Las Perlas

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Las Perlas Las Perlas in Downtown Los Angeles is all about tequila and mezcal. Check out this funky cool LA bar/lounge at Party Earth. Los Angeles United States 34.04517 -118.249746
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Las Perlas - Lounge | Tequila Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review A small bar specializing in the agave-powered greatness of mezcal, Las Perlas features a menu centered on this Oaxacan favorite, from rare “mezcaleros” meant to be sipped slowly, to intricate fruity cocktails meant to... ... read full review

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    Red, Purple Lines: Pershing Square

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    M–F 7pm–2am, Sa–Su 8pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Las Perlas Review

The Scene

Las Perlas in Downtown Los Angeles is all about tequila and mezcal. Check out this funky cool LA bar/lounge at Party Earth.

A small bar specializing in the agave-powered greatness of mezcal, Las Perlas features a menu centered on this Oaxacan favorite, from rare “mezcaleros” meant to be sipped slowly, to intricate fruity cocktails meant to be guzzled by the gallon as well as a long list of tequila, which is actually a form of mezcal.

A hybrid of upscale Mexican drinking den and classic speakeasy, the décor consists of lime-hued lighting and low metal stools punctuated by earth-toned ceilings and long shelves of vintage bottles hung just high enough that groups of post-grads don’t get any ideas after downing too many jalapeño- and chili-based Spiced Daisy margaritas.

Well-dressed office types and mezcal purists take over the colorful plaid-topped tables to sample new varietals paired with draft beer, as younger party types sweeten their night with drinks with fancy ingredients – like muddled berries, bacon bitters, and ginger syrup – before hitting the Downtown clubs.

Except for the occasional rowdiness at the lone pool table, the venue tends to be a relaxed haunt, though couples looking to escape the noise of the jukebox or weekend DJs can always sneak out to the street-side patio to watch the traffic buzz by.

There’s a saying in Mexico – “For everything bad, mezcal; and for everything good, too” – and Las Perlas surely prompts a lot of Angelinos to say the same thing.

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Tip from Emma:

Your favorite cocktail not on the menu? Bartenders are happy to create any drink just for you. Just tell them what you’re looking for and they’ll whip up an original concoction – so long as that concoction involves mezcal, of course.

  • Crowd

    University students, young Downtown professionals, creative types, hipsters, older daily regulars, and mezcal purists, early 20s to late 30s+.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Jukebox stocked with standard tunes. Japanese DJ Kapsoul spins classic vinyl on Friday nights, and Darren Revell of Big Sonic Heaven fame spins on Saturdays. TV tuned to sports. Pool table.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    No food but patrons can bring in outside food. ATM on site. Happy Hour M 7pm–2am, Tu–F 7–8pm.

  • Prices

    Beer $5–$14, cocktails $9–$13, tequila $5–$95.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Business casual to trendy: jeans, t-shirts, button-downs, flats, flirty tops.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Monday for the all-night Happy Hour, early in the week for playing pool and chilling with the regulars, or Saturday nights to party with a hip and discerning pre-game crowd.

  • Close By

    Cole’s (118 East 6th Street) is the self-proclaimed originator of the French dip sandwich.

Las Perlas User Reviews

Average rating:
Forget All Your Past Experiences with Tequila
Deena D. Mar 26, 2013
The bartenders here are really on top of their tequila game. I'm a big fan of the beer+shot combo anywhere I go and here its $7. They have a good variety of tequilas you can get with that deal so feel free to ask them which their favorite is. The crowd is super varied so there's never too much bro, 40+, or hipsters at any time. Its a decently sized bartop so it doesn't take too much time to order a drink. The music is good and there's always a group of people dancing in the larger area of the bar. It's in a pretty busy area so whether as a starting point or ending, Las Perlas can be as crazy or chill as you make it! Don't be afraid to choose some bizarre tequila because you can't find them at just any old bar.
Tequila Heaven
Jackie D. Nov 4, 2012
I LOVE Las Perlas for so many reasons. First, they always have the friendliest bartenders who will chat with you no matter how busy they are. They also have a jukebox (although the selection seems kinda random...) which is cool for when they don't have a DJ performing. Lastly, they have great tequila and mezcal! Their selection ranges in exclusivity and they have some really nice tequilas that are otherwise difficult to find/impossible to get your hands on. Because Las Perlas is a tequila bar, expect it to be raucous on weekend nights. If you need more reasons to love tequila, go to LP and they won't disappoint!
Yummy !!!!
Candy H. Oct 4, 2012
We went out to celebrate my older brothers birthday and were driving around the downtown area looking for a great spot to go and have a few drinks . After driving around for about half an hour we stopped and found valet parking on the corner . We first decided to go to the association bar but after we waited in line for approximately 40 minutes we decided to go and check out Las Perlas. I dragged my brothers and my sister to this bar along with their friends we waited to get inside for about 10 minutes and once inside we were only waiting on drinks for a few minutes . This place is definitely unique from their drinks to the decor inside . We enjoyed our time their and most importantly my brother had a great time. I thought the music was great and so was the atmosphere. Drinks are a little on the pricey side but they are worth it every penny. The bartender was very nice and fast but most important extremely accurate when it came to mixing drinks. They weren't to strong but they weren't to light also which i loved . Overall I had a great time at this place. Every time one of my friends asks me what bars are good in the downtown area I always mention this place.
Viva Las Perlas!
Victor H. Aug 27, 2012
Friend and I met at Las Perlas for drinks since she works nearby and it was definitely a fun place with a little bit of everything mixed into a small place. Parking was a little hard to find for me when I got there around 9:30. Luckily after searching a few minutes I scored a parking spot 2 blocks away. When my friend and I got there around 10 there was a line about 5 people strong but it move fast. We were inside in less than 5 minutes. Once inside the line outside made sense as it was a full house. Trying to get a drink took about 5 minutes. But once we were ordering the bartender who's name was Noel was a great guy and very helpful. He recommended some shots and drinks throughout the day. At one point my friend didn't like the drink and he was more than happy to give her a new one for free. At $13 for their specialty drinks they were definitely pricey but they tasted delicious. Seems like everyone praises the Spiced Daisy and so will I. It's a must! The music was not the best but it was good enough for my friend and I to dance for a little bit (we were the only ones dancing). We even asked the DJ if she can play some music with a little bit more spunk so we can dance. There was a jukebox that obviously wasn't getting any use that night but the selection of music looked great. Might have even been better than the music played by the DJ. Later on we hung out in the patio to get some fresh air. The patio wasn't crowded at all there were seats and standing room galore despite it being not that big of an area to begin with. Once the night was coming to an end people slowly were disappearing. The place didn't get completely empty but there was definitely plenty of room to move around and order a drink without any wait or effort. We called it a night around 1:30 and as we left we were ambushed by people selling the infamous danger dogs which were a godsend that night. Overall I have nothing but praise for Las Perlas. Actually I wish the DJ played some livelier music. The music was a little too mellow and I think that's why nobody was dancing. But DJ's change from day to day I'm guessing so maybe when you go you'll get lucky and get a DJ with some better taste.
Because Vodka and Whiskey Can Get Old
Calvin A. Aug 20, 2012
There are two types of people that drink mezcal. Those that love the deep and smoky flavored spirit, and those that don’t. Both can find satisfaction behind Las Perlas’ well-stocked bar—whether through the huge, meticulously curated mezcal selection for the former group, or the transformative cocktails that delight the palates of the latter. Boasting LA’s largest mezcal collection, and a crew of bartenders with a safari guide-level knowledge of the Oaxacan spirit, Las Perlas can cater to the aficionado as well as the experimental novice. And if the words musky and harsh don’t factor into your idea of the perfect cocktail, then put your trust in the hands of those same bartenders and their extensive drink list. Using a careful concoction of ingredients with names like agave and rosemary, and a delicate, artists’ touch, they use their expertise to mask harshness and coax out tangy refreshment. The decor seamlessly blends darkness with bright splashes of color, lending a relaxed vibe that extends to the crowd. The detail-oriented can relax their nerves picking out the dozens of rabbits mingled into the walls. While anyone trying to take solace from the hustle and bustle surrounding the bar and pool table can find refuge on the second-story outdoor patio—where smokers and non-smokers alike can cool off in the night air and watch the unfolding dramedy of nightlife overachievers struggle for entrance at The Association. Weeknights and happy hours tend to bring out the office-types and local professionals, while weekends and live-spinning DJs tend to bring out the recent grads and hipster-types looking to spring out for some decent hooch before a night out.
Umm... Perfect?
Nikki L. Aug 20, 2012
I love Las Perlas. It has all the makings of a fantastic bar: pool tables, a dance floor, a jukebox, the occasional DJ, indoor booths, padded seats, AND an outdoor patio with a view. Not to mention a fabulous assortment of tequila! I would recommend the Daisy. It's got a little kick, but you seriously have to try it. They also have a tall boy + shot of tequila for $8 all night. This block is my favorite for bar-hopping nights; Varnish/Cole's, and the Association are right across the street! (Tip: the Association has a later last call, so I'd hit that up last). Plus, you can see it all from the patio balcony, so wrangling strays is a cinch. Lighting is all pleasantly dim (brighter around the pool tables of course) and tables inside and out are lit by candles. I guess it's supposed to have a sort of cantina vibe, but that's really beside the point. Dress is downtown casual, and Las Perlas is super chill, especially if you're with a small group. And you'll see a lot of them there. I went here for my birthday and have never had a better time. The intention was to do the bar hop, but (silly me) we went to Las Perlas first, and I just didn't want to leave. Prepare to fall in love. And mind the stairs on the way out!
Sara G. Aug 17, 2012
Las Perlas is pretty cool. If you're coming from West Hollywood, you literally take Sixth the entire way, and there's been street parking on the same block every time I've gone. No hassle - great way to start the night. The bartenders really appreciate their craft and are not only very knowledgeable about the tequilas they serve, but these guys really enjoy concocting different drinks on the fly depending on what you're willing to try. There's also a pool table, and a patio out front. Definitely worth checking out - probably best to start your night here though, not end it.
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