Power House

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Power House Located a few steps from both the Hollywood Bowl and the Hollywood and Highland complex, Power House is a classic dive bar that keeps the taps flowing and the rock pounding late into the night. Los Angeles United States 34.10216 -118.338414
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Power House - Dive Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Located a few steps from both the Hollywood Bowl and the Hollywood and Highland complex, Power House is a classic dive bar that keeps the taps flowing and the rock pounding late into the night. Popular with blue-collar... ... read full review

  • Metro:

    Red Line: Hollywood/Highland

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  • Hours:

    Su–Th 5pm–2am, F–Sa noon–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Power House Review

The Scene

Located a few steps from both the Hollywood Bowl and the Hollywood and Highland complex, Power House is a classic dive bar that keeps the taps flowing and the rock pounding late into the night.

Located a few steps from both the Hollywood Bowl and the Hollywood and Highland complex, Power House is a classic dive bar that keeps the taps flowing and the rock pounding late into the night.

Popular with blue-collar locals and hipsters alike, the shoe box space thrives on its authentic hard-edge vibe, helped along by its run-down exterior, non-existent décor, and heavy focus on drinking.

As the night wears on, the place fills with an eclectic but fun-loving mix of concert goers, service employees just off work, and sweaty, leather-clad bikers – not to mention the occasional wide-eyed tourist taking a late-night detour – who slink into oversized booths under the dubious “art” collection of scary clowns, cowboys, and high school class photos.

Average Joes drift to the dart boards in back or pump money into the jukebox, while regulars claim their usual spots at the corner bar, where the bartender knows them by drink, to chat about sports and politics.

At its most happening, Power House is a great dive offering cheap beer, a vibrant crowd ready to mingle, and an upbeat vibe that rarely bubbles over into rowdy debauchery.

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Tip from Emma:

Power House is the best place for a cheap drink before or after seeing Jimmy Kimmel Live! across the street.

  • Crowd

    Blue-collar types, area service employees, sociable hipsters, and some tourists, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Jukebox featuring mostly 80s and 90s rock standards. Three TVs. Two electronic dart boards. Monthly dart tournaments.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Smokers are permitted to use the alley through the door in the back.

  • Prices

    Beer $3+, mixed drinks $6+. Parking at Hollywood and Highland structure $2 with validation. Monthly dart tournament entry fee $10, includes one drink.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Anything goes, but mostly t-shirts and jeans for everyone.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Fridays and Saturdays for the biggest crowds in general, or any night after a major event at the nearby Hollywood and Highland complex or the Hollywood Bowl.

  • Close By

    Frolic Room (6245 Hollywood Boulevard) has the same old-time Hollywood dive feel with a more neighborhood clientele.

Power House User Reviews

Average rating:
Dive In When You Want to Get Away From the Hollywood Scene
Victoria B. Jun 5, 2013
n Hollywood there is a plethora of upscale bars, and clubs with lines out the door...Powerhouse is not one of these places. I am not saying it shouldn't be. After fighting my way into many a club on Hollywood Blvd, I found my home away from home to be the Powerhouse around the corner on Highland Ave. The Powerhouse has undergone some changes to stay with the trendy market. However, one thing you can always count on is cheap drinks, PBR on tap, and bartenders who know your name. The decor is TGI Fridays chic with lots of pictures on the walls of an eclectic variety. Seating options are booths or the bar. There is also an outdoor patio in the back, well more like a dark alley, but full of locals happy to make conversation. The crowd varies. I have seen many a celebrity slip in here to enjoy a strong beverage. But, mostly this is where the locals go after work or after a concert. The jukebox has a fun mix of rock songs. There are dart boards. And, bouncers and bartenders who do not beg for your business, but appreciate a familiar face none-the-less.
Start or End Your Bar Crawl Here!
David A. Apr 11, 2013
I had the privilege of living next door to Powerhouse for three years. There was never a week that went by when I didn't stop in for a drink with some buddies. This place DEFINES Dive bar. Its charming tiny booths, dart boards, and little game table (Pac Man!) make this a very great place to chill out after work. It's not a loud popping place and it' is rarely completely piled with people. The crowd is mixed, however they are mostly people in their late 20s and up. The setting reminds me of these old Texas Dive Bars I would visit when I was living in Houston. It has a country feeling to it, totally out of place from the rest of the bars in it's general area. Bikers, Rockers, and Tatted Skaters love this place. The smoking section is outside in the back and allows for great smoking conversation. (Who doesnt love that?) It's a great venue to go with your friends and feel like you are the only ones there. Although inside it can be chill and comfortable, outside is the most famous of places. Hollywood and Highland! You get two of the best things piled up in one. Right next to the mall, the red line, and a parking garage - Power House is the perfect place to start your Bar Crawl of the night on the Boulevard.
Great place!
caroline h. Nov 30, 2012
This is a very cool dive bar that has such amazing food and alcohol. I love this place because everyone is so kind and outgoing. I really enjoyed the waiter that I had too because they told me the best food to order and the best way to have a good time in Los Angeles. You will love this place and the people. Everyone is down to have a good time and the atmosphere is very lively. It is also right next to the Hollywood Bowl so you can go to a concert before or after this fun bar! Anyone would love this place!
Best Bar in Hollywood
Brett C. Oct 30, 2012
I capped off my 24th birthday here, and it was easily my favorite bar of the night. Power House is a true dive bar that attracts an extremely diverse crowd of everyone from hipsters to such characters as a guy dressed as Mr. T, complete with gold chains and camouflage pants. Once you’re inside, you’ll instantly forget that the Hollywood and Highland complex is right across the street, making it a great escape from the tourists and Hollywood scenesters that frequent the area. Being from Texas, the first thing that I noticed was that they have Shiner Bock on tap, and, with reasonably priced pitchers, Power House has become my go-to bar whenever I am missing my favorite beer from back home. The bar has a great jukebox, with a diverse set of classic rock staples and modern hits, and a couple of electronic dart boards in the back. It wasn’t difficult to find a place to sit, despite the bar being packed, the bartenders were attentive, and the crowd was friendly. For an unpretentious drinking hole in the heart of Hollywood, Power House is a must.
Drink up and get out
Sandy S. Sep 6, 2012
I absolutely hate dive bars so in all fairness I was bound to despise this place as well. They don't make any pretensions about being anything other than a dive bar and I guess they are good at what they do. The only reason why you would ever want to step into this place or atleast why I stepped into is because it is so close to the Hollywood Bowl and you can get your pre-drinking started from a convenient location. They have some real cheap $3 PBR and some decently priced house drinks to start your evening. Overall there is nothing great about it with its dark decor and a seedy crowd but I can see why a lot of people swear by this place as I can't think of any other place which is located right in the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and can afford to satisfy your liver with some cheap drinks.
If it gets any more divier, it probably would have to be underground
Deepak H. Aug 1, 2012
This is the diviest of the dive bars that you can find around Hollywood. Smack right opposite the Hollywood and Highland center and it's glitzy glamour, crazy people in costumes soliciting you for money in exchange for their esteemed presence in a photograph. I never liked Bumblebee anyway yet I digress. You know you cannot go wrong with $3 PBR or $5 Rail drinks and this is what Powerhouse is! Get your drinks and Get out! Good Jukebox, 2 dart machines and few comfy tables makes you wonder, just for a minute, whether this bar may actually stand outside the realms of a "dive bar" but as soon as the noise and the closeness (yeah! this place is pretty small so you will be rubbing elbows, arms, legs and all other body parts all night!) hits you, you retract that thought and take a swig of your beer! I usually grab my drink and peanuts (they sell peanuts and chips too!) from the bar and head out to through the back door to the designated "smoke area". Even if you do not smoke, you meet some really friendly, cool, crazy and weird people here! Definitely worth it! I got 2 tips for you if you are planning to visit this place: 1. Head out to the back before the place gets too crowded. 2. If you are too drunk and want to use the restroom...DONT! (Just trust me on this one)
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