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Q's Billiard Club Any doubt that Q's Billiard Club is all about beer and sports is immediately dispelled upon seeing the ample bar placed right in the middle of the room, the towering pyramid of flat-screen TVs suspended above it, and the jersey... Los Angeles United States 34.0481093 -118.4625609
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Q's Billiard Club - Pool Hall | Sports Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Any doubt that Q’s Billiard Club is all about beer and sports is immediately dispelled upon seeing the ample bar placed right in the middle of the room, the towering pyramid of flat-screen TVs suspended above it, and the... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Su–Th 11:30am–1am, F–Sa 11:30am–2am; Sa–Su 9:30am–2am during football season

  • Recommended as:

    • Day Spot
    • Night Spot

Party Earth Q's Billiard Club Review

The Scene

Any doubt that Q's Billiard Club is all about beer and sports is immediately dispelled upon seeing the ample bar placed right in the middle of the room, the towering pyramid of flat-screen TVs suspended above it, and the jersey...

Any doubt that Q’s Billiard Club is all about beer and sports is immediately dispelled upon seeing the ample bar placed right in the middle of the room, the towering pyramid of flat-screen TVs suspended above it, and the jersey-clad fans that surround them both.

Open early, Q’s is a popular daytime haunt for die-hard sports enthusiasts who can’t miss a game, but it really gets rocking at night.

Given that the place is a billiards club, it does feature pool tables – one of the biggest collections on the west side of LA, in fact – but on busy nights, even those get turned into beer pong tables, to the cheers of the boozy students, recent graduates, and young professionals that gather to let off steam.

If the main room gets too rowdy with football fans and singles on the prowl, patrons can make their way to the upstairs area, which features more pool tables, a second bar, cozy nooks with red leather sofas and wingbacks, and a patio that’s a real favorite for getting to know that new friend from the bar.

While the place can get intense during big games, the mood definitely lightens up for the after-party when the crowd turns its attention to flirting, drinking, and letting the good times roll.

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Tip from Lucas:

Q’s can be your weekend home away from home, since you can literally eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner while watching every game imaginable. Unfortunately, they’ll kick you out at the end of the night.

  • Crowd

    Rowdy sports fans, students, preppy post-grads, and singles on the make, 21 to 30.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Bartenders provide iPod tunes, mostly Top 40, R&B, and hip-hop. Wednesday is Trivia Night. Beer pong, pool tables, flat-screen TVs.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Bar food, large pizza menu, and a fancier small plate menu. Happy Hour Sa–W 4pm–8pm. Drink specials during NFL season.

  • Prices

    Bar menu $6–$13, burgers and pizzas $8–$20. Beer $5–$9, mixed drinks $8+. Pool tables $12/hour weekdays, $14/hour weekends, free Sundays with an hourly minimum $10 food and drink purchase.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    On game days/nights, team jerseys and baseball caps prevail. Later at night, polo shirts and nice jeans for guys, t-shirts and jeans for women.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any time there’s a big sporting event, or post-game on Friday and Saturday nights for a consistently busy scene and prime pick-up time.

  • Close By

    Cabo Cantina is two doors down (11829 Wilshire Boulevard) and offers more Happy Hour specials and a hopping singles scene.

Q's Billiard Club User Reviews

Average rating:
Good food and lots of TVs!
Randall H. Jun 26, 2013
I worked at an agency that had a lot of after-work events at Q’s. We participated in the weekly trivia night. If you’re coming for trivia, get there early, because it will be packed! The food is delicious, they have great sweet potato fries. The crowd is usually a bit on the “bro” side, but it was a good time. Definitely a good place to watch sports or hang out with friends. They also have pool tables if that’s what you want to do with your night.
Better than expected!
Shannon D. May 31, 2013
This place looks like a 2 star, but I had such a good time this place elevates to a 3 star to me. It is decently sized. There is an area for pool, seating by the bar, and then individual booth seating. The happy hour here is pretty awesome! It lasts till 8 pm. We started off with the Steak and Mushrooms which weren't on the happy hour menu, but whatever it was pretty good considering this is a bar type of place. Usually bar food isn't good but this place was! I also got a Pineapple Vodka to complete my meal. The meat was pretty chewy and sliced up into cubes so it just looked like regular beef (obviously steak is from beef, but how it was served made it seem more casual than how steak should be). I loved the mushrooms! They were so fluffy and tasted so good with the garlic! After a few hours of drinking we got hungry again and ordered the Buffalo Chicken Strips. YUM! There were 4 big juicy pieces! It wasn't too spicy so I was able to eat it! The waiters and bartenders here are pretty friendly too. Then at 9pm they have a Beer Pong tournament! I've never been to a bar that actually did that! This place is so chill and casual I'd be down to come here again!
Sports, pool and everything in between
Jason T. Apr 3, 2013
I like to call Q's my second home because I go there so much. Whenever I feel like catching a game or in the mood to shoot some pool, I always take a group of my friends here. Some of the downsides to Q's is that it does get crowded quickly and finding a pool table can be rather difficult on the days where they have beer pong or trivia, so your best bet is to call ahead. One of the best days of the week to go is either Tuesday night or Sunday for their happy hour and free pool during certain hours. When we went on a Sunday, we ordered the Stuffed Mushrooms, Sweet Potato Fries, Chicken Wings and of course some drinks. Because it was happy hour, all the menu items included in the promotion were half hour and came out to very little when you split between a few places. One of the negatives of Q's that many people seem to have is the crowd, which I've never had a problem with. Next time you're looking for a fun place to hang out, be sure to swing by.
There's a Reason it Made the Douche List
Deena D. Mar 26, 2013
Going to UCLA, Qs was often a last minute idea. Its close by taxi to Westwood and we could always bank on seeing some familiar faces. It definitely is a fun bar since its so huge and has billiard tables. The one memorable thing was that a pitcher of Guinness was only $15. The crowd attracts a lot of westsides best bros but I've never been there when things got too annoying. The wait at the bars does however take a long time unless you manage to grab a table or one of the high-tables on the second floor and have a waitress bring you your drinks. There's enough TVs to keep your eyes busy incase things get boring but with 3 rooms with billiard tables that's close to impossible. It's in a good location so don't fret if you end up hating the place because you can always go next door to Bru Haus or Cabo Cantina.
Q's Billiards Club--A place worth sticking around
Kevin S. Feb 20, 2013
If you're looking for a loose, lively place to grab a few beers with your buds, Q's will be right in your wheelhouse. Always populated but never too packed and neither deluxe nor a dive, the environment affords ample opportunity to chat with new friends over reasonably-priced drinks and tasty renditions of traditional bar snacks. When the ground floor gets too noisy and swamped during the nighttime rush, head upstairs to the spacious seating area, complete with lounge furniture, a second fully-stocked bar, and enough TV screens to keep sports nuts occupied in every direction. Always willing to amp up the entertainment, Q's offers plenty of fun activities to give you something to do while you're sipping your brew. Its main attractions are the pool tables, most of which are housed in a wide-open room big enough to include plenty of players and sociable bystanders at a time. Table availability may be an issue on busier evenings, but the side selection of foosball, shuffleboard, and arcade games keeps competitive guests satisfied during the short waiting period. Quiz whizzes will be happy to hear that Q's also offers some of the best bar trivia in West LA, hosting a contest every Wednesday that keeps things interesting with video questions and more interactivity than you're likely to find in the average bar trivia contest. Q's doesn't perform quite high enough to be suitable for special occasions, but as far as relaxed outings go it's the perfect place to become a regular. Grab a pitcher and a pool stick and get ready for a great night!
Very nice place to kick back
Loc L. Jan 21, 2013
After rehearsals, my friends are I came to Q's. I've never been but when I came in, it was a very nice place to kick back and grab a beer. I really really enjoyed it also because they were playing the Lakers game on their giant TV upstairs and actually all around the bars. Yes! I said upstairs! There are two bars at this place. Awesome atmosphere with very nice bartenders that serve you very efficiently. I had a great time and I would recommend this place to anyone. UCLA is very close by so I hope students go there after finals. Hard part is... parking. Yes it's LA but parking there is pretty bad. I drive around for 30 mins. The location is good if you are a local LA guy that lives around UCLA but parking was a pain. Try to get there early guys. It could be because it was during a Lakers game too.
No Shortage of Sports, Booze or Pick-up Lines
Natasha C. Dec 14, 2012
As a West Hollywood resident, my visits to the west side usually top out at three a month, and each one inevitably includes a trip (or more realistically, a late-night stumble) to Q’s. This go-to West Los Angeles watering hole is home to game day watch parties on weekends, suit-clad young professionals during weekday happy hours and tipsy, flirtatious crowds on weekend nights. The large venue contains a main bar and adjoining billiards room, sprawling upstairs area and outdoor patio, providing several options for those who want to change up their scenery without going to another bar. Sports viewing, thanks to the 30 or so flat-screen TVs, takes precedence at Q’s, but once the late-night groups start pouring in you can expect to hear a mainstream party tune mix coming from the DJ. The menu includes tasty salads, pizzas, wraps, sandwiches and burgers to accompany those strong drinks and pitchers of beer, and the kitchen’s open late, making Q’s a good choice for your last stop of the night. During happy hour, offered from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. daily, certain appetizers, such as the spinach and artichoke cheese dip, nachos and quesadilla, are half price. This casual, classic haunt is a reliable choice in the Brentwood area for catching up with friends or coworkers, getting to know a date, or hunting for a new interest to add to your little black book.
post grad bar for sure!
Brittney B. Dec 3, 2012
Because Qs is in a prime location on Wilshire, you are not unlikely to find recent grads there on Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat nights (These groups of friends like mine graduated from somewhere like USC a year ago and continue living in Brentwood). Thursday night is definitely the night where you will find most college kids who have taken the $20 cab ride from USC to go to a bar other than their typical Westwood hangouts, so be prepared for a younger crowd.
Cues in Q's
Julie T. Nov 7, 2012
I went on a Sunday evening and it was pretty packed for the World Series. There was two large rooms downstairs and a cozier upstairs for quieter conversations. Sunday night is also beer pong night, and although the smaller room downstairs is usually filled with pool tables, that night it was packed with bros who missed college life. I watched for a bit but I couldn't take it anymore. As a girl who prides in my beer pong skills, it killed me to watch the way girls there played. HELLO, ELBOWS? It's an embarrassing handicap that I have never approved of, and no longer able to be an observer of the downstairs, I picked up some cue balls and head upstairs with my girlfriends to play some pool. The bartenders and the bouncers were way cool. I messed up a drink and my bartender gave me a new one, laughing because I was embarrassed to ask. The bouncers were great conversation and at the end of the night when I rushed back because I accidentally left my phone, he remembered me and had my phone waiting for me, saving me from having to pay for replacement costs. YES!
Definitely a mixed crowd
Nick T. Nov 5, 2012
Q's is a pretty big space with the two stories and multiple rooms sectioned off on both floors. This layout allows for the mixed crowd here to work so that it doesn't seem weird for the just barely 21 crowd (if that) to be at the bar as those clinging for dear life to their 20s. Sports fans and greek types are for sure the norm but I wouldn't say that is the only people who ever go here. The drink prices are reasonable and the size of the bar makes it so that you won't have to worry about feeling overcrowded. The music is a mix of top 40 and house - with DJ's spinning on the dance floor upstairs. Overall, Q's is one of the better places in Brentwood to watch a game or play pool, and its an adequate spot to have a good time an a semi-clubby night on weekends.
Post Grad Haven
Natalie M. Oct 15, 2012
Recently went to this Brentwood bar for the first time and was surprised by how huge it is. The main bar area downstairs is expansive and the upstairs is pretty big too. I hung out upstairs the whole time but liked the social ambiance. Most people are around my age (early 20s) and wanna meet people and chat, but I will say there were a lot of dudes. Surprisingly great music for a bar, there was a lot of popular electro house and dubstep, not loud enough for dancing but loud enough for me to notice and appreciate. Interesting little upstairs deck that is closed in but has holes for breathing.. that's how it felt anyway haha. Not incredibly fun for any particular reason but I'd go back.
Grab a drink and hang out
Lizie R. Oct 5, 2012
I've been to Q's a few times and found it pretty cool. It's a very sporty spot. Parking space is pretty dissent and staff is somewhat friendly. Q's seams to be visited my locals and they're regular. If you don't mind one or two of these guys getting a bit loud your all set. Q's seams like the perfect place to grab a drink and maybe catch a game, so pick up a few of your budds grab a chair, order a drink or two and enjoy. Oh and don't forget to tip your waitress lol jk. Remember drink responsibly (:
Q’s Billiard Club: “An Old Favorite”
Cassie N. Oct 5, 2012
If you like pool, foosball, and good strong drinks, then I suggest a night out to Q’s Billiard Club. On a weekday the bar is much more mellow and casual so playing pool or foosball, or chatting with your friends is easy to do. On weekends however, the place is packed with a twenties-thirties crowd, so even though it is a “billiard club”, playing pool is a bit hard to do. Weekends also tend to be not as casual. Q’s has been around for quite a while, (which says a lot for a bar in LA), and has always been a favorite of mine. It’s a great place to hang with good friends or meet new people. Just remember, it’s LA, so parking can be difficult unless you choose to valet.
Ive never understood the appeal
Brent L. Oct 5, 2012
But if you are a frat guy, looking to pick up on the sloppy drunk college/sorority set--this IS your bar. There really isnt anything special about this bar except its been around forever and has somehow just become the local bar of the area. Crowded, sweaty, finger gunning people jam in to wait in lines for beer and poor service. THE ONE upside is, you will remember how much you dont really miss college if you are out of it....and if you are IN college, you wont know better exists.
Sports and Pool - what more do you want?
Paul F. Oct 4, 2012
Q's has been around forever, and there's good reason: it's a solid sports bar, plenty of TVs, tons of pool tables, and a young energetic crowd every night of the week. Popular with UCLA students, it's usually packed with early 20s jersey wearers. But come the weekend, Q's takes a turn and becomes semi-clubby with DJs spinning and a slight dance scene breaking out. The drinks aren't too expensive, the food is decent enough bar food, and the crowd is unpretentious and always looking for a good time. You can't really go wrong with Q's - unless you're too old to enjoy it.
frat guys and sorority girls
Sam A. Oct 4, 2012
Q's always brings in a big crowd from UCLA. It is typically packed with lots of frat guys and tons of sorority girls. The place is big so there's plenty of room to be on the prowl. Expect the typical sports bar amenities. Lots of tv's, beer, pool tables, etc. Q's typically has a few cute bartenders and waittresses working. It is definitely a college vibe with lots of guys and girls looking to hook up...
For the Sports Enthusiast / Recent Grad
Sherin N. Oct 2, 2012
Because Qs is in a prime location on Wilshire, you are not unlikely to find recent grads there on Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat nights (This group of kids probably graduated from UCLA or USC a year ago and continue living in Brentwood). Thursday night is definitely the night where you will find most college kids who have taken the $10 cab ride from UCLA to go to a bar other than their typical Westwood hangouts, so be prepared for a younger crowd. Saturdays and Sundays are prime for watching any and all sports. There are big screen TVs in your line of sight pretty much everywhere, so you'll know the score whether you want to or not. The place is very casual, complete with a couple pool tables, foosball, video games and of course, everyone's favorite bar game: shuffleboard. Very chill crowd, until the sun goes down and people get a little more rowdy. A plus for the girls, the guy to girl ratio is about 5 to 1.
Great Place to check out
Amanda G. Sep 21, 2012
Always a young crowd here. It's a casual scene, but allows for some dressing up too. I love their Whiskey Sours.
Music and Sports and TV's and Stuff
Chad F. Sep 17, 2012
I used to work right across the street from Q's, so it naturally became the place to go after work for drinks and to chill. It's a great place to go during any sports tournament to watch a game or match with other fans. It can be loud some of the time, but you pretty much know what you're getting into. Everyone who works here is really nice and attentive and the drink prices aren't outrageous. This is a great place to meet someone for a drink that you haven't had a chance to get to know yet. With the music and sports, loud people, and tv's and stuff, it will provide you with lots of things to look at if you find yourself with nothing to talk about. Note: The food here isn't my favorite, but if you're hungry, you can always go next door to Cabo Cantina for some surf n turf tacos or a steak burrito. Cabo's drinks are really good too.
Excellent sports bar with something for everyone
Alex D. Sep 14, 2012
It's easy to get a bit overwhelmed by sensory overload when you first step foot into Q's. It's easy to spot a first-timer at Q's, with their telltale gaze at the monolith of TV's suspended above the massive downstairs bar. You can count on jams that range from 80's classics to current Top 40 songs being played, assuming a big sporting event isn't capturing everyone's attention. The bartenders are Q's are extremely friendly, a trait that is only exceeded by their fairness. They don't play favorites at the bar, so you won't wait 45 minutes to get a drink, unless you're hostile. Don't act like a jerk, and you won't get treated like one. Simple enough. The place gets packed for most marquee events, so plan to come early. And if you're hoping to shoot pool during any of these times, think again. Q's covers their pool tables and drops down projector screens to accommodate the most patrons. A fair trade, if you ask me. On the the important stuff: The drink selection. They have a wide variety of beers on tap that are sure to satisfy anyone seeking some suds, from light beers to IPAs. Mixed drinks are poured generously, and everything is reasonably priced. Bring some friends and grab a pitcher on the cheap for the best deal. Happy hour is a week-long affair, running from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and boasts a load of good deals. Pitchers and drinks are discounted, while a few of the bar munchies are 50% off. If milling around the bar or taking in a game doesn't cut it for you, Q's has other diversions scattered around. Shuffleboard is available to rent and play upstairs, along with Foosball, Golden Tee and Buck Hunter. Or you can always resort to the top pub pastime: people watching. In short: Give Q's a shot during a less-busy time and see how you like it. Something tells me you'll enjoy the quick rapport you can build up with the employees, the unpretentious atmosphere and of course, the solid drink selection.
This week's "Bro Meeting" has been moved to Q's
Michael F. Sep 5, 2012
Remember your frat brother who spent all his time playing pool, Buck Hunter, and watching football? Well, he has a bar now. It’s called Q's. After work, young professionals on LA’s Westside pile into this casual, neighborhood bar for happy hour. $10 premium pitchers before 8:00 are a huge draw. And with dozens of flatscreens, there’s no need to call… your game is on. When the games are over, that’s when the games begin, as raucous post-grads pile in, mingling to classic rock, and trying the lame pick-up technique where you stand behind the person and teach them how to play pool. You’ll probably want to jog here however, as parking is barely even a thing. And the place kind of bottlenecks downstairs when it gets crowded. But in this lively, casual meat market, any crowd is a good crowd, and only increases your chances. For a sure thing though, try Q's for the big game, or to try and sharpen your own.
Great Sports bar, and a whole lot of pool
Chris M. Aug 24, 2012
Q's is real close to UCLA and is filled with college students almost every night of the week. It can be hard to tell the difference between a weekday and a weeknight, but it always makes for a good time. There are a ton of TVs in every room and they show a variety of sports. You can reserve areas for groups to watch a soccer game or whatever else and there are a few cool little nooks to stake out on the second floor. The first floor is always packed around the bar with a pool room flanked out on the south side. If you don't play pool you can skip this room as it is usually filled with some people taking it a little too seriously. The food is decent but nothing amazing but you can come here for some bar food and drinks as your dinner and be satisfied. For UCLA and Lakers games this is very fun and rowdy place to be even if you are not a fan. Really just a solid sports bar plus a lot of billiards if you are into that.
Great place to watch UCLA games!
Daniel H. Aug 3, 2012
Right across the 405 from Westwood and at the entrance to Brentwood, Q's is the best place in the neighborhood for sports games, especially if you're a Bruins fan. Alumni from UCLA just pour into the Brentwood area after graduating, so you can show up for any football or basketball game and you might even recognize some people from class. The bar also usually transforms their pool tables into extra seating for game days, and there's nothing like having an entire bar all cheering together for their team...except actually being at the game. Q's has really great happy hour specials during the week and if you stay later into the night it actually becomes a really rowdy and fun atmosphere of locals in their twenties and thirties as well as lots of students.
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