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Circle Bar A prime watering hole for hotties and ex-frat boys, Circle Bar kicks into high gear after 10pm, when the alcohol flows freely and the dance floor fills up with rowdy young partiers. Los Angeles United States 33.998802 -118.480701
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Circle Bar - Bar in Los Angeles.
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Party Earth Review A prime watering hole for hotties and ex-frat boys, Circle Bar kicks into high gear after 10pm, when the alcohol flows freely and the dance floor fills up with rowdy young partiers. Although weekends draw a big enough... ... read full review

  • Hours:

    M–Th, Sa 9pm–2am, F–Su 5pm–2am

  • Recommended as:

    • Night Spot

Party Earth Circle Bar Review

The Scene

A prime watering hole for hotties and ex-frat boys, Circle Bar kicks into high gear after 10pm, when the alcohol flows freely and the dance floor fills up with rowdy young partiers.

A prime watering hole for hotties and ex-frat boys, Circle Bar kicks into high gear after 10pm, when the alcohol flows freely and the dance floor fills up with rowdy young partiers.

Although weekends draw a big enough crowd to warrant a bit of a wait outside, everyone eventually gets in to the packed space, where casually-dressed patrons perch on bar stools around the circular bar and crane their necks to catch sight of any cuties that slip through the doors.

They continue tracking them as they slide past walls covered with suggestive photos of women in various states of undress, while the red glow of votive candles plays off live and photographed gals alike.

Those who make it past the bar and the scrutiny of the alpha males seated there will find a makeshift dance floor where gaggles of flirtatious girls and on-the-prowl guys groove to rock or R&B rhythms till the heat drives them back to the bar for a bit of refreshment.

Small booths on either side offer rest for tired feet between songs, while martial arts great Bruce Lee presides over the festivities from a three-paneled tribute above the large horseshoe booth in the back – a spot that doubles as a DJ booth and VIP area.

Not for the anti-social or for date night, Circle Bar is a hard-partying singles joint where cramped quarters make mingling mandatory, and recycled come-ons and casual hook-ups live on.

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Tip from Lucas:

Start your weekend off right with the late-night Happy Hour. They have $3 beers and $3 drink specials, so get your money’s worth before 11pm.

  • Crowd

    Post-grad partiers, frat guys, sorority girls, struggling actors and models, and singles, 21 to 40.

  • Entertainment / Music

    DJs spin Top 40, pop, and mainstream Sundays through Thursdays from 10pm.

  • Food / Miscellaneous

    Happy Hour daily 9–11pm.

  • Prices

    Beer $4–$6, mixed drinks $7+.

  • What to Wear / Dress Code

    Casual jeans, heels, and tight dresses for women, button-downs and jeans for men.

  • Hot Nights / When to Go

    Friday and Saturday nights around 11pm, or weeknights around 10pm when DJs start spinning.

  • Close By

    O’Brien’s Irish Pub & Restaurant (2941 Main Street) is a rowdy Irish bar just across the street.

Circle Bar User Reviews

Average rating:
Around we go at circle bar
Juliet L. Jun 19, 2013
Circle Bar is conveniently located on Main st in Santa Monica. On weekends parking can be rough so plan ahead. Once you enter this little establishment you will think its tiny...well it is. So make this your first NOT last stop if your bar hopping (unless you like waiting in lines to get into crowded hot spaces. When I went they had a menu with 5 speciality cocktails all from different countries and you could "travel" and get stickers on your "passport" for trying the different drinks. Cute concept, I had fun. It started to get very crowded and no room for dancing so we peaced out onto the next adventure.
Starts slow, Doesn't Disappoint
Jose L. Feb 19, 2013
I always gravitate to Circle Bar when I'm around Santa Monica. It's one of those places you can take someone when you're not sure where the night will end up. It's a type of place that defines people. I have gone here on dates to see what type of person this girl is, and she's looking for. We walk in and it's completely empty so right away she becomes the good philosophical type. And she assumes I've brought her to a cuddling and peaceful place where they don't bite. We have a couple of drinks and enjoy the scene, and literally appreciate the shapes of this place--an island bar in the middle with the ability for anyone to circle around it. The neighborhood had plenty of parking. It is by the beach so a nice out by the shores is always something nice to do before walking in. But once in it's a matter of giving it time. You relax, you talk, to get to know each other and before you know it you're not alone. People are circling the circle bar. That date you brought in starts to wonder whether you had the maniacal wisdom to know the place was going to turn into something fun, and she starts looking at you with crazed eyes as the once empty dance floor she had just walked through to get to the bathroom is now crowding up with a decent amount of good dancers, and the DJ keeps spinning sounds that move more than her legs, and she begins to realize that this innocent and small date that was supposed to end at 10 is now stretching itself into the interesting times of 10:30 and the night might just have something fun happening around its corner. This is the type of place where the fun unexpectedly catches you before you know it, where it crawls up with your permission. In the end the space around the circled bar becomes thin and you've navigating yourself to and from the dance floor in a flurry or beer and drink purchases, always admiring the song the DJ is choosing, sometimes even judging it but still hopeful about the next, and continuing to let the night define itself. It closes earlier than you think and than you'd like, but you agree that you've had enough and move forward to the night, one that innocently started with a get-to-know-you bottle of beer at 9 p.m.
Main Streets Summer Oasis
Elijah O. Nov 20, 2012
Tired of the gimmicks of the Hollywood club experience but still seek its boisterous atmosphere and electricity? Circle Bar will easily incorporate itself in your rotation of Santa Monica watering holes. As a hybrid, it provides the club setting while preserving an intimate atmosphere conductive for flirtatious conversation and dancing. During the Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and even Sundays of the summer, Circle Bar is Main Streets hotspot where college grads, foreigners and mostly younger professionals come to be merry along with Circle Bar’s more mature yet lively regulars. The blend of speakers pumping mostly Hip-Hop, House and Dubstep tunes motivating a highly occupied dance floor and attractive bartenders offering friendly and prompt service gives it an edge that makes any night here well spent. When summer winds down, Circle Bar is not as crowded during the weekends allowing for a shorter wait in line and more shoulder space around the bar but never an empty dance floor. Most occasions you may be part of a 20 head count in line, even more the night before holidays, however, the wait in line is easily tolerable and forgotten when inside. My prescriptions: Arrive before 10:30 to beat the line rush and to capitalize on drink specials. For an even more enjoyable time, where less time is spent behind the velvet ropes, become chummy with the bouncers as regulars often do get expedited entry. In summary, Circle Bar is unequivocally a must go-to on Main street, either to begin the night or end the night, especially during the summer and any Friday or Saturday.
Hit or Miss
Allie H. Nov 15, 2012
For me the Circle bar is a hit or miss kind of bar. I recently went there and it was really really crowded. I could barely get a drink. However, i loved the dance area. There is a a little dance floor towards the end of the bar where everyone goes to dance and their are couches surrounding it. Again, that dance floor gets a little crowded. But to be honest, what bar on main street on a prime night would not be crowded? I think the Circle bar is a bar you should definitly stop by for a few minutes just to check it out.
Always a good time
Julie T. Nov 12, 2012
Whenever I go to Main Street, I like to start out at Circle Bar, which is probably one of my favorite bars currently. If you get there early enough, Happy Hour lasts until 10, which gets you a pleasant buzz for less money. The patrons range from young to old, but everyone is always down to rage and mingle. One time I went with my friends on a Sunday night and after a drink or two we began dancing on the dance floor and got the party started. Everyone from the bar came over to join us and a chill Sunday night became a bit more of a shit show. PS It's always nice having cool bartenders, and Circle Bars' bartenders are friendly and helpful.
Hilarious Party Scene that won't fail to Dissappoint
Andy S. Oct 5, 2012
The Circle Bar is a great night out, guaranteed. Why? The drinks are inexpensive. The crowd is young, fratty and lively. There is a dance floor that is always filled with hilariously drunk people who all too often are falling over themselves. If you haven’t gotten the picture yet… this isn’t exactly the CLASSY establishment that you roll up to in a tuxedo and limousine but it is a great scene. We had a great experience there on Halloween when $100 bar tabs were handed out like candy to those in the best costumes. Go to Circle Bar and enjoy the show. -Andy S.
Rowdy, Raucous....often Scandalous!
Mandy P. Oct 1, 2012
The Circle Bar is definitely the spot to be at if you plan on reaching and/ or sustaining high levels of intoxication. Each time I have been, the crowd may be filled with different people, but the energy and wild vibes remain the same. While I am in my 20s, there is a variety of ages at Circle Bar, and some nights I actually feel on the younger side compared to some of the other functioning alcoholics. Expect debauchery and dirty dancing, and drunken bonding with other party rockers. While the layout is rather small, and the circular bar creates very narrow walk ways, the coziness of the small bar forces its already rowdy inhabitants to become even more bold and brash. Always an entertaining night, with good music and fun company. If you want a rowdy night, but nothing too swanky or big, Circle Bar is a great Friday or Saturday night choice.
Santa Monica S*** Show
Paul F. Aug 23, 2012
Here's what to be prepared for at the Circle Bar. Getting there early is pointless. No one's wrecked yet. Get there around midnight. This is a place for boozers and dancers. You get the full range of 20s to 40s of Santa Monica's finest 'let's get wild' crowd. The Circle Bar does indeed have a Circle Bar and it gets really tight on the right hand side when it's crowded. In the back is the dance floor - you're guaranteed to see grinding, break-dancing, groups of girls in dance circles, dance-offs, etc. People will be falling over. Drinks will be spilled. Do not, I repeat DO NOT wear anything you care about. Think comfortably slutty for girls and whatever the guy equivalent is of that.
It's a Bar, it's a Club, it's a Wild Booze Fest
Daniel H. Aug 2, 2012
I’ve lived out on the Westside for a few years now and I can say that Circle Bar is absolutely the best place to go this side of the 405 for just an all-out crazy party, and one of the few places in the area to dance. Its location on Main Street is awesome because you can go to some of the other bars around beforehand for drinks and then walk over to Circle Bar. Even though a line builds up after 10:30-11 on Friday and Saturday nights, it actually moves pretty quickly, especially if you are, or are with a group of girls. Inside is a long circular bar teeming with recent college grads that miss the debauchery of the frat days buying shots and past that is an open area dedicated to a dance floor. The young crowds dress to show off when they go out here, usually in clubbing gear or hip apparel that you’d see in Hollywood – but who wants to make that drive. You have to know what you are getting into when you come here, which is basically a drunken show of singles flirting, mingling, and dancing while consuming lots and lots of alcohol. Last time I was here my friend bought our entire group bottle service (yes, they do offer bottle service at the booths surrounding the dance floor) that would have cost five times as much at a normal club, yet we got all the same attention. I definitely recommend Circle Bar for anyone in their twenties or thirties looking to go wild or in search of a fling. I don’t think I’ve ever not had a good time, but then again I don’t really remember most of them.
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