Rosewood Tavern

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Rosewood Tavern Rosewood Tavern on Fairfax is a fresh mix of pub, steakhouse, sports bar, & whiskey den. Come to Party Earth for more details on this Los Angeles haunt. Los Angeles United States 34.079606 -118.361144
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Rosewood Tavern - Bar | Gastropub in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review While Los Angeles doesn’t lack for pubs, Rosewood Tavern is a fresh combination of traditional English bar and American steakhouse – mixed with a wee bit of sports and a whole lot of whiskey. Roughly fifty different whiskeys... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M–Th, Su noon–midnight, F–Sa noon–2am

  • Recommended as:

    • Day Spot
    • Night Spot

Party Earth Rosewood Tavern Review

The Scene

Rosewood Tavern on Fairfax is a fresh mix of pub, steakhouse, sports bar, & whiskey den. Come to Party Earth for more details on this Los Angeles haunt.

While Los Angeles doesn’t lack for pubs, Rosewood Tavern is a fresh combination of traditional English bar and American steakhouse – mixed with a wee bit of sports and a whole lot of whiskey.

Roughly fifty different whiskeys to be exact, along with nearly thirty tap beers and plenty of grub, all of which makes Rosewood a neighborhood favorite for after-work drinkers, casual daters, and bromantic nights full of meat and booze.

Divided by a long communal table, the venue has a factory-meets-farmhouse quality, with massive steel beams beneath a high rounded ceiling adding a touch of industry to the exposed brick and rustic wooden furnishings below.

A couple of flat-screen TVs draw older sports fans to the small corner bar to watch soccer or football, while young professionals in dire need of a drink after (or during) a long day sip a snort, pull a few pints, and chow down on everything from wussy salads to racks of lamb.

An open area with low leather couches is often taken over by hip singles looking to mingle over a few good beers, but even if they strike out with fellow patrons, the rotating selection of drafts keeps them coming back for more.

A chill spot to start the night or just spend a lazy afternoon, Rosewood Tavern is an old-timey haunt that’s always a good time.

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Tip from Emma:

Ask for Martin, the Scottish bartender. His whiskey knowledge is unbeatable and he’ll make sure your glass is always full. Just be ready for one heck of a thick accent!

  • Crowd

    Couples grabbing a beer, chill sports fans, singles looking to mingle, and local UK expats, mid-20s to mid-30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Two flat-screens usually tuned to sports.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Traditional English fare including steaks and chops.

  • Prices

    Appetizers and sides $5–$9, salads $9–$11, lunch $6–$13, entrées $12–$25. Beer $6–$8+, wine $7–$14/glass or $26–$52/bottle, whiskey and mixed drinks $8–$15+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual: t-shirts, polos, corduroys, sneakers, cute tops, fitted jeans, flats.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Anytime during the day to relax with a beverage or three and read a book, or Friday and Saturday nights for a busy but hardly rambunctious evening.

  • Close By

    The Dime (442 North Fairfax Avenue) is a small and chic cocktail lounge that caters to a young creative crowd of erstwhile actors, but remains worlds away from pretentious.

Rosewood Tavern User Reviews

Average rating:
A Soothing Place
Gerard Nash G. Jun 3, 2013
I came here on a Saturday night with my family, and I would say that I really liked this place. I like the ambiance of the dining area and am really surprised that this place isn't as packed as I thought it would be; which is also a positive aspect about this place. The service was very friendly and there were some pretty attractive waitresses, although the staff does have a tendency to chat among friends (well at least when I visited). They definitely have some delicious garlic fries and a couple of good beers, so I would recommend this place to eat for people who kind of enjoy a nice, chill meal.
Franz G. Feb 4, 2013
I didn't know what to expect from Rosewood Tavern before stepping foot into the dive bar-sounding establishment. I was familiar with surrounding bars like The Darkroom and The Parlor, so I had an idea of what to expect. But what I did NOT expect was to wait 20 minutes for one drink while I joined a couple on their "romantic" dinner date. I literally stood there by the bar as the ONE bartender ignored me and only took drink orders from one area of the bar. I probably looked like an idiot just standing there doing nothing while two large women in front of me seated at the bar bonded over an unsavory topic. You'll learn this about me, but I cannot stand crowded bars that have bar stools/seating. Why would you block the bar with a row of people when there is a crowd out the door? So there I am standing and waiting like a lone mannequin when I realize that the tables directly to my right are filled with dates who are on a date. I was glad I wasn't a dining customer at Rosewood Tavern, because I would be pissed that I was seated so close to the bar area. I could count the number of corn kernels in the male diner's bowl of soup. I mean that not only sounds uncomfortable but it sounds unsanitary! I might as well have just joined their date - after all, I was just standing there alone at the bar. Seating? Forget about it. Being able to see who you're talking to? Forget about that too. The crowd is the one thing that saved Rosewood Tavern. Well that, and the drinks. Not sure if the bartender felt guilty, but my drinks were very strong. That kept me from inciting a massive walkout. But the crowd was really eclectic and mixed and really nice. I wouldn't say it was the most beautiful crowd I've ever seen but it was free of douchebags, fraternity brothers and Hollywood strippers. Make sure to bring a good solid crowd of your own friends!
Hipster Crowd
Georgina S. Dec 3, 2012
This is a great place to take a group of friends. And especially boyfriends or guy friends who love beer (beer is not for me). It's pretty loud and dark, but that also helps to accentuate the trendy vibe. When I came here I had the fish and chips which I definitely loved and recommend! I really like this place for it's artsy feel, delicious food, and fun young crowd. I had a bad experience with a waitress though, which left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. My boyfriend loved the large selection of beers. It's mostly pub food though, so if that's not really your thing, I'd check out other places. Other than that, I definitely think it's worth a try.
A Refreshing Mix
Jahir J. Dec 1, 2012
Rosewood Tavern embodies a very pleasing middle-ground as far as gastropubs go: plenty of high quality food and drinks amidst a down-home, neighborhood bar ambience. The chill bar area (with it's towering, near ceiling-high bottle display) and ample dining tables, make Rosewood an ideal spot for turning a decent dinner into a hazy night of boozing-- without any required relocating. If you're in the mood for upbeat excitement, Rosewood Tavern might not be for you, but it's a good escape from eardrum-blowing club scenes. With reasonable drink prices and a mellow mood, Rosewood is also an optimal sports-viewing venue for those looking to avoid the hooligan-style antics of a traditional sports bar. Rosewood Tavern's amicable staff and general aura are even-tempered enough that one feels appropriate throwing back beers at a table with friends or rolling solo at the bar. Being within walking distance of a lot of desirable Fairfax destinations, Rosewood also makes for a convenient rendezvous point for a date. For added style-points, sit at the long wood table in the middle of the room. Devour your meal, guzzle your drink and slam your glass down onto the wood like some grizzled Game of Thrones character.
Great low key atmosphere
Alan K. Oct 4, 2012
Rosewood Tavern is the perfect low-key spot to grab a casual drink or have a group of friends meet up at the last minute. Love that it's centrally located in LA and a chill place. Never a hassle getting in and they have a ridiculously huge selection of craft beer.
Try it!
Stacy F. Oct 3, 2012
I really love that they're trying to make Fairfax a more happening strip of restaurants and bars. It really makes me happy to have more options than just "Canters." Rosewood Tavern is a great (relatively) new establishment that's been open for almost two years now. It's a pretty big space and feels very open with its high ceilings. It's got a casual yet hipster vibe. There are about 30 specialty beers on tap and apparently a great whiskey selection. (I don't know a thing about whiskey.) The food varies from mussels w/lemongrass & coconut milk (delicious) to eggplant vindaloo to filet mignon. They have a weekend brunch menu as well but I haven't done that yet. You can typically be lucky and find good street parking but there's a valet just in case.
Cool vibe, good food
Sara G. Aug 23, 2012
The Rosewood Tavern is great - the staff is super cool, and the general layout makes it easy to get to know your neighbor. There are individual tables that surround the perimeter, and there's a large communal table in the middle of the dining area. Of the times I've been there - always for dinner - the crowd quickly congregates to the bar. It's an easy place to start for dinner and move to the bar when you're done with your meal, to get a little social. In a town where so many places seem just a bit overpriced, the Rosewood Tavern is a breath of fresh air. Their pricing is very reasonable, the food is good (and there are some interesting Indian influences on the menu), and while beer is their specialty, I've never had a bad drink there. Start out at Rosewood Tavern and head to the Kibitz Room at Canter's or The Dime afterwards.
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