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El Prado A well-kept secret shared by east side residents, El Prado is an inviting neighborhood drinking den popular with low-key hipsters, scruffy Echo Park locals, and beer geeks keen on sampling the rotating menu of international... Los Angeles United States 34.077885 -118.2595334
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El Prado - Bar | Wine Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review A well-kept secret shared by east-side residents, El Prado is an inviting neighborhood drinking den popular with low-key hipsters, scruffy Echo Park locals, and beer geeks keen on sampling the rotating menu of international... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    Daily 6pm–2am

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    • Night Spot

Party Earth El Prado Review

The Scene

A well-kept secret shared by east side residents, El Prado is an inviting neighborhood drinking den popular with low-key hipsters, scruffy Echo Park locals, and beer geeks keen on sampling the rotating menu of international...

A well-kept secret shared by east-side residents, El Prado is an inviting neighborhood drinking den popular with low-key hipsters, scruffy Echo Park locals, and beer geeks keen on sampling the rotating menu of international craft beers.

A narrow, minimalistic room that feels like a cross between a 70s ski lodge and NYC East Village hangouts, the cozy venue features a long lacquered-wood bar and marble-topped counter backed by a huge mirror on which the drink selections are scrawled.

Diagonal wood paneling and retro orange globe lights round out the simple décor, while a row of vinyl stools flanking the long wood counter along the brick wall provide a place for the chatty clientele to gather and listen to the classic records spun by the friendly bartenders.

Those in the mood for a quiet rendezvous can slink into one of the tiny booths by the entrance, while groups might be better off at the tall table in the back.

Although occasionally overrun with a more animated crowd that spills in after a Dodgers game or a show at The Echo and Echoplex across the street, the bar’s outgoing crowd and great music are more conducive to conversation than to wild parties.

Combining simple elegance and east side grit, El Prado pulls off the ideal mix of edge and casual hipster vibe to create an unpretentious hangout where patrons can just chill out over a couple of beers.

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Tip from Jonah:

If you go on an off night, try taking one of your favorite LPs with you – if you play your cards right, the bartenders might just throw it on the record player for you.

  • Crowd

    Laid-back hipsters and down-to-earth locals, LA Dodgers fans, groups, and couples, mid-20s to mid-30s.

  • Entertainment / Music

    Bartenders spin classic records in their entirety, covering all types of music according to their mood, like The Runaways, The Maytags, and The Stooges. Occasional guest DJs.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Simple snack menu includes walnuts, olives, cheese plates, and charcuterie. No liquor; beer and wine only. Smoking patio.

  • Prices

    Walnuts $3, olives $5, cheese plate $10, charcuterie $12. Beer $6–$9, wine $5–$9.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Hip casual: ironic T-shirts, hoodies, flannel shirts, boots, denim jackets, bold-print skirts, trendy headwear.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday and Saturday evenings for the busiest scene.

  • Close By

    The Echo and Echoplex (1822 West Sunset Boulevard) is a live music venue located across the street.

El Prado User Reviews

Average rating:
El Prado let's you have a beer and drink it too
Allison S. Oct 7, 2013
El Prado is a loverly, inviting bar in Echo Park, East L.A. and I've been there enough to know it is intimate, yet inviting, casual, yet refined. The atmosphere is very chill, with dark corners to have intimate conversations and a huge bar to meet like minded drinking talkers and talking drinkers. It can be a bit isolating however, and if don't come with a friend or two, meeting others can get a little challenging and awkward at times. There is a massive beer selection, and harder drinks for those who prefer, but nothing for cheap and certainly no drink specials...ever. All in all a pleasant experience and a quick pop over for a good scene of enthusiastic, more serious, bar hopping. A definite place worth checking out, but not necessary a must see. Great location though, so if the place is not up to your standards, you have many surrounding options, including the gold room, with the $4 beer tequila shot deal of century and echoplex, a sweet musical venue that hosts many cool underground bands and a weekly reggae night that never disappoints. Good times will be had either way.
Good wine, small space!
Maggie T. May 13, 2013
El Prado is a sweet little wine bar nestled into Echo Park. A lovely selection of affordable wines, and an astonishing selection of draft beers makes this a perfect spot for a cozy date night, or a drink with a friend! The bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable-- committed to helping customers find that exact glass of wine or beer that they desire! The issue of space is both a blessing and a curse at this petite establishment-- the bar is essentially just a long narrow room, so seating options are limited. Great because it stays reasonably quiet and intimate-- just don't plan on bringing a big group! Bring your special someone or 1-2 friends for a quiet, lovely evening. Throw back a yummy glass of wine without emptying your pockets!
Simple and affective
Guy F. Mar 20, 2013
The first time I visited El Prado, it was just after opening and I sat unfettered at the bar talking to the owner about the choice to go without spirits, the rotating beer roster and the stripped back but very drinkable red and white wine options. Whilst musing on my choices, a mix people began trickling in. This included a gentleman that used to drink there in the late 60's who said that from the outside it looked exactly the same. The owner assured him that the awning and exterior hadn't been touched. A young couple, an aspiring beer aficionado and I all seemed to be content working through a few different drinks and at that particular time of evening, just after opening, El Prado is ripe for a good conversation amongst friends or strangers alike. The owner seemed only happy to join in or field questions about the beer and wine. In this sense, one can settle in at the bar here and feel comfortable amongst a mix of local and or other heads. El Prado has two pokey booths on corresponding sides of the entrance, if you blink you will miss them, but they are a good fit for two and a private conversation/moment. If you need to hold off your hunger, soak up the booze or have a bite before dinner, then there is the option of modest bar snacks (walnuts, olives) and share plates (cheese plate and charcuterie). With its long timber bar, El Prado is reminiscent of simpler times. It is short on decoration and big on dimly lit ambiance and simple comfort, albeit at this time of year, maybe a little chilly if you're seated near the door. On weekends it is somewhat transformed by the foot traffic from the stadium or punters filtering in from shows at the Echo. However, the absence of spirits will always mean there are fewer drunks here than most places on this strip. Something the owner is proud of, despite constantly having to tell people they don't serve spirits and being told that some find it a shortcoming. El Prado is simple and affective.
Beer Sampling
Olivia C. Dec 3, 2012
El Prado has such an awesome beer collecting! Sampling here is so fun and just a great idea for a fun outing with friends or family. This place is the perfect mix between a hip and laid back bar. This place is usually inhabited by locals from places like Echo Park so do not expect high-class cliental. El Prado is filled with hipsters looking to have a good time so bring an open mind and you will fit right in. It is fun to order your beer or wine with a cheese platter and just relax with good company. Bound to show you a great time.
As unpretentious as a wine bar that spins vinyl gets
Tav M. Nov 29, 2012
Nestled in prime real estate along the trendy stretch of Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park that is teeming with nightlife, this small but charming craft beer and wine bar offers a laid back, spartan atmosphere bordering on the romantic. The warm, dimly lit space is long and narrow featuring exposed brick walls, tinted mirrors and a large bar. The staff is consistently knowledgeable about the rotating selection of carefully selected beers and wines. While the drinks are slightly pricier than many nearby bars of a “dive-ier” persuasion, they are still very reasonable, especially for certain gems you won’t find anywhere else. The crowd reflects the gentrified character of the neighborhood, consisting mainly of young, hipsterish, creative types. There is an impressive collection of mostly vintage rock LP's but they are played at a volume that allows for quiet conversations at the bar and the few available booths and tables. There is a tiny patio in the back offering fresh air and ample bench space. Unlike inside, where people tend to stick with their companions, the patio is extremely conducive to striking up conversations with total strangers. In fact, it is nearly unavoidable. As could be expected, this back area is crowded and monopolized by smokers on busy nights but may allow for quiet, private conversations at less popular times. Final note: At holiday time, they tend to hang a piece of mistletoe over the far corner of the bar. Use that information as you will.
Great for Pre-drinks or a Quiet Night
Angelica A. Nov 13, 2012
El Prado is a cozy niche in a great location. The downsides to this place are the lack of a smoking patio and the tight space inside, but both of which are redeemed by the drinks list, the crowd, and the music. It sits opposite The Echo and Two Boots Pizza on Sunset, and is a wonderful stop before a show or to wrap up a night out on the East Side. There's seating at the bar and along the opposite wall, with some at the back behind the bar as well, but not much of a sit down place either given the lack of seating. Though its a bit of a tight squeeze, it's perfect for a quiet date or to just chill. The drink selection is top notch in my opinion. They strive to have some of the best lagers available. Though price matches the high quality, when I'm here I'm more than willing to drop $7-$10 on a beer. The atmosphere is like a warm lounge, with low-lighting and what I think are red velvet curtains draping the entrance. Some of the best nights are when Origami (also from across the street) spin vinyls in the bar, and you can always count on the tastes of the djs.
It's in Echo Park. Enough said.
Nikki L. Nov 9, 2012
El Prado pretty much epitomizes that border between Echo Park and Silver Lake. Right in the midst of the area's most infamous hangouts -- The Gold Room, The Echo, Mohawk Bend. -- it's a great stop on any bar hopping night. The selection of beer isn't huge, but it's far more than acceptable. It's one of those rare places where it's comfortable to stand and sip a cup of wine, too, so if that's more your style, take advantage of it here. The place is laid out like one long hallway. People can either sit at the bar or stand against the wall. And that's pretty much it. It's barely even wide enough for that, so big groups are kind of a no-no. I would recommend it for a quiet weeknight with probably just one other person OR as a meeting spot for a much bigger party, where splinter cells are encouraged. Just monopolize the place. On one of Origami Vinyl's resident record nights, perhaps?
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