to be. Their cocktail is inspired by vintage and contemporary recipes--perfect for the modern gentlemen. It's seriously unreal. Seven Grand are everything a bar should be and more. They are the game of pool with your closest friends. They are that smell of rich cigar and sex. They are the taste of cold craft beer after long hours of work. And they are the paradise of whiskey lovers. I
Classy Bar with Great Appeal
Rebecca K. Apr 16, 2013
If you’re looking for a chill place to unwind after a long week of work or school, then there’s no place better than Seven Grand. Dim, warm lighting and rustic furniture help set the vibe at this bar. The place even has mounted game heads, which lends the bar a hunting lodge aesthetic. This is a place where you can relax with friends, play a game of pool, and enjoy a vast collection of whiskey. Seven Grand attracts a diverse group of people, from young professionals to L.A. students willing to make the commute. The bar never gets too rowdy or the music too loud, yet there’s always the sense that plenty is going on: there are conversations to be had, connections to be made, and fun to be enjoyed. Whether standing around with your friends, sitting in the cushy lounge area, or hanging outside on the patio, you’re sure to be comfortable at Seven Grand. Though it might be a bit of a wait getting your drink, in the end it’s worth it. While it’s known for its whiskey, Seven Grand can cover all your drinking needs with its full bar. If you come at the right time, usually late on a weekend night, you even get a coupon for $1 off an Old Fashioned. Chill, sexy, classy: Seven Grand is all these things, and one of the best places for a fun night out.
Mouthwatering Craft Cocktails
Ahsan K. Apr 8, 2013
As a downtown LA resident, this is one of my favorite bars in the neighborhood. The bar boasts an impressive selection of the world's finest whiskeys as well as many amazing beers. On weeknights, see live bands perform. Bring your buddies and play a game of pool while enjoying an amazing cocktail fashioned by the whiskey experts. I highly recommend the "Whiskey Sour" and the "Big Mac," Seven Grand's specialty cocktail.
Whiskey Oasis
Jessica Z. Mar 25, 2013
Nestled above Mexican eatery Más Malo is whiskey oasis Seven Grand. It’s a refined lodge with mounted game heads, dim lighting, and Old Fashioneds on tap (Don Drapper would definitely approve). Weave your way through hipsters bent over pool tables to the dark wood bar where a guy with a twirled handlebar mustache in a button down vest will expertly mix your drink. They’re serving up old school classics (we’re talking sours and Manhattans) and contemporary recipes with your choice of almost three hundred premium whiskeys. If the dark stuff isn’t your vice, they still have you covered with craft beers on tap and a full bar. The booth-lined outdoor patio is the perfect spot to socialize during a cigarette break or puff on a cigar while swaying to live jazz. Young professionals often swing by for a drink after work, while of age college students from nearby USC stop in on weekends looking for a night away from Greek row. Whether you’re in the mood for a chill time with your crew or hitting it off with someone new, Seven Grand is sure to make your Whiskey dreams come true (sorry, couldn’t resist the rhyme!).
Whiskey Galore
Christine M. Jan 28, 2013
Seven and Grand has got over two hundred different types of whiskey, so if this poison is your niche, then you've come to the right place. I'm mostly about atmosphere in nightlife, and this one is special. Seven Grand is upstairs, to the right of Mas Malo, and they've got two pool tables, an outdoor patio, a lounge area and a full bar. This bar resembles a warm and inviting hunting lodge as the ambiance is dark and sexy. If you are single, this place is always packed with guys! If your in a relationship, take your boyfriend here and he will love you for finding his new favorite hangout spot. It always takes forever to get a drink and they are pricey, however it's definitely some of the best Whiskey drinks you can get in the area! Get there early because on weekends it gets extremely crowded, but going for after work drinks during the week will give you a more relaxed experience.
Seven Grand: A Throwback Spot With Contemporary Appeal
Trenise F. Jan 12, 2013
Nestled above the chic Mexican restaurant Mas Malo in downtown LA is a classy, sophisticated whiskey bar called Seven Grand. This spot, popular with LA locals, offers patrons a rustic vibe, a nod to times when men were men, flannel shirts were standard attire and a lack of deer mounted over your fireplace meant you weren’t doing it right. Though the atmosphere is moody and rustic, the clientele is anything but. Young professionals and college students congregate in this watering hole to let their hair down after a long week of business meetings and tedious classes. When the thirst strikes, guys and girls flock to the long, wooden bar top where bartenders readily oblige them with more top-shelf whiskey options than you ever knew existed. Ranging from the stuff that puts hair on your chest to lighter, mellower options, Seven Grand has a whiskey for aficionados as well as for novice drinkers. With their palates whetted, the young, hip bar goers resumes socializing, shooting pool or mingling under the dimly lit ornate chandeliers and animal busts. As the night goes on, the patrons are caught up in the setting, twisting along to the period jazz playing throughout the bar—but not too loud so that people can still converse at a normal level—and scanning the room for the lucky fellow or lady on whom to test out their newfound liquid courage. It’s sexy. It’s throwback. It’s high-class whiskey. It’s Seven Grand.
A well kept secret capturing the essence of classic LA culture and style
Sean C. Jan 5, 2013
On a average night out in Los Angeles, the inexperienced thrill seeker is often falls into the trap of strolling up and down the Blvd or Sunset Strip, hoping to capture a glimpse of the myth of Hollywood culture that defines America's infatuation with celebrity dominated decadence under the bright lights of on the worlds most famous cities. To the true thrill seeker and night life connoisseurs prowling the streets after hours, the Whiskey Bar at 7th and Grand Street captures the true element of Los Angeles culture, emphasizing classic style and grace over glamour and decadence. The location of this particular bar is such a well kept secret amongst the natives that one can simply walk right past its entrance without even noticing the bar's trademark elk lodge fluorescent sign on the way to other famous local venues such as the Standard or Library bar. A line will not typically outside of the bar until around 10-10:30 P.M PST; the truly adventurous would be advised to arrive early, least they be turned away or forced to wait by bouncer's whose prior career ambitions focused upon crushing NFL quarterbacks and UFC heavyweight fighters. .Although the dress code at 7 and Grand is more relaxed then some of the more famous dive bars and establishments within Los Angeles, one would be advised to style themselves accordingly and avoid looking as though they just wondered in from a day at the beach or happy hour a Hooters up the street. Gentleman, suits are always a good option, but you may find yourself overdressed amongst a crowd of hipsters, college students, and young working professionals; a collared shirt with jeans and dress shoes would best serve you for a casual night out at the 7 and Grand bar. Ladies, the theme for a night out in this particular establishment is "classy not trashy", you can leave the heals at home if you wish in favor of something more comfortable and casual for the evening. Once you make it past the entrance and up the stairs, a casual visitor will immediately find themselves at home in a comfortable bar-room setting with low lighting and a rustic feel. Designed to look like a classic hunting lodge, everything from the walls to the bar of this particular establishment is covered in fine Oakwood to invite visitors in to stay a while and maybe even partake in a game of pool is one feels up to challenging one of the venues regulars to a game of nine ball. Conversations are usually low volume, unless the bar and lounge are filled to capacity Friday-Saturday night, allowing for patrons to actually talk to one another without screaming over the bass of some obnoxious DJ or band who is friends of the owner. However, the true beauty of this establishment is the essence of classic LA style captured by the bar's selection of fine whiskeys. Beer and drinks usually run for $9-10 dollars and one can quickly find themselves running up a large tab if they are buying for themselves and their friends, so be advised to leave your credit cards at home night. Drink of choice for the night always ranges depending upon one's taste, however; you can never go wrong with the house specialty of Whiskey Sour for $10 or simply asking the bartender to make you their specialty. Be sure to eat prior partaking in the local spirits, there is no food available unless you would care to venture to IHOP across the street during the early AM hours. Feel free to partake in the fine cigar selection and Makers Mark available upon request. For those who truly wish to catch a glimpse of true LA culture and classic style, the Whisky Bar at 7 and Grand will offer you a truly unique experience in the city of Angeles
Whiskey Bar
Georgina S. Nov 28, 2012
This place makes me actually like whiskey. I love their whiskey sours! I've been here a bunch of times, and I love to take people here for their first time to impress them. I love the outdoorsy themed hunting bar, because my house has a similar theme. It can get super crowded though, but I'd prefer a super crowded bar to an empty bar. I'd definitely take a date here, but it's also pretty fun for groups. There is a fashion dress code which is enforced. It's pretty easy for girls, but I've seen guys get denied at the door for wearing sandals or coming in ripped jeans. Dress to impress when you come here for sure.
Good for a group
Alli H. Nov 14, 2012
Seven Grand is a really cool whiskey bar, located in downtown Los Angeles and upstairs of the restaurant Mas Malo, a short cab ride for USC students. The bar is a far cry from the club scene of LA and, for me, that's a good thing! It's a dark place with pool tables and a huge bar that has shelves leading up to the ceiling with any kind of whiskey you could want. The drinks are moderately priced, probably standard for any LA bar, as long as you stay away from the fancy aged whiskey that can run you up a huge bill. The music is a good mix of classic rock with some Top 40's thrown in there, but it's not too loud to have a conversation. The crowd is mostly early 20's and very laid back, few high heels are seen here. I'd recommend it if you're going out with a group, but not necessarily to go meet people.
Jasmine S. Nov 13, 2012
When you step into Seven and Grand you enter an entirely new world. If you're trying to escape mainstream LA and looking for a more artsy crowd then I would definitely recommend rallying your troops to downtown and into this trendy bar. Known as a whiskey bar, the crowd is exactly what you would expect--you know, the flannel sporting, large-framed glasses wearing, elf-boot tapping alternative types. There's also a nice outdoor patio so you can really milk the hipster-chic persona and puff away while you down your old fashioned! Enjoy!
Low Key
Sammi T. Nov 13, 2012
Such a fun place to hang out and have some low key chill time. The whiskey is great and they have a really diverse selection!
Understated but Classy
Moremi O. Nov 11, 2012
This low-key bar is known for its ability to attract an intellectual and professional crowd. You'll typically find people in their late twenties and thirties here. The first time I visited, I went with a group of girlfriends for a girls night out. It was pretty lively back then, but when I returned a year later, it was a dried up well with noone but desperate executive types trying to get laid. My advice: If you prefer the peace and quiet, check this place out during the week at around 7pm. For more action, try for Friday or Saturday night after 9pm. There's plenty of seats indoors and additional seating outside for those who prefer their drinks with a little nicotine. For me, the highlight is the pool table which makes for loads of fun at a nominal charge. Lastly, if whiskey's not your thing don't expect any other exciting drinks. Seven Grand is an Irish pub, so whiskey is their expertise. But if you're a whiskey virgin, try something with less kick like the Mint Julep. This sweet drink has just enough liquor to give you a buzz and it'll leave your breath smelling Mcintyre fresh!
Hipster Central
Jackie D. Nov 4, 2012
Known as the hipster hunting lodge, Seven Grand is decked out in plaid, mounted stag heads and pool tables. There's almost always a good crowd here, most of the time leaning towards grad students and people in their 30's. The bartenders can be a bit pretentious sometimes, but they're incredibly knowledgeable about their product. Because Seven Grand is a whiskey bar they have a huge selection of whiskeys from around the world. I would advise against asking for Fireball or Jack....this place is about quality and you will most likely get better service if you opt for something new and exciting.
Old Fashioneds and Manhattens
Elena B. Nov 4, 2012
I happen to be an old fashioned drinking kind of girl, myself, and there's nothing more disappointing to me than going to a bar and either receiving a blank stare when I order one, or getting a sweet, marashino-overloaded concoction. The beauty of Seven Grand is I can walk up to the bar, tell the bartender I'd like a variation on an old fashioned and I will receive something amazing. You can tell that these drinks are worth the average $10 a glass because of the time the bartenders take to craft these cocktails. You can stand and watch; there's a real art to it. And when it's all said and done, the perfectly boozey, slightly sweet bourbon old fashioned I hold in my hand is completely worth it. And there may be a splash of amaretto in there for some excitement. You never know, but I trust this whiskey bar. The copious amount of mounted animal heads is a nice addition too. Play some, pool, listen to some music and feel really rustic with your stomach-warming glass of your choosing.
Whiskey's not for everyone
Nikki L. Oct 19, 2012
If you live in LA and you love whiskey, you HAVE to check out Seven Grand. It's an absolute must. But if your drink of choice is anything else, it's just a so-so downtown bar. There's not much else in terms of selection, and the prices are a tad steep. It's a little cramped and it takes a month to get up the stairs and through the crowd, but there are also plenty of cool points to be had over the ridiculous location. Seven Grand sometimes hosts events that are neat, but for those of us who aren't necessarily music fans, this is incredibly unfortunate. Luckily, there's Mas Malo downstairs to the rescue. Especially if their sporadic kitchen decides to stay open later. Or if they start having Taco Nights and Tequila Tuesdays again.
One of the few whiskey bars in LA,
Melchor M. Oct 5, 2012
This is a whiskey bar trying to be more than a whiskey bar. This is both good and bad. Good is that you get to see a good mix of people for a whiskey bar, by which I mean more pretty young girls and less crusty old men. The bad is it's not really a true cocktail bar as it should be. It comes really close to being a true cocktail bar that is public and welcoming, but you still may find a bunch of bottle clinking wannabe fratboys (and true fratboys one the USC kids get back in school). The place is dark and last I remember (damn whisky) one t.v. off into a corner that maybe only will show a local team, maybe. So you can sit here and brood over your cocktail with impunity. I have never been here on the weekends, but I have seen the lines to get in. And wow! Avoid on weekends. Really not worth it. The place will be packed to the brim and it will lose any of its cocktail bar appeal.
Get engaged people!
Brent L. Oct 4, 2012
Heres the secret to this it in the middle of BFE on a sketchy strip of downtown? Yes. Will there be a line after 9? Yes. Will you need a cab to get home? FOR SURE. BUT, it doesnt matter--because if you really want an experience, and i mean a round the world, top to bottom education on drinking and your whiskey pallete--JUST ASK! Dont be shy. Pony up and lay it out for them--some of the most knowledgable bar tenders you have ever met. I literally said "ive had, loved, hated X,Y,Z"...they pulled down 3 different bottles and walked me through a tasting of what each meant and why. If you arent jawin' it up with a bartender here, you are WASTING YOUR TIME. Its fantastic. Oh, and dont steal the jackalopes. They apparently frown on that. Who knew? We learn these things the hard way.
Great bar, especially if you love whiskey
Joanna B. Sep 21, 2012
Great place for a chill night. Hang out with friends and play some pool while having some amazing drinks. Whiskey lovers must come here. Prices can be high but it is worth it. I definitely recommend this place and its a good mixture of younger people (usually recent college grads) and older. One of my favorite downtown bars
Whishkey + Pool = Perfect
Victor H. Sep 18, 2012
When you aren't looking for a party atmosphere but something more calm yet alive, Seven Grand is here for you. If you're a whiskey lover then this place is heaven. The decor is beautiful and the dark atmosphere create a good mood that simply makes you feel cool being there. As you walk in there is a wall lined up with a Maker's Mark bottles (drools) right in front of two pool tables that will be in constant use throughout the night (make sure you write your name on the chalkboard if you want to play). If you turn left you'll find a bar that stretches to the very back of the room before hitting the bathrooms. Towards the right you'll find some couches before reaching doors that lead to the candle lit outdoor patio with seats and tables scattered about. At the very back of the room is an area for live bands to set up and for the few that dare shake a tail feather or two. With some of the best mixologist in the business and a wide selection of whiskey you're bound to find something you can slowly sip on throughout the night. The prices are a little on the high side but its one of those you get what you pay for situations. Also don't be afraid to give the bartender an idea of what you want and have them make you something custom they're really good at that.
It's a whiskey and pool kind of night
Kira A. Sep 12, 2012
Seven Grand has a very specific atmosphere- sophisticatedly rowdy might be the best way to describe it. I've had both fun and slightly boring nights there- it honestly depends on the crowd! This is a great place to go if you want to spend a lowkey night sipping drinks and playing pool. There's not a lot of space to sit or move around since the bar is small and the pool tables take up most of the room. Seven Grand is also in a great area, within walking distance of a bunch of other popular haunts like the Standard, Le Perch, and Casey's. I'm a big fan of bar hopping downtown and Seven Grand is always a key stop along the route!
great for whiksy lovers but its way too crowded
Priyanka P. Sep 6, 2012
I had never had whiskey before I went to this place, so I found the whiskey pretty decent, but my friends loved it! That's why I'm going to say that this place is an awesome place for whiskey lovers. Also, the drinks are pretty cheap! The only problem with the place is the pool table is right in the center making it difficult to stand anywhere around it. The cue stick kept coming in the way while the people were playing and it was pretty annoying to keep moving from one place to another. The place was packed with graduate students from USC and other people in their late 20's. It was so crowded that people had to take turns to enter the bar area to order drinks! The crowd was pretty decent and the ambience suggested that you're in an old wooden house, which gave a good feeling to the whole bar experience. I would recommend this place only to whiskey lovers but if you dont like whiskey, then don't waste your time at this bar.
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