Oldfield's Liquor Room

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Oldfield's Liquor Room Oldfield's Liquor Room in Culver City is a classic old-school cocktail bar in LA. Check out Party Earth for more on this nostalgic Los Angeles haunt. Los Angeles United States 34.016299 -118.411817
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Oldfield's Liquor Room - Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Built in tribute to Berna Oldfield, a famous race car driver buried in a cemetery two miles away, Oldfield’s Liquor Room is a classic drinking den that’s old-school right down to the borax soaps in the bathrooms... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 5pm–2am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Oldfield's Liquor Room Review

The Scene

Oldfield's Liquor Room in Culver City is a classic old-school cocktail bar in LA. Check out Party Earth for more on this nostalgic Los Angeles haunt.

Built in tribute to Berna Oldfield, a famous race car driver buried in a cemetery two miles away, Oldfield’s Liquor Room is a classic drinking den that’s old-school right down to the borax soaps in the bathrooms.

Once through the antique French café doors, patrons enter a bright, white-tiled space where nearly everything has been reclaimed from another bar, including the hardwood bar itself.

Young execs from the nearby studios slink in for Happy Hour, trying hard to forget the latest Dane-Cook-Attempts-a-Drama-Again project over racing-themed classics like the Blonde Comet, a rye-based drink splashed with grapefruit and peach liqueur. Fresh ingredients are the norm for everything, from the house-made syrups to the locally grown cilantro, and even the soda water is poured from newly cracked bottles.

The nostalgic vibe is heightened by ambient jazz and classic piano tunes, though both are often drowned out by clangorous conversation as the hipster connoisseurs start traipsing in for the evening.

Single guys nurse whiskey shots and chat up ladies sipping absinthe with strawberries, as thirty-something groups unwind on the patio with large signature punch bowls. Couples and intimate groups looking for more privacy cozy up by candlelight in the small back area, chatting and canoodling over pints of the selective craft beers that are also on hand.

A throwback to the days of yore, Oldfield’s Liquor Room will keep guests mingling and drinking all the way to the night’s finish line.

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Tip from Jonah:

Gather a group and indulge in one of the signature punch bowls. Designed to serve eight people – for about $11 each – one bowl will easily have everyone in your group feeling really good by the end of the night. The next morning…that’s a different story.

  • Crowd

    Young professionals from nearby studios, couples on dates, Westside hipsters, whiskey aficionados, mid-20s to mid-30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin 50s, 60s, French pop, and garage mixes F–Sa from 9pm–close. Ambient jazz and piano classics other times.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Happy Hour daily 5–8pm.

  • Prices

    Beer $6–$10, wine $7–$10, cocktails $10–$12, punch bowls $90/serves eight. Valet $5 W–Sa from 9pm.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Hip casual: corduroys, t-shirts, button-downs, plaid, fitted jeans, flirty tops.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Any Thursday through Saturday evening for casual cocktails and good conversation.

  • Close By

    Bigfoot West (10939 Venice Boulevard) is a faux hunting lodge-themed bar run by 1933 Group – the same guys behind Oldfield’s – and serves up creative high-end cocktails to a spirited mass of hipsters.

    For added nostalgia, visitors can head to Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery (5835 West Slauson Avenue) where Berna Oldfield was laid to rest.

Oldfield's Liquor Room User Reviews

Average rating:
Keeping It Simple: Good Times and Great Drinks
David R. Jun 14, 2013
For a great drink, there is no place quite like Oldfield's Liquor Room. Oldfield’s combines an old-school look with a nice music mix for an excellent drinking experience. The bar has plenty of room for a group of friends to hang out together, and it’s usually full of friendly, interesting people who are easy to talk to and happy to socialize. The old-fashioned vibe and eclectic clientele makes this a unique experience that is a must for anyone who enjoys the bar scene. Once you are there, it is easy to get caught up for hours in Oldfield’s enjoyably laid-back atmosphere. Although the place can get a bit crowded, there’s usually a place for you and your friends to sit back and relax. Where Oldfield’s really shines, however, is with talented bartenders. Capable of making a wide variety of drinks, with choices that aren’t just limited to the already extensive menu, Oldfield’s bartenders have something for everyone. Even better, some of the bartenders can mix you a drink based on how you are feeling at that very moment. Just offer a couple of details, such as your mood, types of liquor you do or don’t like, or whether you prefer things bitter or sweet, and these skilled mixologists can do the rest. In general, Oldfield’s keeps it simple and offers fantastic drinks. While somewhat pricey (when it’s not Happy Hour), there is not much more you could ask for.
The Cheers of Culver City
Jennifer S. L. Apr 19, 2013
The aptly named Oldfields--because, for those that hail from the surrounding neighborhood, it feels like your most comfortable old pair of boots, your most lived in flannel, your favorite leather jacket--serves up a smart cocktail list and a full bar. The drinks are of "mixologist" quality, but without the pretense. The bartenders use fresh juices, fruits, bitters and other precision concoctions, but are often understaffed so you may have to wait a little while for your drink. They also have a couple of hot pressed paninis on offer, because, most likely, you will be hanging out for hours and find yourself in need of a snack. The last time I was there for happy hour, I got there around 6pm and lingered until almost 11pm. It's the kind of place where you can always count on a space at the bar or a table for your group of friends. Oldfield's is not outstanding, but it is an old standby, and sometimes that's all you want or need.
Your Dad's Dream Basement Bar
Billy K. Dec 19, 2012
Oldfield's is really good for happy hour. It's hard to beat their drinks at the discounted prices. But it's hard to judge it on this alone since it's nearly impossible to make it to a happy hour in L.A. However, if you want to feel like you're in some European cafe/bar, this is a great place to order a whiskey clean and sip it as you overhear different conversations about the film and tv industry. Overall, this place feels like the bar your dad always talks about building in your basement once you leave for college, but never gets around to it. It's got a lot of high class liquors and a drink menu that your mom could have put together for your dad. Dress code is fairly casual, but you'll find a lot of people dressed up after work. This place is full of those kinds of hipsters who don't like being called hipsters and would prefer it if you hadn't found the place. I found myself longing to be at Rick's Cafe from the movie Casablanca. I don't think this place consciously tries to capture that vibe, but I felt it. Again, this is a great place for happy hour if you want a stiff drink to forget about a tough day. However, I wouldn't recommend staying here a whole night. You could always head to Backstage Bar and Grill in nearby Culver City for cheap PBRs and Karaoke to cap the night off.
Hipster, Vintage, and killer cocktails - know your bitters
Chris M. Dec 6, 2012
I checked out Oldfield's on Repeal Day (December 5) commemorating the repeal of prohibition and they were featuring a classic cocktail for only 50 cents. This meant that the place was packed and they had run out of the night's signature cocktail so I ponied up for a round of $12 cocktails and $7 beers for the group. Pricey yes, but delicious whiskey-based cocktails with fresh ingredients, good bitters, and the right amount of booze. We found some seats in the small, back room which was a little quieter though conversation was still hard. On a normal weekday they have half-price drinks for happy hour so I will have to come back for that. The decor is like an old-timey pharmacy, there are some old auto racing posters, and the bar itself is beautiful jutting out into the main space. The patio also looks great if we had been able to get out there. The crowd is hipster/industry and there was a lot of plaid, mustaches, and the like but also pretty friendly. We struck up conversations with groups on both sides of us and this is clearly a place where friends meet up after work for a drink. Other than Bigfoot West about 200 feet away it is in a very residential area outside of Culver City so you will likely be driving - which is too bad because you will want a few drinks. That will keep the cost down, however, so there is a fringe benefit. Bigfoot is owned by the same folks, slightly bigger and is a good pairing often featuring live music as well.
Pricey but done right!
Jayson M. Aug 21, 2012
I went here first with a Groupon, which is how I enjoy most of my pricier drinking dens, and man-oh-man do I wish I made enough money to hit this place every night. Happy Hour takes some of the sting out (like $7 per, I think) but it’s still too much to be my regular local. That said, the space exudes old school and does it well. It’s like walking in to the kind of vintage haunts I imagine my hardscrabble Irish grandpappy used to frequent. The tile on the walls and floor make it look almost like an upscale hotel bathroom…but in a good way. Drinks are gorgeous and meticulous and the paninis are pretty good too. The panini? Panino? Whatever, yum. Expect it to be packed as all get out on weekends with the classy hipster type. Hit it up early so you can savor all the alcoholic goodness behind the gorgeous mahogany bar.
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