LA Cocktail Bars Overview

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Sometimes you just want a cheap beer, but other times you want a high-end artisanal drink made with exotic bitters and the souls of unicorns, and that’s where Los Angeles cocktail bars come into play.

It won’t be hard to get a stellar drink in this town, as dedicated cocktail bars in LA can be found in most neighborhoods, from hipster-heavy but still gritty Echo Park to the glitzy expanse of Beverly Hills.

Keep in mind that going to an LA cocktail bar probably means you’re going to shell out more money than you would at the average dive, but the payout can be enjoying a drink that you’d never be able to get anywhere else.

Thirsty Crow over in Silver Lake is a homey neighborhood bar whose saloon atmosphere has made it a destination for bourbon lovers from all over the city, but patrons also know to show up for the extensive selection of handcrafted cocktails. Whiskey-lover’s paradise Seven Grand in Downtown, Los Angeles attracts an upscale clientele of both young professionals and artsy types looking to sample the venue’s three-hundred top-shelf whiskeys, or challenge the knowledgeable mixologists to incorporate one (or more of) into a delectable craft cocktail.

The White Horse Inn Cocktail Lounge in Hollywood, meanwhile, is a dive in the truest sense – nothing says hole-in-the-wall quite like free cheese puffs and a location on the first floor of a Super 8 Motel – but the joint manages to dole up some surprisingly good cocktail nonetheless.

From old-school speakeasies like Oldfield’s Liquor Room in Culver City to upscale lounges like Hemingway’s in Hollywood, cocktail bars in Los Angeles keep the mixes flowing and the shakers rattling all over town.

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