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In a city filled with divas, partiers, and celebrities, it comes as no surprise that Los Angeles karaoke bars are among the best. Who doesn’t want to watch well-dressed wannabes belt out show tunes at one in the morning? Well, L.A. certainly does.

For the classic (read: epic) karaoke experience, Caffé Brass Monkey is the place to be. Known for its rambunctious vibe, Caffe Brass Monkey is one of L.A.’s wildest karaoke bars, where even the most uptight patrons will let loose and sing along with the 80s power ballads inevitably blasting from the speakers.

With plenty of lively karaoke spots to choose from, the Los Angeles karaoke scene is also host to some pretty unique hotspots. Backstage Bar and Grill, for example, is directly across the street from Sony Studios, and as a result draws an eclectic crowd of regulars, studio employees, and occasionally a celebrity or two. The modest dive bar is just that, modest, creating an environment where even shy patrons are made to feel comfortable picking up the mic.

For arguably the best karaoke in Los Angeles, or at least the most interesting, head to the Smog Cutter. Not for the faint of heart, this kitschy dive is known for back-talking bartenders and drinks strong enough to ensure that the entire bar will be belting out tunes before the night is out, if they haven’t passed out before then. Definitely a must-do for hard-core karaoke fans. Can you handle it?

L.A. karaoke bars are incredibly indicative of the city’s clientele and they vary dramatically from the frat-type 80s-ballad-singing dance hall to the unusual hipster dives where only the strong survive. Which is to say, it’s hard to go wrong with karaoke in Los Angeles.

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