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Harvard & Stone If Rosie the Riveter bought a western saloon, decorated it like a mineshaft, hired a devout mixologist to plan the menu, and convinced her sexy friends to dance above the bar – it would look a lot like Harvard & Stone. Los Angeles United States 34.1017792 -118.3042793
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Harvard & Stone - Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review If Rosie the Riveter bought a western saloon, decorated it like a mineshaft, hired a devout mixologist to plan the menu, and convinced her sexy friends to dance above the bar – it would look a lot like Harvard & Stone... ... read full review

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    Daily 8pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth Harvard & Stone Review

The Scene

If Rosie the Riveter bought a western saloon, decorated it like a mineshaft, hired a devout mixologist to plan the menu, and convinced her sexy friends to dance above the bar – it would look a lot like Harvard & Stone.

If Rosie the Riveter bought a western saloon, decorated it like a mineshaft, hired a devout mixologist to plan the menu, and convinced her sexy friends to dance above the bar – it would look a lot like Harvard & Stone.

A steel door out front is the first indication of the venue’s industrial aesthetic, which continues throughout the two-story space with a mix of antique mining tools, weathered furnishings, and a lot of wrought iron.

The metal-stamped main bar – complete with copper fire extinguisher taps and draping cages of booze – is a popular hangout for hipsters in the market for whiskey and draft beers, or anyone in need of a refined Bulleit Bourbon cocktail.

Live music explodes off the low wooden stage nearby, which hosts rock bands Fridays and Saturdays, while an adjacent DJ booth keeps the blues and rockabilly flowing the rest of week.

Fashionable locals who want to enjoy a smoke with their walnut Manhattans make their way to the back, past small secluded nooks and a sofa-fronted stone fireplace, to a second bar with a giant soot-sucking overhead vent, or continue further to a fenced-in alleyway.

A similarly-styled second level, meanwhile, provides great views of the hip throngs below, as well as eye level vistas of the weekend burlesque dancers who always pack the house.

Cozy and unpretentious, Harvard & Stone combines rockabilly grit, hipster chic, and down-to-earth affability into a hip and welcoming neighborhood bar.

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Tip from Jonah:

Head to the back ‘R&D’ bar first, since that’s where you’ll find a monthly featured spirit and a drinks menu that changes almost daily. You can basically come to this bar every night for months and have a new cocktail each time.

  • Crowd

    Fashionable hipsters, artists, locals, and industry folk, 20s to 30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Playlist featuring rock, blues, and rockabilly. Live rock bands and burlesque dancers on Friday and Saturday nights. DJs often spin during the week.

  • Food / Miscellaneous


    Table service available for a minimum charge. A regular table holds up to 12 people. Larger areas are available for reservation. Credit cards are required to hold reservations. Parties must arrive prior to the first burlesque showing at 10:30pm. Any cancellations must be more than 24 hours in advance, and include a $10/person cancellation fee.

  • Prices

    Beer $7+, wine $7/glass or $40/bottle, cocktails $9+. Table reservation $250+/up to 12 people, which includes a punchbowl or bottle.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Neat casual: flannel, t-shirts, jeans, vintage garb. Venue advises against shiny shirts, sports gear, logos, flip-flops, most hats, and loud colors.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Mondays through Wednesdays for low-key fun with the locals and regulars, and Fridays and Saturdays for the bands, the burlesque, and the packed house.

  • Close By

    La Descarga (1159 North Western Avenue) is Harvard & Stone’s Cuban sister establishment, run by the same owners.

Harvard & Stone User Reviews

Average rating:
Glow Sticks a No Go
Efterpi Z. Jun 8, 2013
Turning up at 12am with glow sticks round our necks, a motley crew of 10 or so twenty-something year olds, we were greeted by a large man against a steel door and a stern, 'guys, it's not that kind of a party here', looking like not the best start, or continuation rather, to the night. However, we were not first timers here and knew that once behind the big steel door we were in for a treat. Glow sticks promptly removed, we were let in with no further hassle, even at that time on a Friday night. On second thoughts, thankfully, Harvard & Stone is not full of teenage ravers, and glow sticks are potentially not the appropriate attire for a hip 20-30 somethings bar which oozes laid back, prohibition charm and cool. Isolated doorman comment incident aside H&S is anything but pretentious and stuck up. It has an air of effortless charm, although no doubt every aspect from the industrial decor, to the ever changing drink menu, to the music are carefully considered to the very last detail. What really makes it though, is a great mix of people who just want to have fun and who you will find yourself easily mingling, dancing and chatting away with. Not so hipstery it makes you want to cringe and definitely not full on Hollywood either. Great cocktails, which you can sample in the smoky, dimly lit back room whilst catching up with friends (without yelling too much) and feel like you have been transported to the prohibition era. Or if you're feeling a little livelier, and for me the piece de resistance of the place, head into the main room to enjoy the live performances, accordions, burlesque, gypsy folk... Before you know it you'll find yourself twirling across the dance floor with your newly made best friends, even on a weeknight (Thursday preferably) long past what you said was your bedtime. (on another note, if you do want to enjoy the live performances to the max, you should probably aim to get there quite a bit before 12am)
Harvaaaaard & Stone!
Stephanie K. May 7, 2013
Harvard & Stone. I celebrated my 25th birthday here and it was a wicked smart decision. So, I was looking for a cool bar to host around 20 friends. I live in Santa Monica and wanted to branch out of my familiar westside haunts. I looked into a few bars/clubs and quite frankly, I was sold by the Yelp reviews for this spot! Call me crazy, but I booked the place even though I had NEVER BEEN to the bar... Anyway! Angel was so helpful in booking the reservation. I reserved the private room adjacent to the main floor for about 20 people. I think some people mentioned it's not big enough to sit 20. But honestly, it's not like I wasn't hosting a dinner party! I thought our little area was a perfect place for a few people to sit and catch up, and of course, grab drinks! We ordered a pitcher of the punch (Dark & Stormy?) and also had a bottle of vodka. Loved the punch. The bottles were definitely reasonably priced, especially since they don't charge you by the amount of people. Best advice I can give - if you're having a party here on a WEEKEND night, reserve an area with a guest list. (Or tell everyone to get there BEFORE 10pm). Anyway, I sent the guest list in the day before the party. Easy peasy! I did have some late-joiners who weren't on the list. Luckily, the bouncer was cool enough to let me "switch" their names with a few no-shows on my list. Totally saved the day. Also, I have to say I was worried about some of my west-side friends meshing with the mainly hipster crowd. However, everyone had a great time! Cocktails were fantastic and they LOVED the burlesque. Who doesn't love burlesque?! Sadly, I actually was too busy mingling and hosting to pay too much attention, but I love that they have multiple ladies doing their thang throughout the evening. Final note - I am so happy I chose this spot for my bday celebration. Although, I can't wait to go back to H&S on a week night with the girls because there were some serious hotties floating around. I was just too busy hosting to really start chatting it up. Next time!
A Los Feliz Neighborhood Bar
Christopher M. May 3, 2013
You wouldn’t suspect that so much fun was happening on this lazy block in West Los Feliz, but from the minute you walk into this bar, you know you’re going to have a good night. Harvard & Stone offers multiple rooms, all of which offer a different experience, from the balcony, to a fireplace, to fraternizing around the island bar. If you wanna get away and catch up with old friends over a deep and thoughtful conversation, this is not the place. This twenty and thirty-something crowd is here to enjoy great music, fresh cocktails and a dance experience like no other. In fact, it won’t take long before everyone is dancing… Guys and girls… Girls and girls… Guys and guys! This crowd is sophisticated, relaxed, and ready to mingle.
Jenny R. Mar 28, 2013
I love this place. Great drinks, hot men, amazing live shows.
Great Music, Ambiance and Crowd Make it a WINNER
Chi S. Mar 19, 2013
This is my Sunday spot when I want to mingle with cool peeps, boogie down to the best classic rock n roll and Blues (think Beatles, Eagles, Jackson Five). I love that people actually let loose here and Dance. A great place to boogie is right next to the front bar near the stage, or towards the back fireplace. Be sure to check out the back bar which is the old converted kitchen. If you find a fine thing to canoodle with go upstairs to a more secluded spot to "get to know each other" better. If you're hungry afterwords you can hit the Hollywood Thai restaurant which is open til the wee hours!
Let's Go Back In Time...
Kate K. Feb 19, 2013
Once stepping through the large steel door of Harvard & Stone you are immediately transferred back into time to the prohibition period. The décor gives its patron’s a frozen in time feeling. As if the bar itself closed its doors 90 years ago and has not been disturbed since. The simple bare tan walls accented by steel and copper elements are so simple yet beautiful at the same time. An upstairs area wraps around part of the bar, reserved for VIP parties. The balcony area of this section looks over the back bar and gives a prison like effect on the room. On the weekends it’s there that the burlesque dancers appear, and suddenly you feel as if you are watching an up close and personal show to the effect of Chicago’s Cell Block Tango; it’s the jail house where prisoners would rather stay than be released. One of my favorite features of Harvard & Stone is the individual mixology drink menus of each of the bartenders. Each bartender who works at Harvard & Stone has developed and invented their own specialty cocktails. In the back bar, depending on which bartender is there, only the ingredients of that menu are present. Of course the front bar offers other forms of alcohol that may not be on the original menus, but where is the fun in that? I’ve even had the pleasure of collaborating on a cocktail name with one of the past bartenders. The drink was a revised take on a gin fizz with the addition of tequila, rose water, and some other secret ingredients. We named it The Ophelia, after the bittersweet dimise of Hamlet's fragile lover. In addition to the unique cocktail menus there is often live music played on the bars stage in the front bar, music ranging from indie rock to blue grass. When there is not band present there are DJs who play a range of music. My favorite is when they play oldies from the 40s-70s and everyone, boys and girls, get up to dance. If you enjoy a creative speakeasy vibe venue, than Harvard & Stone should be on the top of your list.
Come for the drinks, Stay for the show
Brett C. Feb 11, 2013
I went to Harvard & Stone for the first time Saturday night, and I’ll definitely be back. We got there around 10:45 and waited in line for about 30-45 minutes before getting in. Once inside, the bar was packed, but moving around wasn’t really an issue. H&S has an industrial factory vibe to it that fits in with the primarily whisky drinks being prepared. Saturday nights feature a live band playing covers to a burlesque show that had multiple short sets through the night. In between live sets a DJ was spinning actual vintage vinyl records from the middle of the floor. The live band played a nice variety, including an up-tempo rendition of “Seven Nation Army,” and the DJ played everything from Frankie Valli to The Archies. Drinks were on the expensive side, nothing but beer for under $10, with mixed drinks generally priced from $10 to $12. I had a great Baby’s First Bourbon from the front bar and a couple of interesting drinks from the experimental back bar, which was less crowded and is definitely worth checking out. Harvard & Stone is yet another great Los Angeles bar serving innovative, quality drinks that should be a crowd favorite for long to come.
Super Trendy Bar With Great Live Music
Liana M. Jan 16, 2013
Harvard & Stone has a classy rustic-chic vibe that attracts an extremely trendy and attractive group of 20-30 somethings. Located in the heart of Hollywood's Thai Town and identified only by a swinging wooden sign above the door, Harvard & Stone is more speakeasy than hip nightclub. With a fancy rotating cocktail menu featuring American made spirits, H&S attracts mixology aficionados who are willing to spend a couple extra bucks for something unique and often made with fresh ingredients. There are weekly burlesque shows, as well as live bands and DJs playing almost every night. They have also recently started a band residency like many other indie venues in Silverlake and Echo Park, namely The Satellite, The Echo, and Los Globos. The layout and seating arrangements in H&S is pretty interesting. The front has bar seating as well as a few small high-top tables and stools. The middle section has couches on either side of the real stone fireplace as well as a private room with bonus sliding door for added privacy. There is also a VIP area upstairs, which is used for special events, reservations, and private parties. Then finally in the back there is a second, smaller bar with a few more high-top tables and stools and a tiny outdoor smoking patio. You'll find that the hippest looking people also happen to be smokers and will mostly congregate in the smoking area. Harvard & Stone is a very sexy, dimly lit bar that is great to take a date to or just hang out with a few close friends. If you're looking to dance with the girls, you will definitely want to go elsewhere. There isn't much dancing space during DJ sets and especially when there are live performances; expect to be squeezed between the bar and the people sitting at the high-tops if you want to get close enough to the stage. The only downside about this place is the neighborhood. Be sure to park as close to the bar as possible. My friend was mugged just down the street on Sunset while walking to his car after visiting Harvard & Stone. Be safe and get someone to walk with you to your car.
Managing to appeal to both the Hollywood and Silverlake crowds, Harvard & Stone offers good drinks and music at a price, it is always packed
Annie J. Dec 11, 2012
Harvard & Stone sits directly between the heart of Hollywood and the hipster-central Silverlake, and has accomplished the seemingly inconceivable by managing to appeal to both demographics. On any given night you can find patrons of Hollywood clubs and Silverlake Dive bars alike standing patiently in line outside the bar’s steel door. And there (almost) always is a line. Once inside you are transported through an industrial time warp. Cooper, iron, and steel abound, but the gritty, industrial flavor of the bar is all for show. The specialty cocktail menu is fancy, and although the drinks are delicious, they are also expensive. I recommend anything with Applejack. The DJs almost exclusively play Motown along with 1950s and 60s favorites, which will make you want to dance, but unfortunately the dance floor areas seem more conducive to socializing than dancing most of the time. The back bar and smoking patio are good escapes when looking for a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery. The upstairs area and small downstairs enclave are great for hosting birthday parties or celebratory events. Although I appreciate that there is a burlesque show on weekends, I have always found myself disappointed by the show at H&S. I prefer the Houston brothers’ (owners of Harvard & Stone) other forays into burlesque entertainment at La Descarga and Pour Vous. The fact that H&S is always crowded is not a surprise, because it is not exclusive or pretentious, and appeals to a vast array of people – a rare find on Hollywood Blvd. If you’re looking for a charming specialty cocktail, to shimmy to some Oldies, and you don’t mind waiting in line, then Harvard & Stone is the place for you.
Hipster Bar with a Twist!
Erin T. Nov 16, 2012
When my friends decided to go to 'the new hipster bar in Hollywood/Los Feliz' I could feel myself cringing at the thought. That's all we need is another hipster bar in that area. To my surprise and delight, Harvard and Stone is part hipster, part speakeasy, and part burlesque club (at least the night that I went). Here's why I gave it four stars... 1. I met my friends at the bar around 8pm on a Friday and it wasn't packed! We were able to catch up with each other without having to yell. That alone gets 1 star!! (caution: it does get packed as the night progresses) 2. The bartenders make craft cocktails....I do love an old-timey cocktail....2 stars!! 3. The night that we were there a burlesque dancer made an appearance. She was part burlesque dancer and part acrobat. At one point scaled the side of the stairs and flung herself over the railing in a death-defying display. I thought that was awesome!! Guys, just make sure that your date isn't too squeamish. This dancer was scantily clad and was dancing literally right in people's faces on a few occasions. It was a bit awkward to watch ladies squirm uncomfortably while their boyfriend/date admired the dancer's 'dancing skill'. If your date is into it, you'll both have a lot of fun....3 stars!! 4. Harvard and Stone is in the heart of Thai Town and literally around the corner from Jumbo's Clown Room. So there's great dinner options before and great adult-type entertainment options after....4 stars!! The only negative is that parking can be tough depending on the night. But if you live in LA, you've hopefully come to terms with that on some level. This bar is worth it! Tell your friends and take your dates! -The Dating Advice Girl
Order a bourbon and enjoy yourself
Randy W. Oct 17, 2012
I knew I liked this bar when the live band began their set by playing a screaming-loud version of Dick Dale’s “Miserlou.” I knew I really liked it when burlesque dancers suddenly descended from the steel rafters above me and started dancing. In a town so obsessed with entertainment that even our bars need a gimmick, Harvard and Stone has a pretty great way. From the sleek metallic bar adorned with caged bottles of booze, to the leather couches sporting brass rivets arranged around a stone fireplace, the bar has an industrial and old-fashioned sensibility that is undeniably compelling. There’s also some retro rockabilly flair thrown in for good measure, in the form of the burlesque dancers who channel World War II pin up girls as they shimmy up and down the railings to howling rock music. The area around the main bar can get pretty crowded pretty fast, especially on the weekends when the dancers and live band are on the clock, so you claustrophobic bar-goers may want to try to snag a private room early in the evening. You can also hang around R&D, the back bar with a constantly changing drink menu, or the second-story mezzanine level, but that space can fill up quickly too, particularly by patrons interested in watching the burlesque dancers from a new perspective. Harvard and Stone offers unique drinks, cheap thrills, and one hell of an interesting atmosphere. It may not be right for you, but at least check it out before making that call.
One Of A Kind Bar
Christina C. Oct 5, 2012
Harvard & Stone is the perfect place to go to on nights when you feel like putting on your most confident shade of red lipstick and perfecting the art of seduction. This bar radiates a sexy, prohibition era feel from the moment you walk into the two story dimly-lit bar. Don't be fooled however, this is not the place to unwind after a long day of work. There is almost always a high-energy band to enjoy from the main floor or while overlooking the crowd on the second-floor balcony. While the main bar features an assortment of high-end spirits and liqueurs, the back bar dons a more intimate feel, highlighted by a nightly rotating cocktail menu. The specialty drinks range from $10-$12 dollars (worth every penny) and include cocktails like the Bourbon Apple Pie, the Rootbeer Flip, and a Gentleman's Sour. After buying a drink at the bar, take a walk up the stairs to the outside patio. This is the perfect place to converse with someone over drinks and a cigarette. Make sure to keep an eye out for all of the interesting characters you'll find here (there are occasionally one too many handlebar mustaches for my taste.) But overall this bar has a young, cool crowd and is definitely worth checking out.
Another LA Gem
Paul F. Aug 29, 2012
The nightlife impresarios behind Cuban bar La Descarga and Parisian hang Pour Vous have another classic haunt in East Hollywood with Harvard & Stone. As you enter, you're immediately confronted by the square bar with brass accents and a decor that says mine shaft circa 1940s. To the left is the stage which features live rockabilly and bluegrass bands mixed with burlesque dancers channeling their inner sexy Rosie the Riveter. Back behind the bar is a lounge area where early 20-somethings donning flannels mix with Bettie Page wannabes and artsy girls angling for free drinks. Upstairs has a private area that's a good space for small parties and in the very back is another bar that's both inside and outside and where patrons can smoke and drink at the same time. Overall the vibe here is fun, the crowd unpretentious and cool, and the entertainment sexy and versatile. I highly recommend this bar along with the owner's two other spots - I only hope they open more innovative bars that LA is badly in need of.
great neighborhood bar
Emily B. Aug 22, 2012
I went to Harvard and Stone because I love La Descarga and knew that the two bars were owned by the same people; I was not disappointed. The cocktails are inexpensive ($10--that's a steal for Hollywood) and delicious. The vibe is friendly and everyone seems to be having a great time. I suggest wearing something that could be described as "smart casual" and not showy-- black attire is the usual in this area of town. A table is free if you order one of their bowls of punch ($150), making this an affordable experience if you go with a group of friends.
Quickly Becoming a Regular Here
Angelica A. Aug 21, 2012
This bar far exceeded any expectation I ever had of a bar from the first night i went here. Fridays and Saturdays are burlesque night, which has some of the most amazing routines and girls. Much more entertaining than Jumbo's Clown Room down the street. The drinks are all made by the right way by really expert, friendly bartenders. The back bar allows smoking due to the huge vented window, and any jointed that allows me the semblance of smoking inside get real points for general badassery and prompting nostalgia of the olden days. THE TOP compliment I could pay this place is for their AMAZING music. Most nights feature live music, which is always high caliber from all different genres, but the house DJ takes the cake for consistently turning out superb motown and blues on real vinyl records. Thank you Harvard & Stone for existing.
Great Bar
Madeline R. Aug 3, 2012
Harvard and Stone is one of my favorite bars in Los Angeles. Multiple rooms within the bar allow for it to be the perfect destination for a night of dancing and socializing. The main room has a bar, stage (where there is often great live music) and a number of tables for sitting and lounging. Off the main room on the bottom floor are two smaller rooms that allow for more intimate conversation. In one of the back rooms is the experimental cocktail bar where the bartender mixes up daring concoctions. Above this tucked away bar is a balcony which leads to an open second floor lounging area. Since this place is hipster heaven there is a consistently packed smoking patio….For the true experience go to burlesque night on Saturdays.
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