La Descarga

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La Descarga Patrons looking for a ticket to another reality should head straight to the Cuban rum and cigar bar La Descarga, a Latin-flavored Narnia for sophisticated adults who haven't lost their imaginations. Los Angeles United States 34.0921262 -118.3092135
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La Descarga - Cigar Bar | Lounge | Rum Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review Patrons looking for a ticket to another reality should head straight to the Cuban rum and cigar bar La Descarga, a Latin-flavored Narnia for sophisticated adults who haven’t lost their imaginations. On most... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Tu–Sa 8pm–2am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth La Descarga Review

The Scene

Patrons looking for a ticket to another reality should head straight to the Cuban rum and cigar bar La Descarga, a Latin-flavored Narnia for sophisticated adults who haven't lost their imaginations.

Patrons looking for a ticket to another reality should head straight to the Cuban rum and cigar bar La Descarga, a Latin-flavored Narnia for sophisticated adults who haven’t lost their imaginations.

On most nights, the well-dressed crowd of international sophisticates, hipsters, and professionals waits with breathless anticipation to be led up to the slinky receptionist, who checks them off and then, with dramatic flair, opens an armoire, parts the clothing, and waves guests through to the other side.

After making their way past a metal walkway and down a spiral staircase, patrons find themselves in a sultry room reminiscent of pre-Castro Havana, where fashionable young professionals and artsy types mix and mingle by the seductive light of ornate wall sconces and stained glass lamps, or shake their hips to the beat of the three-piece Cuban band playing on the balcony above.

The lively bar is the focal point for the diverse clients, who line up along the marble countertop to sip signature daiquiris and peruse the variety of rums displayed on tall oak arches.

Those who show up with a group can grab one of the cushy booths, a prime spot for watching the burlesque dancer’s nightly bar-top fire dance, while patrons in need of fresh air can step out to the cool refuge of the patio to enjoy rum flights and Dominican cigars.

More an experience than just another bar, La Descarga offers a unique escape for stylish night owls in search of an enchanted world to call their own.

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Tip from Emma:

Try to get right up to the bar during the burlesque show. If you’re lucky, the dancer might just incorporate you into her routine!

  • Crowd

    Cuban music lovers, young professionals, hipsters, cultured and artistic types, cigar enthusiasts, and internationals, 20s to 50s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Burlesque and music shows nightly at 10pm, 11pm, midnight, and 1am. Three-piece Cuban band.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Cigar bar with Payne-Mason Cigars. Reservations highly recommended throughout the week and required on Fridays and Saturdays for tables and standing room.

  • Prices

    Cigars $15–$25. Beer $6+, wine $7+, cocktails $11+, rum $15+. Valet $8.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Men in button-downs and slacks or even vintage suits, women dressed to impress. Dress code enforced: No sneakers, T-shirts, polo shirts, flannel shirts, or hoodies.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Every night it's open, but Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest.

La Descarga User Reviews

Average rating:
Not Your Average Speakeasy
Luis C. Aug 19, 2013
So I watched this movie. "Celeste and Jesse Forever." and I saw a bar that was beyond a closet. I thought this is a great idea, I need to find a bar like this in LA. then I found not only a bar like this in L.A. but the one featured on the movie, at first the bouncer asked me how I learned from this place... as if it was an illegal place :) this made the wait exciting and then they guided me through the famous closet and down the staircase, inside I sat next to what looked like powerful men smoking cigars, politicians?, movie big shots?, mafia ? they all look the same with their cigars and in between a thick cloud of smoke witch surprisingly does not make you choke in part thanks to the great Air conditioning and smoke extractor that they have in place. then the time came for the great burlesque show. A show sexy but not explicit that made this night out with the boys an epic night, this place is nice enough for me to bring a date I will come back after I found a girl special enough to bring to this place .
Like nothing else
Isabel S. Apr 15, 2013
Descend the spiral staircase of La Descaraga, and you may be hard put to remember that you're still in LA. With its stunning burlesque performances and an unreal vibe, this bar attracts an engaging, cultured crowd that is sure to keep you fascinated. If you don't like rum, La Descaraga might just make you a convert. Its drinks are worth the money, served up by experienced mixologists using only the freshest and best of ingredients. The Cuban beats will be sure to draw you to the dance floor, where you can work up a sweat until you feel like retiring to the cigar lounge. You'll see why this place is referred to as a "hidden gem", as it is the epitome of up and coming.
My Thursday Hideout!
Chi S. Mar 19, 2013
Mark and Jonnie Houston, the Genius owners who brought you Harvard and Stone have done it AGAIN with this amazing speakeasy. I went last Thursday and there was a live Salsa band and burlesque show with multiple girls. The coolness is setoff right when you walk through the living room "cabinets" which is the secret entrance, bringing you down a cool spiral staircase to the main bar. Try some rum or fine cigars out in the back room. The place is packed from 10-11:30 and there's more space to dance around midnight. If you want to stay away from all the pro dancers of Steven's you can enjoy the music and vibe here and still get in a few dancers. Beautiful crowd and not so stuffy, although word on the streets it's not uncommon to see celebs here. Great romantic lighting, and intimate space make this a great date spot! Make it easy on yourself to get in by making a reservation and dress up in collared shirt at minimum for gents.
Special Secret
Kiana F. Sep 7, 2012
La Descarga is a hidden gem and sure to become a favorite date spot or hangout with colleagues or friends. It was for me. The quaint, Cuban fused bar is designed with a special entrance as you relive the days of the Prohibition Era in this swanky, dim and seductive speakeasy imitation. The drinks were fabulous and the bar is known for their wide range of Rum selections in signature drinks served by experienced mixologists. While you sip and chat, you enjoy great live music and entertaining burlesque dancers as they light up the room. I would suggest arriving early as the bar can become jammed packed. Reservations are often suggested while there street parking and a Valet for $8 (I would suggest the valet).
A little Havana in LA
Paul F. Aug 24, 2012
When this place first opened in LA - it was a revelation. Nothing else was like it. Firm dress code (yes, even for LA) 3-piece live Cuban band, burlesque, secret entrance, etc. It just said cool in a way that LA hadn't seen in a long time. The rum is great, the cigar bar in back is cool and the crowd sophisticated. There's one enormous drawback to La Descarga - it's so small that you literally can't move and it gets so hot that wearing whatever dress code jacket you brought makes you feel as if you're actually in Cuba in July. Regardless of the size - I still stand by it. If you can - reserve one of the booths so you and your group can get some breathing room and a front row seat for when the burlesque dancers crawl down the stairs and dance on the bar.
perfect spot for rum junkies
Emily B. Aug 7, 2012
This place is a fun change of pace for anyone who is tired of the usual upscale LA bar scene and I've found myself going here about once a week since graduating from college. I happen to really love rum and cigars so the fact that this place has a really impressive collection of both seals the deal for me (and makes me feel like less of a Cuban drug lord for ordering both). Friday and Saturdays get pretty busy here so I usually like to go during the week to catch a more mellow crowd and actually enjoy my conversation and rum.
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