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Good Luck Bar For a laid-back vibe in a slightly kitschy setting, patrons will want to check out Good Luck Bar, a Los Feliz favorite with an extensive menu of specialty drinks that draws a mixed clientele of hipsters and young professionals... Los Angeles United States 34.0987757 -118.2873669
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Good Luck Bar - Bar | Lounge in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review For a laid-back vibe in a slightly kitschy setting, patrons will want to check out Good Luck Bar, a Los Feliz favorite with an extensive menu of specialty drinks that draws a mixed clientele of hipsters and young professionals... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M–F 7pm–2am, Sa–Su 8pm–2am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Good Luck Bar Review

The Scene

For a laid-back vibe in a slightly kitschy setting, patrons will want to check out Good Luck Bar, a Los Feliz favorite with an extensive menu of specialty drinks that draws a mixed clientele of hipsters and young professionals...

For a laid-back vibe in a slightly kitschy setting, patrons will want to check out Good Luck Bar, a Los Feliz favorite with an extensive menu of specialty drinks that draws a mixed clientele of hipsters and young professionals.

Once through the red velvet curtains, guests enter a narrow space with a decidedly Chinese décor, from the red Chinese-motif wallpaper to the row of red lanterns casting a seductive glow over the mirrored bar, where creative types mingle over punny drinks like Fist of Fury and All Wong.

Small booths and a long banquette provide space for the sociable crowd to chitchat in the front room, while a latticed archway in the back leads patrons into a more spacious red- and black-paneled lounge with black leather couches, large ottomans serving as tables, and a secluded feel conducive to more intimate conversation and the occasional make-out session.

Early in the evening, the low-key vibe attracts pre-dinner daters or groups of friends dropping in for after-work drinks before heading off to other destinations.

As the evening matures, however, so does the clientele, with slightly older hipsters checking out the newbies at the bar or breaking into impromptu sing-alongs of the Talking Heads tunes blaring from the jukebox.

With a DJ that spins once a week and a feel-good vibe that lasts all week long, Good Luck promises a fun and lively atmosphere and an outgoing crowd more interested in hanging out and meeting new people than rushing off to somewhere else.

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Tip from Jonah:

Right around the corner is The Vista movie theater. Check out a flick and then head to Good Luck for a post-show Maker’s on the rocks.

  • Crowd

    Hipsters, eclectic young professionals, and alternative types, 25 to 40.

  • Entertainment / Music

    A DJ spins 80s and 90s indie jukebox favorites on Thursdays, 10pm until close.

  • Food / Miscellaneous


  • Prices

    Beer $4–$5, mixed drinks $8+, specialty drinks $10. Valet $5.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Skinny jeans, flannel shirts, jeans, and flats.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Fridays for early evening drinks and after 10pm for the bigger crowd, Thursdays for the DJ, and Saturdays for a consistent weekend crowd.

  • Close By

    Tiki-Ti (4427 West Sunset Boulevard) a few blocks away features a specialty tropical drink menu worth checking out.

Good Luck Bar User Reviews

Average rating:
Quality Neighborhood Bar
Brett C. Jun 14, 2013
My Take: From the outside, Good Luck Bar looks more like a seedy opium den than a bar, but, undaunted, my roommate and I entered, determined to get drinks nearby after discovering that Tiki Ti is closed on Tuesdays. Inside, to our pleasant surprise, the bar more closely resembles a dimly-lit Hollywood lounge, with backed barstools and Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling. Service was quick, our drinks were well made, and a new neighborhood watering hole was discovered. The Scene: Good Luck Bar has two rooms, the main room, with a large center bar and barstool seating around it, and a back room off to the side with comfortable lounge-style couches. The red-hued, East Asian-themed bar isn’t massive by any means, but it can still hold a decent amount of people and tends to be less busy than Tiki Ti down the street. The bar has a jukebox playing everything from David Bowie to The Black Keys at a volume that’s certainly noticeable, but not too loud to talk over. Cocktails: Good Luck Bar has a full bar, including spirits and both imported and domestic beer, but where the bar stands out is its 14 signature cocktails, all of which are infused with fruit to some degree. Some even come in interesting glasses like coconuts, but all of them sounded delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed my Hillhurst, made with Bullit Rye, grapefruit juice, and pomegranate syrup, which is one of the more tame cocktails on the menu. Good Luck Bar doesn’t serve any food. Prices: Cocktails are all $10, imported beer is $5, and PBR is $4. What to Wear: Catering primarily to Los Feliz and Silverlake locals, Good Luck Bar is a casual spot, with plenty of t-shirts, jeans, and casual button-downs. Feel free to wear whatever. Insider Info: Monday nights feature $7 cocktails and $3 PBR all night.
Hidden Gem
Ezra E. Apr 24, 2013
I wandered into Good Luck Bar one night and have been back countless times since. The vibe feels like something out of Joss Wheadon's "Firefly". It's dark with red wood carvings and Chinese lanterns., the ceilings are low, and they make Tiki cocktails. Their menu is refreshing and a great bang for your buck, and the staff is professional and easy to chat with about pretty much anything. Good Luck Bar is a great way to end a good night out with friends. Also, they let you bring in outside food, which is a huge plus. The only downside is that at peak hours it gets too crowded to find a seat or move around comfortably. However, if you wait a bit, you can usually grab a couch after not too long.
Simple Bar
Daniel K. Nov 27, 2012
For me, Good Luck Bar in Los Feliz is right down the middle. Don't love it, don't hate it. Inside the bar is a Chinese motif with hanging red lanterns and simplistic design touches throughout. The venue layout is a little odd with scattered nooks that serve as rooms and a bar smack in the middle that divides the venue into quadrants. The drinks here are relatively cheap and the clientele relatively chill. Because it's Los Feliz, you get a ton of hipsters, but it skews a little older. Not the best, but not the worst, if you're just looking for a simple drink, check out Good Luck.
A Cozy Dive With Better Drink Selection
Angelica A. Nov 9, 2012
To be fair I should qualify this review with the forewarning that I have only ever come here pretty late in the night on odd days. I work up the street so it's a quality after work drinks spot for my co-workers and I, especially when we are trying to avoid the karaoke going on at The Drawing Room further up Hillhurst Ave. Despite the sparse crowd in the late night hours, this place is the perfect spot for a drink in the wee hours. The bartender's and staff certainly take care of you, and they're open to building rapport to locals. Although the concrete exterior gives you the average hole-in-the-wall dive bar impression, the interior is a a somewhat muted oriental explosion, bordering tacky (in the best sense). The drink selection is also unexpected because they actually have cocktail/specialty drink whereas most dive just stick to the common compendium of lack luster basics like margaritas or vodka red-bulls. Though I'm sure on a weekend this place is more hopping, I am completely satisfied with the atmosphere of the late night crowd: people getting off work, or stopping in for a quiet casual drink, or ending their night in this intimate cubby of a bar. Come here to meet the real drinkers, and make bar friends with the regulars.
Specialty Drinks in a Small Setting
Danny M. Sep 25, 2012
Located in Los Feliz, Good Luck Bar is filled with the hipster-ish crowd you would expect to see around these parts and the place is cozy enough that you’re bound to get into conversation with somebody. The main bar area is pretty cool with Chinese lanterns, specialty glasses for specialty drinks, and a generally energetic crowd who’s there to chat with friends. The dark red ambiance can make some people a little hard to see (or maybe make them look better than usual) but just adds to the cool vibe this place has. I suggest grabbing a stool at the bar and enjoying the flow of people that will continually saddle up to the bar. And one word of advice about parking…there is a small parking lot on Hillhurst immediately north of the bar…the signage is confusing and makes it seem like you can’t park…but it’s ok to park there in the evening…for free…it’s small though so you may need to get there early to get a spot.
Dark, cozy, and tasty as ever.
Jayson M. Aug 21, 2012
Some people call this place a dive but I think it’s a bit too nice for that. The décor is kind of hilarious, with red walls, Chinese paper lanterns, woodblock furnishings, and basically every stereotype you can think of when it comes to an “oriental-themed hangout.” I use the term in jest, because this place is totally laid-back and fun. Fall into one of the plush couches with a ridiculously sweet cocktail and before you know it, LA feel a thousand miles away. Lots of hipster types, who I guess think drinks like the “All Wong” are funny. I’ll forgive them, though, because that thing tastes so good it makes everything allwight….sorry. For those who remember, the sign outside was featured in the opening credits to the short-lived HBO series LUCK.
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